Nov 30 2017

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Tracker mortgages

A mortgage that keeps your options open

A tracker mortgage has a variable interest rate that tracks your lender s base rate which is based on the Bank of England base rate for a set term.

This means that if your lender s base rate falls, your mortgage payments will decrease. However, if the rate goes up, your mortgage payments will increase. At the end of the tracker term, the interest rate will revert to your lender s Standard Variable Rate, unless you have a lifetime tracker mortgage.

Our tracker mortgages also give you the flexibility to switch to a Barclays fixed-rate mortgage whenever you want to, so you won t be tied to the tracker rate.

Is it right for you?

A tracker mortgage could be right for you if

  • You want your mortgage to reflect the market
  • You want to take advantage of the current low base rate
  • You can afford the possible increase in your monthly payments if the base rate goes up
  • You want the flexibility to overpay some of your mortgage each year without facing early repayment charges 2

If you want to know exactly how much your monthly mortgage payments will be, you ll probably be better off with a fixed-rate mortgage .

Calculate what you could borrow

Our mortgage calculator can help you determine how much you could afford to borrow and what your monthly payments may be.

You can also see how a change in interest rates would affect your mortgage payments with our mortgage base rate calculator .

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