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Our securities fraud attorneys and staff have more than 100 years of combined experience in the securities industry and in securities law. Several of our firm’s attorneys served as a vice president or as compliance officers of one or more major brokerage firms. Our experienced team is devoted to assisting institutional and individual investors nationwide to recover losses caused by the inappropriate actions of investment advisors and their firms. We offer a free consultation to those who contact us through our Website. Se habla espa ol. We have extensive experience representing investors outside the United States with claims against U.S. based investment firms.

Daily Headlines: “Wall Street Fraud!”Millions of Investors Have Lost Their Life Savings and Retirement Assets!

Yet, property invested, any losses would have been small. Many investors’ lives were destroyed because brokerage firms lied to their clients (and brokers) or other misconduct or negligence by the firm or broker. It is wrong when life savings are lost through unsuitable high risk stocks, options, mutual funds – or even annuities or bonds! Margin borrowing often made the losses even greater. Some brokers and firms now blame investors for their own losses. Don’t be fooled by these tactics!

If you feel you may be a victim of Wall Street fraud or negligence contact our securities lawyers for a free consultation .

What is Broker Fraud?

“Broker fraud ” includes theft, lying and deceit, but it also includes other types of wrongdoing, such as churning, unauthorized transactions, unsuitable investments and other acts of greed, incompetence and negligence by stockbrokers, financial planners, and others in the securities industry. Learn more about common forms of broker misconduct .

There are regulations and laws written to protect investors. Securities regulators “police” the securities industry and issue fines and suspensions. To recover their losses investors must file claims for recovery. Statistics demonstrate that they are far more likely to recover if they are represented by experienced securities fraud lawyers. Since investors sign account documents at brokerage firms which almost always contain binding arbitration clauses, most claims against brokerage firms must be resolved in securities arbitration instead of court. Learn more about securities arbitration .

Securities Fraud Attorneys

Our primary goal is to represent investors who have lost their savings and retirement when their brokerage accounts were mishandled. Our securities fraud attorneys have represented thousands of clients nationwide who were victims of misrepresentations, commission churning, unsuitable investments, unauthorized transactions, execution failures, excessive mark-ups, disappearing funds, botched transfers, web-broker outages, “selling away” from firms, unregistered brokers, unregistered securities, improper margin liquidations, broker bribes, fraudulent research, “boiler room” sales practices and other wrongful acts. Those cases were concerning stocks, bonds, “penny” stocks, “junk” bonds, options, warrants, commodities, mutual funds, REIT’s, limited partnerships, derivative securities and other investments. We have also handled other types of cases for investors and minority shareholders. More about our firm .

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