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Mortgage jobs

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Mortgage jobs

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Mortgage jobs

Mortgage jobs


It’s listed first for a reason! We know how important underwriting is for your business. From speaking directly with underwriters to quick turn times, our staff gets your loans to closing on time. Period.

Mortgage jobs

Mortgage jobs

Common Sense

Marketing should be done by marketers not by putting the burden on your shoulders. And why do marketing that ultimately doesn’t close more loans? Our team gives you quality marketing that works.

Mortgage jobs

Mortgage jobs


Let’s just say this — our Branch Managers are highly compensated while maintaining competitive interest rates for their borrowers. Are you ready to increase your earnings without increasing your workload?

Mortgage jobs

Mortgage jobs

Loan Programs

The more loan programs you have, the more loans you can close and the more referral partners that will want to work with you. That is why we have one of the most diverse product offerings in the industry.

Mortgage jobs

What are Branch Managers

Mortgage jobsI have been with Southwest Funding since 2008 and I can honestly say they are a great company to work for. Having support staff that really listens and helps you get your loans closed in the fastest amount of time is very important today. That efficiency can be the difference between closing a loan and not. One of my favorite things about

Mortgage jobsSouthwest Funding has allowed me to give dreams to people who were either turned down or not given a chance at the dream of owning a home. Through our corporate support and resources we have been able to not only give a person a second chance, but give a sense of friendship and respect because we did not just turn our back on them

Mortgage jobsI have been a Branch Manager with Southwest Funding since 2003. During this time I have seen continual growth, product expansion, improved processes and excellent branch support. Southwest has been in front of the mountainous changes our industry has been through for compliance, origination and compensation

Mortgage Underwriter Career Info and Education Requirements, mortgage underwriter jobs.#Mortgage #underwriter #jobs

Mortgage Underwriter Career Info and Education Requirements

Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a mortgage underwriter. Get a quick view of the requirements as well as details about schooling and job duties to find out if this is the career for you.

Mortgage underwriters are a type of loan officer responsible for evaluating creditworthiness. Licensing, a bachelor’s degree and related experience are often required.

Essential Information

A mortgage underwriter is a finance professional who determines if a home buyer qualifies for a loan from a bank or another financial institution. Some job duties include checking an applicant’s credit history, verifying supporting documents and ensuring that the applicant’s information is accurate. Mortgage underwriters often begin their education with a bachelor’s degree in business, finance or a related area, but other means of advancement are available. Some professionals without formal education advance to the position from an entry-level job in loan processing, while others earn certification or complete on-the-job training to become prepared for the career.

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Information for Mortgage Underwriters

Mortgage underwriters give the final approval for prospective home owners to obtain a home loan. There are several factors that a mortgage underwriter must consider before granting approval, such as the buyers credit history, credit score and income, as well as the balance of the loan and down payment. A mortgage underwriter also verifies loan applications and supporting documents, including pay stubs and bank statements. If a mortgage underwriter does not have the correct documents or discovers something is missing, he or she is responsible for contacting the buyer for the correct information.

Mortgage underwriters work at various financial establishments, including banks, credit unions and mortgage companies. Depending on the market and the financial institution he or she works for, a mortgage underwriter may be required to have knowledge of alternative loan options, such as FHA loans.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Banking Related Services
  • Credit Management
  • Financial Mgmt Services
  • Financial Planning Services
  • International Finance
  • Investments and Securities
  • Public Finance Mgmt

Education and Training Requirements

Although some individuals may begin a career as a mortgage underwriter without a formal education, many companies prefer to hire individuals with a 4-year degree. Business, finance or management majors are good choices for a career as a mortgage underwriter. Accounting skills are often transferable to mortgage underwriting from other areas as well.


Education programs for a mortgage underwriter cover topics in business, finance and math. Typical coursework for a mortgage underwriter might include the following:

  • Information systems
  • Finance and accounting fundamentals
  • Accounting management
  • Business law
  • Statistics
  • Accounting
  • Market and economic research
  • Business management strategies

Training Requirements

An individual who does not have a degree can work toward a position as a mortgage underwriter by starting out as a loan processor or junior underwriter with a bank or loan company. Earning an underwriting certification is another way to start a career as a mortgage underwriter. Once hired, a company often sends new mortgage underwriters through a training session to become familiar with the processes and procedures at that company.

Mortgage underwriters determine whether applicants qualify for loans. Job requirements often include licensing, a bachelor’s degree and related experience. Once hired, mortgage underwriters receive on-the-job training.

Mortgage Lending Criteria – Platform Home Loans, mortgage underwriter jobs.#Mortgage #underwriter #jobs

Platform Home Loans

Mortgage is Portable

This mortgage is portable which means that if you move house you can transfer your mortgage to another property, subject to terms and conditions which are available on request and will be contained in any mortgage offer.

If BBR falls below 0.50% the initial/reversionary rate will be charged at 0.50% + product rate loading.

Interest only will no longer be available on non-advised residential mortgages.

ONLINE SUBMISSION ONLY – applications must be submitted to Platform online via their click system. You can track all of your Platform applications online using clicktrack – new application tracking system.

Applications where the applicant wishes to retain an existing mortgage/s on the former marital home, rent out the property, or owns a 2nd home will be considered. Please refer to Lender.

– Audit valuations no longer required on family purchases

– Audit valuation no longer required on purchases at undervalue

– Restricted to 75% LTV

– Only accepted on family purchase (no longer accepted on bulk purchases or corporate landlord purchases

You will get the benefit of any overpayment as soon as the funds have cleared. Any overpayments will reduce the outstanding balance, once the funds have cleared, and therefore the amount on which interest is calculated.

If we agree additional borrowing, it will be charged at the interest rate applicable at the time.


Capital Rest Period : Daily

Repayment Types

Endowment 75% LTV

Interest only (no RV) No

With Profits 75% LTV

Unit Linked 75% LTV

Split Repayment No

Arrangement : varies Can be Added

upto Ј75,000 – Ј105

upto Ј100,000 – Ј115

upto Ј150,000 – Ј135

upto Ј200,000 – Ј165

upto Ј250,000 – Ј200

upto Ј300,000 – Ј225

upto Ј350,000 – Ј255

upto Ј400,000 – Ј295

upto Ј500,000 – Ј355

upto Ј600,000 – Ј420

upto Ј700,000 – Ј490

upto Ј800,000 – Ј540

upto Ј900,000 – Ј600

upto Ј1,000,000 – Ј670

upto Ј1,500,000 – Ј970

upto Ј100,000 – Ј220

upto Ј150,000 – Ј230

upto Ј200,000 – Ј235

upto Ј250,000 – Ј250

upto Ј300,000 – Ј300

upto Ј500,000 – Ј370

upto Ј600,000 – Ј405

upto Ј700,000 – Ј435

upto Ј800,000 – Ј485

upto Ј900,000 – Ј525

upto Ј1,000,000 – Ј555


Lenders Conveyancing Fee – Ј300.00 Payable on completion. Legal costs for work carried out to fulfil mortgage conditions, payable to conveyancer/solicitor. The final bill may be higher. (Payable when any work completed, estimate)

Insurance Admin – Ј30.00 Added to loan.

Telegraphic Transfer – Ј15.00 Payable on completion.

Redemption Admin Fee – Ј125.00 Payable on redemption. Please note that an increased fee of Ј225 may be payable in Northern Ireland and Ј260 in Scotland.

Title Management Fee – Ј50.00 Payable on redemption. For validating the registration of your title, retrieving and distribution of your title deeds and continuous management of title issues.

Administration Fee – Ј89.00 Payable upfront.

Acceptable Property Types

Freehold Flat No

Purpose Built Flat Yes

Converted Flat Yes

Flat Over Shop Yes

Studio Flat Yes

Flying Freehold Yes

Timber Framed Yes

Agricultural Tie No

Flat Over 4 Storeys Refer

Listed Building Refer

Not Accepted

New Build – Please refer to lender. Minimum property valuation – Ј50,000


Bank Statements No

At Least 3 Months Pay Slips Yes

Proof Of Residency Yes

Life Policy To Be Assigned No

Previous Lender References Yes

Min Loan Ј25,001

Max Loan Ј500,000

Max Portfolio of BTL Loans Ј1,000,000

Min Age 18 years

Max Age 70 years

Min Term 5 years

Max Term 40 years

Maximum of two applicants.

Employed applicants, 6 months employment history required no breaks in employment.

Contract workers, 12 months (same occupation).

Employer must confirm employment is permanent and not under notice of termination or redundancy

Employment reference covering last 6 months from current/previous employers or latest computerised P60 and latest 2 payslips or last 2 computerised payslips provided these show a gross figure to date covering 6 months or 3 months Bank statements showing salary credits

Last 2 years certified accounts or accountants certificate with 2 years figures or latest 2 years SA302 HMRC confirming Net profits


The lender reserves the right to carry out an audit on individual Applications.

financial association of adverse history

Foreign Citizens are accepted but all applicants must be UK or EU nationals. Applications can be accepted for non-UK/EU nationals provided they have been resident in the UK for the last 12 months and they have the permanent right to reside in the UK. This applies to all applicants regardless of their marital status.

Refer to Platform for full list of acceptable ID

SA302 notice acceptable as proof of residency

SA302 notice from HMRC acceptable as proof of income and verification document

Letter from Inland Revenue confirming start of self-employment acceptable

CIS certificate and card not acceptable as proof of self-employment or list 1 ID.

If buildings insurance is not taken through our agreement with Legal General, then a Building Insurance Administration fee of Ј30 will be payable this can be added to loan.

Foreign Citizens Accepted

Ex-Patriates Not Accepted

Income Multipliers

Based on Income 0

4.25 + 1 or 3.75 joint

Min months in continuous service 6

Min no. of years accounts 3

Average years taken to calculate income 1

Will consider declining profit Refer

Lending based on affordability – please refer to Platforms website www.platform.co.uk for affordability calculator and policy manual

Basic Income – Add 100% to income before multiply

Acceptable Incomes

Occupational pension income (not accept state pension) – Only available on a full status basis.

Rental Income (Must be the residual amount once any mortgage commitment has been taken off).

Hire Purchase Taken into account

Personal Loans Taken into account

Overdraft NOT Taken into account

Credit/Store Cards Taken into account

Child Maintenance Taken into account

Child Education Taken into account

Other Income – Guaranteed Add 100% to income before multiply

Other Income – Regular Add 100% to income before multiply

Other Income – Irregular Add 100% to income before multiply

Investment Income No

Mortgage Subsidy Add 100% to income before multiply

Large Town Allowance Add 100% to income before multiply

Maintenance Payments Add 100% to income before multiply

Non Contributory Pension Refer to Lender

Car Allowance Add 100% to income before multiply

Adverse Credit

1) There must be no Defaultss in the last 36 months. This condition does not incur any rate loading.

Arrears : Not accepted.

Bankruptcy/IVAs : Bankruptcy/IVA not accepted.

Repossessions : Not accepted.

Mortgages Direct is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or other loan secured on it.

Careers, MBABC, mortgage jobs.#Mortgage #jobs

mortgage jobs

Mortgage jobs

Mortgage jobs

Individual Membership

Corporate Membership

Health & Benefits Program

Errors and Omission

Careers in the Mortgage Industry


Member Benefits

Disclosure & News

Mortgage Protection Insurance

Mortgage jobs

Mortgage jobs

Mortgage jobs

Mortgage jobs


Your Career as a Mortgage Broker

To become registered as a mortgage broker, interested individuals must meet prescribed educational requirements. The Sauder School of Business Real Estate Division at the University of British Columbia provides a course offered through distance learning. For more information, please call 604-822-8444 or visit www.realestate.ubc.ca for the Mortgage Brokerage Licensing Program details.

The CMBA-BC also offers a practical course the Canadian Mortgage Brokers Course which provides participants with information currently not part of the UBC mortgage brokers’ course curriculum. This course is not mandatory. It is designed for new or soon-to-be mortgage brokers and will also be very helpful for people in related industries. It provides a clear picture of the processes involved in seeking and obtaining approval of mortgage financing. Please visit our Events Centre for more information on the CMBA-BC course.

Applicants must either complete or challenge the UBC course and then must register with the Financial Institutions Commission (FICOM). FICOM is the government body that regulates mortgage brokers and can be reached at 604-660-3555.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a license to be a mortgage broker?

A. Yes, you must register and obtain a license from FICOM prior to working as a mortgage broker. It is an offence to carry on the business of a mortgage broker in British Columbia without proper registration and licensing. Please refer to paragraphs above for details on educational requirements.

Q. What is the average income for a mortgage broker?

A. Mortgage Brokers are compensated on a commission basis so incomes vary widely from one individual to another. A successful mortgage broker will earn an income similar to other successful sales professionals.

Q. Can I work part time as a mortgage broker while keeping my current job?

A. While there is no regulation prohibiting this, most companies do not hire part time brokers. It is a challenging career that requires a high level of effort, knowledge and attention to detail. Most employers find that part time brokers are not able to devote the time and energy required to properly serve their clients’ needs in a professional manner.

Q. What skills are required to succeed as a mortgage broker?

A. Many different personalities can be successful but there some common skills and traits that most brokers have. Mortgage Brokers must be fluent in reading, writing and conversing in English. They require knowledge of mathematics to at least the high school level. Integrity is crucial when dealing with clients, financial institutions and other professionals in the real estate industry. Strong interpersonal and stress management skills help brokers deal with clients who are looking for calm guidance and timely answers about an important financial transaction.

Q. Where will I get business as a mortgage broker?

A. A mortgage broker is generally a sales position and requires prospecting for clients. Most new mortgage brokers spend a great deal of time early in their career building a referral network of realtors, accountants, lawyers and other professionals who trust and refer clients to the broker. Over time successful brokers also build a large base of satisfied clients who refer friends and associates to the mortgage broker based on their own positive experience. Some mortgage brokers find advertising successful and some employers provide leads to new brokers.

Q. What are the sequence of events in obtaining my license and entering the industry?

A. The provincial regulator requires course completion through the Sauder School of Business. This course can be taken over the period of one year, with written exams at completion. Once you have passed your exams, you will need to find an employer, preferrably with an MBABC corporate member. (All graduates are required to work for an existing designated company for a minimum of two (2) years before independent office opportunities.) Once employed, you must submit your registration to FICOM for your license. Then it is time to Become A Member of CMBA-BC and start attending our educational and networking events. Let us help you launch your career!

Company Overview, Two Harbors Investment Corp, mortgage jobs.#Mortgage #jobs

Two Harbors Investment Corp.

Company Overview

Mortgage jobsMortgage jobs

Two Harbors Investment Corp. is a Maryland corporation focused on investing, financing and managing residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) and related investments.

Our objective is to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns to our stockholders over the long term, primarily through dividends and secondarily through capital appreciation. We selectively acquire and manage an investment portfolio of our target assets, which is constructed to generate attractive returns through market cycles. We focus on security selection and implement a relative value investment approach across various sectors within the mortgage market. Our target assets include the following:

  • Agency RMBS (which includes inverse interest-only Agency securities classified as Agency Derivatives for purposes of U.S. GAAP), meaning RMBS whose principal and interest payments are guaranteed by the Government National Mortgage Association (or Ginnie Mae), the Federal National Mortgage Association (or Fannie Mae), or the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (or Freddie Mac);
  • Non-Agency RMBS, meaning RMBS that are not issued or guaranteed by Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac;
  • mortgage servicing rights (MSR); and
  • Other financial assets comprising approximately 5% to 10% of the portfolio.

We have elected to be taxed as a real estate investment trust (REIT) for U.S. federal income tax purposes, which requires that we distribute at least 90% of our REIT income to our stockholders on an annual basis.

Mortgage jobsMortgage jobs

Mortgage jobs

Mortgage Jobs – Mortgage Recruitment, Pure Resourcing, mortgage jobs.#Mortgage #jobs

Pure Resourcing – The financial services recruitment specialist

Since 2002, Pure Resourcing has established itself as one of the UK’s leading financial services recruiters, specialising within the mortgage, secured loans, unsecured loans, bridging finance, asset finance, IFA and insurance sectors.

Job Search Mortgage jobs

Mortgage jobs

Short Term Lending Bridging Finance Jobs

Mortgage jobs

Mortgage Advisor Jobs

Mortgage jobs

Financial Services Management Jobs

Mortgage jobs

Protection BDM Jobs

Mortgage jobs

Mortgage BDM Jobs

Mortgage jobs

Mortgage Administration Underwriting Jobs

Mortgage jobs

IFA Wealth Management Jobs

Mortgage jobs

Protection Advisor Jobs

Mortgage jobs

Mortgage Capital Associates Careers – Jobs ~ Apply Online #15 #year #mortgage #rates

#mortgage capital associates


Job Search Tips

The ZipRecruiter job matching algorithm analyzes millions of jobs from hundreds of job boards to instantly return the most relevant results. Here are some additional tips to help you optimize your search:

Job titles are best:

Searching for a specific job title provides more accurate results than company names or other keywords. software engineer is better than coder. and registered nurse is better than hospital .

Zip code can help narrow your location:

For location, a zip code is generally more precise than entering city, state.

You can use quotes:

Surround multiple terms in quotes to treat them as a phrase, like: program manager or dental hygenist .

You can exclude certain terms:

Enter a minus sign before any terms you want to exclude, like: -travel or – entry level .

You can require certain terms:

Enter a plus sign before any terms you want to require, like: +full-time or + full benefits .

Mortgage Capital Associates Jobs

About Mortgage Capital Associates:

Mortgage Capital Associates, Inc. (MCA) together with its subsidiaries is a privately held mortgage banking firm. MCA is primarily engaged in residential lending for 1-4 unit properties. Founded in 1982, MCA has become a pioneer of web based lending. Operating in 32 states, MCA has been recognized as one of the top 200 Lenders in the nation.

1 – 9 of 9 Current Job Openings:

Loan Officer for a Nationwide Mortgage Lender

Mortgage Capital Associates – San Francisco. CA

Posted 23 days ago on ZipRecruiter

OpportunityMortgage Capital Associates (MCA) is aggressively seeking to expand its operations by acquiring highly seasoned and prolific Branch operations. We are interested in managers who want to.

Loan Officer for a Nationwide Mortgage Lender

Mortgage Capital Associates – Santa Fe. NM

Posted 23 days ago on ZipRecruiter

OpportunityMortgage Capital Associates (MCA) is aggressively seeking to expand its operations by acquiring highly seasoned and prolific Branch operations. We are interested in managers who want to.

Loan Officer for a Nationwide Mortgage Lender

Mortgage Capital Associates – Phoenix. AZ

Posted 23 days ago on ZipRecruiter

OpportunityMortgage Capital Associates (MCA) is aggressively seeking to expand its operations by acquiring highly seasoned and prolific Branch operations. We are interested in managers who want to.

Loan Officer for a Nationwide Mortgage Lender

Mortgage Capital Associates – Denver. CO

Posted 23 days ago on ZipRecruiter

OpportunityMortgage Capital Associates (MCA) is aggressively seeking to expand its operations by acquiring highly seasoned and prolific Branch operations. We are interested in managers who want to.

Branch Manager for a Nationwide Direct Lender

Mortgage Capital Associates – Salt Lake City. UT

Posted 26 days ago on ZipRecruiter

Opportunity Mortgage Capital Associates (MCA) is aggressively seeking to expand its operations by acquiring highly seasoned and prolific Branch operations. We are interested in managers who want to.

Branch Manager for a Nationwide Direct Lender

Mortgage Capital Associates – Houston. TX

Posted 26 days ago on ZipRecruiter

We are a nationwide Direct Lender looking to partner with dedicated and hardworking Loan Officers and existing branches who want to grow their business and leverage all the advantages of a strong.

Branch Manager for a Nationwide Direct Lender

Mortgage Capital Associates – Portland. OR

Posted 26 days ago on ZipRecruiter

Opportunity Mortgage Capital Associates (MCA) is aggressively seeking to expand its operations by acquiring highly seasoned and prolific Branch operations. We are interested in managers who want to.

Branch Manager for a Nationwide Direct Lender

Mortgage Capital Associates – Aspen. CO

Posted 27 days ago on ZipRecruiter

Opportunity Mortgage Capital Associates (MCA) is aggressively seeking to expand its operations by acquiring highly seasoned and prolific Branch operations. We are interested in managers who want to.

Branch Manager for a Direct lender

Mortgage Capital Associates – Austin. TX

Posted 27 days ago on ZipRecruiter

We are a nationwide Direct Lender looking to partner with dedicated and hardworking Loan Officers and existing branches who want to grow their business and leverage all the advantages of a strong.

Professional Mortgage Jobs Toronto #mortgage #news

#mortgage jobs



Mortgage Agent:

Northwood Mortgages was established over 25 years ago and is now one of the GTA’s top mortgage brokerage firms .

Our plans are exciting and we’re always looking to recruit talented and self-motivated individuals to share our vision and help take our business forward. As a member of our team you will receive all the training and support you need to help become an expert in the mortgage field. We are committed to developing you into a top performer – the future growth and success of our company depends on it.

To learn more about Northwood Mortgage Ltd.. send us an email.

We promise to respond by sending you information to help you learn more about us and decide if the mortgage brokerage world is right for you.

Northwood Mortgage welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

Jr. Recruitment Specialist

Northwood Mortgage is seeking a Jr. Recruiter to join our organization. We are expanding and we are looking for an individual to help us expand our team with top talent in the industry. We are looking for an energetic individual that is passionate and takes pride in their work.

Northwood has been an industry leader in the Mortgage Brokerage sector for over 25 years. We have a well-established brand as well as a strong team. We are looking to grow our recruiting department in order to further expand and grow our organization.

To give you a little bit of insight into our organization, we have a very driven team that is goal oriented. However, we take the time to develop strong interpersonal relationships with our team mates in order to ensure that we have a productive and fun work environment. We believe that a happy team is a productive team.

  • Are you able to work in a fast pace work environment?
  • Do you have previous recruiting experience (1 to 3 years)?
  • Do you have a bit of a sales flair?
  • Do you want to join an industry leader that has an average tenure of 6+ years for permanent employees?
  • Do you set your own performance goals and strive to over achieve?
  • Do you have some experience working on roles within the financial industry?

If you answered yes to the above then we definitely want to hear from you.

  • Post new roles on job boards
  • Develop a strong candidate pipeline to fill current and future positions through proactive sourcing
  • Screen Resumes of potential candidates
  • Conduct phone and in person interviews
  • Present offers packages to successful candidates/applicants

Northwood Mortgage welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

Latest Mortgage Underwriter jobs – JobisJob United Kingdom Mobile #nationwide #mortgage

#mortgage underwriter jobs


Mortgage Underwriter Stellar Select Limited – Uxbridge Mortgage Underwriter required for a growing mortgage lending processing division. You will be responsible for processing and underwriting residential and buy to let mortgage applications in accordance.

Mortgage Underwriter Morgan Parkes Recruitment – Solihull, West Midlands Due to continued success and business growth, an exciting opportunity has arisen for an experienced Mortgage Underwriter for one of our clients based in Solihull. This position is based in a rapidly expanding. 2 days ago

Mortgage Underwriter Coventry Building Society – Coventry, West Midlands Coventry Building Society is the UK’s 3rd largest Building Society and one of the top ten mortgage providers, we are growing fast! Having developed a strong reputation for product innovation and commitment. 4 days ago

Mortgage Underwriter / Broker – Southend James Phillip Financial Recruitment – Southend-on-Sea, Essex My client a successful financial brokerage for specialist products that include second mortgages, bridging and commercial loans. It has a full market panel of national lenders and is fully approved and. 2 days ago

Mortgage Underwriter SELECTIVE RECRUITMENT LIMITED – Leatherhead, South East The creation of a further Mortgage Underwriter position together with the appropriate Case Managers provides genuine proof of the consistent success of this underwriting team in a progressive specialist. 6 days ago

Loans and Mortgage Underwriter Fame Recruitment Consultants – South East This is an excellent opportunity to join a high end and upmarket Financial Services company and develop a long term and successful career. The successful candidate will benefit from working within a friendly. 4 days ago

Mortgage Underwriter Accountancy Divisions Limited – Edgware, Middlesex An exciting opportunity has become available working as a mortgage underwriter for a leading specialist loans provider. The vacancy has become available due to the firm going through a period of expansion. 24 days ago

Mortgage Underwriter NRG – Durham, North East You’ll be responsible for reviewing and underwriting residential and buy to let mortgage applications, further advances and loan modifications in line with lending criteria, procedures and controls. The. 10 days ago

Buy To Let Mortgage Underwriter City Elite Recruitment Ltd – Kings Hill, Kent To provide support to the Head of Specialist Underwriting for Keystone brand; managing files accurately within prescribed timescales, focusing on achieving excellent customer service at all times. Responsibilities. 4 days ago

Mortgage Underwriter GOLD PERSONNEL – Solihull, West Midlands You will have a proven ability to assess and apply sound risk assessment to each stage of the application process, understand the criteria and the ability to apply credit policy and lending guidelines. 11 days ago

Mortgage Underwriter Adecco – Kent, South East England Are you methodical, logical and financially minded? Do you have experience in underwriting? Do you have the ability to learn processes quickly? Are you ready for your next challenge? Having passed your. 9 days ago

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Underwriting Jobs, Contract Underwriting Jobs, Life Insurance Underwriting Jobs #mortgage #calcultor

#mortgage underwriter jobs



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