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LASIK Vision Correction

Making the right choice for your LASIK procedure can make all the difference in the world… in both your vision and your life. At Berkeley Eye Center, we know choosing to have LASIK is a huge decision.

See Clearly Without The Hassle Of Contacts Or Glasses

Lasik eye surgery doctor reviews

Here’s more good news. Our LASIK procedure takes only a few minutes to complete and patients remain awake and comfortable during the entire procedure. We offer the latest laser technology and techniques by uniquely qualified surgeons who have performed tens of thousands of procedures combined. As you continue your research about LASIK and vision correction procedures, here are a few more facts to keep in mind about Berkeley Eye Center:

* AMO clinical study of 300 iLASIK patients.

  • Short recovery time. Patients can have surgery on a Friday and return to work on Monday. This is a result of faster laser treatment times, proper pre-op procedures, minimally-invasive laser treatments and a proven regimen of post-op care.
  • Quick comfortable procedure. Using our advanced all-laser iLASIK technique, the actual laser treatment time is 60-seconds or less, with patients reporting little to no discomfort.
  • A LASIK Partner You Can Trust. Unlike corporate or discount LASIK providers, Berkeley Eye Center has been helping keep Texans focused for over 50 years. Our tradition of ‘Eye Care Excellence’ was founded on award-winning customer service, experienced surgeons you can trust and being an eye care provider you can count on for ALL of your eye care needs. While we won’t offer deep discounted pricing, we do offer all of our patients one price for state-of-the-art technology and in-house financing as well as some of the most-competitive rates by CareCredit and other organizations.

LASIK for Nearsighted, Farsighted Astigmatism

Each year, more than a million people undergo LASIK to surgically treat their nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism and become glasses-free. No more contacts or glasses, no more hassle! While LASIK is not typically used to correct presbyopia or age-related reading-vision in patients ages 45+, there are additional options such as monovision and exciting corneal inlays for patients age 45+.

Your LASIK Experience

Our LASIK procedures are performed in the comfort and safety of a specially designed laser suite at Berkeley Eye Center. To help reduce possible risks and complications, factors such as humidity, temperature and overall air quality are closely monitored and maintained.

Upon arrival, you and your guest will be invited into our internal waiting room. You meet with the surgeon, who will provide a final exam and answer any questions you or your guest may have. The preparation and ‘relaxation’ takes the majority of time, then the laser correction begins – 60 seconds or less – in reality.

Step 2 – LASIK pre-operative area to help you relax and prepare for your procedure

Step 3 – Enter Laser Suite for two-step procedure: flap-creation and laser correction.

Step 4 – Post-Op Exam Instructions – most patients exclaim they can already see!

Watch the above video to see the whole patient-experience.

Many of our guest waiting areas provide an optional ‘viewing room’ so the guest can remain outside of the sterile area, while watching the actual life-changing procedure!

Our Technology The Choice for iLASIK

When considering your vision correction procedure, it is important to understand exactly what kind of treatment you will receive. iLASIK is the combination of two lasers used during the vision correction procedure. Step one creates the flap with Intralase (iFS), step two reshapes the cornea with the VISX Star S4 laser.

Your LASIK Prescription – As Unique as Your DNA

Since the late 1990s, conventional LASIK has been the procedure of choice for surgeons worldwide in their effort to reduce and eliminate the public’s dependence on corrective eyewear. In conventional LASIK, the patient’s prescription is simply entered into the laser for treatment.

Today, leading surgeons, like our doctors, are taking LASIK to the next level with CustomVue™, a Wavefront-Guided Custom laser procedure approved by the FDA. During the CustomVue procedure, diagnostic information gathered during the WaveFront scanning process is fed directly into our VISX Star S4 eye-tracking laser.

Just like your fingerprint and DNA, the information fed into the laser is unique to your eyes only. Each of your eyes will receive its own custom laser procedure, where no two custom procedures in the world are identical.

For corneal reshaping, we use the VISX Star S4 eye-tracking laser with Iris Registration. Eye-tracking means that the laser shifts with the eye as it follows the landmarks on the eye. Iris Registration is a non-contact method for aligning the advanced CustomVue procedure. We are able to take photos of landmarks on each individual’s iris so that the laser correctly centers and aligns the treatment on the iris. With Iris Registration, there is no possibility of treating a wrong eye or the wrong patient.

Flap Creation 5th Generation Intralase (iFS) Laser Techonology

Some practices still use a mechanical, bladed device called a microkeratome to create the flap. With the bladed style microkeratome there was an increased risk of complications such as corneal abrasions, irregular flaps, as well as button-hole flaps. The Intralase laser has 3x more flap stability than a microkeratome-created flap.

We are proud to include the 5th Generation iFS Laser now in all of our laser centers across the Greater Houston area. Ask your LASIK doctor for more information and which locations offer this technology.

Our Technology Has Proven Results

  • Faster visual recovery
  • Fewer dry eye symptoms
  • Over 5 million IntraLase procedures
  • 10+ years of research to improve safety and precision of LASIK
  • Allowed by NASA and the U.S. Military where precise vision is demanded

To schedule an appointment, please call our office at 713-526-1600 or schedule online.

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North Carolina LASIK Center

Serving Cary, Durham, Raleigh Laser Eye Surgery Patients

Welcome to the Laser Eye Center of Carolina

Imagine seeing your world in high definition with improved night vision. Genuine iLASIK at the Laser Eye Center of Carolina can make it possible. At Laser Eye Center of Carolina, we have one goal: giving you excellent vision with the attentive, personal care you expect. We pride ourselves on quality surgical outcomes and exceptional visual results. Our commitment to providing the highest quality surgical treatments has helped us become renowned as foremost Durham / Raleigh LASIK eye surgery, cataracts and phakic IOLs specialists.
Tim Gleason
Carolina Hurricanes

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Having performed thousands of successful LASIK procedures, phakic IOL implantations. cataracts treatments and PRK procedures. Dr. Dornic is one of Carolina s most experienced and qualified refractive surgeons. He is a board certified, fellowship-trained, vision correction specialist dedicated to the highest standards in ophthalmic surgery .


An experienced surgeon, FDA-approved state-of-the-art technology. a thorough evaluation process. and first class patient care reduce the chance for complications, improve overall results and increase confidence of our Raleigh and Durham LASIK patients. You will benefit by being personally examined and counseled by Dr. Dornic before being scheduled for your LASIK or other vision correction procedure. Also, because we are more than just a LASIK center, you can be assured that you will be receiving the procedure that is most appropriate for you.


Everyone claims to have the best technology but what matters are results. We offer vision correction technology proven to be the safest with the highest rate of success. IntraLase is a revolutionary evolution of the LASIK procedure that utilizes a laser, rather than a blade, to create the LASIK flap. CustomVue technology offered by Laser Eye Center of Carolina boasts the highest rate of 20/20 vision ever reported to the FDA. The VISX S4-IR laser utilizes a state-of-the-art eye tracking system, iris registration and Wavefront technology for added safety and increased precision. We invite our Durham and Raleigh LASIK patients to learn more about our advanced technologies and why they should not settle for other, inferior techniques by visiting our LASIK page .

Our Staff

Extensively trained, our staff are warm and friendly people who have a clear focus on personalized care and patient education. In addition, our surgical coordinator is available every day to answer all of your questions.
Dr. Dean Dornic, M.D.

Dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in ophthalmic surgery, Dr. Dean Dornic is a recognized authority on LASIK and other vision correction procedures. Founder and Medical Director of the Laser Eye Center of Carolina, Dr. Dornic has more than 15 years of surgical experience and has performed thousands of successful LASIK eye surgery procedures. He was selected as one of “America’s Top Ophthalmologists” by Consumer’s Research Council of America and was named a LASIK Gold surgeon – an honor bestowed upon the top 50 LASIK surgeons nationwide by Sightpath Medical. Newsweek recently named Dr. Dornic one of “15 Leaders in Laser Eye Surgery.”

Dr. Dornic is the first Raleigh / Durham laser eye surgery specialist to perform LASIK with IntraLase®, an exciting advance in LASIK technology that utilizes a laser rather than a metal blade to make the LASIK flap. He is also the first area ophthalmologist to provide implantable contact lenses.

Nationally recognized, Dornic has authored an ophthalmological text and serves as a moderator on the web site He is also a featured expert at “” and “”

Dr. Dornic has lectured at international meetings and trained several other surgeons on LASIK. He is an active member of the medical staff at Rex Health Care Center, WakeMed Cary Hospital and Johnston Health.

Many doctors and other health care providers have made Dr. Dornic their choice for vision correction and are enjoying life with freedom from glasses and contacts. As you consider any type of vision correction, such as LASIK in Raleigh / Durham, you can be confident in our commitment to be there every step of the way to make the process comfortable, and above all, successful.

Read Our

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Rohr Eye & Laser Center


Corrective eye surgery options Corrective eye surgery options

Corrective eye surgery options Corrective eye surgery options Corrective eye surgery options

Laser Eye Treatment Center in Michigan


Rohr Eye Laser Center is proud to offer discounts and specials on its popular services like LASIK, and LASEK eye surgeries. We offer these discounts to help make your procedures more affordable.


At the Rohr Eye Laser Center we offer the most advanced technology available to suit your lifestyle and visual needs. As leader in laser vision correction and cataract surgery, our goal is to help you achieve the best vision possible without glasses or contact lenses.


Our goal is to help you get the best vision possible, and through an affordable means. We realize that not all insurance programs cover every procedure we perform, so that’s why we offer our patients convenient and flexible financing options to cover the cost of LASIK and other eye surgeries . SPECIALS AND DISCOUNTS

Corrective eye surgery options

Corrective eye surgery options Corrective eye surgery options Corrective eye surgery options Corrective eye surgery options


Corrective eye surgery options

“I have had glasses since second grade and LASIK has had a huge effect on my life. I was impressed with the professionalism and care by Dr. Rohr and his staff. The procedure was painless and the care was wonderful. It was the best investment I have ever made. I would recommend Dr. Rohr and his wonderful staff to anyone.”

Jimmie Baber — Davison, Michigan

Corrective eye surgery options

“After wearing corrective contacts for 30 years, I am absolutely thrilled with my LASIK results! I forget I don’t have contacts in as I now see as good without them as I did wearing them. I tell everyone about my experience with Dr. Rohr and his staff!!”

Kathy McClain — Otisville, Michigan

Corrective eye surgery options

“I’m not as restrained in activities, riding bikes, exercising, etc. I’m able to read road signs even better than when I wore glasses! I encourage my friends to consider LASIK!”

Cindy Worrell — Columbiaville, Michigan

Corrective eye surgery options

“LASIK has changed my life for the better. Having to not depend on contacts or glasses has been great. This procedure has not only been great in my personal life, but as well for my professional career.”

Aleece Veit — Michigan

Corrective eye surgery options

“I had wore glasses and contact lenses for 50+ years and hated every minute of it. Dr. Rohr changed my life! I am now free of glasses and am so grateful.”

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Eye Clinic Surgery Center in Everett, WA

When you need medical eye treatments . our talented, experienced, and friendly staff is sure to exceed your expectations. Using the latest technology and equipment, we can treat most eye conditions including ptosis and puffy eyelids. Learn more about our services and procedures at our companion site.

Eye Exams and Glasses

After receiving the necessary eye exams. you can walk out looking fabulous in brand new glasses, sunglasses, and more from our Gallery of Eyewear store. Our friendly frame stylists will assist you in finding the frames that look the best and fits you comfortably. We feature the Duet contact lenses. We are able to correct for Astigmatism and Multifocal prescriptions with contact lenses.

Hours of Operation. Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. | Service Area: Snohomish, Skagit, King, Whatcom, and Island Counties

Fully Accredited Outpatient Surgery Center | Board Certified Physicians | Highly-Qualified and Experienced Registered Nurses ACLS Certified Surgical Technicians | Guaranteed next Day Eye Glass Service Available

Angie’s List Super Service Award 2012 winners have met strict eligibility requirements, including earning a minimum number of reports, an excellent rating from their customers and abiding by Angie’s List operational guidelines.

About Us

Since 1968, Physicians Eye Clinic Surgery Center has provided state-of-the-art eye care to individuals in Everett, Washington. With more than 50 years of combined experience, our eye doctors offer a complete array of vision services.

Click HERE to learn more about our services and procedures.

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Berkeley Eye and Laser Center The Woodlands:
Full Service Ophthalmology, Optometry and Laser Center

St. Lukes Medical Arts Center III
17450 St Luke s Way, #100
The Woodlands, Texas 77384
(Free parking available in garage.)Phone: 281-363-3443Fax: 936-271-1351

Hours of Operation:
Monday Thursday: 8am 5pm
Friday: 7am 1pm

Services Offered:

  • LASIK Laser Vision Correction
  • Complimentary LASIK Consultations
  • Comprehensive Eye Exams
  • Complete Cataract Care
  • Serving Whole Family/ Kid Friendly
  • The Latest Lens Implant Technology
  • Implantable Collamer Lenses (ICLs)
  • Glaucoma Diabetic Eye Care
  • Full-Service Optical Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Contact Lenses Computer Eyewear
  • Specialty Contact Lens Fitting Evaluation
  • Blue Light Blocking Lenses For Kids
  • Dry Eye Treatment Evaluation
  • Evaluation Treatment of Infections Other Eye Concerns
  • Advanced Diagnostic Testing
  • Retina Care

Accepted Vision Plans Include:

  • Coast to Coast Vision Plan
  • Davis Vision
  • Eye Med Vision Care
  • Medicare post op Cataract Eyewear
  • Safeguard Vision Plan
  • Superior Vision Plan
  • Spectera/Optum Health
  • United Healthcare Vision/Spectera
  • Vision Care Advantage
  • Vision Care Plan
  • Vision Service Plan (VSP)

Lasik Eye Surgeons of Berkeley Eye Center have helped patients see The Woodlands in High-Definition since 2005. Our state-of-the-art facility was the first one of its kind in The Woodlands and is one of few in the greater Houston area featuring the latest advances in LASIK technology including the 5th Generation iFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser and the VisX Star S4 eye-tracking laser.

Berkeley Eye Center, The Woodlands also now provides general eye care and a full-service optical department. We are excited to welcome Jason Whitten to our team of outstanding opticians. With over 20 years of experience as an optician in the Woodlands, Jason makes an excellent addition to our optical team. For a quality of vision like you’ve never seen, please call Berkeley Eye Center, The Woodlands to schedule a complimentary visit with one of our LASIK counselors. Isn’t it time you saw the forest and the trees?

Matthew McCauley, M.D. – Dr. McCauley is one of the primary surgeons at Berkeley Eye Laser Center, The Woodlands. He has tremendous experience performing cataract, phakic intraocular lens, the new split-thickness corneal transplants (DSAEK), laser and refractive surgery.

Dr. McCauley is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the American Medical Association and the Christian Ophthalmology Society.

See what our patients are saying about us!

Berkeley Eye Center – The Woodlands

587 – 5 star reviews

by Stephen j S. via
My first eye surgery and I was lucky enough to choose the Berkeley Eye Center in the Woodlands and Dr. McCauley to perform the surgeries to my right eye to remove a cataract and to correct an astigmatism. In less than 24 hours after surgery my distance vision is near perfect. The entire staff was friendly, efficient and professional and all appointments were on time. The examinations and the surgeries were not in any way painful. FIVE STARS is not enough to properly describe the attention, care and results that I received from the Berkeley Eye Center.

by Narcisa P. via
This was my first time visiting the Woodlands location. I recently moved to the area and was experiencing severe pain on my left eye. Not only did Dr. McCauley explain thoroughly my diagnostic dry eye but the staff was really friendly too. I definitely recommend this location to anyone who is looking for a good ophthalmologist in the area.

To schedule an appointment, please call our office at (281) 363-3443 or schedule online .

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If you are looking for an eye surgeon in Sacramento, consider Richard D. Grutzmacher, Richard A. Lewis, Patricia B. Sierra, Jacob W. Brubaker and Samuel H. Lee. Our board certified, fellowship trained surgeons have extensive experience enhancing vision not only for patients with refractive errors, but also for those in need of a corneal transplant, cataract surgery, or glaucoma treatment.

Procedures are often performed at Capital City Surgery Center where we offer a variety of treatments to meet the individual needs of each patient.

  • Are you seeking clear vision? Are you tired of the hassles of contact lenses or glasses? Look no further than Sacramento Eye Consultants in Sacramento California. We are pleased to offer you the latest and safest iLASIK blade free technology to ensure the best visual outcomes.

    Click Here

  • Would you like to see clearly for distance, near and everywhere in between without the need for glasses following Cataract Surgery? Our Surgeons use the latest technology in cataract surgery and Intraocular lenses (IOLs) such as the ReSTOR, Tecnis Multifocal, Crystalens and Toric to reduce or even eliminate your dependence on glasses after cataract surgery.

    Click Here

  • If you are interested in freedom from glasses or contact lenses through laser vision correction or premium intraocular lenses, do not let your finances hold you back! At Sacramento Eye Consultants in Sacramento, we offer a variety of medical financing options. Let us help you find out if Special Financing is Available to you.

  • Dr Kondrot America – s Favorite Eye Doctor – Healing the Eye #eye #doctor #software


    Eye Surgeon Reveals Breakthrough Treatments For Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, And Glaucoma Traditional Medicine And Big Pharma Won’t Tell You!

    Board Certified Ophthalmologist Issues Critical Warning To Anyone Considering Eye Surgery, Injections Or Drugs.

    Normally, eye doctors will recommend “traditional” treatments and procedures that have the potential to be more dangerous and harmful than you realize.

    These treatments can include:

    • Injections
    • Surgery
    • Drugs
    • Laser Procedures

    Any of which can cause many unintended and unwanted side effects that can actually make your condition and eye sight WORSE.

    Let me be honest here. As a Board Certified Ophthalmologist, I still practice vision care, enjoying the rewards of healing serious and life changing eye problems…

    But I no longer resort to the “standard”, yet potentially risky treatments and procedures I had recommended in the past…before I became enlightened about the broader world of alternative treatments and procedures that can be more effective, without the side effects and potential dangers inherent in “traditional” vision care medicine.

    So why did I stop being a “normal” ophthalmologist?

    While I had great success with most patients using common treatments, I simply wasn’t comfortable continuing the “usual” type of vision care practice.

    Once I discovered the potential for safe, effective healing without side effects, undesired outcomes and ineffective results that could arise from what I was encouraged to employ by the profession, big pharma and medical device manufacturers…I knew it was time for a change.

    To be totally straight with you, I was also disgusted by the medical profession’s standard operating procedures of being “incentivized” to recommend specific treatments, drugs, surgical techniques and medical devices…possibly favoring the providers at the expense of proper patient care.

    So, as I began a quest to search for safer, more effective and long lasting alternatives to laser surgery, macular degeneration injections, prescription medications, and all manner of “standard” treatments … I surprisingly found lots of resistance to my inquiries from the “powers that be”.

    I was thwarted at every turn to uncover alternatives that can be more effective with few or no side effects or unwanted results.

    I actually found opposition to implementing alternative methods that can succeed but don’t come from big pharmaceutical or medical device companies.

    Yes, here I was, seeking techniques that can safely, effectively achieve healing instead of potentially making you worse after undergoing expensive, risky “normal” procedures.

    Believe me when I tell you that when it comes to vision care:

    Big pharma, medical device manufacturers and the profession as a whole are stuck in an alliance that in my opinion, favors the status quo.

    In other words…big money.

    Well, my practice is interested in providing you with ALL the options you have available to you to heal your vision challenges…so you can make an educated decision on which path to follow.

    After all, how can you make the best decision for you or your loved one if you don’t know ALL the choices you can consider?

    If you’re only exposed to one possibility for treatment, then you’ll only be able to choose from that limited option.

    But, if you are shown a range of ALL different alternatives you can be a candidate for, then you can finally make the right decision because you have the information you need…information and alternatives you likely won’t learn from other sources of vision care.

    Doesn’t it make sense to know everything before you take action, as opposed to only being exposed to limited choices?

    If any of this interests you, please review the full range of information here on our website, so you can become quickly educated on just how many alternatives we offer you simply won’t discover anywhere else!

    If you’d like to schedule a FREE consultation to determine the state of your vision issues, and we can reveal the array of options to restore your vision, many of which you have likely not heard about.

    Then, you can decide what actions to take…knowing the full range of choices you have.

    Doesn’t that make so much sense?

    Please contact us, or click on the “” button so you can schedule a no-cost, no-obligation appointment for an initial consultation…AND a gift certificate for a FREE copy of my best-selling book “TEN ESSENTIALS TO SAVE YOUR SIGHT” and a Free report “Vitamins May Backfire!”.

    We look forward to seeing you in the office, and to opening up a whole new world of vision care you have not been exposed to in the past!




    Why shouldn’t I get injections for my macular degeneration?

    1) Injections do not treat the underlying cause but only superficial pathology. Yes the injections might help initially but long term they should be avoided.
    2) A recent study showed that 20% of patients receiving injections will develop retinal atrophy. This is not good, atrophy is death of the retinal tissue.
    3) A long term study revealed that after 10 years, no one in the study had an improvement of vision. In fact everyone lost vision!

    My suggestion is to embrace alternative treatments if your vision is stable or improving you do need injections, But if you find yourself losing vision while doing alternative treatments then and only then consider injections.

    My eye doctor wants me to have cataract surgery. Are there any alternatives that work without surgery or other potentially dangerous procedures?

    A cataract is like a warning light coming on in your car. You don’t want to remove the light but you need to find out what is wrong with your car! Most likely the problem is heavy metals. A Harvard study revealed that elevated lead is linked to the development of cataracts. You need to get the lead out not the cataract!
    They concern is the increase risk of developing macular degeneration (a much more serious problem) after the surgery.
    Find out what you can do to reverse cataracts!

    I have read that alternative medicine isn’t effective, that traditional medicine is much safer and smarter, especially for vision care. Why should I consider new treatments instead of surgery, injections or medication?

    I am sorry to disagree with you. Traditional medicine might be safer and smarter in some situations for vision care such as trauma or an emergency situation like an attack of glaucoma, a detached retina or a serious infection But is my experience traditional medicine is marginal at best in the treatment of the majority of chronic eye problems. This is why as a practicing eye surgeon for over 25 years I have now switched and embraced alternative treatments that do work!
    Please watch my webinar to learn more watch the 10 Essentials to Save Your Sight Webinar

    What are stem cells, and how can they solve my vision problems?

    Using stem cells to reverse vision loss is the new frontier in the treatment of eye disease.
    How can stem cells help vision?
    Mistakes to avoid receiving stem cells!
    What are the best stem cells?
    What is the best method of delivery?
    Who is best qualified to administer these cells?
    What can be done to improve results?
    Please watch this webinar to learn the answers regrading these questions!

    Dr. Edward Kondrot, MD, Named President of theHomeopathic Integrative Medical Association

    Dr. Edward Kondrot, MD, has been named President of the board of the Arizona Homeopathic Integrative Medical Association (AHIMA), a 27-year-old state association for licensed homeopathic medical physicians in Arizona and in other states. Dr. Kondrot will lead the organization in its mission to promote and provide leadership in the art and practice of Licensed Homeopathic Medicine, preserve and improve the health of the people of Arizona by developing and maintaining the highest standards, represent the physician and the profession in the public forum and defend the freedom and the ability of the physician to practice medicine in the best interests of the patient. Read the complete article!

    5 Crucial Ways to Help Save Your Sight

    10 Years in the Making, Book Helps People Overcome Vision Problems

    New Homeopathic Book Interviews Top Alternative Doctors in America

    Natural Health Doctor Releases New Chelation Therapy Book

    World Renowned Natural Health Eye Doctor to Host
    Chelation Therapy Conference


    FREE Monthly Vision Guide!

    Could these new eye drops cure cataracts? #shea #eye #institute


    Could these new eye drops cure cataracts?

    A new study reports a natural compound that can clear up cataracts. Photo by WIN-Initiative/Getty Images.

    If you live long enough, chances are you’ll get cataracts.

    Cataracts, a condition in which the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, are linked to nearly half of the world’s cases of blindness. primarily in low-income countries that lack access to surgery. Cataracts also cause vision problems for 94 million people worldwide.

    A study released this week shows that a natural chemical, produced in our bodies, can uncloud cataracts. The findings were made in rabbits and dogs, but if they hold true for humans, the chemical could greatly reduce the need for eye surgery to treat the condition, researchers say. But some scientists are skeptical of the finding.

    The first signs of cataracts may appear as early as 30 or 40. though vision problems don’t typically start until 60.

    “The population burden is huge. Basically everyone gets them by the time that they hit 80 or 90 years old,” said J. Fielding Hejtmancik, a geneticist at the National Institutes of Health who wasn’t involved in the study.

    Throughout our lives, cells in the lens of our eyes migrate from the outer region of the lens to the center. As they do this, they stretch. Whole structural portions of the cell, like the nucleus and mitochondria, break down and eventually disappear entirely, clouding our vision in the process. The cells in the outer rim of the lens are young, while the cells in the center you’ve had your whole life.

    The life of an eye lens. New lens cells, which are modified skin cells, start on the upper rim of the eye s lens and migrate to its equator. The cells squeeze inwards and then elongate, creating a stack of layers like the innards of an onion. At the same time, the cells ditch their machinery, like its DNA-packed nucleus and mitochondria, in order to keep the lens clear. Courtesy of Moreau K.L. and King J.A.,Trends Mol Med. 2012.

    Lens cells are stuffed to the brim with proteins called crystallins. In fact, the protein content in lens cells is greater than any other cell in the body. Even so, the supportive covering of the eye remains transparent, allowing light to project the picture of the world onto our retina. The key to this clarity comes from how the crystallins are arranged. Like open window blinds, the proper orientation lets light through.

    Many factors tweak the structure of these proteins over a lifetime, causing them to clump together and obstruct vision.

    UV light exposure is one offender; it oxidizes proteins, changing their structure. Some genetic mutations can create these clumps too, leading to cataracts early in life, which is where ophthalmologist Kang Zhang of the University of California, San Diego found a clue for the new treatment.

    “By screening families across the world for mutations that affect vision, we found four kids in two families with genetic aberrations in an enzyme called lanosterol synthase,” said Zhang, whose team reported the findings July 22 in Nature .

    As its name suggests, this enzyme makes lanosterol an oily compound found in the skin or in waxy substances like lanolin, a substance used to protect and treat skin. Zhang and his colleagues showed that the mutations shut down that enzyme.

    The researchers suspected that the lanosterol prevented the clumping of proteins in the human eye. To test that, they grew lens cells with crystallin clumps in a Petri dish. And indeed, after adding lanosterol to mix, the protein aggregates dissipated. Zhang’s team suspects that lanosterol breaks apart the crystallin clumps like a detergent splits dirt.

    Buoyed by this result, the team tested whether eye drops of lanosterol could clear up age-related cataracts in dogs over the course of six weeks. A trained examiner then looked at before and after pictures of the eyes, and scored them based on a veterinary scale for canine cataracts.

    “We saw an increase in the lens transparency and also decreased cloudiness of the cataract,” Zhang said, suggesting that lanosterol reversed the course of the disease. And since lanosterol is a naturally-occurring compound in our bodies, the side effects might be minimal in future human trials, he said.

    Canine eyes with naturally occurring cataracts, before and after receiving lanosterol treatment. Controls (two columns on right) show dog eyes that didn t receive treatment. Courtesy of Zhao et al. Nature, 2015.

    So that’s it case closed cure for cataracts found, right? Not so fast. Some outside experts are skeptical.

    “It is very difficult to determine conclusively the effect of any reagent, including lanosterol, on cataracts,” said University of Washington biologist John Clark, who is also president of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, the world’s largest eye and vision research organization.

    Clark points to the fact that the study didn’t directly look at whether the lanosterol deficiency caused crystallin clumps in the four kids with cataracts. Historically, these clumps would be examined if their lenses were removed after surgery, he said, but this study didn’t mention such an investigation.

    There is also a chance that lanosterol keeps the membranes of lens cells from rupturing, another contributor to cataracts, Clark said.

    “Not all cataracts are the same, and it is not a single disease,” UCLA ophthalmologist Joseph Horowitz said. Some cataracts become extremely hard depending on the stage of the disease, he said. As clumps form over the years, they become tougher to penetrate, and Horowitz questions the compound’s ability to break it down.

    Zhang admits that lanosterol needs several more years of study before it’s ready human trials and agreed that the drug likely won’t break hard cataracts. But as all cataracts start as mild to moderate cases, he said, early intervention with lanosterol might stop future clumping.

    “We did everything we can do experimentally to show lanosterol can dissolve crystallin protein aggregations in cell cultures, in rabbit and dog cataract lenses, Zhang said. “Obviously, we need to do more and our data need confirmation from other researchers. This is just a beginning.”

    Horowitz’s skepticism stems in part from prior natural compounds that have been falsely marketed as cures for cataracts, such as the antioxidant carnosine (or N-acetylcarnosine).

    “Carnosine is snake oil,” he said. “It isn’t approved by the FDA. It isn’t approved the Eye Institute. And only one group showed that it could deaggregate lens proteins,” Horowitz said. “But it’s a natural product, so people can buy it in a health store.”

    Like Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease, cataracts fall into a category of condition where people crave a “magic bullet” that can cure everybody, but Clark says such a drug is unlikely.

    “Problems of aging, such as cataracts, are complex and multifactorial. We’re in a time of great optimism where we can quantitatively measure individual human diversity,” Clark said. While the idea of a magic bullet may still inspire us, scientifically we need to seize this moment to learn about the myriad nature of biomedical problems of aging, like cataracts, to improve the quality of life of our society, he said.

    Hejtmancik agrees, but adds that Zhang’s research advances our understanding: “I view the research as opening a new door and pointing in a new direction in cataract therapy.”

    How to Choose an Eye Doctor #eye, #doctor, #vision, #specialist, #opthalmologist, #optometrist, #optician, #physician, #insurance, #license


    How to Choose an Eye Doctor

    Do things look a little fuzzy these days? It’s probably time to see an eye doctor.

    If you’ve never been before, choosing one can be tricky. There are several kinds of eye care experts who specialize in different things.

    How Do I Find One?

    If you’ve never seen an eye doctor, you need to make sure you find a good one.

    Talk to your doctor or pediatrician. She’ll have the names of eye specialists in your area. She may even have a sense of who would be a good fit for you or your children.

    Ask family, friends, and co-workers. Think of everyone you know who wears glasses — they all have eye doctors. Ask them.

    Check with professional organizations. The American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Optometric Association have tools on their websites to help find eye doctors in your area.

    After the Appointment

    When you’re on the way home, ask yourself:

    Did you have to wait a long time? If you did, you may want to ask the office staff about the average length of time before the doctor will see you.

    Did the exam feel complete? If you felt rushed by the doctor, that’s probably not a good sign.

    Did he listen to your questions and answer them clearly? Good communication is key for your eye health .

    Did you feel comfortable? This really is important. If you don’t like the doctor, you’ll be less likely to get checkups, and that isn’t good for your health.

    If your first attempt didn’t meet your expectations, don’t be afraid to try someone else. Your eye health is key to a long, healthy life. It’s worth it to take the time to find a doctor you trust.

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    TLC Madison LASIK sets the Gold Standard for outstanding patient experiences and outcomes through:

    • Our Expertise . As National Medical Director of TLC Laser Eye Centers, Dr. Louis Probst trains surgeons, lectures internationally and has authored five books and and over 80 book chapters on LASIK. He has performed more than 100,000 LASIK procedures to date, including over 400 procedures on fellow eye doctors. Learn more about Dr. Probst at .
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