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Examples from the News

  • They found the building was a shell, with no apparently electricity or plumbing, and no completed inner construction.

Nobody’s Home at the Hermit Kingdom’s Ghost Hotel

  • Pliny the Elder considered their plumbing to be the greatest accomplishment of the Roman Empire.
    The Scariest Thing About Sandy: Guarding the Water Supply
  • Hotel maintenance is a never-ending job, and plumbing can be very expensive to fix.
    Gordon Ramsay: 7 Hotel Horrors!
  • Even once the plumbing was installed, some jugs of hot water were still taken up.
    The Real Downton Abbey: Juiciest Bits From The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle
  • Well, if you hire a cheap plumber, don t be surprised when the plumbing breaks.

    America s New Mercenaries

  • Examples

    • There seems to be a leak in the plumbing somewhere on this floor, the man went on.

    The Film of Fear

  • You may look over the plumbing in the bathroom whenever you are ready.
    The Film of Fear
  • Constructions involved in the house, other than the plumbing fixtures.
    Rural Hygiene
  • Leadership has improved its table manners, its plumbing, and its God.
    Erik Dorn
  • And you know that it needs everything from plumbing to linen.