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Department Enters into Consent Order with Generation Mortgage Company

Atlanta, Georgia — On April 29, 2013, the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance (“Department”) entered into a Consent Order with Generation Mortgage Company, License Number 22292, located at 3565 Piedmont Road NE, 3 Piedmont Center, Suite 300, Atlanta, Georgia 30305-1538, to resolve allegations pertaining to violations of the Georgia Residential Mortgage Act.

The terms of the Consent Order include the following:

  • Generation Mortgage shall develop and implement policies that will ensure compliance with all applicable Georgia laws and regulations, including implementing measures to ensure that its business operations and employees are subject to an appropriate level of supervision at all times;
  • Generation Mortgage shall develop and implement practices that will ensure compliance with all applicable Georgia laws and regulations, including not directly or indirectly transacting business as a mortgage lender in the State of Georgia with any unlicensed “Person;”
  • Generation Mortgage shall develop and implement policies that will ensure compliance with all applicable Georgia laws and regulations, including maintaining a record of the license numbers or exemption status of any mortgage loan originator, mortgage broker, mortgage lender or mortgage loan processor with whom Generation Mortgage conducts business;
  • Generation Mortgage Company shall pay fines to the Department in the amount of $5,000; and
  • Generation Mortgage shall contribute $2,000.00 to the State Regulatory Registry, LLC.

The Department has regulatory and/or licensing authority over state-chartered banks, credit unions, trust companies, mortgage loan originators, mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders, mortgage processors, check cashers, sale of check companies, money transmitters, international banking organizations, and bank holding companies conducting business in Georgia. Visit us on the Web at:

Home – Department of Rural Development and Land Reform #mortgage #rates #atlanta

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Notice to the aerial survey industry +

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  • The Minister Gugile Nkwinti launched the first Co-operative Bank for Rural Arts and Craft in Durban +

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  • Mortgage assistance – Australian Government Department of Human Services #30 #yr #mortgage #rates

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    Mortgage assistance

    If you are eligible you can apply for the early release of your superannuation benefits for mortgage assistance.


    You may be eligible for an early release of superannuation for mortgage assistance if:

    • your mortgagee or council is threatening to repossess or sell your home due to arrears on your mortgage or council rates
    • the property under threat is your usual place of residence
    • you are responsible for the mortgage or rates repayments, and
    • you can t afford to pay the arrears without accessing your superannuation

    You will not be eligible for an early release of superannuation for mortgage assistance if:

    • you are not currently in arrears on your mortgage or council rates but expect to have difficulty making future repayments
    • you are in arrears on your mortgage or council rates but your mortgagee or council is not threatening to repossess or sell your home, or
    • you are in rental arrears

    Supporting documents

    For each loan you have secured by your home you need to provide a letter or legal notice which states separately:

    • that if the arrears amount is not paid within a specified time frame, the mortgagee will foreclose the mortgage, take possession of, or sell the security property
    • the current amount owing that must be paid in order to stop the action to sell or take possession of your property
    • the address of the property under threat of sale
    • the amount equal to 3 months of repayments for the loan
    • the amount equal to 12 months interest on the outstanding balance of the loan, and
    • the name of the mortgagee and the bank account number for the loan

    For council rates you need to provide a letter or legal notice from your council which states:

    • the current arrears amount
    • that if the arrears amount is not paid within a specified time frame, the council will sell the home
    • the address of the property under threat of sale
    • the relevant state or territory legislation this action is being taken under
    • the length of time the rates have been in arrears, and
    • that the arrears will be accepted to stop the forced sale of the property

    The letter or legal notice needs to be:

    • on the mortgagee or council s letterhead
    • dated, and
    • no more than 30 days old

    Maximum release amount

    The maximum amount that can be considered for a mortgage release per superannuation fund within a 12 month period is the sum of:

    • 3 months repayments, and
    • 12 months interest on the outstanding balance of the loan

    A release will only be made for the amount required to stop foreclosure action and allow for processing time. Further repayment may be released as well if it is within your available cashing restriction and net superannuation balance.

    What you need to do

    To apply for an early release of superannuation for mortgage assistance you need to:

    • complete an online application using your Centrelink online account through myGov
    • confirm your identity. and
    • provide all the supporting documents requested in the online application

    Read more about how to apply .

    Page last updated: 7 March 2016

    This information was printed Sunday 18 September 2016 from It may not include all of the relevant information on this topic. Please consider any relevant site notices at when using this material.

    Nationally accredited university #online #degree,online #degrees,degrees #online,degree #online,life #experience #degree,life #experience #degrees,department #of #education,fast #degree,fast #degrees,ministry #of #education,handbook #of #universities,unesco,credential #evaluation,regionally #accredited #degree,regionally #accredited #degrees,apostille,apostilles,college #degrees,university #degrees,st #regis,saint #regis,western #governors #university,thomas #edison #state #college,degrees #for #life #experience,accreditation #for #prior #learning


    Concordia College University of Delaware Your Responsible Choice

    College credit for life experience is legally defined by the U.S. Department of Education as credit earned by students for what they have learned through independent study, noncredit adult courses, work experience, portfolio demonstration, previous licensure or certification, or completion of other learning opportunities (military, government, or professional).

    Graduation month is once again upon us. Serving your needs, Concordia College in Wilmington, Delaware offers you the nation’s most affordable US$ 195.00 all-inclusive accredited university degree program in the shortest amount of time. Not a luxury, but a necessity for all who need to provide for themselves and their families.

    Applying your professional and life experience towards a degree is your best investment, and the new standard in today’s academe to achieve this goal.

    Established in 1999. Concordia College offers you a U.S. nationally accredited fast-track degree program based entirely on prior learning and life experience credits. You may have done past courses and other learning which equals an Associate, Bachelor or Master degree, but you accumulated that learning in a variety of contexts with no resulting degree outcome. Meeting your need, Concordia College’s prior learning assessment process may conclude with an accredited degree in 24 hours in the subject of your prior studies or Life Experience. Your transcripts then credibly document all of your learning.

    Scroll down or get started here. Proceed to our FAQ page if you have further questions. Or watch Concordia College & University ?>

    Office of the Governor Bill Walker #bill #king #attorney, #administration #adoption #akgovbillwalker #alaska #alaskaborn #alaskan #alaska’s #announces #applauds #appointees #april #awards #board #boards #budget #building #business #businesses #byron #capitol #code #commission #commissioner #commissions #confirming #construction #copyright #costsaving #december #department #earthquake #email #employees #family #floor #focus #government #governor #governor’s #history #hotel #housing #improve #join #juneau #justice #lady #legislature #life #links #list #livestream #looking #major #mallott #medicaid #meet #military #myalaska #newsroom #nonpartisan #office #our #core #parents #passage #people #phone #photos #photostream #plan #press #public #purpose #reform #releases #resident #resource #safety #selfdetermination #serve #services #spirit #state #statewide #stewardship #subscribe #summit #survived #sustainable #thanks #took #to #energize #tweets #values #vision #visiting #volunteer #walker #webmaster #worked


    Governor Bill Walker attended a Nalukataq Festival to celebrate the completion of the spring whaling season in Kaktovik on Friday, June 23, 2017.

  • First Lady Donna Walker visited three provinces in China as part of a cultural exchange hosted by Alaska’s sister state, the Province of Heilongjiang.

  • Governor Bill Walker and First Lady Donna Walker enjoy a sampling of products from the Highway’s End Farmer’s Market in Delta Junction on Saturday, June 3, 2017.

  • Governor Bill Walker attended the Memorial Day ceremony hosted by the Alaska Veterans Motorcycle Club at Byers Lake on Monday, May 28, 2017.

  • Governor Bill Walker toured the U.S. Navy destroyer USS O’Kane on Saturday, May 13, 2017, during the warship’s five-day visit to Juneau. The O’Kane, based in Hawaii, participated in the join military training exercise Northern Edge 2017.

  • Governor Bill Walker met with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson during the One Arctic Ministerial Meeting in Fairbanks on Thursday, May 11, 2017.

  • Governor Bill Walker visited the Alaska State Troopers Detachment E during a recent visit to Kenai on Tuesday, May 9, 2017.

    From the Newsroom

  • Collier County Florida DMV #collier #county, #naples, #macro #island, #florida, #state, #fl, #dmv, #offices, #drivers #license, #department #of #motor #vehicles


    Florida DMV Online Guide

    Collier County DMV Guide

    Collier County is located in Southwest Florida along the Gulf of Mexico with Lee County north and Monroe County south. It is 2,304 square miles and has a population of 251,300 plus. Some of its cities include Everglades City, Marco Island, and Naples.

    Collier County was named after advertising tycoon Barron G. Collier, one of South Florida’s leading developers. The area is loaded with outdoor activities from jungle cruises and airboat rides in the Everglades to shelling, swimming and sailing along the Gulf of Mexico. The weather is perfect for year-round golfing as well.


    Collier County Services

    Many government services provided at the county level are available from either the DMV Office or the Clerk of Court – also known as the Clerk of the Ciruit Court. The DMV focuses on licenses and tags for anything that you drive including cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks, RVs and more.

    Your Clerk of Court delivers an enormous amount of services. Examples include your civil and criminal courts, bail bonds, boating and fishing citations, traffic citations, marriage licenses, adoptions, jury service, parking, passports, and many more.

    Collier County DMV Offices Services

    Your Collier County DMV offices provide vehicle registration, drivers licenses, ID cards, tag and title services for cars, trucks, trailers, vessels and mobile homes.

    Registration, Tag and Title Services

    You can also contact the DMV office for specialty tags, disability parking permits, and transferring a motor vehicle or boat/vessel title. Many of Collier’s Florida DMV services are available online or by phone to save you time.

    Relocating to Florida

    If you are a new Florida resident, you are required to register your vehicle within ten days and get a Florida drivers license within 30 days. If you have an out-of-state drivers license and it has not expired beyond 30 days you can convert your license without taking a written or road test. If you need a drivers license for the first time you must complete a Florida DMV approved four-hour Drug and Alcohol (DATA) course and DMV test on road signs and road rules.

    Car Registration and Auto Insurance

    Before registering your vehicle, you must obtain Florida Auto Insurance and have verification of the VIN number. The auto insurance must be purchased from an insurance company licensed by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. Florida’s minimum coverage is $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 property damage liability (PDL). If you have been involved in a crash, or been convicted of certain offenses, you may be required to purchase bodily injury liability coverage (BIL).

    More information on Collier County DMV

    Commissioner of Health – Oklahoma State Department of Health #oklahoma #state #department #of #health,cline,health,dr,s,health,he,oklahoma,position,services,2009,u,served,local,commissioner,oklahoma #,s,cambridge,department,president,service,services,mental,july,has


    Terry L. Cline, Ph.D. began his tenure as Oklahoma s Commissioner of Health effective June 30, 2009. Dr. Cline was appointed to this position by the Oklahoma State Board of Health and he is the 20th State Health Commissioner to serve since the position was first created in 1907. In February 2011, Gov. Mary Fallin appointed him to serve concurrently as Oklahoma s Cabinet Secretary of Health and Human Services.

    Dr. Cline previously completed a post as Health Attach at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, where he advised the U.S. Ambassador, the Iraqi Minister of Health, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on health-related challenges in Iraq. Dr. Cline served in this capacity under the Administrations of both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.

    Prior to that position, Dr. Cline served as Administrator for the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) from 2006-2008, a position for which he was nominated by President George W. Bush and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. As SAMHSA Administrator, Dr. Cline directed the $3.3 billion agency that is responsible for improving the accountability, capacity and effectiveness of the nation s substance abuse prevention, addictions treatment, and mental health service delivery systems.

    Dr. Cline has extensive experience in overseeing health and human services at the state level as well. In 2004, he was appointed by Gov. Brad Henry as Oklahoma s Secretary of Health. At the same time, he served as Oklahoma s Commissioner of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, a position he held since January 2001.

    Dr. Cline has also served as a local provider through an earlier post as the Clinical Director of the Cambridge Youth Guidance Center in Cambridge, Mass. and as a Staff Psychologist at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Mass. In addition, his professional history includes a six-year appointment as a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Chairman of the governing board for a Harvard teaching hospital in Cambridge, Mass.

    A native of Ardmore, OK, Dr. Cline attended the University of Oklahoma where he earned a bachelor s degree in psychology in 1980. He then received both a master s degree and a doctorate in clinical psychology from Oklahoma State University. Dr. Cline has involved himself in community service, including membership on a number of local, state and national committees and boards with a focus on improving the overall health of the community and the nation.

    Department of Computer Science #department #of #computer #science, #sam #houston #state #university, #computing #science, #graduate #students, #undergraduate #students, #teaching, #research, #programming #languages, #neural #networks, #networking, #data, #data #mining, #informatics, #cryptography, #networking, #network #security, #programming, #parallel #computing, #data #structures, #steganography, #multimedia #forensics, #digital #forensics


    Department of Computer Science

    Welcome to the Digital Age

    The Department of Computer Science at Sam Houston State University is a community of faculty, staff, and students centered in the computing science disciplines. The Department of Computer Science is dedicated to providing the highest quality education possible to its graduate and undergraduate students through excellence in teaching and excellence in research. The department is committed to furthering the pursuit of knowledge and meeting the needs of a diverse society.

    Faculty members in the Department of Computer Science pursue a wide range of interests in the field of computer science, from design of programming languages, to neural networks and other aspects of networking, to data mining, informatics, and cryptography. SHSU computer scientists also make important and timely contributions to the literature of the discipline, including editing of scholarly journals and publication in professional periodicals and at major conferences.

    Quality instruction is a major focus of the department as well. Faculty members teach courses in networking, network security, programming, parallel computing, data structures, steganography, multimedia forensics, and more.

    The department’s special strengths in digital forensics – exemplified by the Center of Excellence in Digital Forensics – demonstrates the faculty’s commitment to serving the public at all levels. The center’s work has great potential utility for law enforcement, public safety, and national security.

    We hope that the information provided on this site will be useful to prospective and current students, faculty members, others in the SHSU community, and the public. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information about the work of the Department of Computer Science.

    Dr. Peter Cooper, Professor and Chair
    Department of Computer Science
    Sam Houston State University

    Computer Science

    Justice Department says it will not charge Baton Rouge officers for Alton Sterling – s death – LA Times #alton #sterling, #baton #rouge, #louisiana, #department #of #justice,


    Justice Department says it will not charge Baton Rouge officers for Alton Sterling’s death

    Sean Gardner / Getty Images

    On Wednesday, at the U.S. courthouse in Baton Rouge, La. Acting U.S. Atty. Corey Amundson announces the conclusion of the federal investigation into the death of Alton Sterling.

    On Wednesday, at the U.S. courthouse in Baton Rouge, La. Acting U.S. Atty. Corey Amundson announces the conclusion of the federal investigation into the death of Alton Sterling. (Sean Gardner / Getty Images)

    Jaweed Kaleem Contact Reporter

    The Department of Justice said Wednesday that it will not bring federal charges against white police officers involved in the high-profile shooting of a black man last year in Baton Rouge, La. that had ignited protests around the country over the deaths of African Americans at the hands of police officers.

    “All of the prosecutors and agents involved in this case have come to the conclusion that insufficient evidence exists to charge either officer with a federal crime,” said Acting U.S. Atty. Corey Amundson, ending a 10-month federal investigation into the death of 37-year-old Alton Sterling .

    While no federal civil rights charges will be filed, Amundson said a “state investigation will follow,” leaving open the possibility of charges in Louisiana against the officers.

    The inquiry sought to determine if officers had violated Sterling’s civil rights and whether the shooting was justified. It’s the first investigation into a high-profile police shooting to be completed in the Trump administration under Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions.

    Sterling was shot to death July 5 after police responded to a 911 call reporting a man making a threat with a gun in front of a market. Witness and police accounts differed on whether Sterling threatened officers and if he reached for a gun. A focal point of the investigation hinged on whether Sterling had threatened the officers with a gun or if the officers perceived a threat that led them to fire six bullets into his body. The Department of Justice and the FBI launched the inquiry two days after his death.

    Amundson said officers recovered a .38-caliber revolver loaded with six bullets from Sterling’s right pocket after a 90-second altercation. He cited videos released at the time of the shooting in which officers shout that Sterling has a gun before shooting him. Justice Department officials said they reviewed cellphone, surveillance, body camera and dash cam videos. Police said at the time that the officers’ body cameras had fallen off before the shooting.

    Amundson said it was unclear from the investigation if Sterling had reached for the gun. But he said that was not enough to bring charges against the officers.

    “We cannot establish that Mr. Sterling was not reaching for a gun, or more accurately, that officers did not believe he was reaching for a gun,” he said.

    “To prove a federal criminal civil rights violation, you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the officers acted unreasonably and willfully. That is, they acted with a specific intent to do something that the law forbids,” Amundson said.

    “Being reckless, escalating a situation that may have been de-escalated — those things are not a basis under the law for a federal civil rights prosecution,” he said.

    “Given the totality of the circumstances — that the officers had been fighting with Sterling and had attempted less-than-lethal methods of control; that they knew Sterling had a weapon; that Sterling had reportedly brandished a gun at another person; and that Sterling was much larger and stronger than either officer, the department cannot prove either that the shots were unconstitutional or that they were willful,” the department added in a statement.

    Amundson said investigators determined that the officers, Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II, “were not unreasonable.” Still, he said, “experts criticized aspects of the officers’ technique.”

    He also confirmed earlier reports that Salamoni, who had been on the force for three years, shot Sterling. The officers were put on leave after the shooting.

    Louisiana Atty. Gen. Jeff Landry said his office would investigate the shooting, but did not provide details.

    “At this time, and due to the nature of their investigation, my office has not been privy to any investigative materials created and collected by the USDOJ. Therefore, I cannot and will not comment on their findings beyond that they were made after an exhaustive investigation and a thorough review of the evidence,” Landry said in a statement.

    Chris Stewart, a lawyer who represents the Sterling family, said the “actions of the officers that night were absolutely heinous” and that the state had a “phenomenal” case against the men.

    Officials from the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and the New Orleans field office for the Federal Bureau of Investigation joined in Wednesday’s announcement, which had been the subject of rumors that had left Baton Rouge on edge for more than a week. Local politicians and Sterling’s family members had complained that the Justice Department had not given them advance warning of its decision.

    “I’m still emotionally messed up because things I heard in this meeting today … horrible,” said Sterling’s aunt, Sandra Sterling, who said she rejected the department’s findings that were presented to the family on Wednesday.

    She cried as she described learning from federal officials that Salamoni pointed a gun at Sterling’s head and said he would “kill you.” The Justice Department’s report summary said the officer pointed the gun at Sterling’s head when he did not comply with commands to put his hands on the hood of a car after police showed up. It said Sterling then put his hands on the hood and moved them, prompting Lake to shoot him twice with a stun gun before Salamoni tackled Sterling to the ground. But the report did not include the “kill you” quote from Salamoni, which Sterling family lawyers said is documented in unreleased video and audio.

    “What we saw on the news was nothing compared to what you all are going to see. … It’s so much worse to come,” Sandra Sterling said.

    The decision to not bring federal charges was reported on Tuesday by several news outlets, including the Los Angeles Times. Small groups of protesters had gathered to demonstrate against the decision that night. Baton Rogue police reported three arrests, and the city was bracing for more demonstrations after Amundson’s press conference.

    Speaking at a press conference after the announcement, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards called for city residents to avoid violence.

    “While many … may not agree with their decision today, it is incumbent upon us to make sure peace remains,” Edwards said. “We still have too many people in our community who are afraid of the police, and too many police officers afraid of members of our community.”

    Protests in Baton Rouge over the shooting led to 200 arrests last year. In addition to demonstrating against Sterling’s death, the protests were a response to broader tensions in Baton Rouge between police and African Americans, who said they had been long mistreated by officers.

    Sterling was shot in front of the Triple S Food Mart, where he was known to hawk music CDs. In videos, the officers first shout at Sterling to get on the ground, then tackle him. While he’s pinned down, a voice is heard yelling: “He’s got a gun! Gun!” before gunshots are heard.

    The shooting was among a string of fatal incidents involving police last July.

    The day after Sterling was shot, the police shooting in Minnesota of Philando Castile set off protests after his girlfriend went on Facebook for a live broadcast showing Castile bleeding in the driver’s seat of his car. Castile, who was 32 and black, was pulled over by an officer outside St. Paul and shot after informing the officer he had a weapon, which he was licensed to carry, in the vehicle.

    The officer, Jeronimo Yanez, who is Latino, was charged with second-degree manslaughter and dangerous discharge of a firearm. His trial is expected to begin later this year.

    The day after Castile’s shooting, five officers in Dallas were shot by an Army-trained sniper during a protest over police shootings. The 25-year-old shooter, Micah Johnson. was black. Police said he left a trail of evidence that he wanted to kill white officers in retaliation for police shootings of black men. Officers responding to the shooting killed Johnson.

    Ten days later, three officers were shot dead in Baton Rouge by 29-year-old Gavin Long. The former Marine, who was black, had a history of online ramblings in which he described violence as the solution to the oppression of black Americans. Long was also killed by responding police officers.

    Today, James Comey delivers that startling account to Congress. Turns out, our species is older than we thought. The Lakers should draft Lonzo Ball. at least that’s what our columnist Bill Plaschke thinks. The Mojave Desert is full of eccentric wonders.

    Credits: Jean-Jacques Hublin / European Pressphoto Agency / Getty / KTLA / Mel Melcon

    Today, James Comey delivers that startling account to Congress. Turns out, our species is older than we thought. The Lakers should draft Lonzo Ball. at least that’s what our columnist Bill Plaschke thinks. The Mojave Desert is full of eccentric wonders.

    Credits: Jean-Jacques Hublin / European Pressphoto Agency / Getty / KTLA / Mel Melcon

    Choosing Between the PsyD and PhD Psychology Graduate Degrees #american #psychological #association,apa,associate #executive #director,carol #williams,clinical #psychology #programs,co #editor,connecticut #state #university,department #of #psychology,doctor #of #philosophy,doctor #of #psychology,education,grad #school,knowledgeable #decision,nickelson,personal #goals,ph.d,post #doctoral #fellow,psy #d #programs,psychological #centers,psychologists,psychology,psychology #education,psychology #graduate,psyd,research #opportunities,tara #kuther,western #connecticut #state,western #connecticut #state #university,what #are #your #career #goals,xavier #university


    Choosing Between the PsyD and PhD Psychology Graduate Degrees

    Because clinical psychology programs are known for being competitive, most students don’t care so much where they get in. They just care if they get in. It’s this attitude of “I’ll go anywhere that picks me” that can get students into trouble, according to Tara Kuther. Ph.D, professor at the Department of Psychology at Western Connecticut State University and guide to graduate school.

    Students get so excited about becoming psychologists that they “don’t take the time to look into programs,” said Carol Williams-Nickelson. Psy.D, former associate executive director of the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students and co-editor of Internships in Psychology: The APAGS Workbook for Writing Successful Applications and Finding the Right Fit .

    Glossing over the specifics can happen when you’re deciding between a Psy.D (Doctor of Psychology) and Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy). Many people assume that one is better than the other. But you might be surprised to learn that it isn’t a matter of superiority. Rather, it’s a matter of personal goals and being fully informed about each program, Williams-Nickelson said. Here’s more on making a wise and knowledgeable decision.

    What are your career goals?

    Both Kuther and Williams-Nickelson underscore the importance of thinking long-term. While it’s “hard to imagine what you’ll be doing six years from now, it’s critical because [Ph.D and Psy.D programs] offer different types of preparation,” she said.

    As a whole, university-based Ph.D programs prepare students to conduct research and work in academia. Psy.D programs prepare students to practice psychology. But the lines seem to be “more blurred than in the earlier days,” Williams-Nickelson said.

    For instance, many Psy.D programs do offer research opportunities. Ashley Solomon, Psy.D, a post-doctoral fellow at Insight Psychological Centers in Chicago and author of the blog Nourishing the Soul. chose to attend Xavier University because it “focused on clinical skills, but also placed a very heavy emphasis on research.” Their Psy.D program requires completion of an empirical dissertation. (Many Psy.Ds do, though usually this isn’t enough training if you want to pursue a research career.) “To me, that signified the value placed on not only appreciating, but doing research.”

    So “it doesn’t matter whether it’s a university setting, distance learning program or a freestanding doctoral program, students need to think in advance why they want a doctoral degree and what work they envision doing down the road,” Williams-Nickelson said.

    Interested in a tenure-track academic position, for example? Then Ph.D programs would be best. Put another way, “if you want to go into academia, you should be looking at programs that clearly prepare you for that,” because “Psy.D programs are designed to be a practical program.”

    But what do you do if you’re unsure about your professional path? Solomon was in the same boat. “When I was applying to graduate school, I actually wasn t certain whether my long-term career goals would include research, clinical work or both,” she said. Her solution? She applied to a variety of Psy.D and Ph.D programs. (She also applied to non-psychology programs.)

    When it came time for the interview process, she focused on fit, which is key in picking a program. She said: “When I interviewed at Xavier, it immediately felt like the place that matched my interests and needs best.” As mentioned above, Solomon liked that the program focused on clinical skills and research.

    Is the program APA-accredited?

    It’s really important to select programs that are accredited by the American Psychological Association. “If you enter a program that’s not accredited, then you have a hard time getting an internship or depending on the state, you’ll have a hard time getting licensed,” Kuther said.

    “Accreditation standards set a reasonable quality bar for graduate psychology education,” Williams-Nickelson said. If “a program isn’t accredited, a student should ask a lot of questions about why.” If the program is in the process of achieving accreditation, “find out where they are in that process.”

    Visit APA’s website for more on accreditation.

    What experiences does the program offer?

    It’s not enough to know whether a program focuses more on research or practical work. Look specifically at the types of experiences each program offers. That gives you a better idea of whether it’ll prepare you for your future goals and be a good fit.

    What are the program’s post-graduates doing?

    Ask about the types of positions students who’ve graduated from the program occupy. Solomon used this as one of her criteria when choosing a school. “When I heard some of the things recent grads were doing, I was excited and felt like I would love to be doing those things too. That helped me feel like it was the right place for me.”

    Williams-Nickelson sees a lot of Psy.Ds running organizations, consulting and working with systems and working on medical school faculties, which she believes is a good fit. She actually serves as the executive director of the American Medical Student Association.

    What are your financial needs?

    For many students, finances are an important factor in picking their program. “The data still show that Psy.D programs tend to be more expensive than Ph.D programs,” and Psy.D students tend to graduate with more loans, Williams-Nickelson said.

    The reason? Some Psy.D programs are housed in freestanding for-profit institutions that charge tuition. Most Ph.D programs waive tuition and provide students with stipends. Faculty members in Ph.D programs receive grants to conduct their research, so they’re able to pay their students, who assist with the research. However, again, look at programs individually, because some Psy.D programs do offer funding. Solomon had an assistantship for three of her five years, which she said, “helped cover some of the costs of tuition and provided a modest stipend.”

    Is the program a quality one?

    Williams-Nickelson recommended focusing on the following questions to help you in determining a program’s quality:

    • What is the class size? Pay particular attention to the student-faculty ratio. It’s telling when it comes to the quality of training and clinical supervision you’ll receive, the ability to get into an internship and performance on the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP), the national licensing test. (Individuals must pass the EPPP and have the required number of clinical hours to get licensed and practice independently.) Also, don’t assume that all Psy.D programs have large class sizes — a common misconception. While this may be the case with certain programs, there are many exceptions, Williams-Nickelson said. For instance, her doctoral Psy.D class only had seven students. Solomon’s had 14 students.
    • What is the graduation rate?
    • How many students successfully match for an internship? Research has shown that Psy.D students may not gain acceptance into their preferred internship site at the same rate as Ph.D students.
    • How well do students do on exams such as the EPPP? On average, students with a Psy.D tend to score lower on the EPPP than students with a Ph.D.
    • “What are the priorities of the faculty in terms of teaching and mentoring?”
    • Are there a lot of part-time or adjunct faculty members? If so, there “might be less opportunities for individualized attention.”
    • “What is the longevity of faculty members? If they tend to rotate, what is the turnover like?”
    • How long has the program existed?

    Also, when you’re interviewing at each program, ask their students for honest feedback, Williams-Nickelson said, including: What does the program look like? How happy are you with the program? What has surprised you the most about it? What has been disappointing?

    Again, you can’t automatically assume the quality of a program just by considering Psy.D versus Ph.D. Consider your own career goals, do your homework into individual programs and ask many questions.

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