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Last Updated: July 21, 2017

Henry Kissinger once famously remarked, There cannot be a crisis today, my schedule is already full. Things might have been different, however, if he’d had access to scheduling software.

Organizations have traditionally used paper or spreadsheets to manage their schedules. But as companies grow, it becomes essential for them to use more effective means to manage and utilize time and resources.

That s where scheduling software can help: Scheduling tools enable business owners to automate the process of scheduling in compliance with the company s rules and standards.

This guide can help potential buyers find the best solution for their needs. Here s what we ll cover:

What Is Scheduling Software?

Scheduling software helps individuals and businesses across all industries operate more efficiently by enabling them to manage and track their own and employees’ time create and maintain employee schedules, assign workers to shifts or jobs and track everything in real time.

These applications also help with:

  • Customer service delivery
  • Managing appointments
  • Scheduling resources or inventory
  • Tracking employee attendance
  • Managing dispatch schedules for field service workers

Common Functionality of Scheduling Software

Most scheduling software solutions come with some or all of the following capabilities or applications:

Benefits of Scheduling Software

Businesses can realize multiple benefits as a result of adopting scheduling software, including:

Improved staff efficiency. Service professionals often find it challenging to manage customer work orders during peak hours. Without the right software in place, they can risk double-booking service orders. Scheduling software enables easy scheduling, single-touch rescheduling and the ability to confirm service orders with customers.

Centralized information. Organizations where the workforce is spread across multiple locations often have problems with communicating job schedules to employees. Scheduling software centralizes data at a single location and updates it in real-time so everyone can view accurate information, and can send automated alerts in case of schedule overlap.

Increased accountability and visibility. Scheduling software helps promote transparency by automatically generating optimized schedules. The software also promotes accountability by letting employees select their own shifts, when possible.

What Type of Buyer Are You?

Choosing the right appointment scheduling software depends on the size of the business. Consider the following buyer types:

Small and midsize businesses. These businesses typically operate as establishments with up to 70-80 employees and focus on specific operational areas. Such companies might consider a “best-of-breed” system that specializes in a particular area as per their business need.

For example, a small salon or a dental clinic that primarily manages appointments should look for a solution that offers online booking, automated scheduling and calendar management. Similarly, a midsize organization that engages in manufacturing should buy a solution that offers shift management, resource scheduling and time-clock management.

Large enterprises. Big companies typically operate in multiple operational areas with employees based at different locations. For such businesses, schedule automation is key. These businesses may want to consider a solution that is a modular suite, allowing them to pick and choose modules according to business requirements.

For example, a cash management firm would require fleet management or field service management to track and optimize vehicle routing. They would also require a shift management module to automate the process of assigning the right person to the right service schedule, a time-clock module to track staff attendance or location and automatic reminders so employees don t miss their shifts.

Market Trends to Understand

Customer service automation. Companies today strive to retain customers to maintain their cash flow, making customer service effectiveness a key metric. Integrated customer service management becomes even more difficult for organizations that have a sizable field service workforce. Scheduling software can help by providing alerts to customers about when their service is scheduled and providing them with details about the service professional visiting their home to enhance the customer experience.

Web-based solutions. More and more companies are adopting software that is hosted online (as opposed to on the company’s own local servers), and is accessed via web browser. Such solutions are referred to as web-based, cloud-based, online or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Online scheduling software is especially popular among businesses whose employees are in disparate locations; online scheduling affords easy access to remote users, since all that’s required for access is an internet connection.

Vehicle Maintenance System – Software for Coach, Bus – Truck Workshop Management #distinctive #systems, #vehicle



Our Vehicle Maintenance System is a workshop management system specially designed for coach, bus and truck operators. The software provides defect reporting, inspection planning, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activity management, job cards, history recording and workshop control. VMS streamlines the whole process and will help ensure records always meet the required standard.

Microsoft SQL Server Platform
VMS has been developed using Microsoft Visual Studio and the Microsoft SQL Server database engine. SQL Server is part of the Microsoft .NET Platform and is an industrial strength database engine designed to handle hundreds of simultaneous users. It delivers stunning performance with unparalleled reliability and security. It is designed for systems that are in constant use under the most demanding circumstances. VMS is designed to be used with Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition. Alternatively, all but the largest operators can use it with the royalty free Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition .

Scheduled Maintenance Activities
In addition to ensuring proper control of all safety issues, VMS also provides a complete solution for operators looking to manage the maintenance of their vehicles for maximum efficiency and longevity in accordance with manufacturer s recommendations. It allows operators to create their own scheduled maintenance activities each consisting of an unlimited number of user definable planned maintenance items. The activity cycle for each vehicle can be controlled by distance, days, hours or fixed date. Activities can either be scheduled individually or automatically up to any future date.

Defect Reporting
VMS isn t limited to handling just scheduled activities. It has a parallel system for managing unexpected breakdowns and repairs. The built-in defect reporting system incorporates user definable defect types, stored common defect descriptions and full implementation of a reasons for failure structure.

Unscheduled Activities
Unscheduled activities can be created at anytime and can either be assigned to their own date and time, or, depending on urgency, can be attached to an existing scheduled activity.

Graphical Planner
VMS also includes a graphical bay planner for allocating scheduled and unscheduled activities into workshop, paint shop or cleaning bays. Activities can be moved to a different bay or time using drag and drop. The highly visual graphical presentation makes the optimization of resources especially easy. The system also provides a six month view of scheduled activities which eliminates need to maintain a traditional wall planner.

Job Cards
The system can automatically print job cards for both scheduled and unscheduled activities. Details of all faults, comments and work carried out can be fed back into VMS to maintain a detailed history for each vehicle.

Inventory and Warranty Management
Our optional inventory module is seamlessly integrated into both scheduled and unscheduled activities in VMS. The default parts manifest for each maintenance activity can be created in advance and is then applied automatically as each activity is assigned to a date. As each date approaches the system automatically generates inventory movements for the required parts raising supplier orders as required. Additional parts can be added to both scheduled and unscheduled activities as required. The module also includes a comprehensive system for the efficient management of warranty claims.

Tire Management
The optional tire management module has been designed to manage the maintenance and history recording of individual tires fitted to vehicles in the fleet. The position of a tire can be recorded including the axle and wheel position so that a tire can be tracked and easily located. The module is fully integrated with both scheduled and unscheduled activities to allow tread depths and pressure readings for each tire to be recorded quickly and efficiently. The system will predict when a tire will require replacement and an overview of the last tread depth and pressure readings is provided for each tire.

Comprehensive reporting facilities provide a history for each tire including distances travelled, last tread depth readings, abnormal pressure readings and low tread depths.

The optional invoicing module has been designed for clients operating a commercial workshop and is also fully integrated with both scheduled and unscheduled activities. The system can accommodate menu pricing of maintenance activities and can invoice parts, ad hoc items and labor. The module also includes a free entry invoicing system that can be used to invoice items not directly associated with maintenance activities.

Accounts Receivable
Invoices are posted automatically to the optional VMS accounts receivable. The system handles all forms of payment and makes it easy to allocate payments to invoices. Accounts receivable has extensive reporting facilities including a sales daybook, client statements and an aged debt analysis.

Fully Integrated
VMS can also be integrated with our Coach Manager charter and contract booking system. As vehicles are allocated into the workshop the system automatically checks with Coach Manager to make sure there are no conflicting booking commitments.

VMS Express
VMS Express is a simplified version of VMS aimed at operators with smaller fleet sizes. By excluding a range of features that have been designed specifically for managing very large fleets, we have not only made the system much easier to use, we ve also made it more attractively priced. Although VMS Express has fewer features, we haven t taken away anything that could affect the smooth operation of your workshop. VMS Express is available for fleet sizes of up to either 50 or 100 vehicles and, because we recognize that some larger operators might also prefer a simpler system, there is also an unlimited version.

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Lawn maintenance scheduling software – Free Download #lawn #maintenance #scheduling #software, #lawn #maintenance #scheduling #software


Software Search For lawn maintenance scheduling software Free Download

The software comes with a schedule calendar that allows recording and viewing of all job appointments either in the past or future ones. Not only future jobs of tree services. snow removal or lawn mowing jobs can be recorded but equipment maintenance can also be scheduled and recorded on the software. The scheduler also facilitates job timing provision in the software so that no two appointments overlap with each other and complete track of time and appointments can be maintained for all workers in a lawn care service company. The lawn care software is a modern. easy to use management program that proves to be handy in calculating all financial transactions per job and per day basis along with calculation of total earned amount. The simple and easy to use software offers 4 main sections including workers. reports and scheduler. The total earnings and history of jobs performed can also be stored in the software and retrieved whenever required. The program also allows the provision of making a phone call directly from the software program.

Lawn Service Assistant for Workgroup 1.3

This is a more powerful version of Lawn Service Assistant. but with the additional capability to share data in real time over the Internet. Professional lawn care business software for Workgroup. Now you can keep track of all past tree service jobs. lawn mowing job or snow removal jobs. Use the calendar to schedule anything you want. such as appointments or equipment maintenance.

Lawn Service Assistant for Workgroup 1.2

This is a more powerful version of Lawn Service Assistant. but with the additional capability to share data in real time over the Internet. Professional lawn care business software for Workgroup. Now you can keep track of all past tree service jobs. lawn mowing job or snow removal jobs. Use the calendar to schedule anything you want. such as appointments or equipment maintenance.

Lawn Service Assistant for Workgroup 1.2

This is a more powerful version of Lawn Service Assistant. but with the additional capability to share data in real time over the Internet. Professional lawn care business software for Workgroup. Now you can keep track of all past tree service jobs. lawn mowing job or snow removal jobs. Use the calendar to schedule anything you want. such as appointments or equipment maintenance.

Keep Up tracks the maintenance records of your automobiles. ) Maintains records of your vehicles” maintenance parts Maintains records of scheduled maintenance you perform on your vehicles Maintains a maintenance schedule of when given tasks should be performed Maintains records of unscheduled repairs Maintains records of your fuel purchases and miles per gallon Notifies you when scheduled maintenance is due and provides a list of the parts and specifications you will need to perform the work.

If you are planning to buy a lawn mower. read this before you buy one to know how and where to buy a cheap lawn mower. Download the software and read it to get the best review and where to buy it at the lowest priced.

Automotive Wolf Car Care Software 4.543

The Original Car Care Software. The solution to tracking and managing your car maintenance. Track repairs. maintenance. operating expenses and more. Reminds you when any vehicle maintenance is due including email notifications and performs a detailed cost analysis. Includes functional gauges to monitor maintenance and a Health Status Gauge to measure overall vehicle condition. Setup your car maintenance schedule based on your automotive manufacturers recommended service plan. create your own based on your personal preferences or let our expert adviser configure your vehicle for you. Automotive Wolf Car Care Software is licensed as Shareware and distributed as car care. car maintenance or vehicle maintenancesoftware.

Keep you car in top condition and keep record of as many maintenance objects as you wish. Extensive possibilities for scheduling events and maintenance actions. Integrated calendar for quick overview on all appointments and due maintenance objects. Automatic maintenance reminder.

PMA Technologies-NetPoint – a collaborative project planning and scheduling application #free #scheduling #software, #free #scheduling


Collaborative project planning scheduling

Schedule IQ

No other software can compare to Netpoint in facilitating collaboration.

Dan Molnar, Project Control Lead, Merck Co

  • This is a step further into having [executives] understand the real inner workings of a schedule.

    Commissioner Enrique Zuniga, Massachusetts Gaming Commission

  • Students can concentrate on learning quality scheduling rather than learning a scheduling
    software tool.

    Jesus M. de la Garza, Professor of Construction Engineering Management, Virginia Tech

  • It is a highly interactive project management tool.

    Commissioner James McHugh, Massachusetts Gaming Commission

  • Interactive

    Draw and link activities intuitively, directly on a time-scaled network diagram.


    Move or extend an activity and instantly see the effects on the rest of the schedule.


    Create schedules that are better understood by project managers and executives alike.

    Powered by Active Scheduling Professionals

    PMA Technologies is comprised of software developers, designers, and the aggregate knowledge and innovation of an ENR top 40 PM/CM firm. We are passionate about advancing the practice of project management.
    Learn more about PMA Technologies →