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Welcome to my Bass tutorial website. If you are new here, then please check out the ‘Lesson tree’. This is an order of practice, starting at beginners level, and slowly raising.

Also take time to check out all the other free Bass lessons and content that is on this site! – Kris


I’ve sampled many online bass lessons over the past year or so. Paid a lot of money but didn’t learn much. But your lessons are a breath of fresh air. Most sites and teachers are dull, over complicated and in some cases-self-important. You have managed to simplify the jargon, to a point where literally anyone can understand and have fun when learning this instrument. But also, behind that laid back, almost jokey exterior is one hell of creative and innovative bass player. In a way it’s a shame that you don’t flaunt and show yourself off like many famous musicians, because if you did, you’d be one of the best. You’re an inspiration. Thankyou for everything, and god bless you – Tom, USA.

Welcome to Dmans’ Bass blog, and video log! Learning Bass guitar made fun, simple, and easy! Slapping, popping, tapping, beginners Bass songs, beginners riffs, Bass guitar tips, Bass chords, Bass finger picking, plus many other Bass lessons are covered on this site!

Hundreds of Thousands have learnt from me online, and many have gone onto becoming succesfull bass players in their bands, since I started doing these lessons in 2007. My online students often remark on how I keep things simple, and connect with them as people. That was always my main aim. To connect, which is what so many other online teachers fail to do. I hope you take something positive out of these lessons, and go onto to becoming a great Bass player!

The first port of call on your Bass journey should be the “Lesson tree”. There, you will find a list of lessons that start off easy, and slowly progress.

As hundreds will tell you: If you do those lessons one by one, you will be well on your to becoming a great Bass player, like many of them have done. Take it seriously, and go one by one!


My Top ten Bass lines!

Who is this Kris Rodgers guy, anyway?



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Valentine One

In the era of disposable cellphones, the Valentine One s 22-year-old design can t hide its age. Don t write it off, though, because the simple shape packs clever, enduring engineering. You can install, adjust, and remove the mount with one hand, and the front-facing controls are smartly canted toward the driver.

Inside the magnesium case, Valentine has updated the V1 s internals throughout the years to preserve its reputation as the most sensitive radar detector on the market, a title we re not about to rescind. (Admittedly, we haven t put it up against Escort s hyper-paranoid RedLine detector.) In each of our range trials, the V1 provided generous warning, and its second, rear-facing antenna an exclusive in this test gives it a leg up in rearward detection. The V1 also reported POP radar and laser alerts more consistently than the Passport Max.

One annoyance is incessant false alarms the Valentine s filtering isn t very effective. On our 22-mile loop, the V1 called out 53 threats in its most selective mode, which reduces but doesn t eliminate X-band alerts. Turning off X-band is an involved process that you wouldn t bother with on an interstate exit ramp. Determining what s a cop and what s not is left to the driver, who faces a steep learning curve to decipher the V1 s bogey count, band indicators, signal-strength meter, and the signature arrows at a quick glance.

To reduce its chattiness, the V1 can be reprogrammed to ignore any radar band or to quiet K-band signals that are weak or located behind you, and a $69 peripheral that plugs into your car s on-board diagnostics port mutes the detector below a set speed. Also, there s a $39 concealed display that provides a mute button closer at hand. Still, none of this is as convenient as the Max s intelligent lockouts, auto mute, and standard plug-mounted mute button.