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Oasis Pool Service is a full service swimming pool maintenance company serving the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex since 1985.

Call us at 817-467-1946 for quality service.

We provide standard Service Cleanups, Drain and Cleans, and regular Weekly Cleaning in the

Arlington, Grand Prairie, and Mansfield,

Southlake, Keller, Grapevine, Colleyville, Euless, Bedford, Hurst, Irving, Kennedale, Duncanville, Cedar Hill and parts of Fort Worth.

During the summer months, nothing is quite as refreshing as taking a plunge in your crisp, cool, sparkling blue swimming pool. You and your entire family can enjoy the benefits of your own summer playground in your backyard and you enjoy a holiday haven at your own home. Make your home an Oasis!

Oasis Pool Service© in Dallas/Fort Worth and Mid-cities is the company that can take care of your pool repair and maintenance needs. Oasis Pool Service also regularly maintains pools in Southlake, Colleyville, Euless, Bedford, Arlington, Grand Prairie, and Mansfield areas.

When looking for a pool service in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, you need to find a company that is also experienced in pool repair. Equipment needs to work well to maintain a clear and clean pool. To prevent filter grid damage, we’ll  provide regular filter cleaning. We provide standard service cleanups and regular weekly cleaning. Has your pool been neglected? We provide drain and cleans and repair all makes and models of pool equipment!
Our pool service in Dallas and in Fort Worth metroplex also specializes in pool pump and motor repairs. We repair automatic pool cleaners, pool heaters, automated systems, pool lights, and salt chlorine generators. We represent many national home warranty companies and we are committed to providing top quality services.

Oasis Pool Service© can also provide installations of new equipment for you. We specialize in the latest new swimming pool equipment and pool upgrades that add more efficiency and value to your pool.

We offer the following repairs and upgrades:

Our upgrades are at the forefront of technology. Many new developments are being made, with energy efficiency and ease of remote technology transferring to the pool industry. At Oasis Pool Serviceâ„¢ we evaluate new pool products and offer these to our customers.

If you would like to contact our pool service in the Dallas /Fort Worth
area, please call us on 817-467-1946 or fill out our quick and simple service request form. We are pleased to schedule your appointment!

Used Chemistry Analyzer Lab Equipment #abbott, #beckman, #hitachi, #johnson # # #johnson, #olympus, #coulter, #sysmex,



For over 30 years, Myco Instrumentation has provided it’s customers with the highest quality refurbished and used chemistry lab equipment for sale. Search our collection of used medical instruments below. If you can’t find what you are looking for, call us at 800.414.7169. We are committed to providing the best customer service and will do what we can to ensure you get the equipment you need.

Biolis 24i Chemistry Analyzer

Bench Top Chemistry Analyzer
* 400 tests per hour

* Requires no disposable cuvettes

* 100 chemistry tests available

* Barcoded sample tubes

* Electrolytes by ion selective electrodes

* 30-day on-board stability

* 14-day calibration stability

* 24 hour reagent cooling

Abaxis Piccolo Xpress Chemistry Analyzer

The Piccolo allows healthcare providers to perform routine multi-chemistry panels using 0.1cc of whole blood, serum or plasma. The system uses patented reagent discs that contain up to 15 chemistry tests.

Abbott Architect C 16000 Chemistry Analyzer

ARCHITECT c16000 can be integrated with the ARCHITECT i2000SR to consolidate clinical chemistry and immunoassay on one platform.

Abbott Architect C 8000 Chemistry Analyzer

ARCHITECT c8000 can be integrated with the ARCHITECT i2000SR to consolidate complex workloads of clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing on to one efficient platform.

Abbott Architect Ci 8200 Chemistry Analyzer

ARCHITECT c8000 can be integrated with the ARCHITECT i2000SR to consolidate complex workloads of clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing on to one efficient platform.

Abbott i-STAT 1 Chemistry Analyzer

This revolutionary, handheld analyzer provides reliable test results in just minutes, using as little as two drops of blood and a test cartridge.

Abbott Architect c4000 Chemistry Analyzer

Architect c4000 Offers: High-quality testing results, Rapid STAT turnaround time, For in vitro diagnostic use only, Continuous random access/self-contained multi-use cartridges, Open reagent system

Abbott ARCHITECT c4000 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

ARCHITECT c4000 can be integrated with the ARCHITECT i1000SR to consolidate clinical chemistry and immunoassay on one platform.

ABX Pentra 400 Chemistry Analyzer

• 55 on-board assays
• Innovative cassette format
• Integrated work station and validation station
• Touch screen
• Real-time viewing of your workflow

Alfa Wassermann ACE Chemistry Analyzer

With its expanded test menu, the ACE clinical chemistry system is the comprehensive solution to the chemistry diagnostic needs in today s healthcare settings. The ACE system offers the capabilities of a large floor model analyzer in a compact bench top footprint. The low cost per test and flexibility of single and panel testing makes the ACE system an ideal fit in a variety of clinical settings.

Alfa Wassermann Alera Chemistry Analyzer

The ACE Alera system is the proven, high-performance, low-maintenance chemistry analyzer capable of improving patient care and your bottom line.

The ACE Alera clinical chemistry system serves a wide variety of chemistry diagnostic needs with the power of a large floor model analyzer in an easily integrated and economizing compact footprint of a bench-top model.

Alfa Wassermann ACE Axcel® Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

ACE Axcel, the next-generation clinical chemistry system from Alfa Wassermann, sets the standard for excellence in today s Physician s Office Laboratory. Processing up to 285 tests per hour with both photometric and potentiometric detection technologies, the ACE Axcel helps physicians quickly diagnose and effectively monitor patients, delivers a reliable revenue stream for business, and eases and streamlines procedures for laboratory personnel.

Beckman Unicel DXC 600 Chemistry Analyzer

UniCel DxC systems are built to deliver maximum productivity for your laboratory. The systems have the capacity to help your lab thrive in today’s environment. Plus, designed to minimize workflow interruptions and maximize ‘user-friendliness’, the UniCel DxC systems deliver a faster, reliable turnaround time.

Beckman Unicel DXC 800 Chemistry Analyzer

UniCel DxC systems are built to deliver maximum productivity for your laboratory. The systems have the capacity to help your lab thrive in today’s environment. Plus, designed to minimize workflow interruptions and maximize ‘user-friendliness’, the UniCel DxC systems deliver a faster, reliable turnaround time.

Beckman Olympus AU 400/400e Chemistry Analyzer

Petro Industrial-Manufacturer, marketer, supplier of commercial refueling and lubrication storage and dispensing equipment #petro #industrial,


PETRO Industrial

PETRO Industrial is a leading manufacturer, marketer and supplier of commercial refuelling and lubrication storage and dispensing equipment globally. We are GLOCAL, that is we are a Global Business with Local Branch Operations strategically positioned throughout the world. PETRO Industrial has branches located throughout Australia, in South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Canada. Our branch operations are equity partnerships.

PETRO’s well positioned to competitively supply your dispensing equipment requirements. We purchase the major brands direct from the manufacture. Major brands sourced include Elaflex, Graco, Fill-Rite, Macnaught, Veeder Root, Franklin Refuelling, Ebsray, TCS, Donaldson, Piusi, Gespasa, Alfagomma, Banlaw, ZVA, Hydrau-Flo and Compac to name a few.

We manufacture and market an extensive range of Containerised Self Bunded Tanks suitable for use with Diesel, Petrol (Gasoline), Aviation Fuels, Lubricants, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (Adblue ), and Waste Oil. Our Liquitainer, HT Series and T Series Self Bunded Tanks range in size from 12 000L through to 110 000L.

PETRO Cube’s are an innovative range of Self Bunded, Baffled Tanks suitable for the storage and transport of a wide range of fuel, lubricants and waste products. UN and UL approved, the PETRO Cube can be used in all four corners of the globe. We stock an extensive range of sizes from 450L through to 13000L.

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Lowes Truck Rental

Lowes truck rental

Are you a local business owner who needs a truck to move equipment to a new office? Do you need an extra truck for an hour or so on a construction site, but don’t have access to one? Are you moving across town? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, consider Lowes truck rental. You may not know this, but the hardware giant Lowes allows customers to rent truck s at very reasonable rates. Read on to learn more about Lowes truck rental and why you would choose Lowes over another company.

If you work construction, or if you’re just moving a few things across town, renting a truck from Lowes may be a good idea. Renting a truck can also be a good way to deliver supplies you’ve purchased at your localLowes store. Since Lowes charges based on how long you have the truck. this works best if you can transport everything in your need in a single trip instead of running the truck back and forth.

How Much Does Renting a Truck from Lowes Cost?

One of the benefits of using a truck rental from Lowes is the cost. While some companies like Uhaul Truck rental will charge $70 per day after all the fees have been assessed, renting from Lowes means you only have to pay $19 for the first 75 minutes and $5 for every 15 minutes after. If you’re doing a quick move, this makes a lot of sense. Why spend $60 per day plus gas for a rental car or even more to rent a truck from a competing company when you only need the vehicle for an hour or so?

How to Rent A Truck From Lowes

What do I need to Rent from Lowes ?

Using Lowes truck rental is easy, but there are a few documents you need before you can rent.

The first thing you need is a valid driver’s license. For obvious reasons, Lowes won’t allow you to rent a truck if you don’t have a valid license.

The other document you need is proof of valid insurance. Singe you’ll be taking their truck. they’ll want to make sure you are insured in case an accident should happen while you have the vehicle.

Some Lowes locations may also require that you use a credit card to pay for your truck rental. This makes sure they can charge you for the full amount in case you have the truck longer than expected.

Is There Any Reason I Wouldn’t Want to Use Lowes ?

The Lowes movingtruck rental woks best if you don’t need to drive a long distance to go to your location and back. Even though you’ll usually have unlimited miles. you’re essentially paying by the minute, so this can get expensive if your delivery takes longer than expected.

You’ll also want to be aware of the time of day you’ll be using the rental service. Try to avoid times like rush hour so you don’t waste your minutes sitting in traffic. The countdown starts from the time you’re handed the keys to the truck. so you don’t have a lot of time to waste in driving to the delivery site, unloading everything, and returning the truck to Lowes. If you think you’ll need the truck all day, you should probably consider renting from somewhere else.

However, even if you do go over a bit, the cost of renting a truck from Lowes is much less than renting a vehicle from most other companies. Lowes just makes sense if you don’t need a truck for an entire day.

Returning Lowes Rental Truck

If there is anything else you need to know about Lowes truck rental. check the Yellow Pages or go to Lowes .com to find a location near you. There you can speak with a representative who will be able to answer any of the top questions not addressed here. Truck rental rates sometimes vary by location, so check with your local store before renting a Lowes movingtruck so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Commercial Arcade Game Leasing and Financing – Coin Operated Arcade Machine Equipment Lease Finance Information,


Commercial Arcade Game Machines Lease Financing | Arcade Leasing / Finance Information

Equipment lease financing

and proper business permits in hand before applying, along with a

personal credit score of 550 or higher, with no recent bankruptcies

Equipment lease financing

purchase on our site first, to determine the approximate total finance amount.

Equipment lease financing

then speak with our Consultants to determine the best loan period and terms

Equipment lease financing

Done ! Once approved, your order will be placed when the funds from

the lender have been received by us from one of our financing partners.

Equipment lease financing

as it entails the least amount of time and effort, and you can get delivery of your far faster than other methods. In addition to start-ups that already have their funding in place, m any vending, arcade, bar, restaurant and retail shop owners choose to use their existing cash or savings, bank lines of credit

or home equity loans, or in some cases, even very low-rate credit cards to fund their purchase, as

this generally, but not always, costs a bit less than the finance charges incurred from lease financing.

2) Equipment and Lease Financing – Financing is very popular option for purchasing arcade games

and vending machines, as it does not tie up your cash or existing credit lines, but unlike buying, leasing

and financing equipment does cost a bit more than outright purchasing in the long haul, and requires

a fair or better personal FICO credit score (above 550), plus a small down payment in some cases.

make the delivery of your purchase just a bit longer than simply buying them outright. Financing terms

can run from 12-60 months (typically 36-48 months), and interest rates on leases start at just 8% for

those with good to excellent credit scores (much less than credit card rates), and a bit more for those

with lower credit scores, so only in some rare cases, can it be less expensive to use existing bank

loans, lines of credit or credit cards to outright purchase arcade games and vending machines than

it is to finance them directly from us. Read below to find out the different lease options available :

Types of Arcade Games Leasing / Finance Programs Available :

and is usually the lowest cost finance option. You make an initial down payment of (2) monthly payments.

This allows you to get your equipment working for you before you make payments.

months in your off season to help save when your sales are lighter.

Once your cash flow improves, you then increase your monthly payments.

Arcade Equipment Financing vs. Outright Purchasing of Arcade Machines and Video Games :

Arcade Financing instead of buying them outright in a commercial setting can sometimes make more sense than outright buying. Financing gives you financial flexibility, helps you meet changing technology needs quickly and easily, and may offer tax advantages, too. Financing is a great way to add arcade games to a existing commercial arcade, restaurant, bar game room or other entertainment business.

The Financial Advantages of Arcade Machine Equipment Financing / Leasing vs. Purchasing :

your payments often are lower than with other types of financing. In fact, they are just a fraction of

the total purchase price, and may even qualify as a pre-tax expense. And financing arcade games

leaves your existing lines of credit complete untouched and intact for other business uses.

arcade equipment loan, you re protected against inflation. You can budget and forecast with

greater confidence, too. And the equipment you use today is paid with tomorrow s dollars!

The Technology Advantages of Arcade Machines and Vending Equipment Financing :

are covered by the original manufacturer warranty, just as if you bought the game. And because the

monthly payments can be lower (in terms of total outright monthly payments) than other forms of

financing, you can acquire more arcade equipment your business needs, and keep your cash intact.

Equipment lease financing

Middelburg Functions Hire and Rentals – Welcome to Umbali #cutlery #rentals #middelburg, #decor #rentals #middelburg,


Umbali Group

Middelburg Functions Hire and Rentals

Middelburg Functions Hire and Wedding Rentals by Umbali Rentals

Umbali Rentals is one of the biggest events catering and equipment hire companies in Mpumalanga. South Africa.

Umbali is based in Nelspruit with a strong foot hold around Mpumalanga including Middelburg

We offer quality rentals to the conference,functions and wedding industry in Middelburg

We offer our function hiring services in the following areas :

We offer a turnkey solution for outside catering and equipment hire complimented with a complete professional events management team in Middelburg:

  • Complete Equipment and Functions Hire in Middelburg
  • Marquee and Nomadik Tents rentals in Middelburg
  • Gazebo’s and Umbrellas in Middelburg
  • Professional Events Catering in Middelburg
  • Function design from start to finish in Middelburg
  • Professional Florist team in Middelburg
  • Professional Function advice in Middelburg
  • Complete Function Sound Hire in Middelburg
  • Projectors and microphone Hire in Middelburg
  • Podium rentals in Middelburg
  • and much much more. – click here to view our complete online catalogue

We have the following equipment to your rental disposal as well:

  • Bedouin tents hire in Middelburg area
  • Marquees tent rentals in Middelburg
  • Crockery, cutlery and glasses hire in Middelburg
  • Decor,Accessories,Linen, chairs and tables hire in Middelburg
  • Centre Piece rentals in Middelburg
  • Catering equipment in Middelburg to rent
  • V.I.P. Mobile Toilets rentals in Middelburg

Our top products. include the tiffany and wimbledon chair range. Rent it today

The Umbali Rentals Team travels to your events location.

Leave it to the events experts while you enjoy your function – give the Umbali group a call today or click here and request a quote online

Your functions hire choice in Middelburg. Mpumalanga

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College of DuPage – Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) #hvac, #hvacr, #heating, #ventilation,


Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR)

Career opportunities abound in this fast-growing area. The HVACR curriculum provides you with a general, technical background and then allows for specialization in many areas of this industry.

College of DuPage offers 3 Associate’s Degrees. Service Technician, Contractors and Facility Maintenance Mechanic. Degrees

The HVACR industry is among the top 30 growth occupations in the United States, with reports of some seasoned technicians earning more than $100,000. COD graduates are in demand in the public and private sectors.

Career opportunities include the following:

  • Utility companies
  • Contractors
  • Building engineers
  • Supply chain companies
  • Governmental organizations
  • Owning/managing your own company

In the HVACR program, study the theory of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating, electrical circuitry, control equipment, and system design. Take courses in testing, troubleshooting and equipment installation. This technical core curriculum is the basis for several certificates and three Associate in Applied Science degrees.

With proper planning, you can continue your education at a baccalaureate-granting institution. Baccalaureate degrees include mechanical or electrical engineering or technology education.

Before enrolling, discuss your plans with program advisors to determine the best course of study for you!

Gainful Employment Information

View information about this program, including estimated cost and employment opportunities.

Bob Clark. Program Coordinator
Technical Education Center (TEC), Room 1057, (630) 942-3068

Peter Deeman. Program Advisor
Technical Education Center (TEC), Room 1047, (630) 942-2548

Bridget McFarland. Program Support Specialist
Technical Education Center (TEC), (630) 942-8419

Pyramid Pipe – Supply – Canoga Park – Water Heaters – Boilers #bath #accessories, #commercial


Pyramid Pipe Supply

Pyramid Pipe & Supply was established in 1962, in Canoga Park Canoga Park, CA – Los Angeles County and is a business specialized in Sinks, Kitchens, Backflow Devices and Pool & Spa. Pyramid Pipe & Supply is listed in the categories Water Heaters & Boilers, Heating & Plumbing Supplies, Bathroom Accessories, Plumbing Supply Manufacturers, Drains, Pipes & Sewage Materials, Plumbing Equipment & Supplies, Vitreous China Plumbing Fixture And China And Earthenware Bathroom Accessories Manufacturing, Plumbing Fixture Fitting And Trim Manufacturing, Water Heaters, Water Heaters Parts & Supplies, Plumbing Equipment, Parts & Supplies, Pipe Retail, Plumbing Fixture Fittings & Trim, Water Heaters Wholesale & Manufacturers, Plumbing Fixtures & Accessories, Bathroom Fixtures & Accessories Wholesale, Plumbing Equip, Parts & Supplies, Bathroom Fixtures & Accessories Wholesale & Manufacturers and Plumbing Fixtures & Supplies Wholesale & Manufacturers and offers Bath Accessories, Commercial Equipment, Coolers, Fixtures, Kitchen Supplies, 49, Drainage & Irrigation, Backflow Prevention, Commercial Services, Construction Services etc. If you did business with Pyramid Pipe & Supply, please leave a review and help us improve and help other people. Also, don’t forget to mention Hubbiz.

Water Heaters Boilers, Heating Plumbing Supplies, Bathroom Accessories, Plumbing Supply Manufacturers, Drains, Pipes Sewage Materials, Plumbing Equipment Supplies, Vitreous China Plumbing Fixture and China and Earthenware Bathroom Accessories Manufacturing, Plumbing Fixture Fitting and Trim Manufacturing, Water Heaters, Water Heaters Parts Supplies, Plumbing Equipment, Parts Supplies, Pipe Retail, Plumbing Fixture Fittings Trim, Water Heaters Wholesale Manufacturers, Plumbing Fixtures Accessories, Bathroom Fixtures Accessories Wholesale, Plumbing Equip, Parts Supplies, Bathroom Fixtures Accessories Wholesale Manufacturers, Plumbing Fixtures Supplies Wholesale Manufacturers

Sinks, Kitchens, Backflow Devices, Pool Spa

Everything in the world about Tree Climbing #tree, #climbing, #treeclimbing, #recreational, #climbers, #treeclimbers, #recreational #treeclimbers,


To The Wayfarer,

Ye who pass by and would raise your hand against me, harken ere you harm me.

I am the heat of your hearth on the cold winter nights,
the friendly shade screening you from the summer sun.

My fruits are refreshing draughts,
quenching your thirst as you journey on.

I am the beam which holds your house,
the board of your table,
the bed on which you lie,
and the timbers of your boat.

I am the handle of your hoe,
the door of your homestead,
the wood of your cradle,
the shell of your coffin.

I am the bread of kindness and the flower of beauty.

Ye who pass by,
listen to my prayer; harm me not.

–reportedly from the book “Spanish Sunshine” by Elinor Elsner, circa 1925, and was a notice found on a tree in a park in Seville, Spain; posted by Ray on the Boards of the Native Tree Society

Branch Out

+1 (404) 377-3150

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Atlanta, GA, USA

Equipment Leasing #equipment #leasing #financing


The Fundamentals of Leasing Business Equipment

What it is: From computers and heavy machinery to complete offices, it is possible to lease almost anything for your business. Equipment leasing can provide a lifeline for cash-strapped businesses in need of the tools of the trade.

How to get it: Equipment leasing is basically a loan in which the lender buys and owns equipment and then rents it to a business at a flat monthly rate for a specified number of months. At the end of the lease, the business may purchase the equipment for its fair market value (or a fixed or predetermined amount), continue leasing, lease new equipment or return it.

Upside: Advantages include getting your hands on needed equipment without paying the costs up front. Lines of credit stay freed up because the leases are not bank loans, and lease payments can potentially be deducted as a business expense. It is also possible to easily upgrade equipment once a lease expires.

Downside: Leasing can be an appropriate for any business at any stage of development. But when it comes to startup businesses, it is likely the owner will be obliged to put his or her personal credit on the line in order to secure the lease.

Other downsides include a higher price over the long term, and the lease commits you to keep the equipment for a period of time.

Still, the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association estimates that four-fifths of businesses at least lease some of their equipment — a testament to the usefulness of the practice.

A company selling equipment is often able to make a direct referral to a leasing company with which it does business.

It is a good idea to get a quote from the leasing firm referred by the company that wants to sell you the equipment. The quote should be competitive. After all, the company selling products wants to sell as many as possible, and it surely doesn’t win any points by referring a leasing company that gouges its customers. But it also pays to get another quote. Usually, the company selling the equipment works with more than one leasing company. Or ask a friend or a business associate for a referral.

Keep in mind that the person making the leasing agreement may be a broker and not be the source of the equipment.

A good rule of thumb is to deal only with financing sources that have operated at least as long as the term of the proposed lease. Get picky when it comes to the terms, especially when it comes to casualty insurance to cover equipment damage and responsibility when it comes to paying personal property tax or handling repairs.