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University of Western Australia (UWA) Rankings

Uwa nursing

University of Western Australia (UWA) world rankings includes it being number =93 on the QS rankings number 111 on Times (THE) number 91 on ARWU number 95= with US News. This contributes to UWA being the number 7 ranked Australian university overall in the world ranking systems. University of Western Australia rankings within Australia include being placed at number 6 on the ERA scale (2012) and being a 4 1/2 Star AEN rated university. UWA also has a student survey satisfaction rating of 81% for business 91.4% for health 94.1% for arts 85.6% for science.

World Rankings

World Rankings Overview

University of Western Australia is the number 7 ranked Australian university overall on the world university ranking systems

QS World Rankings

UWA is ranked at number =93 on the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) world ranking system which is number 7 in Australia.

THE Times World Rankings

UWA is ranked at number 111 on the Times Higher Education world university ranking system which is number 7 in Australia.

Academic Rankings World Universities (ARWU) Rankings

UWA is ranked at number 91 on the ARWU world university ranking system which is number 5 in Australia.

US News Rankings

UWA is ranked at number 95= on the US News world university ranking system which is number 7 in Australia.

CWUR Center for World University Rankings

UWA is ranked at number 213 on the CWUR Center for World University Rankings system which is number 7 in Australia.

Times Asia/Pacific Rankings

UWA is ranked at number 19 on the Times Asia/Pacific ranking system which is number 7 in Australia.

Australian Rankings

Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) Ranking

UWA is ranked at number 6 on the domestic ERA ranking system (2012)

AEN 5 Star Ranking

UWA is rated a 4 1/2 Star university on the overall AEN 5 Star Ranking System

Graduate Survey AEN Star Ratings

Uwa nursing

Uwa nursing

Uwa nursing

Uwa nursing

Uwa nursing

Uwa nursing

Uwa nursing

Uwa nursing

Uwa nursing

Uwa nursing

Student Survey Positive Ratings

* Teach refers to the student perception of teaching quality and good teaching scale

* Skill refers to the the generic skills scale measuring student perceptions of skills development

* Exp refers to the quality of the educational experience

* Sat refers to the overall satisfaction rate at UWA

Rankings Warning

University rankings generally focus on a number of variables which are not relevant to all students. Most of the ranking systems are heavily biased towards universities with research-intensive profiles and age-related reputations. However, many universities do not have a research focus and have not had the history to develop an age-related reputation. Instead these universities might focus on vocationally-oriented studies such as teaching, nursing and other health sciences, welfare studies, design, fashion, journalism and many other career-based studies. Interested parties should therefore be aware that ranking systems generally promote well-established more traditional universities and do not give much credit to universities, especially younger universities, which might be more focused on producing job-ready graduates for a diverse range of careers.

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Uwa nursing Uwa nursing Uwa nursing

Uwa nursing

Uwa nursing Uwa nursing Uwa nursing Uwa nursing Uwa nursing Uwa nursing Uwa nursing Uwa nursing Uwa nursing

Uwa nursing

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Nurses Forum is dedicated to honoring excellence in the nursing profession. Our purpose is to provide global online information to the nursing community. At Nurses Forum, you can search for the latest nursing jobs. locate nursing schools and read nursing articles and news. We invite you to join our nursing forums and participate in discussions. Your knowledge, thoughts and experience in the field of nursing are greatly needed and appreciated. We thank you for any contributions that will assist other nurses and the future of nursing.

Nursing Jobs

Job Seekers – you can now store your favorite nursing jobs, manage cover letters, post your resume and more. all for FREE!

Employers and Recruiters – you can now store candidates, post jobs and manage your recruitment process.

Travel Nursing

We have found that travel nursing and travel nurse jobs are our most popular area of interest. Thus we will be bringing you a special travel nursing section that discusses travel nursing jobs. The travel nurse and professional registered nurse have numerous RN jobs being offered to them due to the high employment demand and shortage in the nursing profession. Read more .

Nurses Forum offers information about travel nursing. forensic nursing, articles about nursing topics, forums, nursing jobs, a section for nurses resumes, a directory of nursing schools in the United States, continuing education and career opportunities. Nurses Forum has compiled a series of published news articles to keep you updated with the latest nursing news and health related information. Articles can now be found in the Forum. The jobs board and recruiter area was constructed to help connect our members with new employment opportunities. Use the links in the jobs section to guide you as you begin your job search. Employers and recruiters: You now have access to our specialized niche. Browse our resumes or post your employment opportunity.

Ocala, Florida Colleges – Rasmussen College in Ocala, FL #nursing #school #fl


Ocala Campus

What Can I Expect When I Enroll at Rasmussen College?

At Rasmussen College, we’ve been helping our students prepare for successful careers since 1900, so we know how to help you achieve your goals. Here are three things you can expect from us:

  • Career-focused degrees and the support you need to land the job you want
  • Quality education at an affordable cost
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy lifestyle
  • Professional Connections in Your Community

    At our Ocala campus, we stay connected to our network of employers in Florida and offer comprehensive career support to help you prepare for a successful profession in your community. That s why our Ocala graduates are achieving career success at local employers in their communities.

    Local employers our graduates work for:

    • Ocala Health System
    • Munroe Regional
    • Ansafone
    • Lowe’s
    • Greystone Healthcare

    *Employer information reported by Rasmussen College graduates. This list does not constitute an endorsement of Rasmussen College by the organizations shown above. Listing does not guarantee or imply that future employment opportunities at these organizations will be available.

    To learn more about how we can help you achieve your career goals, reach out to us today. Request Program Information

    We Make College Affordable

    At Rasmussen College, we remain committed to affordable tuition and flexible learning options that ensure your higher education experience is a successful investment.

    Your Degree—Affordable and Flexible

    Flex Choice® Credit by Assessment

    Many programs are now under $9,000 per year 1

    Flexible Learning Options

    Degrees Offered at our Ocala, FL Campus

    Additional Resources

    Message from the Campus Director—Pete Beasley

    Message from Campus Dean of Nursing Karen Guty


    ACEN Accreditation


    Social Media Updates

    Nursing Application – Requirements #nursing #school #application


    Nursing Application Requirements

    The Nursing program is competitive and there are prerequisites and application requirements.

    The application deadline for the Fall 2017 Nursing class was January 7, 2017.

    The Fall 2017 Nursing class has been selected and is full.

    Students who meet the prerequisite course work and GPA requirement may submit a late application through July 31, 2017. Late applications may be reviewed in the event there is an opening for the Fall 2017 class and the alternate list has been exhausted.

    It is important to note, late applications may not be reviewed and will not generate subsequent notification regarding application status. In the event that a late applicant is selected to fill a vacancy they will be notified as soon as possible. Notification could take place up until the start of classes.

    Complete these two forms:

    Also, you will need a professional reference. Have your reference complete the Reference Form and submit it on your behalf.

    We will begin accepting applications for the Fall 2018 Nursing program starting on September 18, 2017. The application deadline will be January 12, 2018.

    Spring 2018 (LPN, Transfer, Readmits only)

    Please read the admission requirements below before completing the Spring Online Application for Nursing. If you meet the required prerequisites you may proceed with the application process. Along with the online nursing application you must submit the Online Supporting Documentation Form. You will need electronic copies of your transcripts for this portion of the application process. You will also need one Reference Form submitted on your behalf. The application deadline is August 7, 2017.

    Students who do not fulfill all items outlined in the Nursing Application Supporting Documentation Packet are encouraged to begin work on the prerequisite requirements by applying for the Health Studies program using the General Application for admission.

    Applicants who have not completed pre-requisites by the application deadline will not be reviewed. Incomplete Applications will not be processed.


    Please note: A course syllabus/transcript, description, and grading scale must be provided for agencies other than accredited colleges.

    • Proof of graduation from high school or General Equivelency Diploma

    Outlined below are courses that meet the algebra, biology and chemistry prerequisites for the Nursing Program.

    High School Courses that meet the prerequisite requirements:

    • High school Integrated Algebra or its equivalent completed within the last five years with a grade of “C” or above.
    • High school Regents Biology completed within the last five years with a grade of “B” or above and a Regents exam score of 80% or above.
    • High school Regents Chemistry completed within the last five years with a grade of “B” or above and a Regents exam score of 80% or above.
    • A minimum cumulative high school average of 85%.

    College Courses that meet the prerequisite requirements:

    • College MAT 040 Elementary Algebra with a grade of “C” or above, or course equivalency.
    • College level biology with a grade of “B” or above (SCI 135 Introductory to Biology-Molecules/Cells, SCI 136 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology or SCI 137 Human Biology).
    • College level Chemistry with a grade of “B-” or above (SCI 170 Introductory Chemistry I).
    • College GPA of 2.8 is required to be considered for admission.

    Please note:
    1) If college courses were completed those scores will be used.
    2) Upper-level courses cannot be used to meet prerequisite course requirements. i.e. Statistics, Anatomy Physiology and Microbiology will not be looked at in place of Algebra and Intro to Biology.

    • Completion of all recommended skills remediation in identified areas.

    Students accepted to the Nursing Program must submit proof of American Heart Association adult and pediatric CPR certification and Health form prior to the start of the Nursing Program.

    Please review Nursing Program and R.N. License Requirements

    Nursing Program Requirements:
    The nursing program or its affiliate clinical agencies may require background checks and drug screenings. Failure to pass one or more of these checks/screenings will mean that the student will not be allowed to attend clinical lab. Clinical lab is a required course component. Thus, the student will be unable to meet the course requirements and must withdraw from the program.

    R.N. License Requirements:
    Graduates are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination, NCLEX/RN, for licensure as a registered professional nurse. Candidates for licensure must meet all requirements as determined by the New York State Education Department. In applying for licensure, you must answer the following question: “Have you ever been found guilty after trial, or pleaded guilty, no contest, or nolo contendere to a crime (felony or misdemeanor) in any court?” You may be prohibited from obtaining a license related to any convictions. Contact NY State Education Department’s Office of the Professions at or 518-474-3817, ext. 570 for further information.

    The Licensed Practical Nurse Applicant Advanced Placement Credit:

    • The individual must have met the same pre-requisites for entrance as the general admit student outlined above.
    • The individual must hold a current New York State License for Practical Nurses.
    • If a graduate of the HFM Counties BOCES Practical Nursing Program, the individual must have attained an average of 85% or higher. Transcripts from other programs will be evaluated on an individual basis.
    • Completion of 4 credits of college level Anatomy Physiology (BIO 181) with a minimal grade of “C” course must be no more than seven years old and 3 credits of General Psychology (PSY 101) with a minimal grade of “C” before entrance to NUR 106.

    Accepted Students must successfully complete Nursing Process (1 institutional non-degree credit) Course offered at Fulton-Montgomery Community College before admittance into NUR 106. This is a prerequisite for his/her entrance into NUR 106. This course will be offered in the January term.

    Final decisions as to granting prior FM credits, transfer credits, or equivalencies will be made by the Dean of Academic Affairs in consultation with the Nursing Selection Committee.

    Co-requisites for NUR 105

    Concurrent registration in, or prior completion of 4 credits of Anatomy Physiology (BIO 181) (with a grade of “C” or above and not more than 7 years old) and 3 credits of General Psychology (PSY 101) (with a grade of “C” or above)

    Co-requisites for NUR 106

    Concurrent registration in, or prior completion of 4 credits of Anatomy Physiology II (BIO 182) (with a grade of “C” or above and not more than 7 years old) and 3 credits of Developmental Psychology (PSY 200) (with a grade of “C” or above)

    Granting of Prior FM Credit or Transfer Credit

    • The individual must have met the same pre-requisites for entrance as the general admit student outlined above.
    • Transfer students from other collegiate nursing programs are evaluated on an individual basis. Transfer students must submit a written request to the Associate Dean for Enrollment Management specifically identifying factors that will improve performance and enhance success.
    • Prior FM credit or transfer credit will not be granted for college level Anatomy Physiology I II, and Microbiology if the courses are more than seven years old.
    • Pharmacology must be taken after completion of NUR 105 and NUR 106 and within 12 months of graduation.
    • A student must obtain a minimal grade of “C” in Anatomy Physiology and Microbiology Courses to be eligible for advancement to the next level nursing course.
    • Ordinarily, transfer credit will not be granted for Nursing Science courses. Since college nursing courses are not standardized as to content for each semester, each candidate’s records must be examined individually. Typically transfer credit will only be given for Nursing Science I.
    • Final decisions as to prior FM or transfer credits will be made by the Dean of Academic Affairs in consultation with the Nursing Selection Committee.

    In addition to the Online Nursing Application, a student seeking readmission must submit a written request to the Associate Dean for Recruitment and Admission specifically identifying factors that will improve performance and enhance success. Readmission students must provide one new professional reference. The Nursing Selection Committee will review the request. Click here to review the Readmission Policy .

    Students who are admitted or readmitted must complete all requirements within a four-year period.

    Nursing Students Requesting Accommodations (Informational)

    Nursing Department – Nursing – Sacramento City College #western #nursing #program


    Nursing Department

    • Registered Nursing Program
    • Vocational Nursing Program
  • Certificates

    • Vocational Nursing Program
  • Department Catalog
    Information PDF


    You may also attend one of our Informational Meetings. Date and times of meetings can be located on our nursing website under “Interested Student”. There are no meetings scheduled during the summer. Starting with next application enrollment in February 2018 we no longer accept the old TEAS 5 version test score .

    We no longer accept Introduction to Sociology as a nursing prerequisite. Sociology 321, Race, Ethnicity and Inequality has replaced Intro to Sociology as a prerequisite. The change went into effect in 2016. If you have not already completed Sociology 321 please review the CCCCO Distance Education website for acceptable course substitutions offered online at other California colleges.

    For applicants with an Associate or Bachelor Degree please see the FAQ information regarding Sociology 321 exemption requirements.

    Questions regarding transferable courses or course selection please contact our SCC Counseling Department for assistance.

    The Nursing Department includes two board-approved programs: Associates Degree Nursing (ADN) and Vocational Nursing (VN). The ADN program is four semesters in length and the VN program is three semesters. Each program has pre-requisite courses, plus nursing theory with concurrent clinical practice. Graduates of both programs are eligible to sit for the licensure examination and are prepared for employment. A career mobility LVN to RN track is also available that culminates in achieving the Associate Degree.

    Students with a diagnosed documented disability from a Disability Resource Center Learning Specialist need to submit accommodation paperwork to the SCC Nursing Program Director. Students with questions or concerns are encouraged to call (916) 558-2271 and schedule an appointment with the Program Director. MORE


    Programs of Study

    The focus of the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program is to prepare entry level nurses with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to deliver quality and safe patient care MORE

    The Vocational Nursing (VN) program is a full time BVNPT approved program, 3 semesters in length. Each semester is 12 units.

    Instruction is provided over 4 days per week, with varying MORE

    Program Summary

    Download PowerPoint presentations to learn about your program options:

    Nursing Application Enrollment

    The next application enrollment will start February 1st, 2017 and closed February 28th, 201 7 for the selection of Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 cohorts.

    outreach centers

    Nursing Schools #nursing #schools, #colleges, #courses, #classes, #degrees


    Nursing Schools

    Find Practical Nursing Programs Online or Near You

    Your Practical Nursing School is the doorway to your new career in the high-growth Nursing industry. With a wide range of healthcare industries relying on the skill sets picked up in Practical Nursing Training. becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse can be the first step in your Nursing Career, or an entire career in itself!

    Finding your LPN School is easy:

    • Enter a zip code or select a state to see which Licensed Practical Nursing Schools are enrolling near you right now.
    • Browse the list of schools. and decide which ones you re interested in.
    • Click the Get Info button to get more information about course offerings, tuition costs, financial aid, career placement services and the enrollment process. That s it!

    Find a flexible online program to work around your busy schedule, or find a campus near you for hands-on learning. Your options are wide open.

    Pinpoint your Practical Nurse Program now and start toward your rewarding new career in Nursing !

    *Please Note: Program outcomes vary according to each institution s specific curriculum and employment opportunities are not guaranteed

    Practical Nurse Job Description

    Licensed Practical Nurses work very closely with their clientele. The typical patient is either elderly or chronically ill; both cases need consistent, long-term care. The usual work environment is either a hospital or a home, either private or health-related. They provide basic medical care and work directly under the supervision of doctors and registered nurses. The tasks listed below make up the majority of what you can expect to be doing on a day-to-day basis.

    • Assisting and caring for others. Providing personal assistance, medical attention, emotional support, or other personal care to others such as coworkers, customers, or patients.
    • Documenting/Recording Information. Entering, transcribing, recording, storing, or maintaining information in written or electronic/magnetic form.
    • Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates. Providing information to supervisors, co-workers, and subordinates by telephone, in written form, e-mail, or in person.
    • Making Decisions and Solving Problems. Analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems.
    • Identifying Objects, Actions, and Events. Identifying information by categorizing, estimating, recognizing differences or similarities, and detecting changes in circumstances or events.
    • Updating and Using Relevant Knowledge. Keeping up-to-date technically and applying new knowledge to your job.
    • Interpreting the Meaning of Information for Others. Translating or explaining what information means and how it can be used.
    • Performing General Physical Activities. Performing physical activities that require considerable use of your arms and legs and moving your whole body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials.
    • Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships. Developing constructive and cooperative working relationships with others, and maintaining them over time.

    Get started on the educational requirements this career demands today!

    Licensed Practical Nurse Training Certification

    Educational Requirements:

    As you would expect with a job title with the word Licensed in it, practical nurses must complete an accredited education program which will prepare them for the licensing examination. Certificate programs are the norm and usually a combination of classroom learning and supervised clinical instruction. Program lengths vary but average one year.

    Here are some common subjects studied during Practical Nursing Training.

    • Nursing
    • Biology
    • Pharmacology
    • Chemistry
    • Physiology
    • Kinesiology
    • and more

    Licensing Certification:

    After earning a certificate from an accredited program, an LPN candidate is eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX -PN . This certification is valid nationwide, which enables the candidate who passes the test to work as an LPN or LVN in all US states and territories.

    Find your school today to get started on the path to your new career!

    Licensed Practical Nurse Salary Figures

    LPN s usually earn approximately $40,380 per year. The table below shows average salaries for the highest paying states. Earnings may also vary by region within a given state, with metropolitan areas usually paying more because costs of living are higher in cities.

    Practical Nursing Career Outlook

    Job opportunities are predicted to rise 22% between now and 2020, mainly due to the aging baby boomers and their increased need for assisted living. Residential care facilities, assisted-living centers hospitals will see the greatest demand for workers, with lesser need in outpatient care centers and the like.

    Additionally, a significant number of current vocational and practical nurses are expected to step down from their current positions, creating opportunity for new and veteran nurses alike! If there was ever a great time to consider becoming a nurse, now is it!

    Start on your journey to a new LPN career today by filling out the form above and finding a school near you!

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    Iowa Nursing Jobs and Healthcare Careers #nursing #online #jobs


    It feels amazing knowing you are helping patients and facilities who
    urgently need your expertise and loving care right now.

    At Signature Healthcare we are dedicated to helping make sure every patient in Iowa is taken care of because it’s important to us. And we believe we can make sure no patient is left without.

    But we need your help.

    By connecting amazing nurses, CNAs, and medical facilities together. we are uniquely positioned to most efficiently solve Iowa’s worst patient care problems. Because Signature Healthcare is recognized as having outstanding nurses and CNAs, we are always looking for the highest quality care givers, just like you, to work with us to help prevent these tragedies from occurring in our communities again. If you care about people too, continue reading to find out how you can help.

    “Why hasn’t anyone told me about this before?
    This just makes total sense so I got started immediately.” – Karen T, RN BSN

    Together we will work as a big family networked to provide outstanding care, compassion, and contribution at the right times for you. Working in connection we will provide a simple and organized platform to service the hospitals, clinics, schools, offices, emergency response, and anything else that calls us nurses to action.

    Seeing this first hand you will experience the personal knowing that signature healthcare provides in order to be truly outstanding.

    Time is of the essence and we need your help more than ever.

    Benefits Of Our Community

    You and your family will LOVE all the benefits for helping the Signature Healthcare Network.
    Be rewarded & compensated well for your hard work and dedication.
    Get MORE schedule flexibility than you could ever dream of.
    Have opportunities to pick up as many shifts as you need.
    Learn fun new medical skills whenever you want!

    How does it feel knowing you will provide more security for others while receiving more than ever before?
    That’s the Signature Healthcare Way.

    Started by Nurses & CNAs to Help More People In Need

    If you are a CNA with 6+ months work experience or a nurse with 1+ year experience, with a clear background and license, enter your email below.

    Many medical professionals, EVEN DOCTORS, became CNAs to jump start their medical career. They knew they needed to learn these sought after skills that the medical industry desperately needs. Plus, many CNAs became CNAs because they loved helping people. Taking care of those who need you most is rewarding! Yes, it’s true being a CNA is hard work and the benefits are more than just a paycheck and insurance, it’s in the satisfaction knowing you’re making a difference in people’s lives. You’re helping families, communities, and everyone around you. Sharing in caring, is what CNAs do. We believe if you have the right intentions while becoming a CNA, then YES, you can be a success!

    If you are interested in seeing what the door to your new future looks like, click the button below!

    Are You Compassionate?
    Want To Take Care Of Those In Need?

    If you said, “YES!” your skills are in HUGE demand!

    Becoming a CNA might be the right career move for you.
    Find out what others are saying about being a CNA and why they are happy working and helping patients in the medical industry.

    Los Angeles Southwest College, la city college nursing.#La #city #college #nursing


    la city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursingLa city college nursingLa city college nursing La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    News & Updates

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    La city college nursing

    Los Angeles Southwest College – 1600 West Imperial Highway, Los Angeles, California 90047-4899 (see map)

    School of Health Professions – UT Southwestern #ut #southwestern #nursing #school



    Exploring a Health Professions Career
    Students, alumni, and faculty in the School of Health Professions reflect on the value of their experiences at UT Southwestern personally and professionally.

    Welcome to the UT Southwestern School of Health Professions. We provide stimulating, life-changing educational opportunities in 11 exciting health care fields.

    Health professionals, together with physicians and nurses, play integral roles in helping people get well, stay healthy, and live life to the fullest. If you re eager to contribute and thrive on the synergy of teamwork, we re the next step in your journey to a fulfilling career in health care.

    Nationwide, health professionals account for 60 percent of the health care workforce. Health professions offer job opportunities, career stability, competitive salaries, growth potential, new challenges, and the reward of making a difference in the lives of the people you care for.

    We take pride in empowering our graduates with the knowledge and tools to offer expert, compassionate care. As you weigh your educational options, we invite you to:

    • Explore the diverse and impressive professional options and opportunities our programs offer.
    • Join one of the country’s leading academic medical centers, patient-care providers, and research institutions.
    • Gain the tools and experience that will enable you to make a difference for patients and communities locally, nationally, and internationally.

    We re glad you re here. To see which health career might be the best fit for your personal and professional goals, please watch our welcome video and explore our website. If you d like to visit in person, schedule a campus tour .

    Make A Gift Gordon Green Endowment Fund

    One of Dr. Gordon Green’s most distinguished character traits is his belief in investing in good people and inspiring them to do their best. Please join us in honoring Dr. Green’s commitment to his students and the future of health care by making an outright gift or a multi-year pledge to the Gordon Green, M.D. Endowed Scholarship Fund at the School of Health Professions at UT Southwestern.

    Research News – Royal College Surgeons in Ireland #curam #college #of #nursing, #research #news


    Research News

    Prof Brian Harvey (Molecular Medicine) and son Dr Harry Harvey (PhD RCSI Cancer Genetics) were invited speakers at the recent FASEB Summer Research Conference on steroid hormones held in Snowmass, Colorado.

    Dr Annie Curtis, StAR Research Lecturer in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics (MCT) of RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) has been awarded a prestigious L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science 2017 Fellowship at a ceremony held in the Royal Society in London yesterday evening. The award is worth more than €17,000 and will support Dr Curtis’s research focusing on the human body clock and its control of inflammation.

    Science Foundation Ireland today announced that it will invest €72 million over the next six years in four new world-class SFI Research Centres in Ireland. The new SFI Research Centres will be supported by 80 industry partners who will provide an additional €38 million to support cutting-edge basic and applied research with strong industry engagement, economic and societal impact. The decision follows a comprehensive international peer review process involving leading industry and academic experts over the last 12 months.

    Researchers from RCSI and the University of Nice, France, have discovered the function of a gene called KCNQ1 that is directly related to the survival of colon cancer patients. The gene produces pore-forming proteins in cell membranes, known as ion channels.

    RCSI and the National Children’s Research Centre (NCRC) today announced an exciting new partnership aimed at strengthening paediatric cystic fibrosis (CF) research at the NCRC, based at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin. This will be a €1.1 million research programme which will run for five years.

    The Irish Centre for Vascular Biology was launched today at RCSI. The establishment of the new Irish Centre for Vascular Biology, based at RCSI, will be comprised of an integrated network of groups in Irish universities, hospitals, SMEs and industry partners in Ireland, both north and south, involved in vascular-related research.

    The inappropriate prescribing of medications from healthcare professionals is associated with a high risk of adverse drug events in older people in Ireland. In addition, the omission of some recommended medications from prescriptions is also linked with an increased risk of having to visit to an accident and emergency department.

    A packed programme of staff, postgraduates and undergraduates present their research at the annual RCSI Research Day conference.

    An image which illustrates a fascinating visualisation of Twitter conversations about breast cancer, created by a team at RCSI, has been unveiled as a winner of the Wellcome Image Awards 2017.

    RCSI scooped 25% of the awards from the conference which is a great achievement.

    RCSI scientists are developing an advanced technology to speed up bone repair in adults who have suffered severe fractures and bone degeneration. This follows the identification of a gene which explains why children’s stem cells form bone very quickly.

    Drug development and the cost of treatments to health care funders also impacted by findings

    The sixth International Conference for Healthcare and Medical Students (ICHAMS) is currently underway at RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) and continues until Saturday February 18th, 2017.

    Aldosterone and Mineralocorticoid Receptor

    Research has potential to improve 20 per cent survival rate in ovarian cancer

    Research shows Travelling Community diverged from ‘settled’ population before Great Famine

    Brian Harvey, Professor of Molecular Medicine, to address the conference on 24th March 2017

    Gene-targeting therapies and wearable tech among future treatments for epilepsy

    The third SPHeRE Network Conference opens in RCSI today bringing together over 180 researchers, policy-makers and practitioners under the theme of “Supporting solutions: Connecting Research, Policy and Practice”.

    RCSI will invest in the region of €11 million in the development of the construction of the 30,000 sq ft three-story extension.

    A major international research project led by researchers at RCSI in Dublin is developing low-cost technologies to reduce the number of people worldwide who rely on unsafe drinking water.

    Two RCSI-led studies find doctor emigration remains a challenge for Irish Health Service

    French-Irish scientific collaboration strengthened with new agreement signed at RCSI

    RCSI wins national award for Knowledge Transfer Initiative of the Year

    RCSI School of Physiotherapy hosts Queensland University Professor