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Common Questions


Are you still appointing new agents?

Yes, SLB Insurance Group is currently appointing new agents.

What is required for an appointment with SLB Insurance Group?

All we require for an appointment is a completed agency agreement, producer profile, and a copy of your current E O policy declarations page.

Does SLB Insurance Group require any network or maintenance fees?

No, we do not require any startup or maintenance fees from our brokers.

Does my agency have binding authority?

No, only SLB Insurance Group has binding authority with the companies we represent.

Do you have a minimum premium or account size?

No, minimum premiums vary by class of business.

Do I need to be appointed to receive a quote?

No, we will quote business before the agency paperwork is completed.

What are the commissions for new business?

Please call our office for our current commission schedule.


What if I don’t receive my quote within 24 hours?

What if I have a question about a certain class or risk?

How long are SLB Insurance Group quotes valid?

Our quotes are valid for 30 days following the quote date. After that date, you will need to verify with our office if the quote is still valid.

Are all quotes binding offers?

No, quotes are always subject to, when requested, loss runs, MVR’s, supplemental applications, or financial information.


How do we bind an account?

The first step is a fax or email our office requesting the policy to be bound with an effective date. The fax or email must be followed up with the original signed accord forms and the down payment via mail.

What else is required to bind business?

All quotes are subject to company inspection, credit inspection, supplemental applications, and MVR’s where applicable.

Does my agency have binding authority?

No, only SLB Insurance Group has binding authority with the companies we represent. Coverage is not considered bound until confirmation from SLB Insurance Group is received.

How do we know if our account was bound?

When we receive your binder, we will issue a binder confirmation with the policy number and fax or email it to your office. If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours, please contact our office immediately.

What payment plans are offered for my insured?

Payment plans differ depending on quoting carrier. Please contact our office for more information.

Who should checks be made payable to?

All payment checks should be made payable to SLB Insurance Group or the insurance company the account was written with.

How is commission paid?

Agency Bill commissions are paid to our office net of your agency commission. Direct Bill commission is paid monthly by statement from our office.

In Force Business:

Are any multi-policy discounts available?

Yes, if you are interested in writing more than one class of business please ask about our multi-policy discount.

How do we request endorsements?

How can I check the billing status of an insured?

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Welcome to my Bass tutorial website. If you are new here, then please check out the ‘Lesson tree’. This is an order of practice, starting at beginners level, and slowly raising.

Also take time to check out all the other free Bass lessons and content that is on this site! – Kris


I’ve sampled many online bass lessons over the past year or so. Paid a lot of money but didn’t learn much. But your lessons are a breath of fresh air. Most sites and teachers are dull, over complicated and in some cases-self-important. You have managed to simplify the jargon, to a point where literally anyone can understand and have fun when learning this instrument. But also, behind that laid back, almost jokey exterior is one hell of creative and innovative bass player. In a way it’s a shame that you don’t flaunt and show yourself off like many famous musicians, because if you did, you’d be one of the best. You’re an inspiration. Thankyou for everything, and god bless you – Tom, USA.

Welcome to Dmans’ Bass blog, and video log! Learning Bass guitar made fun, simple, and easy! Slapping, popping, tapping, beginners Bass songs, beginners riffs, Bass guitar tips, Bass chords, Bass finger picking, plus many other Bass lessons are covered on this site!

Hundreds of Thousands have learnt from me online, and many have gone onto becoming succesfull bass players in their bands, since I started doing these lessons in 2007. My online students often remark on how I keep things simple, and connect with them as people. That was always my main aim. To connect, which is what so many other online teachers fail to do. I hope you take something positive out of these lessons, and go onto to becoming a great Bass player!

The first port of call on your Bass journey should be the “Lesson tree”. There, you will find a list of lessons that start off easy, and slowly progress.

As hundreds will tell you: If you do those lessons one by one, you will be well on your to becoming a great Bass player, like many of them have done. Take it seriously, and go one by one!


My Top ten Bass lines!

Who is this Kris Rodgers guy, anyway?



DR Neon Green strings review

PlanetWaves Micro Tuner

ZOOM B3 Effects

SpectorCore Piezo

Roland Cube 30 Amp

Cort Artisan B4

Korg Pandora PX5D Effects

Westfield Acoustic Bass

Popular Bands Lessons:


This site is copyright of Kris Rodgers 2016

Dental Insurance and Dental Plans – No Waiting Periods #all #lines #insurance #spokane


Dental Insurance Dental Savings Plans for Individuals and Family’s

Dental Savings Plans – These three plans can be used immediately and provide savings on procedures, including cleanings, fillings, root canals, crowns, braces and more. There are No limits on plan usage, No waiting for any dental procedures or age limits. These plans are great options if you need to see your dentist immediately for a preventative, basic or major service. The savings are significant and the plans are very easy to use. Simply use a participating dentist, discounts are applied to your bill and you pay the remainder to the dental office. All three plans are the same affordable price. The dental discount plans are available in all states EXCEPT: UT, VT, WA.

Careington Dental Plans Starting at $9.95 Per Month or $99.00 Per Year

  • No Waiting for dental procedures or Usage Limits. Use the Careington dental plans immediately
  • Offering both Careington 500 Series and Careington POS Series plans
  • Includes EyeMed Vision Discount Plan, Online Fee Schedules showing procedure costs

Dental Access Plan Starting at $9.95 Per Month or $99.00 Per Year

  • No Waiting – Use immediately for nearly all dental services. No usage limits or age limits
  • Utilizing the Aetna Dental Access Network with Over 158,000 Dental Practice Locations Nationwide
  • Includes Dental Access plan and EyeMed Vision at no additional cost

DentalPlus Savings Plan Starting at $9.95 Per Month or $99.00 Per Year

  • No Waiting – Use immediately for most dental services. Use as often as needed
  • Powered By the DenteMax discount network
  • Includes Dental and EyeMed Vision Discount Plans

Dental Insurance Plans – Many plan options to choose from. Enjoy the freedom of using your own dentist or realize additional savings by using a PPO network provider. Plan options with No waiting periods. greater annual maximums and next day coverage available. The insured plans pay a percentage for each procedure. Most plans have no age limits. The plans below are Not available in MA, NJ, NY or VT

AlwaysCare Dental Insurance by Starmount Life Insurance Company

  • No Waiting Periods for Preventative or Basic Services – Use any Dentist or PPO Provider
  • Up to Nine dental options including PPO Network Options with 270,000+ Provider access points
  • Vision Insurance available with most plans, No Application fees
  • AlwaysCare plans available in all states EXCEPT: ME, MD, MA, NJ, NY, PA, VT, VA

Spirit Dental Insurance No Waiting Period Dental Coverage

  • No Waiting Periods for Preventative, Basic or Major Services – Use any Dentist or PPO Provider
  • Annual Maximums increase each year from $1200 to $3500 per Person – Includes three cleanings per calendar year
  • Major Services Paid 50% in CT and IL Starting Day One. All other states are paid up to 50% Year two
  • Plans available in all states EXCEPT: FL, MD, MA, NJ, NY, VT, WA

Dental Insurance by IHC Health Solutions

  • Use Any Dentist – 3 Plan Designs – No Waiting Period – Becomes Effective the 1st of Next Month
  • Orthodontics / Braces Discount Program Available – Options with Preventative Covered at 100%
  • Affordable plan options starting at: $14.95 Per Month with 3 plan designs to choose from
  • Plans available in all states EXCEPT: MD, MA, NJ, NY, VT

Dental Insurance by UnitedHealthcare

  • Choose from over 181,000 dentist in the UnitedHealthcare Networks
  • Benefits for Preventative, Basic Major services – Optional Vision Insurance Benefits
  • No age limit requirements – Even those with Medicare can apply
  • Available in all states EXCEPT: MA, ME, MT, NY, NJ, RI, VT, VA

Dental plans 1 thru 3 (Careington Dental. Dental Access Plans which utilizes the Aetna Dental Access Network ) and the DenteMax Dental Plan are NOT Insurance, they are reduced fee / discount programs. With a reduced fee program, your bill is discounted according to the procedure schedule. You would then pay the remainder of the bill directly to the dentist office. The Careington 500 discounts are 20%-60% on most procedures. The Careington POS discounts are 20% – 50% on most procedures. The Dental Access dental discount plan utilizing the Aetna Dental Access network discounts are 15% – 50% on most procedures. The DentalPlus dental discount plan utilizing the DenteMax network discounts are 20-50% on most procedures. A dental discount plan has absolutely no waiting for services which means you can use it immediately for major services such as crowns and root canals. They are a very affordable plan option. The discount plans can only be used at participating dentists.

Plans 4, 5, 6 and 7 are insured plans for individuals and families which allow you to use any dentist or utilize a PPO dental network option for additional savings. We also offer affordable senior dental insurance plans.

Call us Today at 1-800-544-9505 to see how we can help you with your dental needs.

About Us

Long Term Consumer Care, Inc. is an insurance agency and brokerage firm. Licensed nationwide, LTCC operates electronic consumer insurance information services nationwide and worldwide. Catering to the needs of self-directed insurance shoppers, we own and operate several insurance related properties. Our sites provide an array of comparative health insurance, short term health insurance, dental, travel insurance quotes and dental discount plans, combined with insurance information and decision-making tools. We provide instant quotes from top rated insurance companies for multiple product lines and allows a user to purchase insurance directly from the company of their choice – always at the lowest price.

Dental Insurance

Dental Discount Plans

The Drain King: Drain Cleaning – Plumbing Stratford, CT #the #drain #king, #stratford #toilet, #sink


Clogged Drain? Call The Drain Cleaning Experts Serving The Stratford Area

If you re looking for a skilled and reliable plumber, you ll find the quality service you need from The Drain King Plumber-Rooter. We offer service 7 days a week, and we can handle emergencies 24 hours a day. Our commitment to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction is unmatched, and our Stratford Plumbers always go the extra mile to make sure that you are happy with the work we do for you.

At The Drain King. we take customer satisfaction seriously, and it shows in every job that we do. Whether you need a simple repair to your sink or your entire pipe system replaced, we have the experience and the expertise to do the job right. And we keep our fees competitive, because we don t believe that quality service has to come at inflated prices, even if we re doing an emergency repair for you on the weekend or in the middle of the night.

No Job is too big or too small for The Drain King … Call Today!

Drain Cleaning Services in the Stratford Area

A clogged drain can be very annoying, but The Drain King has the solution. First, our professional Stratford drain cleaning contractors will open the line and review the problem at hand. Then he will use our company process to thoroughly clean any clogs that are there.

From problems as simple as when your child has flushed his favorite toy down the toilet to a more difficult sewer backup we ve got the equipment and the trained technicians on the job to get things flowing for you quickly and efficiently. Bathroom sink, bathtub, kitchen sink, main sewer, etc. we can take care of all of it for you as quickly as possible.

Our Plumbing, Sewer Drain Cleaning Services

  • Toilet, sink and tub repair or replacement
  • Faucet repair or replacement
  • Garbage disposals
  • Sump pumps/sewerage ejectors
  • Frozen pipes
  • Leaks
  • Appliance hook-ups
  • Video Pipe Inspection
  • Kitchen drains
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Shower/tub drains
  • Winterizations
  • De-Winterizations
  • Verifying and locating breaks
  • Toilets
  • Sinks
  • Root removal specialists
  • Preventative maintenance programs

Recent Articles

Your residential plumbing system is perhaps the most important utility in promoting the quality of life of your Stratford family. Your family relies on its plumbing system for its most important everyday tasks and needs. It is hard to imagine a day in which your family could go without a fully-operational, reliable, and efficient plumbing.

Plumbing is a professional trade and it is vital that your Bridgeport plumber has the correct tools of the plumbing trade to be able to do a variety of different jobs, from plumbing installations to maintenance work. Ideally they should use tools that are manufactured specifically for the trade. When assembling aplumbing tool kit, plumbers will consider all their needs from spades and.

If you are looking for a Stratford drain cleaning company, then please call 203-997-3305 or complete our online request form .

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  • How to Get a Small Business Line of Credit #business #line #of #credit, #small #business


    If you’ve had trouble getting a small business loan or other types of bank credit or financing for your business or startup, here’s something that might work: Apply for an unsecured small business line of credit.

    Start small – basically with whatever size line a lender is willing to provide. The important thing is to get a foot into the bank financing door. Even if the credit line is small, put it to immediate use and pay it off diligently and always on time.

    Once you’ve established a track record, you can seek to expand the credit line in small steps. Many major banks that serve small business offer unsecured business credit lines of $5,000 to $100,000 for firms that have been around at least 2 years.

    These include well known commercial banks such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, US Bank, Chase and Key Bank, as well as community banks, credit unions, online banks and some you might not have thought of such as American Express Bank, Capital One Bank, Discover Bank and Advanta Bank.

    A Flexible Financial Tool

    A business credit line is a flexible financial tool that can help you grow if you use it right. And even if you don’t have an immediate need for credit, it’s handy to have in your hip pocket if business conditions change. Establishing the revolving credit line is cheap, you only pay interest on what you borrow and you can use the line for almost anything.

    Six things a credit line can be used for:

    1. Remodel, expand or upgrade your store, offices or other facilities.
    2. Buy new computers, servers, office technology or other equipment.
    3. Purchase extra inventory for upcoming promotions or seasonal spikes.
    4. Launch a new online marketing campaign.
    5. Create a new product prototype, pursue a promising business opportunity.
    6. Cover unexpected expenses.

    Banks are still a good place to look for credit lines. Sure, bankers are being more tight-fisted these days, but they do have money to lend – especially for established businesses – and credit lines are one way they are doing it. Wells Fargo, for example, offers small business credit lines up to $100,000 that you can apply for online, even if you re not a current customer.

    Credit lines are also appealing because of their low costs. Interest rates will vary with prevailing market rates, but many lenders allow you to tap the line – via paper check, online, check card or other method – for no fee. However, you can expect to pay a modest fee to open the account once you’ve been approved. Wells Fargo, for example, charges $150 for lines under $25,000 and $250 for larger lines. Any annual fee is often waived for the first year, and may run $100-$150 annually thereafter.

    Ask about interest rate protection

    You should also ask if the lender offers some kind of interest rate protection or lock-in feature to protect you against rising rates in the future. Some lenders will let you lock in an interest rate on your business line of credit for a year.

    Beware of using a credit line for cash advances however, as many banks charge a cash advance fee that can run 3% or more (on top of any interest you d pay).

    How to apply for a Business line of Credit

    To obtain a credit line, you will probably need to supply some financial information about your business as well as yourself, so be prepared with income and other statements or tax returns.

    Sources of small business credit lines are numerous. To find the perfect fit and absolute best terms, you should plan to comparison shop among several lenders.

    Some banks also offer unsecured revolving lines of credit backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). The SBA’s CAPLines program helps business owners meet short-term and working capital needs and can be a great option for newer businesses less than four years old.

    Different types of CAPLines

    1. Seasonal Line. Loan proceeds can only be used to finance seasonal increases of accounts receivable and inventory (or in some cases associated increased labor costs), but can be revolving or non-revolving.
    2. Contract Line. This line finances the direct labor and material cost associated with performing an assignable contract and can be revolving or non-revolving.
    3. Builders Line. If you are a small general contractor or builder constructing or renovating commercial or residential buildings, this can finance direct labor and material costs. The building project serves as the collateral and loans can be revolving or non-revolving.
    4. Standard Asset-Based Line. This is an asset-based revolving line of credit for businesses unable to meet credit standards associated with long-term credit. It provides financing for cyclical growth, recurring and/or short-term needs. Repayment comes from converting short-term assets into cash, which is used to pay back the lender. Your business can continually draw from this line of credit, based on existing assets. This line is generally used by businesses that provide credit to other businesses.
    5. Small Asset-Based Line. This is an asset-based revolving line of credit of up to $200,000. It operates like a standard asset-based line except that some of the stricter servicing requirements are waived, as long as your business can show repayment ability from cash flow for the full amount.

    4 Credit Line Tips and Warnings

    • Avoid carrying a constant balance on your credit line. Periodically paying down the debt completely will keep the credit in place and your lender happy.
    • One key factor in obtaining a credit line will be your business cash flow.
    • If your business doesn’t quality for a standard credit line, ask for an asset-based line.
    • Remember, the best time to set up a business line of credit is before your business actually needs it.

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    About the Author. Daniel Kehrer, Founder and Chief Content Officer of BizBest Media, is a senior-level leader in digital media, content development and online marketing with special expertise in startups, SMB, social media and generating traffic, engagement and leads. He holds an MBA from UCLA/Anderson and is a passionate entrepreneur (started 4 businesses), syndicated columnist, blogger, thought leader and author of 7 business and financial books.

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    Alcohol Rehab – Drug Detox – Treatment Centres #addiction #help #lines


    Welcome to Addiction Helper.

    A treatment service for people with addictions, created by people in recovery.

    Do you, a friend, a family member or a work colleague have an addiction problem? Are you looking for professional help and don’t know where to start? We’re glad you found us. We’re here to provide the best treatment options for a whole spectrum of addictions including alcohol and drug abuse, gambling and eating disorders. We work with a fully qualified team of addiction treatment counsellors, interventionists and healthcare professionals across private rehab and all rehabs in the UK.

    Addiction Helper has access to the largest selection of addiction rehab and detox clinics in the UK and worldwide. We also provide bespoke services such as home detox, individualised counselling programs and aftercare treatment.

    Addiction Helper is not just about getting you help quickly. It’s about getting the right sort of help for your circumstances. It’s about providing continued support for you and those around you during and after your treatment. We provide on going support for the family and loved ones whilst either the family member or friend is in a drug and alcohol rehab centre.

    We understand how difficult the road to addiction recovery is. After all, we’ve been there ourselves. We have the experience and expertise to give you the advice you need, to get you the treatment you need to set you on the path to a healthy recovery.

    Find A Treatment Centre Near You

    At this point, there are a number of options open to you depending on your location and circumstances. To find out about treatment centres near you, simply type your post code or town into the box entitled Find Treatment In Your Area .

    Alternatively, you can call us for free, using the phone number at the top of the page. You can also submit a callback request or text HELP to 66777 for an immediate response. We specialise in finding the right alcohol rehab. drug rehab. detox clinic plus all other treatment options depending on your addiction and circumstances.

    Finding A Rehab Clinic Abroad

    Many people like the idea of getting away from it all and having space and distance to recover. Often, traveling a bit further afield can allow people to concentrate on their recovery and forget about other commitments and aspects of home or domestic life while they get treatment. We have the largest network of world-wide rehabs available for our UK clients, and often rehab abroad can work out cheaper for medium and long-term rehab treatment .

    The Addiction Helper Promise

    At Addiction Helper, we are passionate about saving lives, we promise to:

    • Provide free and confidential advice 24hrs a day, 7 days a week
    • Find you the right addiction rehab according to your specific needs
    • Arrange everything from sober transport & admission to aftercare
    • Support you, your family and loved ones during your journey to sobriety
    • Provide 1yr free aftercare to further strengthen your new life

    Let us help you free yourself or a loved one from addiction – Call us now!

    All our Rehabs are

    mortgage finance

    #Bank-Union Red Lines Drawn Around Danish Mortgage Finance System – Bloomberg Business

    Denmark is ready to stay outside Europe’s bank union as long as it takes to fight for a broad range of concessions for its $450 billion mortgage finance system.

    Though the government in Copenhagen said last week membership probably would be “advantageous,” the list of conditions remains long. Business Minister Henrik Sass Larsen says there’s “no expiration date” for Denmark to decide whether it will join.

    The make-or-break hurdle is whether Brussels can give assurances that the Danish “mortgage system can continue to operate more or less the same way it does today,” Sass Larsen said in an interview on Tuesday.

    It’s not the first time Denmark has taken on powers much larger than itself in order to defend its AAA-rated mortgage finance system — the world’s biggest per capita. Denmark fought, and won, against a Basel III rule that would have forced its banks to reduce their holdings of mortgage bonds based on a proposed measure of liquidity.

    At Danske Bank A/S, Denmark’s biggest lender and the owner of its second-largest mortgage finance institution, Realkredit Danmark A/S, the perception is that failure to accommodate the country’s home-loan model would be a “deal breaker.”

    ECB’s Role

    But given that Denmark is in line to become the first non-euro country to join, Europe will probably “make the necessary adjustments that are needed to make sure” Danish interests are protected, Danske Chief Executive Officer Thomas Borgen said in an interview.

    Danish mortgage institutions operate under different licenses than regular banks. They don’t take deposits, but each loan is backed by a bond issued according to strict terms, such as loan-to-value limits and over-collateralization requirements.

    In an April 30 report, the Business Ministry said “it can’t be ruled out that, on the back of the European Central Bank’s review, it could be necessary to adjust” the way Denmark’s mortgage industry operates.

    More specifically, Denmark is concerned the ECB may adjust requirements for mortgage banks’ liquidity buffers. It’s also unclear which assets the ECB would treat as bail-in-able if a mortgage bank is resolved. Denmark’s regulator has proposed a 2 percent buffer to guard against the risk of bankruptcy and wants assurances the ECB won’t fiddle with that number.

    Denmark says its membership depends on the ECB’s supervisory process “not differing significantly from” that adopted by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

    Political Clout?

    Denmark’s central bank has repeatedly warned that staying outside the union may force it to raise capital requirements to the same level as those imposed on banks in the U.K. and Sweden. It also argues that late membership would deprive Denmark of political clout.

    The European Union agreed in 2012 to create the union, which will also have a single supervisor and resolution process, after the sovereign debt crisis highlighted the dangerous link between banks and public finances. Non-euro member states may elect to join. The ECB assumed supervisory responsibilities of the union in November.

    “Mortgage financing is responsible for 60 percent of all lending in Denmark, so it’s vital for us” that the country’s demands be heard in Brussels, Sass Larsen said. “We have no reason to believe we won’t succeed in achieving that. We just haven’t been able to get a clear answer yet. Before we enter we need to have certainty.”