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Florida DMV Online Guide

Collier County DMV Guide

Collier County is located in Southwest Florida along the Gulf of Mexico with Lee County north and Monroe County south. It is 2,304 square miles and has a population of 251,300 plus. Some of its cities include Everglades City, Marco Island, and Naples.

Collier County was named after advertising tycoon Barron G. Collier, one of South Florida’s leading developers. The area is loaded with outdoor activities from jungle cruises and airboat rides in the Everglades to shelling, swimming and sailing along the Gulf of Mexico. The weather is perfect for year-round golfing as well.


Collier County Services

Many government services provided at the county level are available from either the DMV Office or the Clerk of Court – also known as the Clerk of the Ciruit Court. The DMV focuses on licenses and tags for anything that you drive including cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks, RVs and more.

Your Clerk of Court delivers an enormous amount of services. Examples include your civil and criminal courts, bail bonds, boating and fishing citations, traffic citations, marriage licenses, adoptions, jury service, parking, passports, and many more.

Collier County DMV Offices Services

Your Collier County DMV offices provide vehicle registration, drivers licenses, ID cards, tag and title services for cars, trucks, trailers, vessels and mobile homes.

Registration, Tag and Title Services

You can also contact the DMV office for specialty tags, disability parking permits, and transferring a motor vehicle or boat/vessel title. Many of Collier’s Florida DMV services are available online or by phone to save you time.

Relocating to Florida

If you are a new Florida resident, you are required to register your vehicle within ten days and get a Florida drivers license within 30 days. If you have an out-of-state drivers license and it has not expired beyond 30 days you can convert your license without taking a written or road test. If you need a drivers license for the first time you must complete a Florida DMV approved four-hour Drug and Alcohol (DATA) course and DMV test on road signs and road rules.

Car Registration and Auto Insurance

Before registering your vehicle, you must obtain Florida Auto Insurance and have verification of the VIN number. The auto insurance must be purchased from an insurance company licensed by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. Florida’s minimum coverage is $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 property damage liability (PDL). If you have been involved in a crash, or been convicted of certain offenses, you may be required to purchase bodily injury liability coverage (BIL).

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Teen Car Accidents. Teenage Car Crashes.
Car Crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the United States and accidents while driving cause 36% of all deaths in this age group according to the Centers for Disease Control. Drive Safer!

Teenage Driver Facts:
Deaths. Each Year over 5,000 teens ages 16 to 20 Die due to Fatal injuries caused Car accidents. About 400,000 drivers age 16 to 20 will be seriously injured.

Risks. The risk of being involved in a car accident the highest for drivers aged 16- to 19-year-olds than it is for any other age group. For each mile driven, teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are about four times more likely than other drivers to crash.

Stats. Teenagers are about 10 percent of the US Population but account for 12 percent all Fatal Car Crashes.

Costs. Drivers (both male and female) under age 24 account for 30% – $26 billion Dollars of the total costs of Car accidents in the US.

Male Versus Female. The car accident death rate for teen male drivers and passengers is more than one and a half times female teen driver (19.4 killed per 100,000 male drivers compared with 11.1 killed per 100,000 female drivers.

New Drivers. The risk of a Crash risk is much higher during the first year teenagers are able to drive.

Two Teenagers Killed

Warrensburg, Illinois

Teen Speeding Road Rage Crash

Atlanta, Georgia

Teen Drinking Crash

Minneapolis, MN

Why are Teenager Drivers at More Risk? According to Studies: Teenager drivers tend to underestimate hazardous driving situations and are less able than older drivers to recognize dangerous situations.

Teenager Drivers are more to speed and tailgate.

Having Male teen passengers in the car has been shown to increase the likelihood of high risk driving behaviors among teenage male drivers.

Of Male drivers killed between 15 and 20 years of age 38% were speeding and 24% had been drinking and driving .

Teens have the lowest rate of seat belt use. According to surveys about 10% of high school students report they do not wear seat belts.

Trailers Suck

Teen Encounters one

More Teen Accident Facts: About 23% of drivers ages 15 to 20 who died in car crashes had a Blood Alcohol Counts of 0.08 or higher.

About 30% of teens reported that within the previous 30 days, they had been a passenger in a car with a driver who had been drinking alcohol. One in 10 teens said that they personally had driven after drinking alcohol.

Teen drivers killed in auto crashes after drinking and driving. 74% did not wear a seat belt.

More than half of teen deaths from car crashes occurred between 3 p.m. and midnight and 54% occurred on weekends: Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

16 Year Old Shattered Knee Cap


Junior Operator License

Utica, NY

Jaws of Life Save Teen

Pacific Heights, California

World Wide Crash Guide

Thousands of Crashes from 64 + Countries

Car Crash Videos? Send them to us. is being built by our millions of viewers who have sent in their experiences and shared their pictures and stories. The stories told on range from those of tragic loss, narrow escapes, cautionary tales and routine rear enders. You are invited to share your story with the millions of visitors we receive from around the the world.

General Guidelines for Sending Your Pictures, Video and Story:

1. Please use either a jpg, bmp or gif format.

2. Tell us your story, there is no limit to what you can send us but please try include a description, date of the accident, (make model of the vehicle if known) and the accident location ( City, State, or the Country if outside US ). This makes for a more interesting page! You agree to our terms and conditions .
3. Send your photo and story to Thank you!

4. If your video is very large, please send us a link.

Car Crash Photo Gallery: Hundreds of Car Accident Photos

See Car Crashes Organized By US states Here

View Car Accident Organized by Country

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Have you thought about taking out motorhome | campervan hire excess insurance?

Insure the excess on your motorhome hire with a daily insurance policy

The excess liability motorhome insurance if bought directly from a motorhome hire company is often very expensive. This is ideal for renting a motorhome for a holiday abroad or in the UK.

When you rent a motorhome / campervan are you aware that the Excess can cost more than the vehicle? Motorhome hire excess insurance is a great way to save money and have peace of mind when you rent a motorhome / campervan.

Do you know that it could cost you a lot of money for any damage to your motorhome rental vehicle? EVEN IF IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

For a low daily premium a motorhome hire excess insurance company can provide excess insurance protecting the customer against excess charges whenever he / she rents a motorhome.

When you rent a motorhome, you will find that your motorhome rental agreement normally includes cover for Collision Damage Waiver – CDW (damage to the rental vehicle) and Theft. There is almost always an excess on the Collision Damage Waiver and Theft.

You are however still liable for the Excess on CDW and Theft.

When a motorhome / camper van is damaged or stolen, the driver is asked to pay the first portion of the repair or replacement costs. This is known as the Excess.

Motorhome hire excess insurance policies can be purchased by people resident anywhere in the world (however you should check with individual insurance providers for their terms and condition s)

Click on a logo below for more information from providers below advertising motorhome hire excess insurance on this site

Excess is also known as, non-waiver, the deductible or super CDW . Excess is a voluntary insurance and is sold by car rental companies at the counter when the customer collects the car (or when the booking is made). It is usually charged on a Daily basis and applies to Car hire . Van hireand Motorhome hire

The customer has the right to accept or decline the car rental company’s Excess. If they do decline, they will be responsible for the excess charges if they have any damage to the vehicle. In some cases the car hire company will not let the hirer take delivery of the car unless they take out the excess.

The cost of the Excess will vary according to:

  • The rental company
  • Size of the rental vehicle
  • The country in which the car is picked-up

You can take out a daily policy, annual policy, a family policy and customers up to the age of 84 can be covered.

When you buy your car hire insurance from a specialist you will save �’s – �’s – $’s compared to the cost of buying the cover when you pick up your motorhome or book the motorhome hire from a mototorhome rental company.

Remove your motorhome hire excess now

Motor home excess Insurance Providers below

Questor insurance services Car Hire Excess – Motorhome – Minibus Hire Excess – Car club Van Hire Excess Insurance

They also offer

Car hire excess insurance

Van hire excess insurance

Minibus hire excess insurance

Car Club hire excess insurance

Motorcycle hire excess insurance

Please note that none of the insurance companies currently advertising on this site appear to offer motorcycle hire excess insurance either in the UK or overseas. If you are looking for Motorcyle or Scooter insurance find out more Here

If you are in the Self Drive Motorhome Hire business and are looking for insurance for your hire vehicle fleet – find out more about INSURE CARHIRE HERE – Also Van Hire and Car Hire

Looking for Motorhome / Campervan/ Caravan insurance for your own personal vehicle?

Click on the logo below

Tips for motorhome users

Know the height of your vehicle. There low bridges, car park entrances that a 4X4 would fit under, but the extra height on the motorhome means these ar no go areas.You will find yourself looking for large open carparks that will allow you to enter and exit easily.

Secure all your belongings in the vehicle. You don’t want some of your belongings joining you at the front of the vehicle whilst you are speeding along the motorway.

Don’t take too much with you. The more you carry in the way of food, drink and belongings (including large containers of dog food if you are taking your dog) the heavier the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Do not to belt along -50/65 mph (80/105 km/h) appears to be both economic on the fuel and easier for emergency braking (remember there is 3.0/3.5 tonnes to stop!).

Keep the external dimensions of your vehicle to hand (such as behind the sun visor). Remember the extra length of the vehicle when turning.

One advantage of driving a motorhome is that you have very good visibility over most other traffic.

Reversing – Many motoromes have a camera to assist reversing, some drivers find that even with a camera to assist it is still tricky but the more you do it the more experienced you should become.

If you go and put your bike/s in a cover on the back of the motorhome, you might find that view from the camera is blocked.

Wedges – when you park on a slope, make sure that wedges are put behind the vehicle’s rear wheels. If there are none provided, use some brick or large stones.

If you have any tips, please contact us with them Here

Apollo Motorhome Holidays has joined forces with Hertz – February 2011

Questor for motorhome hire insurance – February 2011

Camper Van Hire Camper Van Hire Classics – September 2010 website is marketing motorhome excess insurance – July 10

Media / Press Releases HERE

Motorhome hire excess insurance policies can be purchased by people resident anywhere in the world?

So if you live in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, USA, South Africa, Cyprus,Sweden, The Netherlands, Spain, Japan, New Zealand or Canada and other countries, you should be able to buy car hire insurance from one the insurance companies advertising on this site.

You should of course check with individual insurance providers for their terms and conditions. Find out more Here

jml Group Blogspot sites – read our blogs and add your comments to:

Guides on driving abroadClick on an area below

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motorcycle donation – Donate Motorcycle to charity

Donate motorcycle to Charity. Why would someone donate a motorcycle you ask? The answers are quite simple actually. First of all, if you have been trying to sell a motorcycle, you know how frustrating it can be. Constant no-shows, cheapskates, advertising costs and those midnight phone calls take a toll on your nerves. When you donate a motorcycle to charity, all of those headaches are eliminated.

Online Car Donation offers those wishing to make a motorcycle donation a fast and trouble-free way to positively contribute to our society while still allowing you to deduct the fair market value (in many cases). Just complete the motorcycle donation form below and we will schedule a time to pick up your motorcycle that is convenient to you. Call any time with questions you may have!

*Most motorcycles we get donated are completely restored to their former glory. We then use your motorcycle donation to help Online Car Donation and other charity organizations with their raffle needs.
We do not sell your motorcycle donation! Most Motorcycles are also entitled to a free vacation voucher!

Donate motorcycle through the easy bike donation form below.

Or Call Us Toll Free (888)-228-7320 – Takes only 90 Seconds!
Want to Choose a Different type of Vehicle Donation? Go here for other Vehicle Donation
We Look Forward to Helping you with your Motorcycle Donation !

Donate Motorcycle – receive a Fair Market Value Tax Deduction (in many cases)

Donating a motorcycle or other vehicle is extremely simple. Donating to Online Car Donation also allows you to deduct the motorcycle value from your federal income tax. Why sell your motorcycle for a couple hundred dollars when you can gain much more by donating it to charity and helping someone in the US that truly needs a helping hand?

Donate motorcycles new and used for sale instead of trying to sell motorcycle yourself. Online Car Donation makes it easy to donate a motorcycle by make, model, location, and more. Instead of posting a Motorcycles for sale ad donate new motorcycle or a used motorcycle for sale honda motorcycle yamaha kawasaki motorcycles harley-davidson motorcycle Harley suzuki motorcycle bmw motorcycle donations

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As mentioned in the video.

We are a local business who specialize in mobile car air conditioning. diagnosis, repairs and servicing of cars, commercial and plant vehicles. We have been in the motor trade for many years providing our clients with top quality professional services.

We pride ourselves on giving the best service with the most affordable price and best of all we DO NOT charge VAT, saving you even more money. We also GUARANTEE to beat main dealer prices every time!

Keep your cool mobile car air conditioning is a division of which was introduced into the business because we could see a market was developing for providing a mobile service rather than people travelling to a garage and having to wait an hour, plus have to pay high repair bills as and when needed.

A little background.

We used to work for main dealers until one day (year 2000) we decided it was time to break away and start our own business. Although working for main dealers was good, we saw that most of the time everything seemed to be rushed and in some cases the client was not given the full 100% attention they deserved, so we took it upon ourselves to change that and provide a personal touch of our own. It doesn’t matter if you have the best tools, the best premises, the best advertisements, if you don’t look after your clients, you have nothing because they will look elsewhere and you will end up not having a business!

About The Parts We Use

There will be times when you will need to have parts replaced as they may be damaged or worn out. Unfortunately there are companies

out there that use poor quality parts and give you a cheap price to do the work neccessary to repair your air conditioning and ultimately

you will find that the part will fail relativley quick leading you to have to sort out this issue. We use quality parts and have never had a

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Motor Vehicle Sales-Use Tax

Following are the most current versions of Massachusetts Department of Revenue motor vehicle sales/use tax related forms.

  • Form MV-AB2 . Affidavit – Rescission of Sale of a Motor Vehicle
  • Form MVU-5A . Application for Certification/Recertification to the Motor Vehicle Leasing List
  • Form MVU-21 . Affidavit in Support of a Claim for Exemption from Sales or Use Tax for a Motor Vehicle Transferred by Contest, Drawing or Raffle
  • Form MVU-22 . Affidavit in Support of a Claim for Exemption from Sales or Use Tax for Transfer of a Fire Engine or Ambulance
  • Form MVU-23 . Affidavit in Support of a Claim for Exemption from Sales or Use Tax for a Motor Vehicle, Trailer or Other Vehicle Transferred to an Insurer
  • Form MVU-24 . Affidavit in Support of a Claim for Exemption from Sales or Use Tax for a Motor Vehicle Transferred as a Gift
  • Form MVU-25 . Affidavit in Support of a Claim for Exemption from Sales or Use Tax for a Motor Vehicle Transferred by a Business Entity
  • Form MVU-26 . Affidavit in Support of a Claim for Exemption from Sales or Use Tax for a Motor Vehicle Transferred Within a Family
  • Form MVU-27 . Affidavit in Support of a Claim for Exemption from Sales or Use Tax for a Motor Vehicle Transferred by Intestacy, Will or Otherwise
  • Form MVU-29 . Affidavit in Support of a Claim for Exemption from Sales or Use Tax for a Motor Vehicle Purchased Outside of Massachusetts
  • Form MVU-30 . Affidavit in Support of a Claim for Exemption from Sales or Use Tax for a Motor Vehicle Transferred by Repossession
  • Form MVU-33 . Affidavit in Support of a Claim for Exemption from Sales or Use Tax for a Motor Vehicle Transferred to a Disabled Person
  • Form ST-7R . Motor Vehicle Certificate of Payment of Sales or Use Tax

Complementary Content

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Direct Insurance Group Plc has been established since 1996 and has evolved in to one of the UK’s leading independent commercial insurance brokers. We specialise in liability, motor fleet, professional indemnity, business and property owners insurance and have developed a specific knowledge of certain ‘hard to place’ industries.


Insurance, with a twist.

Many businesses will view insurance as a necessary evil but what if it doesn’t have to be that way. Through education, experience and a can do attitude we are slowly turning the insurance industry on it’s head. Our clients rely on us not only to provide cover but to: work with the insurer to ensure adequate cover/work on a comprehensive risk management strategy/put in place procedures to reduce premiums over the long term.

Our in-house claims team ensure claims are dealt with in a swift, professional manner so you can continue with business as usual. Should the worst happen, we will undertake the leg work and only make contact when absolutely necessary.

Our ethos is simple, we put ourselves in the clients shoes and adopt an outside in approach.

Insurance for waste, plant, skip and recycling

Waste Insure was established in 1998 and has been successfully working within the waste sector for the past 18 years and expanded to specialist insurance schemes.

We understand the waste management and recycling industry and our bespoke facilities have resulted in Waste Insure becoming the number one choice for many compan.

Asbestos Insure was established in 2005 as part of the Direct Insurance group, creating a team of specialist advisors to the Asbestos Management sector with the aim of providing tailored specialist Insurance packages.

We understand the Asbestos Industry and the attention to detail required. It is for this reason we teamed up with QBE Insurance Group and Zurich, market leaders in special.

Coach Insure are part of the Direct Insurance group of companies. Formed in 1996 and dedicated to providing bespoke and market leading coverage to specific sectors of trade and industry. Recognising the need for a dedicated specialist to the coach bus sector, Coach Insure was formed and has now been providing insurance solutions to the industry for over 10 years.

Our unique approa.

Lorry Insure – the UK’s leading insurance for lorries and fleet of lorries. From 3.5t – 44t vehicles, Lorry Insure provide tailored insurance solutions to the transport and logistics industry for over 10 years. Members of the Road Haulage Association and the Confederation of Passenger Transport we have the knowledge and experience for lorry insurance.

We fully understand the needs and const.

Lab Insure was formed in 2006 by Direct Insurance Group with the specific aim of providing insurance and risk management solutions to laboratories and testing bodies chiefly involved within the construction and environmental arenas.

Since then Lab Insure have worked hard with A-rated insurers, who understand the risks that laboratories and inspection bodies face, to ensure we can deliver a.

Rail Insure are part of the Direct Insurance Group of companies, a fully independent and family owned insurance broker. Since 2010 Rail Insure have been committed to providing effective solutions and advice to all those connected within the Rail sector. From one man bands to large PLC’s we have the knowledge and experience to add value to your business and deliver tailor made solutions to suit.

Let’s Talk

Vehicle Maintenance System – Software for Coach, Bus – Truck Workshop Management #distinctive #systems, #vehicle #maintenance #system, #vms, #workshop #management #software, #motor #coach #bus #and #truck #maintenance #software, #inspection #planning, #maintenance #scheduling, #commercial #vehicles



Our Vehicle Maintenance System is a workshop management system specially designed for coach, bus and truck operators. The software provides defect reporting, inspection planning, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activity management, job cards, history recording and workshop control. VMS streamlines the whole process and will help ensure records always meet the required standard.

Microsoft SQL Server Platform
VMS has been developed using Microsoft Visual Studio and the Microsoft SQL Server database engine. SQL Server is part of the Microsoft .NET Platform and is an industrial strength database engine designed to handle hundreds of simultaneous users. It delivers stunning performance with unparalleled reliability and security. It is designed for systems that are in constant use under the most demanding circumstances. VMS is designed to be used with Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition. Alternatively, all but the largest operators can use it with the royalty free Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition .

Scheduled Maintenance Activities
In addition to ensuring proper control of all safety issues, VMS also provides a complete solution for operators looking to manage the maintenance of their vehicles for maximum efficiency and longevity in accordance with manufacturer s recommendations. It allows operators to create their own scheduled maintenance activities each consisting of an unlimited number of user definable planned maintenance items. The activity cycle for each vehicle can be controlled by distance, days, hours or fixed date. Activities can either be scheduled individually or automatically up to any future date.

Defect Reporting
VMS isn t limited to handling just scheduled activities. It has a parallel system for managing unexpected breakdowns and repairs. The built-in defect reporting system incorporates user definable defect types, stored common defect descriptions and full implementation of a reasons for failure structure.

Unscheduled Activities
Unscheduled activities can be created at anytime and can either be assigned to their own date and time, or, depending on urgency, can be attached to an existing scheduled activity.

Graphical Planner
VMS also includes a graphical bay planner for allocating scheduled and unscheduled activities into workshop, paint shop or cleaning bays. Activities can be moved to a different bay or time using drag and drop. The highly visual graphical presentation makes the optimization of resources especially easy. The system also provides a six month view of scheduled activities which eliminates need to maintain a traditional wall planner.

Job Cards
The system can automatically print job cards for both scheduled and unscheduled activities. Details of all faults, comments and work carried out can be fed back into VMS to maintain a detailed history for each vehicle.

Inventory and Warranty Management
Our optional inventory module is seamlessly integrated into both scheduled and unscheduled activities in VMS. The default parts manifest for each maintenance activity can be created in advance and is then applied automatically as each activity is assigned to a date. As each date approaches the system automatically generates inventory movements for the required parts raising supplier orders as required. Additional parts can be added to both scheduled and unscheduled activities as required. The module also includes a comprehensive system for the efficient management of warranty claims.

Tire Management
The optional tire management module has been designed to manage the maintenance and history recording of individual tires fitted to vehicles in the fleet. The position of a tire can be recorded including the axle and wheel position so that a tire can be tracked and easily located. The module is fully integrated with both scheduled and unscheduled activities to allow tread depths and pressure readings for each tire to be recorded quickly and efficiently. The system will predict when a tire will require replacement and an overview of the last tread depth and pressure readings is provided for each tire.

Comprehensive reporting facilities provide a history for each tire including distances travelled, last tread depth readings, abnormal pressure readings and low tread depths.

The optional invoicing module has been designed for clients operating a commercial workshop and is also fully integrated with both scheduled and unscheduled activities. The system can accommodate menu pricing of maintenance activities and can invoice parts, ad hoc items and labor. The module also includes a free entry invoicing system that can be used to invoice items not directly associated with maintenance activities.

Accounts Receivable
Invoices are posted automatically to the optional VMS accounts receivable. The system handles all forms of payment and makes it easy to allocate payments to invoices. Accounts receivable has extensive reporting facilities including a sales daybook, client statements and an aged debt analysis.

Fully Integrated
VMS can also be integrated with our Coach Manager charter and contract booking system. As vehicles are allocated into the workshop the system automatically checks with Coach Manager to make sure there are no conflicting booking commitments.

VMS Express
VMS Express is a simplified version of VMS aimed at operators with smaller fleet sizes. By excluding a range of features that have been designed specifically for managing very large fleets, we have not only made the system much easier to use, we ve also made it more attractively priced. Although VMS Express has fewer features, we haven t taken away anything that could affect the smooth operation of your workshop. VMS Express is available for fleet sizes of up to either 50 or 100 vehicles and, because we recognize that some larger operators might also prefer a simpler system, there is also an unlimited version.

Find out more

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  • Personal insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Buildings insurance
  • Home contents insurance
  • Portable possessions insurance
  • Caravan insurance
  • Trailer insurance
  • R1 insurance
  • Credit shortfall insurance
  • Helpful info
  • How to submit a claim
  • The king’s emergency assist
  • Download policy document
  • Download Sasria document
  • Download business policy document
  • Download community policy document

Start saving on insurance today

Click here to leave your details, and we’ll call you right away with a quote that your budget will love.

You’ll love our super cheap insurance and award-winning royal service!

  • Community insurance
  • Community scheme valuations
  • The Urbanise platform
  • Maintenance solutions overview
  • Maintenance access service
  • Maintenance, repair and replacement plan (MRRP)
  • Maintenance plan management
  • 2017 NAMA King Price Indaba
  • Here’s how to get hold of us

Why choose King Price Insurance

Super cheap car insurance premiums that decrease monthly. And so much more!

We know that car insurance is a grudge purchase but, with more than 10 million cars on the road in South Africa, it is necessary. So, we try to take the ‘eina’ out of your insurance options. You’ll find that we don’t take ourselves too seriously but we take what we do very seriously. Like offering the same comprehensive insurance cover as everyone else, just at our cheapest possible price, and always with our own special brand of award-winning royal service. We offer value-for-money insurance and service with a smile. So why pay more?

Price is king

You know that the value of your car depreciates from day 1, right? So, why pay premiums that only ever increase? we’re the only insurer. In the world, as far as we know. To offer insurance that decreases monthly as the value of your car depreciates! We think it’s the fair and logical way insurance should be done.

No bogus ‘no claim bonus’

We just wouldn’t feel good about inflating your premiums in order to give you some of your own money back if you don’t claim. Nope! Instead, all our clients benefit from super cheap premiums and instant savings from the get-go. We say ‘no’ to being ripped off. And you should, too.

Decreasing premiums. How, why and what you get out

The million Rand question

Will your premium still go up at the end of the year. The answer is ‘yes’. We have to adjust premiums for things we can’t control. Like the rising costs of repairs and replacements, neither of which are linked to the value of your car.

But, we only do this once a year, and we fight to keep these increases as low as possible. And. Then your premium decreases again every month. Straight up. No funny business.

It’s a no-brainer

When you join the king of price. Not only do you get the same comprehensive cover as you’d get elsewhere, you also get decreasing premiums and award-winning royal service.

We offer car insurance that decreases monthly, as the value of your car depreciates. So why keep on paying more to cover something that’s worth less?

Buildings insurance

You’re the king (or queen) of your castle. So, insure it with the king of price. Our comprehensive, affordable cover is backed up by our award-winning royal service.

Home contents insurance

Boring insurers call this ‘household insurance’. We’re anything but boring, but we’re very serious about our affordable cover for the things that make your house a home.

Portable possessions

Going somewhere? We know that your valuables go everywhere with you. So, we insure your portable possessions, wherever you are.

Trailer insurance

We’ll hook you up with affordable insurance for your trailer. And your boat, bike, quad-bike or whatever else it’s carrying, too.

Caravan insurance

Paying too much for insurance can be a drag. And it can eat into your holiday budget, too. So, get hitched to affordable insurance for your caravan.

R1 insurance

Insure your Apple Watch, Nikon camera, golf clubs, bike or hearing aid for just R1 monthly. No jokes!

Credit shortfall

Our credit shortfall insurance covers you for the difference between what your car is worth and what you still owe on it, if it’s been stolen or written off.


Loss or damage to the whole, or part, of the property described on your schedule.

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Creating assets is your business, protecting them is ours!

Welcome to 360 INSURANCE!

Know that when you are a client of 360 Insurance, you are working with seasoned professionals who know insurance and understands how to protect you and your assets. We have well over a century of insurance and risk management experience. Why jeopardize what you’ve worked so hard to acquire by putting it in the hands of anyone else?

We are here prepared to serve you! We are a full-service independent insurance agency licensed in Nevada, Arizona, California (In California our dba is “360 Insurance Solutions, LLC”), Colorado, Ohio, Texas Utah. What a full-service agency means to you is that we look out for your best interest. Whether it s personal insurance, business insurance or bonds, we have multiple top ‘A’ rated insurance carriers to insure it. Our agency assesses your insurance needs and fits you with the most suitable company. We are here to work for you! No matter what your situation is…if claims, moving violations or credit are an issue, we will work to get you back to where you once were. We ask you for the opportunity to earn your trust and business. Thank you…