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refinance mortgages



*(the borrower must order / pay for their appraisal. A refund of $350 max is paid at the closing of the loan)

Our Mortgage Loan Program does not charge any upfront fees such as an application fee, a credit report fee, a processing fee, etc. No borrower paid points or borrower paid broker fees are charged. This provides a significant savings to the union members. We are paid for our services directly by The Lender!

Our competitors collect from both you and The Lender. they just don’t mention that part. thus, not the same Savings!

The borrower is required per HVCC to order and pay for their appraisal. A refund is provided at the time of closing ($350 max).

As in all mortgage loans, other costs do apply. Lender fees, Title Insurance fees, State/County related fees, settlements fees..etc.

A Summary of Mortgage Loan Closing Costs is Provided Below:

Members Mortgage Corp . was created in 1999, specifically to provide an honest and affordable Mortgage Loan Program to NYC ‘s Police and Firefighter Union Members and their families as a way of giving back to those who give so much of themselves. It was received enthusiastically by the union memberships and proved to be an immediate success. We were literally closing thousands of loans a year and the savings for the union members was staggering ! The popularity and integrity of the program was recognized by many and soon other unions were requesting the ability to provide the program to their memberships. Since then we have grown to over 150 unions participating in our program . and the program continues to Grow and Grow .

We have never waivered from our original mission of providing union members and their families a Honest Mortgage Program that has significant savings to them. To date, we feel quite proud of the fact that we have saved over $50 million in mortgage and related cost for union members and their families. A truly remarkable feat !!

Help us to continue to save union members money on their mortgage loan by helping us to.


We Are The Only “Union ONLY” Mortgage Loan Provder.


Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases most of us make. House hunting can be exciting and disappointing at the same time. Some people find the perfect home in three days, for others, it can take months.

We’ve seen it all. And we understand how you feel. Once you finally find the perfect home, let us help you quickly find the perfect mortgage.

A review of our Loan Programs appears on this website. Call or e-mail us and we’ll develop a personalized quote.

Are you already living in your dream home? Maybe it can be even dreamier with a lower monthly mortgage payment! Refinancing could be the way to go. Check it out with our Refinance Mortgage Calculator.

Or, try out our Debt Consolidation Mortgage Calculator to see if a home equity loan or second mortgage would work for you.

Buying a home is a big investment. We can be there with you every step of the way. Our company has been in this business for a long time, and we invite you to put our experience and expertise to work for you.

Guaranteed Finance Acceptance – Approval for Bad Credit Non Status No Credit Checks Credit Cards

bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgages


Bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgages

Why? Because we at Guaranteed Finance are 100% committed to helping you with the credit/financial services you need. We don’t like the terms “bad credit” or “poor credit” but we SPECIALISE in providing credit and obtaining approval for customers even if they have not so good credit status – even if you have no credit history or are looking for finance “non status”. We source ALL credit FAST!

Bad credit mortgages

We can provide cards – credit, debit, prepaid | bank accounts – basic, personal, business | loans – payday, logbook, unsecured | mortgages – remortgages, secured, loans | purchase finance – car loan or lease, plasma tv, ps3, mobile phones contract or payg and catalogue accounts. With Guaranteed Acceptance No Credit Checks! Plus we can provide free help and advice on IVAs and bankruptcy.

Bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgages

Launch of new credit site! Want the latest mobile phone, 3d led tv or gadget but don’t have the cash right now? Then try Buy On Finance The best place to get what you want when you want all available on finance whatever your status!

Great new mobile phone site with over 1/2 a million deals available you’re sure to find the right handset, contract and tariff combination – no matter what your status!

Mobile Phones On Finance

Guaranteed no credit check mobiles available, we don’t like the term “bad credit” but even if your credit is not so good we can find the best contract deals incl. the Apple iPhone 4s FREE on contract!

New For Bad Credit!

Launch of new site. Aimed at the bad or adverse credit market this site arranges the best loans, mortgages, credit cards, bank accounts, insurance, car loans mobile phones + more whatever your credit status.

CREDIT CARDS and LOANS for BAD CREDIT, bad credit mortgages.#Bad #credit #mortgages

Loans and Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Welcome! Since 2005, we have been dedicated to helping those with a bad credit rating rebuild their credit. We provide you with the knowledge and resources necessary for you to find the best loans and credit cards for bad credit, regardless if you have a poor credit score or past credit problems. We continously update our offers to bring you the best bad credit offers available.

If you are looking for the right offer to fit your financial needs or repair bad credit, please begin by choosing a category of offers below:

Compare the top 10 credit cards for those with bad credit and apply online instantly.

Compare auto lenders that approve people with a poor credit score.

Review the best services for debt relief and debt consolidation loans.

Need a cash loan to pay bills, take a vacation, or start a business? Apply now.

Compare options to repair your bad credit history and improve your rating.

Get a new home loan now at a great rate regardless of your past credit history.

Tips and Advice

► 5 Steps to Rebuilding Bad Credit

Bad credit mortgages

► Credit Crunch Shrinking Size of Personal Loans

Bad credit mortgages

► Inside the Brain of an Auto Lender

Bad credit mortgages

► Filing for Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13

Bad credit mortgages

► Which Type of Home Loan is Right for You?

Bad credit mortgages

► Too Much Debt? How to Break the Debt Cycle

Bad credit mortgages

Home Loans for Bad Credit, FHA Mortgages – Refinancing, GovHomeLoans, mortgages for bad credit.#Mortgages #for

mortgages for bad credit

Mortgages for bad credit

It takes less than 30 seconds to move toward homeownership. And it is free. Let us help you.

Home Loans For Bad Credit

Are you wondering how to buy a home with bad credit? Do you know how to acquire a bad credit home loan? Thanks to the fact that they are government insured, the FHA (Federal Housing Authority) and FHA backed Mortgages, allow people to get home loans with bad credit; so you buy the home you ve been wanting. These “Bad Credit Mortgages” are not as expensive as some other home loans, and their relaxed qualifications help people every day stop being renters and become homeowners.

Most people consider owning a home at one point or another in their lives, but do not know what it takes to do so. What houses can I afford? How much is it going to cost? Do I have enough down payment? Will a bank lend to me? Perhaps you have gotten past that part and actually have gone to a bank to find you are not eligible for a home loan, but were not told why, or do not understand why. Then you re left with even more questions. Do I have bad credit? Do bad credit home loans exist? How can I get home loans for bad credit or even how to buy a home with bad credit? What is my debt to income ratio? What do I need to qualify for an FHA bad credit mortgage loan?

At Government Home Loans, we have answers and resources for every step in the home loan process, focusing heavily on FHA loans due to the relaxed guidelines and their ability to help the first time home buyer. Our goal is to give you a timeline and a plan to get you access to home loan that is both a safe, and responsible loan that you can succeed in.

We have highly trained loan specialists available to you, and we are committed to sharing all of our resources to get you into your own home with an FHA Mortgage. Whether you are a first time home buyer and are looking for home loans for people with bad credit, or have owned before but have been recently turned down, our specialists as well as many online resources can provide you the tools you need to attain your goals. Things have changed a lot, you can buy a home with bad credit now. Talk to one of our bad credit mortgage lenders or find the information that may help you right here on the website.

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French Mortgages – Best rates – Paris – Alps – Riviera – Home – French

home mortgages

Home mortgages

Home mortgages

We are totally fluent in both French and English and offer mortgages to both foreign and french clients.

We have partnerships with banks in France, Monaco, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. We will also help you open a french bank account and find the best rates for your mortgage insurance. (compulsory with most lenders).

Whatever your project, we will be happy to help you !

Ask us to call you back by email.

Home mortgages

There are no redemption penalties on this product. We also offer a 20 year fixed rate mortgages from 2,05% .We can sometimes negotiate even better conditions especially if you are going to become a permanent resident in France.

The rates can sometimes depend on the type of property you are buying, your nationality and country of residence.

Home mortgages

Home mortgages

Mr Mrs M – Vice president Singapour bank – Bought a holiday home in Chamonix

Mr Mrs C – Project Manager – Qatar – Bought property in Chamonix – French Alps

Mr T – Director HP – London – Purchased holiday home in La Garde Freinet

Mr A – Director Mars – Buying Investment property Chamonix

When buying a property in France it is compulsary to insure your property. On completion the notaire will ask you for proof of the insurance cover. You will also require a french based Euro account. This is needed by for the mortgage payments and for the payment of different bills.

In 95% of case we don’t charge any brokerages fees as we are paid by the banks. If for any reason the bank we take you to doesn’t pay our fees we will advise you of this immediately. In france brokers have the obligation to sign a mandate with their clients even if their are no brokerages fees. It is clearly marked how much we are paid by the bank.

Home mortgages

Holiday let mortgages, Expert advice – guidance for your holiday home finance options, home mortgages.#Home

Holiday Let Mortgages

  • Home mortgages

    The UK’s leading broker for holiday let mortgages

  • Home mortgages
  • Get your FREE Holiday Let Mortgage e-guide

    • Professional and knowledgeable staff
    • Exclusive holiday let mortgage schemes
    • Independent Holiday Let Mortgage Specialist
    • Practical straightforward advice

    We have a ‘can do’ attitude to even the most complicated scenario.

    Please call us on 0800 840 3111 for a free initial discussion.

    We won’t bamboozle you with finance jargon but we will provide practical, straightforward mortgage advice to help you achieve your holiday home goals.

    Whether you need finance to purchase , remortgage , renovate or develop a property , we can help you with a range of innovative financial solutions.

    Home mortgages

    Understanding the tax liabilities (and breaks) that are typically associated with a holiday let property can help you calculate the profitability of your investment.

    Read our short guide here for more information …

    Home mortgages

    At Holiday Let Mortgages we like to try and help our customers understand exactly what we do by using real case studies to bring our work to life.

    Read on for some real stories of customers we have helped …

    Home mortgages

    We believe in plain speaking and try to avoid jargon at all costs. That said, sometimes we have to use it.

    Read our short Jargon Busting guide, helping you understand your BBR from Debenture, and your Mundic from LIBOR …

    Holiday Let Mortgages

    Check to see if your holiday let property will qualify as a Furnished Holiday Let (FHL) which has advantageous tax rules. If you think it will qualify, make sure your Accountant understands this.

    Ensure you have the right type of property insurance for your holiday let. A standard home policy will not be sufficient.

    Please contact us whether you have found a property or project that needs financing or you are just in the early stages of forming a plan.

    It’s often an advantage to discuss the financial side of a deal before everything has been agreed. So please call us on 0800 840 3111 and tell us your holiday let ideas.

    Home mortgagesYour home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any other debt secured on it. Broker fees may apply. Written details on request. All loans subject to status. Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate holiday let mortgages. Copyright Holiday Let Mortgages | All rights reserved | Holiday Let Mortgages is a trading style of Enhanced Wealth Limited and this website is owned and operated by Enhanced Wealth Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA Register No 207532

    Home mortgages

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    compare mortgages

    Please go to our commercial loans pages for all the information regarding commercial finance by clicking the button below.

    WARNING: The comparison rates for all home loans are based on secured credit of $250,000 and a term of 25 years. The calculation includes the interest rate, upfront fees, ongoing annual or monthly fees and discharge of mortgage fees. The comparison rate applies only to the example given. Different amounts and terms will result in different comparison rates. Costs such as redraw fees or early repayment fees and cost savings such as fee waivers are not included in the comparison rate but may influence the cost of the loan.

    Smart Search Finance is not making any suggestion or recommendation about a particular credit product from this website. You may be viewing a product that is unsuitable for your lending needs. It is highly advised that you speak to one of our qualified licenced advisors or the relevant financial institution to ensure that interest rates, product information and your financial needs are suitable to apply for that product.


    Click here to see the complete list at our mortgage comparison pages

    Compare mortgages Compare mortgages

    Compare mortgages Compare mortgages

    Compare mortgages Compare mortgages

    Compare mortgages Compare mortgages

    Compare mortgages Compare mortgages

    Compare mortgages Compare mortgages

    Compare mortgages Compare mortgages

    Compare mortgages Compare mortgages

    Compare mortgages Compare mortgages

    Compare mortgages Compare mortgages

    About us

    Smart Search Finance is an Australian mortgage comparison website that helps you find products best suited to your lending needs. We compare home loans, investment loans, Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) and commercial loans from a wide variety of lenders.

    With access to hundreds of lenders and their representatives offering more than 3,000 products. We have one of the most comprehensive listing of mortgage based loans on the Australian mortgage market.

    Compare mortgages


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    The Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter – tracking the housing finance breakdown, related to Alt-A and subprime

    Housing Economic Crisis News Picks

    • Square Cash is letting some users buy and sell Bitcoin – [2017-11-15]
    • Household debt rises by $116 billion as credit-card delinquencies pile up – [2017-11-15]
    • Richest 1% own over half the world’s wealth – [2017-11-15]
    • After periodic drops of 20 percent, bitcoin tends to come back even stronger – [2017-11-14]
    • Venezuela’s Bondholder Meeting Is a Bust as S P Declares Default – [2017-11-14]
    • Ray Dalio Buys $500 Million In Gold EFTs In Q3 – [2017-11-14]
    • Subprime Auto Delinquency Is Near Crisis Levels at Non-Bank Lenders – [2017-11-14]
    • How to Break Out of Our Long National Tax Nightmare – [2017-11-13]
    • The Cattiness Of Wells Fargo Executives Rivals The Ladies From Dynasty – [2017-11-13]
    • Debt swap problems pile up in China – [2017-11-12]

    Latest Posts from the ML Forum!

    Go to the forum!

    Imploded* Lenders™

    About The Implode-o-Meter was created in late 2006 to raise the alarm about the then-burgeoning implosion of the historically-epic housing and economic bubble. Started as a modest web page created by founder Aaron Krowne, this objective was achieved by, uniquely, tracking the in-progress implosion of independent mortgage lending companies then being ignored by a mainstream media in denial of even the existence of the housing bubble. At that time, you were more likely to hear a partyline of “housing always goes up” and juvenile jeers of “bubbles are for bathtubs” from TV’s talking heads, than of even slight concern about a clearly-overextended, already-frozen housing market.

    Operated as a broadly-open community forum, ML-Implode quickly took the lead in news about the mortgage implosion and subprime crisis, as industry professionals flocked to the site to share and find out the latest. The site even became, in part, a whistleblower platform, fighting (and winning) half a dozen lawsuits to defend the right of its contributors to post about corruption and malfeasance in financial companies, and be able to do so confidentially.

    Despite its initial incarnation being rendered insolvent by these frivolous legal attacks, ML-Implode continues today in a stripped-down, lean-and-mean embodiment, remaining dedicated to tracking the fallout of the 2007-2008 credit crisis. This mission includes keeping tabs on recession/depressionary conditions, the policy response to the economic downturn and continued financial instability, the Fed and other global central bank interventions (including “ZIRP” and quantitative easing), actions and reforms of the monetary authorities, market manipulation (official and private sector), all global geopolitical conflict with economic roots, the evolution of the banking and monetary system (including dollar-alternative “reserve currencies”, gold, silver, and bitcoin and other “virtual currencies”), the effect of the economic turmoil on society, basic themes of economic fairness and justice, and much more.

    We continue to doggedly watch all of these interconnected topic areas, daily picking the most important stories and commentaries, and bringing them together in a convenient and comprehensible form on this site. If you share our concerns, utilize one of the icons at the top of this page to “follow” us by twitter, RSS, email, and more.


    Subprime mortgages

    The financial crisis wasn – t caused by subprime lending, Fortune, subprime mortgages.#Subprime #mortgages

    The subprime mortgage crisis wasn’t about subprime mortgages

    In the years following the financial crisis, a cottage industry arose that tried to explain just what happened to the American economy and the financial system.

    Early on in the process, journalists zeroed in on one set of villains: subprime lenders and the supposedly irresponsible borrowers who were their customers. We were regaled with stories of mortgage lenders like Countrywide handing out loans that borrowers couldn t possibly repay, and then selling them on to investment banks, who packaged them into toxic bundles like Goldman Sachs infamous Abacus collateralized debt obligation.

    When these subprime borrowers began to default, so the narrative goes, the dominoes began to fall, eventually helping to send the entire mortgage market, U.S. financial system, and global economy into crisis.

    At the time, the press spent a lot of energy scrutinizing subprime borrowers and lenders, based on the fact that in the early days of the crisis, the rate and absolute number of subprime foreclosures were much higher than foreclosures in the prime market. It was around this time that CNBC s Rick Santelli gave his famous rant against talk of bailing out underwater homeowners that helped launch the Tea Party movement, calling the folks who were at risk of foreclosure losers.

    Furthermore, much of the reforms instituted since the financial crisis have centered around increasing scrutiny of mortgage lending, to make sure that these sorts of irresponsible loans aren t made again.

    But if journalism is the first-draft of history, then it s about time for a second draft. In a new working paper by Wharton economists Fernando Ferreira and Joseph Gyourko, the authors argue that the idea that subprime lending triggered the crisis is misguided. The paper looks at foreclosure data from 1997 through 2012 and finds that while foreclosure activity started first in the subprime market, the foreclosure activity in the prime market quickly outnumbered the number of subprime foreclosures.

    The following chart shows the total number of foreclosures and short sales per quarter in various classes of mortgages:

    While subprime borrowers default at a higher rate than prime borrowers, Fierra said in an interview with Fortune that the data shown above suggest that the foreclosure crisis would have happened even in the absence of such risky lending. People have this idea that subprime took over, but that s far from the truth, says Ferreira. The vast majority of mortgages in the U.S. were still given to prime borrowers, which means that the real estate bubble was a phenomenon fueled mostly by creditworthy borrowers buying and selling homes they simply thought wouldn t ever decrease in value.

    We can draw two conclusions from this data. One is that your chances of being foreclosed upon in the past decade was more a matter of timing than anything else. If you were a subprime borrower in, for instance 2002, who bought a bigger house than a more prudent and creditworthy borrower would have bought, chances are you would have been fine. But a prime borrower who did everything right—bought a house he could easily afford, with a large downpayment—but did so in 2006 would have had a higher chance of defaulting than the subprime borrower with better timing.

    Since whether you were hurt by the crisis had more to do with luck than anything else, Ferreira argues we should rethink whether doing more to help underwater homeowners would have been a good idea.

    The research also offers some sobering policy implications. Ferreira s data show that even with strict limits on borrowing—say, requiring every borrower to put 20% down in all circumstances—wouldn t have prevented the worst of the foreclosure crisis. It s really hard for certain regulations to stop the process [of a bubble forming], Ferreira says. I really wish my research had showed that it s all about putting down 20% and all problems are solved, but the reality is more complicated than that.

    Furthermore, we still don t have the tools to understand the cycles of real estate prices, or to recognize bubbles, in any asset class, before they form. So it would be a mistake to think that any regulatory reform will offer fool-proof protection against the next financial crisis.

    The booms that capitalism confers on us, it seems, will inevitably be followed by busts.