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  • Richest 1% own over half the world’s wealth – [2017-11-15]
  • After periodic drops of 20 percent, bitcoin tends to come back even stronger – [2017-11-14]
  • Venezuela’s Bondholder Meeting Is a Bust as S P Declares Default – [2017-11-14]
  • Ray Dalio Buys $500 Million In Gold EFTs In Q3 – [2017-11-14]
  • Subprime Auto Delinquency Is Near Crisis Levels at Non-Bank Lenders – [2017-11-14]
  • How to Break Out of Our Long National Tax Nightmare – [2017-11-13]
  • The Cattiness Of Wells Fargo Executives Rivals The Ladies From Dynasty – [2017-11-13]
  • Debt swap problems pile up in China – [2017-11-12]

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Imploded* Lenders™

About The Implode-o-Meter was created in late 2006 to raise the alarm about the then-burgeoning implosion of the historically-epic housing and economic bubble. Started as a modest web page created by founder Aaron Krowne, this objective was achieved by, uniquely, tracking the in-progress implosion of independent mortgage lending companies then being ignored by a mainstream media in denial of even the existence of the housing bubble. At that time, you were more likely to hear a partyline of “housing always goes up” and juvenile jeers of “bubbles are for bathtubs” from TV’s talking heads, than of even slight concern about a clearly-overextended, already-frozen housing market.

Operated as a broadly-open community forum, ML-Implode quickly took the lead in news about the mortgage implosion and subprime crisis, as industry professionals flocked to the site to share and find out the latest. The site even became, in part, a whistleblower platform, fighting (and winning) half a dozen lawsuits to defend the right of its contributors to post about corruption and malfeasance in financial companies, and be able to do so confidentially.

Despite its initial incarnation being rendered insolvent by these frivolous legal attacks, ML-Implode continues today in a stripped-down, lean-and-mean embodiment, remaining dedicated to tracking the fallout of the 2007-2008 credit crisis. This mission includes keeping tabs on recession/depressionary conditions, the policy response to the economic downturn and continued financial instability, the Fed and other global central bank interventions (including “ZIRP” and quantitative easing), actions and reforms of the monetary authorities, market manipulation (official and private sector), all global geopolitical conflict with economic roots, the evolution of the banking and monetary system (including dollar-alternative “reserve currencies”, gold, silver, and bitcoin and other “virtual currencies”), the effect of the economic turmoil on society, basic themes of economic fairness and justice, and much more.

We continue to doggedly watch all of these interconnected topic areas, daily picking the most important stories and commentaries, and bringing them together in a convenient and comprehensible form on this site. If you share our concerns, utilize one of the icons at the top of this page to “follow” us by twitter, RSS, email, and more.


Central mortgage company

AmeriSouth Mortgage Company, mortgage company.#Mortgage #company

We have a mortgage program that s right for you

Since 1990, AmeriSouth Mortgage Company has been helping

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We at AmeriSouth would appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

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Rebecca has gone above and beyond to help us receive a mortgage loan.

We have worked with Rebecca Haas of AmeriSouth for a few months this year. She is one of the most professional, kind, honest, and hardworking person we have ever had the privilege of working with. If you are considering a loan please take our advice: go with Rebecca Haas.”

Randy K. and Family

Looking for our dream home, we were unsure of what programs were available

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I wanted to share with you the excellent service we recently received from Arik.

Frankly, excellent is an understatement outstanding is more appropriate. We unfortunately presented him with a less than top shelf standard financial profile. Not be deterred, Arik was consistently positive, professional, polished and encouraging leading to our closing on our refinance yesterday. His follow up to keep us informed was amazing and appreciated. For sure and for certain I will encourage family and friends to contact Arik for all their mortgage needs.

Lisa, we would like to thank you for all your help and hard work!

It s because of you that we are getting our dream house. Thank you so much for giving us a chance. You are amazing! You were the only person that was honext through the whole process. We will forever be grateful to you!

Rachel A. and Family

AmeriSouth Mortgage Company

NORTH CAROLINA: License #L-104114

SOUTH CAROLINA: License #MLS – 67050

GEORGIA: License #13572

(Georgia Residential Mortgagee Licensee)

Mortgage companyMortgage company

Suite 120, Crown Centre, 2101 Sardis Road North, Charlotte, NC 28227

Home – Oceanside Mortgage Company, mortgage company.#Mortgage #company

mortgage company

Mortgage company

With interest rates at unprecedented lows, there is no time like the present to invest in a new home, refinance your current home, or consolidate your debt. We offer a no closing cost option on most of our loans. Our expert loan specialists offer a complimentary loan analysis are ready and waiting to walk you through your home loan process so you can breathe easy.

Mortgage company

Mortgage company

Since 1996, Oceanside Mortgage Company has built our reputation on honesty, trust, and commitment to ethical lending practices and low mortgage rates to provide you with the best lending experience. We are a direct FHA, VA and conventional mortgage lender licensed in 46 states. Being a direct lender means we have full control of the loan process, meaning you don’t have to jump through the hoops created by middle men who underwrite loans or create extra guidelines. By eliminating unnecessary extra steps, our rates stay lower than the competition.

We are one of the top FHA streamline and VA IRRRL refinance lenders in the country, but we also offer a wide array of other loan products. If you are looking to refinance, we have several options to choose from, such as FHA Streamline, FHA Cash Out, VA Streamline, VA Cash Out, USDA Streamline, Conventional, or HARP loans. Our competitively priced loans and knowledgeable team of specialists are here to making your loan buying process simple as possible.

Mortgage company

Mortgage company

Mortgage company

Mortgage company

Mortgage company

Mortgage company

Mortgage company

The Foreclosure Fraudsters, Co-conspirators – ROBO-Signors, greentree mortgage company.#Greentree #mortgage #company

Contact information for some bank CEOs:

Nationwide Title Clearing will manufacture any document to cover-up the title fraud problems.

Greentree mortgage companyFORENSIC AUDITS

of County Land Records



Greentree mortgage company FORECLOSURE IN CALIFORNIA: A CRISIS OF COMPLIANCE Phil Ting, Assessor-Recorder (2012)

Christina Allen – Lender Processing Services Liquenda Allotey – Lender Processing Services Christine Anderson – Lender Processing Services: now appropriately called Black Knight Financial Services, a subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial Inc.

Scott Anderson – Ocwen and Residential Loan Servicing

Patricia Arango – Marshall C. Watson law firm (CONTRADICTS CONGRESSIONAL TESTIMONY OF

China Brown – Wells Fargo (Piwinski case)

Bryan Bly – Nationwide Title – Video Deposition Part 1, Part 2

Deborah Brignac Forgeries – Deutsche Bank, Washington Mutual, Long Beach Mortgage, California Reconveyance,

JPMorgan Chase, Fidelity

Whitney Cook – JPMorgan Chase

Beth Cottrell – JPMorgan Chase

Margaret Dalton – JPMorgan Chase

Dhurata Doko – Nationwide Title – Video Deposition Part 1, Part 2

Alfonzo Greene – Lender Processing Services

Laura Hescott – Lender Processing Services

Barbara Hindman – JPMorgan Chase

Bethany Hood – Lender Processing Services

Pat Kingston – EMC Mortgage

Cecelia Knox – Lender Processing Services

Margie Kwiatanowsk – GMAC

Topako Love – Lender Processing Services

Crystal Moore – Nationwide Title – Video Deposition. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Noemi MoralesOcwen – Signs for Scott Anderson. Notary stamp was expired when she signed many documents.

Erica Johnson-Seck– Indymac The corporations for which she had signing authority included the FDIC as

conservator for IndyMac. She’s now a vice president in Austin, Texas,

for OneWest Bank, which bought IndyMac from the FDIC.

Stanley Silva – Ticor Title: Notice of Defaults, LPS, Fidelity, MERS, Wells Fargo

Jodi Sobotta – Lender Processing Services

Stacy Spohn – Chase Home Finance

Jeffrey Stephan – GMAC Highlights by Lynn Szymoniak

Jeffrey Stephan – Motion for Relief GRANTED – Attorney Fees Awarded on Affidavit Made in Bad Faith

Eric Tate – Lender Processing Services

Christina Trowbridge – JPMorgan Chase

Rhonda Weston – Bank of America: Is one of 10,000 listed vice presidents for Bank of America and had signed

legal documents allegedly not in the presence of a notary public and without reading the document.

Amy Weis – Lender Processing Services

Rick Wilken – Lender Processing Services, EMC Mortgage, MERS, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase

From attorney Lynn Szymoniak of Fraud Digest

To assist JPMorgan Chase , Fraud Digest suggests that it dismiss those actions where the Affidavits or Mortgage Assignments were signed by the following robo-signers: Beth Cottrell, Whitney Cook, Christina Trowbridge and Stacy Spohn from the Chase Home Finance office in Franklin County, OH; Margaret Dalton and Barbara Hindman from the Jacksonville, FL office of JPMorgan Chase;

and any of the Lender Processing Services robo-signers from the Dakota County, MN office including Christina Allen, Liquenda Allotey, Christine Anderson, Alfonzo Greene, Laura Hescott, Bethany Hood, Cecelia Knox, Topako Love, Jodi Sobotta, Eric Tate, Amy Weis and Rick Wilken.

In particular, JP Morgan Chase should look at those cases where the bank has supposedly assigned mortgages to WaMu , WMALT , Long Beach Mortgage Company and NovaStar trusts years after the closing dates of these trusts. The number of questionable or fraudulent documents is likely to be much closer to 560,000 than to 56,000, and that will only be a good beginning. – Attorney Lynn Szymoniak

Mortgage Company Macomb County #homepath #mortgage #rates

#liberty mortgage


The Mortgage Company

Michigan Trusts

FHA Loans

VA Loans


Check Your Credit

Macomb County Mortgage Company and Refinance Experts

We are a full service mortgage company in Macomb County with vast experience in all types of mortgage lending. Whether you are a Michigan first time homebuyer. looking to refinance, interested in a VA Loan. Investment property, or conventional loan, we will help you find the right loan with the best rates, terms and costs.

The Macomb County mortgage experts at Liberty Mortgage always compares different mortgage rates at banks and mortgage lenders to make sure that we provide the lowest mortgage rates possible. Our loan officers will work by your side to determine what type of loan you are qualified for or how much money you can save by refinancing an existing mortgage .

From the Blog Homebuyer FAQ

Macomb County Mortgage Lender explains FHA and Conventional Loans

If you are considering a mortgage for your new home, it is likely that you will [ ]

The amount of time it will take for your purchase will depend on a number of factors.
If you are paying for your new [ ]

If your down payment is less than 20%, or you are refinancing more than 80 percent of your property s value, you will typically be [ ]

Liberty Mortgage was great to deal with. From the start they were up front and honest, and as a first time home buyer made the whole process very easy.

Michael F. – Rochester HIlls, MI

My wife and I are very pleased with the service, professionalism and friendliness of the Liberty Mortgage. We recommend them without reservation for any mortgage/refinance services.

Adam S. – Washington Twp. MI

Liberty Mortgage went above and beyond their duties. Whenever I had questions, they used their resources to get me answers. They definitely know their industry and are extremely helpful.

Alison W. – Troy, Michigan

CENTRAL MORTGAGE COMPANY #mortgage #calculator #amortization #table

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In our economic depressive state, a mortgage loan calculator or mortgage rate calculator is usually learn what your Mortgage rate and home payments is going to be if and when you determine to buy a home and be a home owner or to remain a renter.

Mortgage rate calculators can be very misleading unless you add the PITI which stands for Principal and Interest on your mortgage loan.

The mortgage loan interest rate you pay depends on the Lender Bank which are different depending on which State and county your home is in.

You also need to take into consideration the monthly payments, including PITI, that s Principle plus interest, property fees, and home insurance premiums.

In the event you get approved, you will need to visit to your mortgage closing with any Title Closing Company or an attorney, usually a real estate legal professional.

At your mortgage loan shutting down, you will need to sign a great deal of documents without being able to learn to read them. This is how the financial institution or Bank commits the mortgage loan fraud.

The Lender knows that if you read the mortgage and also note, you probably would not sign these two documents and learn the fraudulence being perpetrated upon you and also rob you.

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Another way the lender or bank robs you, this time out of the equality, when you try to sell your house afterwards, because of the appraisal fraud the lender plays on you before your closing.

The Lender or bank uses the appraiser that always appraise the exact property at the asking price, even though the houses within the same neighborhood are priced or have sold for significantly less; thus, an inflated sale price hence the lender or bank makes more money.

At your mortgage closing, being a borrower, your bank will have to send a cashier s check made out towards title escrow closing company or attorney through your lender bank, because you, for the reason that borrower, do not receive any loan through your lender or bank. Also your bank that provided you the so-called loan had written the check or transfer of funds towards Title Escrow Closing Company or the Closing Attorney and never to you; therefore, they gotten the loan not you.

The title company or attorney receives the mortgage loan that your bank was supposed to lend you you have to pay back with Interest with your hard earned dollars for 30 years, but

There s no money since 1933 when america became the UNITED STATES Corporation using the elimination of the Silver and gold Standard.

This is the same time where President Roosevelt took the electricity from Congress, against the Constitution FOR the united states of america and, appointed a private business, a Central Bank known for the reason that Federal Reserve, to print and create debts notes and charge a fee make use of these fraud notes that is collected by the IRS, what everyone takes regarding granted, as money, which are 1. 9 cents, the cost of printing, of worthless pieces of paper in the form of Promissory Notes, much like the Mortgage Promissory Note you ll be signing at your closing without the disclosures under the law.

That you can see, a mortgage rate calculator for a mortgage loan can be very misleading unless you know the actual amount of property taxes as well as the mortgage home owner insurance to recognise what your monthly payments might be.

Since there are countless problems, omissions, non-disclosures, and legalities your lender and title company made at the closing, you can make them pay by having your mortgage lien removed. It is best to use a good mortgage lien removal firm.

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Ditech Financial LLC: Private Company Information #mortgage #rate #charts

#greentree mortgage company


Company Overview of Ditech Financial LLC

Company Overview

Ditech Financial LLC, a mortgage company, lends and services residential mortgages. It offers a range of purchase loan options, including fixed rate, adjustable rate, jumbo, FHA, and VA loans. The company also partners with financial institutions nationwide providing capital market expertise. It offers residential mortgage products through a team of home loan specialists. Ditech Financial LLC was formerly known as Green Tree Servicing LLC and changed its name to Ditech Financial LLC in August 2015. The company was founded in 1975 and is based in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania with locations across the United States. Ditech Financial LLC operates as a subsidiary of Walter Investment Management.

Ditech Financial LLC, a mortgage company, lends and services residential mortgages. It offers a range of purchase loan options, including fixed rate, adjustable rate, jumbo, FHA, and VA loans. The company also partners with financial institutions nationwide providing capital market expertise. It offers residential mortgage products through a team of home loan specialists. Ditech Financial LLC was formerly known as Green Tree Servicing LLC and changed its name to Ditech Financial LLC in August 2015. The company was founded in 1975 and is based in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania with locations across the United States. Ditech Financial LLC operates as a subsidiary of Walter Investment Management Corp.

1100 Virginia Drive

Fort Washington, PA 19034

Key Executives for Ditech Financial LLC

President of Green Tree

President of Servicing and Originations

Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President and Director

Compensation as of Fiscal Year 2016.

Ditech Financial LLC Key Developments

Freddie Mac Seeks Loan Auction

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (OTCPK:FMCC) announced a $1.1 billion non-performing loan transaction, an auction of seasoned non-performing residential whole loans. The non performing loans are currently serviced by Wells Fargo Bank, National Association or Ditech Financial LLC. Bids are due from qualified bidders on September 29, 2016. The sales are expected to settle in December 2016. The non-performing loans are offered as one pool. Advisors to Freddie Mac on the transaction are Wells Fargo Securities, LLC and First Financial Network, Inc.

Ditech Financial LLC to Lay Off 65 Employees at Regional Office in Greensboro

Ditech Financial LLC to lay off 65 employees at its regional office in Greensboro. The reason of the layoff is the closure of its 7031 Albert Pick Road office in a WARN (worker adjustment and retraining notification) filing.

Ditech Financial LLC Hires Brad Goedken as Chief Information Officer for Originations, Capital Markets and Corporate Systems

Ditech Financial LLC has hired Brad Goedken as Chief Information Officer for Originations, Capital Markets and Corporate Systems responsible for overseeing the company’s aggressive technology agenda and planned upgrades. Goedken has significant experience in mortgage technology and most recently served as Chief Technology Officer for Sun Trust Mortgage where he worked to transform the originations platforms while achieving TRID compliance and established a digital mobile mortgage experience for Sun Trust clients.

Similar Private Companies By Industry

Request Profile Update

Only a company representative may request an update for the company profile. Documentation will be required.

To contact Ditech Financial LLC, please visit Company data is provided by Capital IQ. Please use this form to report any data issues.

Information Missing – Please enter your information in the following field(s):

Patty Will – American Mortgage Service Company #easy #mortgage #calculator

#american mortgage


About Me

Patty has been in the mortgage business in the greater Lafayette area for the past 19 years. In addition to Conventional, VA, USDA, and FHA loans, she specializes in first-time-homebuyer loans, loans to customers with less than perfect credit and rehabilitation loans.

As a graduate of Purdue University, Patty attributes her success to her ability to personally connect with people from all walks of life. She has empathy to those who have had hard times-yet the ability to be straight forward about the reality of their situation; and most importantly, how to get them to where they want to be in the near or distant future.

Patty s level of commitment, professionalism, responsiveness, along with her attitude of excellence has earned her the respect and loyalty of many of the area s top real estate agents and builders. Patty, with the support of Sara Yost, her full time assistant, and Dana Thomas, an exceptional loan processor, is able to stand behind her commitments to her customers, builders and Realtors and deliver a hassle free, timely closing, as promised.

Patty is the mother of four boys. Three are grown and one teenager still at home. She and her husband, Scott, live in West Lafayette. She spends her free time watching Purdue sports, her youngest son play baseball, and gardening.

Do you have questions? Contact me. Apply Now

The Mortgage Company #pre #approved #mortgage

#mortgage company



Our Company

Over the past 25 years, our company has established a stellar reputation for providing thousands of borrowers with financing for the purchase or refinancing of their primary residences, vacation homes and investment properties. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships that extend beyond the loan closing. We are proud to continue providing flexible loan options and personal service to you, our neighbors and friends.

We have many mortgage products ranging from the standard Conventional, FHA, and VA loans, fixed and adjustable rate products, as well as 100% financing with no mortgage insurance.

Whether you are purchasing your first home, upgrading to a new home, or refinancing your existing home, you can be sure that the entire Mortgage Company team will provide you with quality service, expert advice, complete and accurate information, and a genuine concern for you.

Our Team

Heather Tibiatowski

Mortgage Manager
Fargo Office

Heather Tibiatowski is the Mortgage Manager for the Fargo office. She reviews and evaluates information on mortgage loan documentation to determine if the borrower(s) and/or property meet loan standards. She also prepares the final numbers and documents needed for closing. Heather is located on site, which allows for much quicker and easier turnaround times for our borrower(s). Heather has been in the mortgage business for 5 years and has worked as a Loan Officer, Processor, and Underwriter and is very considerate of every step in the process.

Celeste Burke

Mortgage Manager Loan Originator
Bismarck Office

Celeste Burke is a Mortgage Manager Loan Originator for the Bismark office and is very active in the Bismarck/Mandan communities. She is responsible for providing the best customer service to her clients to result in a smooth transaction, whether it be a new home purchase or loan refinance. Celeste has been in the mortgage industry for 19 years and has a background in homebuyer education and community development. Her background makes it possible to provide open communication with her clients from loan application to the closing. The Mortgage Company has a great reputation and she feels very fortunate to be part of the company. The needs and goals of the clients are most important and Celeste will use everything at her disposal to ensure they’re met!

Chris Howell

Loan Originator
Fargo Office

Chris Howell is a Mortgage Loan Originator for The Mortgage Company. Chris is responsible for assisting customers who are purchasing or refinancing a home to determine the proper loan program for each individual. Chris is great with people and understanding their needs, and he enjoys working in a team environment while helping others.

Eric Langness

Loan Originator
Fargo Office

Eric Langness is a Mortgage Loan Originator for The Mortgage Company. Eric enjoys working closely with customers while finding the loan program that best fits their needs, whether it is purchasing a new home or refinancing a current loan. He feels that communication is the key to great customer service. Eric is excited to be part of The Mortgage Company Team and looks forward to working with you.

Shane Tibiatowski

Loan Originator
Fargo Office

Shane Tibiatowski is a Senior Loan Officer for The Mortgage Company. He loves helping people achieve their goals whether it be home ownership or refinancing. Shane believe as a mortgage consultant we need to educate our customers and guide them through this process from start to finish. Integrity is the utmost importance. Being a mortgage loan officer is about building relationships and earning trust and doing the right thing. Here at The Mortgage Company we have so many programs, we literally can do it all. Shane will work for his customers and my business partners 24/7. He also is a proud partner for Homes for Heroes, and a Navy Combat Veteran who is honored to have served his country.

Brittany Cameron

Fargo Office

Brittany Cameron is an Underwriter for The Mortgage Company. Brittany is responsible for working with the Loan Officers to get their customers through the loan process as quickly and as efficiently as possible while upholding investor guidelines.

Ronda Klubben

Loan Processor
Fargo Office

Ronda Klubben is a Loan Processor for The Mortgage Company. Ronda is responsible for providing high quality service by communicating with borrowers, originators, and various third parties to prepare and submit credit packages to the underwriting staff.

Company Director Mortgages #seattle #mortgage #rates

#self employed mortgage


Company Director Mortgages

Many self employed limited company directors struggle to secure a mortgage with mainstream lenders. That s even though those for which they apply are often well within their true budget.

It can be a frustrating time. You ve sacrificed a lot to grow and build your business. And now that you re in a position to buy a home to match your status, lenders don t want to know.

Let s start by telling you that it s not you who has the problem. It s the mortgage lenders stuck with an inflexible lending model at fault here.

One of our specialties is providing competitive mortgages for company directors. We know how to highlight your true affordability to underwriters. And it s these guys you need to impress, not in-branch staff stuck with inflexible terms.

Self employed mortgages for company directors shouldn t be taxing

We know that most small limited company directors do take a low salary and restrict dividends. That s great for reducing your tax bill; woeful for securing a self employed mortgage.

The unintended consequence of reducing your salary is that you undermine your borrowing potential. Standard lending criteria adopted by most mortgage lenders compounds this anomaly.

That s because a good accountant will always look at ways to help you minimise your taxes. In doing so, it presents a frustrating obstacle when trying to buy a home to match your director status. Here s why.

Imagine you approach a mortgage lender direct. They ll demand two or even three years accounts as proof of earnings.

Your income, according to your accounts, will comprise of only your low salary and dividends. It s this figure most lenders use to work out your potential borrowing threshold.

What they’ll NOT take into account is net and retained profits held in your company for tax planning purposes. The result is a mortgage offer that won t reflect your true earning power.

How will going through Self Employed Mortgages make a difference?

We’ve been knocking on the doors of mainstream mortgage lenders for more than a decade. Many have now agreed “flexible income underwriting” terms with us.

They trust us to appraise potential limited company director mortgage applicants. Based on these terms, we know how to highlight directors true mortgage affordability.

Before submitting your mortgage application, we ll have ticked off all the boxes for you.

This process allows us to package your mortgage application straight to senior underwriters. They ll see only relevant information, presenting your full earnings potential for their assessment. This includes your share of the net profits (before corporation tax) plus your salary.

Flexible underwriting like this differentiates ours from standard applications. It even works for directors looking for self employed mortgages with one year s accounts.

Compared to dividends and salary alone, you ll be able to borrow much more to buy a home. You won t find this level of flexibility outside of a specialist mortgage broker anywhere.

Why do underwriters trust us more than in-branch advisors?

We ve spent many years specialising in the field of self-employed mortgages. Not just for limited company directors, per se, but for every definition of the term.

Our innovative approach has garnered award-winning credibility with leading High Street mortgage lenders. It s allowed us to build strong relationships based on mutual respect.

We can t overstate how important this level of personal contact is. It ensures your mortgage application reaches an underwriter familiar with your unique employment status. This direct access enables us to discuss every application before we submit it.

The frustrations that the self employed face when dealing with mainstream mortgage lenders direct? For us, and now maybe you, they re a thing of the past.

Why do we succeed where High Street lenders fail?

When you call us, you re not going through to a call centre manned by operatives with templates to work to. You ll talk to a mortgage advisor every bit as self-employed as you are.

This conversation is crucial. Not only to appoint you a personal enquiry manager, but your contact will also:

  • get a true sense of your business and your personal situation;
  • advise how likely you are to secure the mortgage you need;
  • outline the most you could borrow, including deposits and monthly payments.

We then take the information you give us and get to work on your behalf. Your application s success will follow as a result of the three pillars we live and breathe by:

  • to explore every angle and option to secure you a competitive mortgage;
  • to work with lenders who use common sense underwriting;
  • to ensure our lenders appraise every case on its own merits, as we do.

If our methods sound like they re something you could work with, great. We d love to make sure that you get the mortgage your status deserves.

Take half a minute now to complete our Mortgages Enquiry Form. Or if you’d prefer, call us now on 0208 421 7994 to speak to one of our mortgage specialists.

Get the dialogue going; it s the hardest part of the process. Then put your feet up for once; let us do the work on this one.

Once the dialogues started, we can leverage our extensive network of industry contacts. We ll find the best limited company director mortgages out there that fit your needs. When we re done, you ll wonder what all the fuss was about. It is that simple when you know who.