HUD FHA Insured Single Family Interest Rates Historical #mortgage #repayment #calculator

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FHA Mortgage Insurance Single-Family 30-Year Fixed Interest Rates

May 2013

The average interest rates table presents FHA-insured single family 30-year fixed rate home mortgages between 1992 and the present, by endorsement month and the number of cases. These estimates are intended to portray a pattern of the rising or falling of FHA single family 30-year fixed interest rates. The rates are set by the Federal Reserve Board.

FHA interest rates for 30-year fixed rate mortgages, as of May 2013 (Excel) (PDF)

Federal Housing Administration

Making Home Affordable

Help for America’s

HUD FHA Insured Single Family Interest Rates Historical #mortgage #loans #calculator

#fha mortgage rate


FHA Mortgage Insurance Single-Family 30-Year Fixed Interest Rates

May 2013

The average interest rates table presents FHA-insured single family 30-year fixed rate home mortgages between 1992 and the present, by endorsement month and the number of cases. These estimates are intended to portray a pattern of the rising or falling of FHA single family 30-year fixed interest rates. The rates are set by the Federal Reserve Board.

FHA interest rates for 30-year fixed rate mortgages, as of May 2013 (Excel) (PDF)

Federal Housing Administration

Making Home Affordable

Help for America’s

Counseling and Therapy Services in Colorado Springs #colorado #springs #counselor, #colorado #springs #therapist, #family #therapy,


You Don’t Have to Continue to Suffer

Life can be painful. There will always be changes that occur outside of us that we won’t be able to control and old ways of surviving may not help anymore. Human beings need support and connection. It’s ok to ask for help. You’ve made it here and you’ve taken the first step.

Counseling can be one of the most powerful, supportive experiences and Mindful Springs Counseling is committed to compassionate, person-centered relationships allowing you to receive this support in a non-judgmental, safe space. Are relationships bad or unhealthy? No! (Well, we hope you said no). That’s what therapy at Mindful Springs Counseling is, a safe, secure relationship helping you tune in to your experience and needs to shift your life to a better place. Therapy is an excellent way to spend an hour a week tuning into yourself, your experience, and your needs.

We can help you find the joy, clarity and balance that you’re looking for whether it’s for yourself, your child or your relationships. Call us today to get started (719) 357-8957.

Why Choose Mindful Springs Counseling?

At Mindful Springs Counseling, we can help you address the issues that are most important to you and make lasting life changes. We are caring, compassionate psychotherapists and wellness professionals who use a gentle approach with our clients. We can help you learn ways to feel better and make important, lasting changes in your life. At Mindful Springs:

  • Our therapists take self-care seriously, working hard everyday to practice what we preach. And of course, we are intentionally mindful in our practice.
  • We have expanded our expertise beyond the traditional clinical psychotherapy knowledge incorporating wellness practices such as yoga, mindfulness meditation, energy psychology practices, art, EMDR, neuroscience and attachment, and more into our work to help our clients find lasting change.
  • Because of our certifications and licensure, you may be able to reimbursed from insurance and FSA/ HSA for therapeutic services that you have received from MSC, even if we are not in network with your plan.
  • We have studied and practiced at top-rated schools and training institutions for counseling, social work and marital and family therapy, including Northwestern University, CSU, and UNC Greeley. The focus of our education is on mental health, and healthy relationships.
  • We continue to attend training and certification programs to be the best human beings and therapists we can be to help support you.
  • We have a special interest and expertise in women’s issues, parenting, and relationships.
  • Our clients tell us that they feel that we are safe, supportive and gentle, making it easy for them to develop trust in their primary counselor and discuss things that are difficult to open up about.

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When You Need a California

Family Law Attorney

Family law sacramento ca

Family law is a highly nuanced legal area, involving both emotional and technical legal components. If you are dealing with a divorce or preparing for child custody hearings, you need a lawyer you can trust to handle your case honestly and efficiently. You need someone who is there for you and is willing to prioritize your interests over all else.

At the law office of C. Alexandre Barbera, Attorney at Law, my only priority is reaching the best possible solution for you. In all cases, I do what I can to limit the time and money needed to resolve the issues.

Residents in the Sacramento metropolitan area that need an experienced family law attorney may contact me by calling 916-724-5360 or by contacting me online.

The Experience to Resolve Your Case Efficiently and Effectively

I have focused on family law for over 35 years and, prior to that, was a business and tax attorney for five years. This early experience greatly adds to my current focus on family law and allows me to offer divorce clients additional insight on business and financial matters.

In my four decades of law practice, I have handled many cases involving everything from marriage dissolution to child support and adoption. You can learn more about the services I provide on my practice areas page.

During my years as a family law attorney, I have become familiar with the laws and statutes guiding family law decisions in California. I have also built strong relationships with judges and other attorneys throughout the state, especially in the Sacramento metropolitan area.

Message Me

**The use of the Internet or this form for communication with the firm or any individual member of the firm does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Confidential or time-sensitive information should not be sent through this form.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Improve your smile, self-esteem, and overall appearance with cosmetic dentistry! Let us develop a personalized cosmetic dentistry plan for smile enhancement with sensitivity to your needs and budget.

The information that follows will help you become familiar with the primary cosmetic dentistry services provided by our practice and how these procedures can help you achieve the smile you desire. Don’t worry about understanding the details, though! We’ll tell you as much or as little as you want to know about cosmetic dentistry procedures. Our sedation dentistry services are the perfect solution for those who want the results of cosmetic dentistry but dread the implementation.

Veneers and Cosmetic Bonding

In cosmetic dentistry veneers are thin shells made of porcelain that are custom shaped and then cemented to the front of the tooth. These can beautify your smile by covering imperfections such as bleach-resistant stains, chips, slight tooth crookedness, or gaps between teeth.

Another cosmetic dentistry procedure called cosmetic bonding is used in similar situations on the front or other broken or chipped surfaces of the tooth. Cosmetic bonding is a quicker and more conservative treatment that involves the application of tooth-colored material (composite resins), rather than a porcelain shell. While cosmetic bonding is appropriate in some situations, and usually lower in cost, it does not offer the durability and longevity available with porcelain veneers. Cosmetic bonding cannot overcome some of the defects that are more appropriately treated with veneers.

Dr. Williamson was selected again in 2013 as a Top Dentist in the United States, a distinction he has held for more than nine years. The Consumers’ Research Council of America chose Dr. Williamson for this honor using a point system to assess each dentist’s experience, training, continuing education, and professional association affiliations.

Teeth Whitening in Our Office or at Home

You may not be aware of the differences between cosmetic dentistry services as compared to an over-the-counter option you may have tried. In-office teeth-whitening services offer faster results. Protective material is used to shield the gum and other oral tissue prior to the application of a bleaching agent. An ultraviolet (UV) light may be used to further enhance the effect of the bleach; however, we take care to expose only the teeth and not the other tissue that might be harmed by UV exposure.

Cosmetic dentistry does offer you an at-home treatment option, even though the results won’t be as quick as the in-office cosmetic whitening services. Our at-home teeth whitening treatments begin with producing a custom mouthguard that fits your teeth exactly, unlike over-the-counter products. At home, you’ll place a whitening gel in the mouthguard to perform the whitening procedure. Your customized plan for in-office or at-home cosmetic whitening will help you understand both the appropriate treatment plan and recommended frequency. As with all our cosmetic dentistry procedures, we are careful to use systems, equipment, and devise treatment plans that help to minimize the possibility of irritation or damage to oral tissues and teeth.

Composite/Tooth-Colored Fillings

A composite filling is a mixture of tooth-colored material that can be used as an alternative to traditional silver fillings to repair decayed teeth. In cosmetic dentistry, composites are also used in reshaping the teeth or altering their color to enhance your smile. The composite filling is applied in layers, with the final step being the smoothing and polishing of the surface area that completes this cosmetic dentistry process.

Crowns and Bridges

In cosmetic dentistry, a crown (sometimes referred to as a cap ) is used to repair a tooth that has been broken, cracked, or damaged in such a way that a filling is not an option for restoration. Crowns can also be used to keep weak teeth from breaking, and to improve the look of badly shaped or severely discolored teeth. To put on a crown – whether for cosmetic or oral health purposes, we shape the tooth and reduce its size so that a crown can fit over it. We then create impressions of your teeth that will allow us to create a customized crown especially for your tooth. The impressions allow us to maximize the functionality as well as the cosmetic apperance of the crown. While the crown is being made, we place a temporary crown over the tooth. On your next visit, the temporary crown will be removed and the permanent crown will be cemented in place. A fixed bridge is another cosmetic dentistry procedure that provides a false tooth that is fused between two crowns to fill in the gap where a tooth is missing. This cosmetic procedure is used to replace one or more missing teeth. It cannot be removed from your mouth like dentures could be. An increasingly popular cosmetic dentistry alternative to a bridge is a dental implant. Our cosmetic dentistry smile gallery shows before/after views of a front-tooth dental implant .


Our cosmetic dentistry practice offers traditional braces, clear braces (including Six Month Smiles ), and invisible braces (Invisalign ) to our patients to help improve their smiles and overall facial appearance. With proper orthodontics, we can treat overbites, underbites, and crooked or crowded teeth to improve both cosmetic appearance and overall dental function. Traditional braces use brackets (metal, ceramic/tooth-colored, or clear plastic) that are bonded to the teeth. Wires are then attached to the brackets and are used to adjust the position of teeth.

Invisible braces (Invisalign and other similar types of systems), because of their lower cosmetic impact, continue to grow in popularity. They use a series of aligners that are transparent, customized, removable inserts that aren’t visible to others while you’re wearing them. Being able to remove them while eating, brushing, and flossing your teeth helps to avoid the trapping of food and plaque that can become an issue with traditional braces. Each aligner is typically worn for about two weeks before being replaced with the next one. Invisible aligners are generally not a good choice for young people who are still waiting for permanent teeth. Our commitment to you is to recommend the orthodontic method that is best suited to dental health, provides the best long-term and short-term cosmetic enhancement and is containable within your budget or payment plan.

While orthodontic and cosmetic problems are often more quickly and simply resolved while the head and mouth are still growing (between ages of 10 and 14 years), braces are no longer just for kids! We offer special solutions, such as Six Month Smiles and Invisalign. which were actually invented to address the needs of adult patients hoping to improve their smiles.

We go out of our way to help you, as patient/parent/guardian, to understand our cosmetic dentistry options. That includes how often you’ll have to return for visits, and things you can do (before, during, and after the braces) to help you achieve the best short-term and long-term cosmetic improvements to your smile, appearance, and dental health.

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Life Insurance

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Life insurance for my family

Johanna and Tony | Edited by Martin

Updated July 2017

The sobering statistic is around one child in 29 loses a parent before they grow up. Sadly, the grief and misery are often compounded by a loss of income causing financial crisis – but life insurance is one of the cheapest ways to protect your family’s finances if the worst happens.

Want Mortgage Life Insurance?

Our best buys, incl.
In this guide

The 10 life insurance need-to-knows

There are many different types of life insurance: some protect a mortgage and some protect all your dependants, while others provide a way to mitigate inheritance tax. Yet here we’re focusing solely on life insurance taken out to provide money for your family if you or your partner were to die. This is something every parent, partner, or person with any other type of dependant needs to consider.

Level term life insurance pays out a set amount if you die within a fixed term

This is the simplest type of life insurance and the name actually tells you all you need to know.

Level: The payout you get doesn’t vary. It’s always at a set amount regardless of when you die during the term, eg, Ј200,000

Term: You only get a payout if you die within a fixed term , eg, 18 years

So all in all the cover guarantees a lump sum payout upon death to your dependants within a fixed time, for example, Ј200,000 if you die within the next 18 years. Obviously, the more cover you get and the longer the term you want, the more it costs.

It’s just a case of the cheaper the policy, the better.

Don’t confuse it with other types of life insurance

This is just one type of life insurance, there are others that do different jobs including:

  • Mortgage decreasing term insurance: This pays out to cover your mortgage if you die within a set term. As mortgage debt decreases over time, the amount it pays also decreases (it’s often called ‘decreasing term assurance’ because of this).

  • Whole of life insurance: These are often (but not always) investment-linked life insurance policies mainly used to mitigate inheritance tax. In other words, the payout amount should cover the inheritance tax bill on death, and the policy runs out when you die, instead of after a fixed time.

  • Life insurance investment: These are effectively investments operated through life insurers. While there is a life insurance element they’re often things like endowments or with-profits policies and are used far more often in the ‘investment’ zone rather than for protection if someone dies.

    You don’t need life insurance if you don’t have dependants

    If you have no dependants and are single, then you’d be right to question why you would bother to get this policy. This is all about paying out when you’re gone, so if you’ve no one you want the money to go to, don’t bother.

    If the answer is there’d be little financial impact, then you may not need a policy. But if paying the bills, the mortgage, bringing up kids, food shopping and more would be a struggle, this is a cheap way to solve that.

    Roughly cover 10 times the annual income of the highest earner till kids have finished full-time education

    Life insurance for my family

    The rough rule of thumb is to cover 10 times the main breadwinner’s income, yet you don’t have to stick with that. It may just be a case of do what you can afford – the budget planner should help. Here are some things you should take into account. It should cover.

    • Any outstanding debts that need to be paid off (including a mortgage if you don’t have a separate policy)
    • Immediate outgoings your dependants would need to pay
    • Future spending you would have wanted to make, eg, university fees for the kids
    • Any additional expenses a death may trigger, such as funeral costs

    While 10 times your income may seem high, it’s worth remembering that inflation will mean the value of this payout is less in, say, 10 years’ time than it is now, and you’re getting cover to last you that long (or longer if you choose a greater term).

    Your dependants don’t have to pay any income tax on the payout, but it does count as part of your estate so if your total assets are above the inheritance tax (IHT) threshold, they will have to pay 40% (ouch!) IHT on it. This can be avoided by putting the policy into something called a trust, see below for more info.

    How long should the term be?

    A policy covering children should last until they are no longer reliant on you, so that’s generally at least until they finish full-time education. If you’re planning on having more children you may want to estimate when that’d be rather than trying to extend or get a new policy later. This is because cover becomes more expensive the older you get.

    To cover a partner it should last until the year you expect to reach pensionable age. Don’t feel obliged to cover a round number of years, eg, policies can be for 17 years.

    Quick questions:

    I’ve heard that Family Income Benefit may be a cheaper option. Is that right?

    If you want to provide a regular income for your family, rather than a lump sum, an alternative is to take out an insurance product called Family Income Benefit (FIB). This provides an annual tax-free payment for a set period (and despite it’s unfortunate name it has nothing to do with receiving benefits).

    Sometimes FIB can work out cheaper than level term cover and sometimes it’s the other way round – it all depends on when you die so unless you have a crystal ball this will be impossible to tell. But to demonstrate how they compare here’s an example:

    • FIB taken out over 10 years paying out Ј10,000 a year will cost Ј7.28 a month – if you died in the first year your dependants would receive Ј10k a year for 10 years, meaning a total income of Ј100,000. But if you died in the last year they would only get Ј10,000.
    • Meanwhile, 10-year level term insurance for Ј100,000 will cost Ј11.10 a month but would pay out Ј100,000 regardless of whether you died on the first or the last day of that 10-year period.

    Some of the best buy brokers below offer quotes for FIB but if you’re not sure whether it’s for you it’s worth seeking the advice of a broker or financial adviser before you proceed. See our cheapest advisory brokers below for more.

    Why is 10 times the salary of the highest earner a good rule of thumb?

    Covering 10 times the salary of the highest earner in the household is a good guideline figure because it is likely to leave enough money to cover mortgage repayments and expenses. Take the example of a family where one partner works and the other stays at home to look after the children. If the working partner dies, the partner looking after the children still needs money to pay the mortgage and look after the little ones. If the partner looking after the children dies, the sum that would be paid out would be enough to cover the working partner if they had to leave full-time employment to look after the kids.

    What is the best age to buy level term life insurance?

    If you want to buy level term life insurance, it is best to get cover while you are as young as possible. Obviously, if you’re an 18-year-old, do not own a home, are single and don’t have any children, the product is not suitable, but you should consider cover as soon as you have people relying on your income.

    The reason you should get cover as soon as possible is because it will cost less. Younger people are largely healthier and will have longer to live than their older counterparts and this will be reflected in the prices offered by insurers. Here’s a table to illustrate this point.

  • Life Insurance Home, life insurance for my family.#Life #insurance #for #my #family


    Life Insurance

    Life insurance for my family

    The SGLI Online Enrollment System (SOES) allows Servicemembers with full-time SGLI coverage to make fast and easy changes to their life insurance coverage and beneficiary information any time without completing a paper form or making a trip to their personnel office.

    Life insurance for my family

    Search for Unclaimed Funds

    Are you a current or former VA life insurance policyholder? Could you be the beneficiary to a VA life insurance policy? Visit our Unclaimed Funds search page to search our database of unclaimed insurance funds and find out if we are holding money for you!

    Life insurance for my family

    Set up automatic deductions from your bank account for your Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI) coverage! Set it and forget it!

    Life insurance for my family

    This short video shows five Veterans talking about why they have Service-Disabled Life Insurance and why other Servicemembers and Veterans should consider it. The video includes a list of the primary qualifications for applying. View the video.

    Life insurance for my family Life insurance for my family

    Life insurance for my familyAbout Life Insurance

    As part of our mission to serve Servicemembers, Veterans, and their families, VA provides valuable life insurance benefits to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family is protected. VA s life insurance programs were developed to provide financial security for your family given the extraordinary risks involved in military service.

    Insurance News

    The SGLI Online Enrollment System (SOES) is Now Live for Navy and Air Force Servicemembers

    Beginning August 2, 2017, Air Force members can manage their Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (SGLI) coverage using the SGLI Online Enrollment System (SOES). Air Force members join their fellow Navy members in using the new system. Navy began using SOES on April 5, 2017. Air Force and Navy members should look for information from their service about when they should access SOES to confirm and certify their SGLI elections.

    SOES access for other branches of service is planned for release on the following schedule*:

      • Army October 2017
      • Marine Corps December 2017
      • Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration February/March 2018

    *This schedule is subject to change.

    SGLI provides automatic life insurance coverage of $400,000 to Servicemembers upon enlistment. Members with SGLI also get automatic coverage for their dependent children and spouses (unless the child or spouse is insured under SGLI as a Servicemember) under the Family SGLI program and traumatic injury protection (TSGLI). Servicemembers with full-time SGLI coverage will no longer have to complete a paper SGLV-8286 to make changes to their coverage or beneficiary elections. Instead, these Servicemembers can use the online system, SOES, to manage the amount of their SGLI and spouse coverage and to designate or update beneficiaries.

    To access SOES, go to, sign in, and go to Benefits, Life Insurance SOES- SGLI Online Enrollment System. Servicemembers can log in with their CAC or with their DS Logon using Internet Explorer as soon as they receive notice that SOES access is available. Servicemembers can then make sure their SGLI coverage and beneficiaries are up-to-date.

    Life insurance for my familyBenefit Description

    Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) is a low-cost group term life insurance program for Servicemembers. Coverage can be extended for up to two years if the Servicemember is totally disabled at separation.

    Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI) allows Veterans to convert your SGLI to a civilian program of lifetime renewable term coverage after separation from service.

    Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) insures spouses and children of Servicemembers with SGLI coverage. Spousal coverage may not exceed the Servicemember’s coverage. Dependent children are automatically covered at no charge.

    Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Traumatic Injury Protection (TSGLI) is an automatic feature of SGLI that provides payments to Servicemembers who suffer losses, such as amputations, blindness, and paraplegia, due to traumatic injuries that occur in service.

    Service-Disabled Veterans’ Life Insurance (S-DVI) provides life insurance coverage to Veterans who have been given a VA rating for a new service-connected disability in the last two years. Totally disabled Veterans are eligible for free coverage and have the opportunity to purchase additional life insurance.

    Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance (VMLI) provides mortgage life insurance protection to disabled Veterans who have been approved for a VA Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant.

    Life insurance for my familyEligibility Requirements

    Do you Qualify for VA Insurance?

    Follow this link for an easy way to find out if you are eligible for all our programs, including Service Disabled Veterans Insurance (S-DVI), Veterans Group Life Insurance and Family SGLI, TSGLI, and Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance. You ll find infographics (timelines and charts) for each program.

    Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) Coverage is automatic for most active duty Servicemembers, Ready Reserve and National Guard members scheduled to perform at least 12 periods of inactive training per year, members of the Commissioned Corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Public Health Service, cadets and midshipmen of the U.S. military academies, and ROTC members. Learn More

    Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI) Servicemembers with full-time SGLI coverage are eligible to convert SGLI to VGLI after separation from service. Learn More

    Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) Term life insurance coverage is automatically provided to spouses and dependent children of Servicemembers insured under SGLI. Learn More

    Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Traumatic Injury Protection (TSGLI) All Servicemembers insured by SGLI are automatically covered by TSGLI. Learn More

    Service-Disabled Veterans’ Insurance (S-DVI) Servicemembers who were released from active duty under other than dishonorable conditions after April 25, 1951, AND have been granted service connection for any disability (even 0 percent) within the last two years, AND are in good health except for any service connected conditions may be eligible. Learn More

    Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance (VMLI) VMLI is available to Veterans who received a Specially Adapted Housing Grant (SAH), have title to the home, and have a mortgage on the home. Learn More

    Life insurance for my familyApplication Process

    Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) SGLI coverage is automatic. Use SGLV 8286 to designate beneficiaries, or reduce, decline or restore SGLI coverage.

    Veterans’ Group Life Insurance (VGLI) Complete and file form SGLV 8714 or apply online.

    Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) Complete and file form SGLV 8286A to decline, reduce, or restore FSGLI coverage.

    Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Traumatic Injury Protection (TSGLI) Coverage is automatic for all Servicemembers covered by SGLI. To file claim for the TSGLI benefit, complete and file SGLV 8600.

    Service-Disabled Veterans’ Insurance (S-DVI) apply for S-DVI online or complete and file form VA 29-4364.

    Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance (VMLI) Complete and file form VA 29-8636, Application for Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance.

    San Diego Family Law Attorney – La Jolla Divorce Lawyer, family law long beach.#Family #law


    San Diego Family Law Lawyer

    Nothing is more stressful than a family problem which requires an attorney. At the Law Office of Thomas M. Huguenor, we understand that you will likely go through a range of emotions during your divorce or child custody matter.

    While we cannot lessen the pain of the moment, we will ensure that your legal case proceeds smoothly. Thomas Huguenor is a board certified family law lawyer whose knowledge of the legal system has been proven consistently throughout his 35 years of practice. During your family crisis, it is important that you hire an attorney capable of protecting the future of you and your children. Contact our San Diego office today for a free consultation.

    Quality Family Law Representation in San Diego and La Jolla

    We understand that this is a difficult time in your life. The last thing you want to be concerned with is figuring out what to do next. We focus on family law matters so that you may focus on the future. With the Law Office of Thomas M. Huguenor you get high quality representation from a veteran attorney with a well-respected reputation. Tom is a certified family law expert with a proven track record of success. It is our honor to care for you and your family. Please contact our lawyers online or at (858) 458-9500 to schedule your free consultation. We also service Del Mar, Carlsbad, Encinitas, and La Jolla.

    Legal Representation for Divorce and Child Custody Issues

    One has many questions when dealing with a family law crisis. You may be worried about how you will financially support your children or wonder if you will be allowed to continue living in your family’s home. You may not know if you will be allowed to relocate your child outside of California in the future. You may also feel anxiety over having been out of the workforce for a number of years. Thomas Huguenor is a long-term, San Diego based attorney who is able to answer your questions and explain the process of your family law case. Our office’s standard of high quality service will ensure that your needs are met and that you are confident that your interests are being protected.

    What To Expect From Our San Diego Family Law Attorneys

    During your initial consultation, Tom will discuss the details of your case and determine what your goals are. He will determine your desires in regards to issues such as child custody, marital property division, businesses you and your spouse co-own, and will assess all aspects of your situation. He will determine if you can save money on the legal process by negotiating an uncontested divorce or by working out a divorce settlement with the other party privately. Once our office has gained an understanding of your needs we will file the appropriate motions to begin your case. We will be in regular communication with you to ensure that you understand the process and that you are in the loop as your case moves forward. Call our San Diego office today if you require legal assistance.

    We couldn’t be happier with his service & expertise.

    Family law long beach

    by Sara Fischer

    Family law long beach

    They helped me with my child custody issues involving multiple states.

    Family law long beach

    Family law long beach

    Tom is ethical and keeps himself up to date with all the changes in family law.

    Family law long beach

    by Sherry Ireland

    Family law long beach

    Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney Victims Lawyer, Mick Levin PLC, family lawyers in phoenix.#Family #lawyers #in


    Personal Injury Lawyers Phoenix Arizona

    Family lawyers in phoenix

    Seeking Justice for Victims

    Mick Levin, PLC attorneys that bring

    the bad guys to justice and make them pay.

    Family lawyers in phoenix

    Standing Strong For You

    We Fight For Your Rights

    Mick Levin, PLC accomplished courtroom warriors.

    Family lawyers in phoenix

    Law Offices of Mick Levin, PLC

    Knowledgeable And Effective Advocacy

    In your most critical moments,

    turn to the law office of Mick Levin, PLC.

    Fighting For Arizona’s Victims And Consumers

    Mick Levin, PLC – Law Firm in Phoenix, Arizona

    When the State of Arizona failed to fix a fatal flaw in their highway system causing severe injuries to trusting drivers; we were there. When a drunk driver plowed into a family of three; we were there. When a school bully caused a girl to commit suicide; we were there. When an elderly man was abused and neglected by a nursing home; we were there. We were there when drug manufacturers lied to patients about the harm their drugs could cause. We were there when insurance companies refused to pay claims to increase their profit margins, and again when consumers fought to keep the right to sue insurance agents that abuse consumers. We were there then and now, fighting for our clients.

    The achievements of our law firm are the direct result of a deep personal commitment to those we serve. We are our clients’ courtroom warriors – honor and duty bound to fight for our clients’ rights. We’ve fought in county courts all across the State of Arizona, in the Arizona Court of Appeals, the Arizona Supreme Court, the Arizona State Legislature, Federal Court, and in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. We go wherever we need to, so we can fight for our client’s rights.

    Our lawyers were raised in Arizona. The loyalty we feel to the people who live here runs deep. We help victims obtain justice from their abusers. No government, corporation, or insurance company is too big for us to prosecute. If you cannot find justice anywhere else, we are here for you.

    Family lawyers in phoenix

    Alcohol DUI Injuries

    Alcohol and motor vehicles are a dangerous combination, and the leading cause of fatal car crashes in Arizona.

    Family lawyers in phoenix

    Bar Room Liability

    Those who drink, and the bars that serve them, are liable for any property damage, injury, or death that they may cause.

    Family lawyers in phoenix

    Child Abuse or Neglect

    Our children are our most precious resource. Their schools and caregivers owe them the highest duty of care.

    Family lawyers in phoenix

    Dietary Supplements

    Dangerous all-natural supplements may cause liver damage, heart problems, strokes, cancer, or even death.

    Family lawyers in phoenix

    Insurance Bad Faith

    Insurance companies legally owe you a duty of good faith and fair dealing when processing your claim.

    Family lawyers in phoenix

    Medical Malpractice

    Most medical malpractice cases involve medical errors in diagnosis, treatment, aftercare, or health management.

    Family lawyers in phoenix

    Motor Vehicle Crashes

    Automobile crash injury results in death and untold suffering to hundreds of people in Arizona each year.

    Family lawyers in phoenix

    Pharmaceutical Injury

    If a drug manufacturer fails to warn of the dangerous propensities of their drugs, they may be liable for your injuries.

    Family lawyers in phoenix

    Product Liability

    Victims of defective, dangerous, or unsafe products have legal rights. Product liability law protects those rights.

    Family lawyers in phoenix

    Professional Negligence

    When professionals fail to provide you with a bare minimum of care, they become liable for professional negligence.

    Family lawyers in phoenix

    State Liability Claims

    The State of Arizona has the responsibility to keep its streets and highways reasonably safe for its trusting citizens to travel.

    Family lawyers in phoenix

    Vulnerable Adult

    Those with a duty to provide care for a vulnerable adult are legally required to act in a responsible manner.

    The trial lawyers of Mick Levin, PLC are known for the energy and passion they bring to each and every case. We take on the toughest courtroom battles because we believe in justice for victims. We have gone head-to-head with governments, multi-billion dollar corporations, and insurance companies and emerged with extraordinary results for our clients. We are committed to our clients and we are committed to winning. When you need highly skilled and experienced attorneys, contact us to discuss your case and learn how we could help you.

    Family lawyers in phoenix

    Our goal is to help anyone in Arizona who has suffered at the hands of another through no fault of their own. Choosing the right lawyer to protect your interests may be the most important decision you will make. We are committed to helping victims and obtaining justice. We are your advocates and will passionately present your case and ensure that your needs are met. There is no charge for your initial consultation and never a fee unless we get you justice. Call us today at (480) 865-3051 or use our online form.

    Wilks v. Manobianco

    Professional negligence against an insurance agent.

    In the Supreme Court of the State of Arizona.

    Watts v. Medicis

    Drugmakers of acne medication Solodyn.

    Mistaken Notification of Death

    The Associated Press

    Phoenix — For six days, the family of 19-year-old April Guer.

    Insurance Agents Exposed to Lawsuits

    The Arizona Supreme Court ruled.

    Woman With Lupus Can Sue Drugmaker Medicis

    Phoenix (CN) – A young woman with lupus.

    Wilks v. Manobianco

    Professional negligence against an insurance agent.

    In the Supreme Court of the State of Arizona.

    Watts v. Medicis

    Drugmakers of acne medication Solodyn.

    Mistaken Notification of Death

    The Associated Press

    PHOENIX — For six days, the family of 19-year-old April Guer.

    Insurance Agents Exposed to Lawsuits

    An Arizona Supreme Court ruled.

    Woman With Lupus Can Sue Drugmaker Medicis

    Phoenix (CN) – A young woman with lupus can a.

    You need legal help for a family matter #family #lawyer #brampton


    You need legal help for a family matter

    You want to legally separate from your partner. You might lose custody of your kids. Or you need more financial support from your ex-partner.

    What’s a legal aid certificate

    Legal Aid Ontario issues legal aid certificates to people who are financially and legally eligible and need a lawyer. This certificate is like a “voucher” for legal services. You can use it to “pay” for a lawyer to represent you for a certain number of hours.

    You may qualify for a legal aid certificate if you’re financially eligible and you need a lawyer to represent you in one of these situations:

    Family mediation could help you come up with a solution that focuses on helping you work things out together, in the best interests of your children, and keeps you out of court. Learn more .

    You want to separate from your partner, and feel you can do so without a court process. The lawyer can help you decide which parent the kids will live with, when you or your ex can visit the kids, how to divide your money and other things you own together, and how much financial support you get (or have to give). If one of you is financially eligible and the other earns $50,000 or less, you may both qualify for legal aid. Look at our duty counsel financial eligibility test and learn more about separation agreement certificates .

    Your local Children’s Aid Society has taken your child away. You may be able to get a lawyer to help you work out, in court, how you can see your child as well as whether and how you can get your child back

    Your local Children’s Aid Society has taken your child away, and plans to place that child in foster care as a ward of the state. You may be able to stay out of (and keep your children out of) court proceedings, and get help to:

    • negotiate some kind of agreement that would allow you to keep your child (such as a customary care agreement, special needs agreement or temporary care agreement)
    • take part in an Aboriginal alternative dispute resolution process, such as Talking Together or Talking Circles
  • Children’s Aid is has taken your child away, and plans to place that child in foster care as a ward of the state. But you, a grandparent or other member of a child’s extended family or home community, want to take care of the child yourself.You could qualify to hire a lawyer to help you.

    You are a parent who wants to try and stay in touch with your child after Children’s Aid has legally placed him or her up for adoption.

    One or more of these applies to you:

    • Your family law case includes many different legal issues.
    • You are a self-employed parent.
    • You are making a Hague application (your lawyer will tell you about this if it’s relevant).
    • You are claiming matrimonial property on a reserve.
    • You are making a mobility claim.
    • You consider yourself First Nation, Métis or Inuit .
    • You have mental health or addiction issues .
    • You have literacy issues.
    • You do not understand English or French well, or have another language barrier.
    • Your case involves many other people.
    • You are a parent aged 18 years of age or under.
    • You are under 22 years of age and need legal advice and support about starting an access or child support claim against your parent(s).
    • You are 65 years of age or over.
  • Questions?

    Please have available:

    • all papers you have received from the courts or the police
    • all agreements you have signed or have been asked to sign
    • whether you have hired a lawyer and if not, whether you have a referral form from duty counsel

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