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Use an experienced mortgage broker Australia Wide

Mortgage Broker 24/7 is a team of Mortgage Brokers

Experienced Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage broker Mortgage broker

We deliver the best possible low doc loan from 3.85% and up to 80% LVR. With a low doc loan you do not need to provide the normal documentation such as full financial statements, pay slips or tax returns. Each case is different so please call us on 1300 LOAN 247 (1300562624).

Mortgage broker Mortgage broker

There are a variety of of interest only loans for investors looking to purchase property and achieve capital growth. An interest only loan has lower repayments than a principal and interest loan, allowing you to maximise leverage and returns on capital.

Mortgage broker Mortgage broker

Equipment Financing, Ocerdraft, Debtor Financing

Mortgage broker Mortgage broker

Home and rental property loans, Personal Loans, Car Loans, SMSF Loans, Debt Consolidation

Mortgage broker Mortgage broker

Call us at 1300 562 624

How does a Mortgage Broker help you?

Mortgage brokers take your side against the banks. A good broker understands your needs and negotiates the best possible terms to meet your requirements. We like to set up offset accounts to cut your interest bill, organise redraw facilities to allow more flexibility, and mortgage insurance when you need to borrow more than 80% of the property valuation.

Mortgage broker 247 Melbourne based broker can refinance your current loans and extend your loan for a longer term.

Mortgage brokers are not money lenders. They simply act on behalf of borrowers when dealing with a bank.

The mortgage broking industry is growing because borrowers are seeing the value of having support against the might of the major banks. Since the financial crisis in 2008, many minor banks have disappeared, leaving the major banks with too much bargaining power.

Our objective is 100% client satisfaction..

A self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) can borrow money to buy property for investment purposes. Our team of mortgage brokers can organise your SMSF loan. The loan is supported by your employer s contribution made on your behalf and the rent earned from the property. It is a non recourse obligation which means that the SMSF and not you are not personally liable for the loan.

A standard home loan is on principal and interest terms meaning the repayments are set at such a level to reduce the principal, and not just pay the interest. Mortgage Broker 247 recommends a P I loan if your objective is to repay the loan quickly. Making more regular payments can reduce your interest bill.

Mortgage Broker 24/7 is an experienced team of mortgage brokers Melbourne wide. We arrange loans that help you achieve your goals by delivering low interest rate loans with maximum flexibility. We represent you, not the banks.

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Louisville Mortgage Lenders 502-405-8834

Louisville Mortgage Lenders is a full service Mortgage Broker.

Mortgage broker

We pride ourselves, and are structured on providing a more stream lined personalized mortgage service for our clients. In effect, the process is able to move forward much more smoothly than you’d get with a big clearing house type of brokerage firm where a client is more likely to be seen as another number in an overgrown machine.

Getting a loan on a new home, or refinancing an existing home loan can be an intimidating process, even for an individual that’s been through it before.

We have the experience and know how to to guide you through the process with as little dificulty as possible, while still getting the best rates and terms available.

Great Interest Rates Mean Better Home Loans

Getting our clients the greatest rates available with the least amount of hassle on their mortgage loan is our entire focus.

The mortgage industry and associated rules and regulations for Kentucky change yearly and we keep ourselves current so that you can have the confidence that you’re being represented by the best Brokers possible. Visit our Jumbo Loans area to discover information about non conforming home loans.

We’ve built our entire company around this philosophy and it’s served us well. If you’re in the process of buying or refinancing a home, you should call us today. If you don’t get started you’ll never get there. And who better to partner with than the best Louisville mortgage lenders possible.

How Does The Mortgage Lending Process Work?

It’s not complicated in the least and it starts with you filling out our contact form or calling us on the phone. We will discuss wether you’re a first time home buyer, or if you’re curious about refinancing your home and how it could potentially benefit you buy lowering your monthly payments or shortening the length of your original mortgage loan. After that we can present different loan options and get the information in place to work up some real world rate quotes so that you can make an informed decision on how to move forward.

We’re here to help. And more than anything we’re about relationship building with our clients. We never charge for a consultation so if you’re only curious and are online reading about all of the things associated with getting a home loan, or refinancing an existing home, sometimes it can be a little confusing. If you just need to ask some questions we’re here to provide the accurate answers. If you’re looking for the best local Louisville mortgage lenders call us today at 502-405-8834.

Where to Get Louisville Home Insurance?

Having quality insurance on your home and belongings is a wise investment. Tragically disasters do happen and can be financially devastating if a home owner isn’t adequatly prepared with quality home insurance. Louisville KY has an abundance of qualified insurance agencies that can help any homeowner aquire a policy to suit their needs. We reccomend calling Family Select Insurance located at 6409 Dutchmans Pkwy in Louisville KY, phone 502-744-7283 to speak to a representative about a policy that will suit your needs and budget.

Mortgage Loans for Buying Used Cars?

Typically we do not do mortgage loans for the purpose of purchasing cars. We can however reccomend that you contact Louisville Buy Here Pay Here Car Guys to secure financing for a used car or truck purchase. They’re local to the area and can assist you with on the lot financing with buy here pay here loans, Sub Prime bank loans, and even Prime Bank lending on cars, trucks, SUV’s and mini vans. If you need to you can call them directly at 502-405-8834

Best Mortgage Rates in the Nation with no Lender Fees, mortgage broker fees.#Mortgage #broker #fees


Mortgage broker fees

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Mortgage broker fees

Zero Lender fees Easy on time process Guaranteed Best Deal*

Mortgage broker fees

RP Funding Made History Under New TRID Regulations

RP Funding’s team is celebrating one of the nation’s first home loans to close since new procedures-the TILA (Truth in Lending ACT) RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures ACT) Integrated Disclosure, also known as TRID

Mortgage broker fees

RP Funding Center New Name of Lakeland Magic’s Home Arena

Mortgage broker fees

Learn how RP Funding is involved in our community and how you can be too!

Mortgage broker fees

Want to know your homes true value? Home Value Hotline can help!

Mortgage broker fees

We are so confident we can give you the best deal on your mortgage we offer the 1,000 Challenge!*

Zero Lender fees Easy on time process Guaranteed Best Deal*

Special Olympics Florida

  • Join us at the 2015 Orlando Chili Cookoff to Support Special Olympics.
  • Help RP Funding Support Special Olympics at the Polar Plunge.

Florida Mortgage Rates >>

  • Learn about how Florida Mortgage Rates are calculated.
  • Robert Palmer outlines the factors that go into determining interest rates.

More >>

What Local Florida Realtors are saying about R P Funding:

We have been blown away with the attention to detail and the efficiency that RP funding has provided our clients. Most of the time it is like pulling teeth with folks in the mortgage industry. RP has simplified everything letting me as a realtor and my clients breathe a little bit easier. I will recommend all of my clients to use RP Funding, hands down.

During the government s 8,000 home buying credit program, I was the listing agent for a single family home in the BVL area; the buyer had been diligently trying to secure his loan, but 10 days before the closing a last minute over-site by his chosen lender made him ineligible for their loan product and the buyer s agent had no back-up. I suggested to the buyer’s agent that the buyer contact RP Funding to review the buyer’s qualifications, before they just walked away. RP Funding came through; saving the sale by qualifying the buyer, saving his $8,000 credit and closing the deal on time. Result: all parties to the transaction (buyer, seller and agents) were very happy.

I discovered RP Funding through an email advertisement I received. After looking at their website and speaking with Brandon Fields about their low closing costs, 10 day closings, and $1,000 guarantee, I was anxious to give RP Funding a try. I sent Brandon a client on Dec. 8th to get pre- approved and had a FULL loan approval by Dec. 17th. Amazing! Brandon Fields and his processor Jill Hoyle are fabulous to work with and they have definitely earned my business. RP Funding is the only place I will send my clients from now on!!

Featured Property: ( Contact us and ask how to get your property listed here. )

You don t have to work with some Out Of State Lender to get the Best Mortgage Rates in Florida and lowest fees on a Home Loan. We are your Local Orlando, FL Based Discount, Direct Mortgage Lender, Call today We will Beat ANY Competitor s Offer. *

Confidently upload required documents straight to your loan file.

Mortgage broker fees

Documents that MAY be required for a Mortgage

Many of our happy clients have given us iPhone video testimonials. Check out their videos to see what they have to say about their RP Funding experience.

Direct Mortgage Lender – Not a Bank and Not a Broker

  • The big banks are so backed up with refinances, many raised their rates to slow down volume.
  • To a big bank you are just a number, and will most likely work with an out of state call center.
  • Mortgage broker fees raise the cost of your refinance, as a Direct Lender you pay no Broker Fees.
  • We have the authority to underwrite and close your loan, and we do it in as little as 10 days right here in Orlando, Florida.
  • Mortgage Rates in Florida will not stay this low for long, and with our fast process you can get in before it s too late.

No Games, No Pushy Sales People and BBB A-Rated

Most mortgage loan officers are paid commission and make extra money by selling you a higher interest rate, not here. We don t have pushy commission sales people, you will work directly with a Salaried Credit Manager who s only concern is earning your business, not making their next big commission check. This helps us keep our rates and fees low.

Based Locally in the Central FL area

Our office is just off of Interstate 4, Exit 90B in Maitland, Florida, just outside of Orlando. We would love to meet you in person, although you are welcome to complete the entire process over the phone, it s completely up to you. We help home buyers and home owners all over Florida.

1,000 Best Florida Mortgage Rates Guarantee

If you find a better loan somewhere else (which we doubt you can) and we can t beat it, we will give you a 1,000 Visa Gift Card.*

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* $1,000 Mortgage Challenge/Guarantee requires a minimum loan amount of $100,000 and applies to Fixed Rate Loans only. This Challenge/Guarantee is not applicable to Jumbo Loans, which are loans for $424,100 and greater, and does not apply if borrower is declined by R P Funding for not meeting credit or income program guidelines. Borrower must provide Loan Estimate Disclosure to R P Funding from competing lender on the same day the competitor’s terms are offered. Loan program offered by competitor must be a program R P Funding currently offers. This price match challenge / guarantee may be combined with other R P Funding offer(s) upon Lender’s approval. This offer does not apply to prior locks or terms, and R P Funding must have an opportunity to beat the terms. In the event that R P Funding is unable to beat the terms of the competing lender, borrower must provide the final executed Closing disclosure, the first page of mortgage note after closing and funding, and the lock-in agreement dated the same day terms are presented to R P Funding, all of which will be used to verify competing lender’s terms have not changed at closing. The $1,000 Mortgage Challenge/Guarantee is not applicable if the loan closes on terms different than those detailed in the Loan Estimate Disclosure provided to R P Funding. Change in terms include, but are not limited to, changes in loan amount, loan program, fees, discounts, lender credits, rate, APR, buy-downs, years of term, origination, down payment, seller or any interested party credits, and within the time of the competitor’s initial lock in, or any other material loan changes not specifically mentioned here. The price match challenge / guarantee is inclusive of ANY and ALL R P FUNDING lender credits.

** OFFER TO PAY ALL CLOSING COSTS: R P Funding will issue a lender credit at closing for the amount of closing costs on a refinance loan. Lender credit will include the following fees: government recording charges, government stamps and intangible taxes, appraisal fee (collected at time of application and credited at closing), title charges (only if R P Funding selects the closing agent), and other applicable third party fees. Lender credit does not include rate discount costs/discount points, prepaid mortgage insurance premiums, or the payment of a mobile notary fee when the selected closing agent has an office which serves the area. Included closing costs are paid in the form of a lender credit at closing. Additional limitations to the lender credit may apply when used in conjunction with any other R P Funding offer(s). R P Funding reserves the right to select the closing agent when paying the title charges.

Mortgage broker fees Mortgage broker fees Mortgage broker fees

Commercial Mortgage Rates Compared to Home Loan Rates, Commercial Loans – Commercial Mortgages, commercial mortgage


Commercial mortgage rates are typically about 50 to 100 basis points (0.50% to 1.00%) higher than the prime, 30-year residential mortgage rate. For example, suppose you could refinance your personal residence on a 30-year, fixed-rate basis at 4.0% today. If you are an “A” quality borrower, you could therefore expect conventional commercial mortgage rates from commercial banks to be between 4.50% and 5.0%.

Commercial mortgage rates on SBA loans and USDA loans are typically 2% to 2.5% higher than the prime residential mortgage rate. Therefore, if the banks in town are quoting 4.0% on 30-year home loans, you will probably pay between 6.0% and 6.5% for an SBA loan or a USDA loan. The commercial mortgage rates of life companies and conduits – because the loans are typically quite large ($3MM+) – are a little better than the commercial mortgage rates of the typical bank. You can expect to pay 35 to 75 basis points (0.35% to 0.75%) over the prime, 30-year residential mortgage rate.

Will the interest rate on your commercial loan be fixed or floating? If the lender making your commercial loan is a life insurance company or a conduit (CMBS lender), you can expect a fixed rate for the entire term of the loan, typically either five years or ten years. If the lender making your commercial loan is a bank, you can expect the rate to be fixed for the first five years and then be recalculated to market. Once your commercial mortgage rate is recalculated, the rate will be fixed for another five years. A few money center banks make mini-perms (two to three year first mortgages) tied to LIBOR or prime.

Commercial mortgage broker

Most commercial mortgage loans are amortized over 25 years, although if the property is older than 30 years old, the bank may require a 20-year amortization. After all, the building is not going to stand forever.

Most commercial loans have a term of either five years or ten years, at which point a balloon payment is due. SBA loans and USDA loans are typically fully-amortized over 25 years. Some conventional multifamily lenders will make 25 or 30-year fully-amortized commercial loans. The rate on such long-term apartment loans are typically recalculated every five years.

All commercial loans from life insurance companies and conduits (CMBS lenders) have a huge prepayment penalty called a defeasance fee. This is the one drawback of commercial loans from life insurance companies and conduits. I’ve heard of defeasance fees of over $1 million. Yikes! Fortunately the prepayment penalties of banks are far more reasonable, typically either around 3% or perhaps declining annually from 5% in year one to only 1% in year five.

Commercial mortgage broker

There have been some major developments regarding commercial mortgage rates recently. Historically the commercial mortgage rates offered by conduits were only about 45 basis points (0.45%) higher than those offered by life companies. When China unexpectedly devaluated its currency a few months ago, the shock introduced enormous volatily into the credit markets. Commercial mortgage-backed securities are fixed rate instruments, and fixed rate instruments perform poorly in a rising interest rate environment. With the Fed threatening to raise interest rates, the demand for commercial mortgage-backed securities has plummeted. Commercial mortgage rates from conduits are gyrating wildly from week to week.

The end result is that conduits can no longer to lock in a borrower’s commercial mortgage rate. To make matters worse, the spread between the commercial mortgage rates of life companies and conduits has increased to 75 to 200 basis points (0.75% to 2.00%). At a time when life companies are offering commercial mortgage rates of 3.875% to 4.5%, conduits are quoting 5.25% to 6.5%. By historical standards, this is a huge difference.

The wise commercial-investment property buyer will therefore get commercial mortgage rate offers from a variety of different lenders. There are some major money center banks that are offering some very competitive commercial mortgage rates using portfolio programs (they intend to keep these loans on their own books). The best way to see these offers is to enter your commercial mortgage loan request into a commercial mortgage portal like Our portal is free (its paid for by the participating lenders).

Commercial mortgage broker

Commercial Loans, Commercial Mortgage, commercial mortgage broker.#Commercial #mortgage #broker

commercial mortgage broker

Commercial mortgage broker

Commercial mortgage broker

Commercial Loan Portal

to 750 Commercial Lenders

Commercial loans and commercial mortgage rates can be found inside this portal. This commercial mortgage portal allows you to apply to 750 commercial real estate lenders in just four minutes. You simply input your commercial loan request. The C-Loans System will then screen out all of the unsuitable commercial lenders and provide you with a list of 30 (or so) banks which are perfect for your particular commercial real estate loan request. You can then call these banks, life companies, conduits, REIT’s or hard money lenders directly or submit your commercial loan request electronically, six commercial lenders at a time. And C-Loans is free!

Ranked the most popular commercial mortgage portal by Commercial mortgage broker

Commercial mortgage broker

Commercial Loan Portal

to 750 Commercial Lenders

Commercial loans and commercial mortgage rates can be found inside this portal. This commercial mortgage portal allows you to apply to 750 commercial real estate lenders in just four minutes. You simply input your commercial loan request. The C-Loans System will then screen out all of the unsuitable commercial lenders and provide you with a list of 30 (or so) banks which are perfect for your particular commercial real estate loan request. You can then call these banks, life companies, conduits, REIT’s or hard money lenders directly or submit your commercial loan request electronically, six commercial lenders at a time. And C-Loans is free!

Commercial mortgage brokerC-Loans Thanks: Alicia Gandy of Blackburne Sons Realty Capital Corporation

For Closing a $650,000 First Mortgage on a Strip Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma (More Info and Mini-App)

Commercial mortgage broker

Commercial Loan Portal

to 750 Commercial Lenders

Commercial loans and commercial mortgage rates can be found inside this portal. This commercial mortgage portal allows you to apply to 750 commercial real estate lenders in just four minutes. You simply input your commercial loan request. The C-Loans System will then screen out all of the unsuitable commercial lenders and provide you with a list of 30 (or so) banks which are perfect for your particular commercial real estate loan request. You can then call these banks, life companies, conduits, REIT’s or hard money lenders directly or submit your commercial loan request electronically, six commercial lenders at a time. And C-Loans is free!

Commercial mortgage brokerC-Loans Thanks: Vito Piche’ of

Red Star Commercial Funding

For closing a $250,000 First Mortgage

on a commercial building in Atlantic Beach, NY

Mortgage Broker: How to Become a Mortgage Loan Broker, mortgage broker training.#Mortgage #broker #training

Mortgage Broker: How to Become a Mortgage Loan Broker?

Research the requirements to become a mortgage loan broker. Learn about the job description and duties and read the step-by-step process to start a career as a mortgage loan broker.

Should I Become a Mortgage Loan Broker?

Similar to loan officers, mortgage brokers work for prospective business and home buyers to arrange loans. They act as intermediaries between the buyers and mortgage lenders and may be the fiduciaries of the buyers. Legally, they are considered a type of financial institution, even if they work as independent contractors.

Loan officers must have at least a high school diploma and be licensed. To earn licensure, these officers must complete 20 hours of education. The chart below contains the basic requirements to work as a mortgage broker:

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Auctioneering
  • Business Marketing Operations
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Hospitality Marketing Operations
  • Insurance, General
  • Marketing for Apparel and Accessories
  • Marketing for Travel and Tourism Operations
  • Modeling
  • Real Estate Sales, Appraisal, and Finance
  • Special Product Marketing
  • Tourism Promotion Operations
  • Vehicle and Vehicle Parts Marketing

Career Requirements

Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, O*Net Online

Step 1: Complete Related Courses

The minimum level of education required to work as a mortgage broker is completing high school. However, to connect borrowers and lenders, a mortgage broker must be able to review financial documents and conduct research. Classes in computer use, keyboarding, research skills and math may help prepare an individual to work as a mortgage broker.

Step 2: Attend Pre-Licensure Education

Pursuant to the 2008 SAFE Act, all mortgage brokers must be licensed. Records of non-financial related licenses issued throughout the nation are maintained by the National Mortgage Licensure System (NMLS). The NMLS also provides guidance on obtaining licensure to aspiring mortgage brokers.

To become licensed, an individual must complete a 20-hour pre-licensure program and pass an exam. The 20-hour education programs are available throughout the U.S. and provide instruction about relevant federal laws and regulations, loan officer ethics and mortgage origination.

Success Tip:

  • Prepare for the exam. Outlines and a handbook are available on the NMLS website. These items may help individuals prepare for their licensure exam and, in doing so, make it more likely that they will pass the exam the first time.

Step 3: Take the Licensure Exam

Aspiring mortgage brokers must pass the SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Test. This test includes national and state parts. All aspiring brokers take the same national test, while the state portion of the test differs depending on the state in which the individual intends to work when licensed. Exams can be taken on demand throughout the U.S.

Step 4: Begin Working as a Mortgage Broker

An individual can work as a mortgage broker after passing the SAFE exam and becoming licensed. A mortgage broker may negotiate mortgage loans, accept funds to invest in real estate and sell or oversee mortgage loans.

Step 5: Complete Continuing Education

Licensed mortgage brokers must complete continuing education to retain their licensure and advance in their careers. Specific requirements can vary by state, but typically include completing continuing education hours every year.

Loan Origination Training, Loan Originator, Become A Loan Originator, mortgage broker training.#Mortgage #broker #training

Loan Originators and Loan Origination Training : How To Become A Loan Originator

Becoming a mortgage loan originator just might be the best decision you ever make. Loan originator is one of the last professions remaining that you can enter with little out of your pocket and unlimited income potential.

This website can help you by showing all the things you have to know to be a loan originator . In the mortgage business a mortgage loan originator is the person who gets the loan. You can work as a broker or a loan officer. But to be successful you must get the proper loan origination training . On,our website, we refer to loan origination training as mortgage broker training. The words are interchangeable. Our main loan origination training manual is a useful tool that will be a permanent guide through the loan approval process: from what you need to start you career to how you can have most of your loans approved.

Take a look at our website and look at the different subjects this manual covers. There is also a short quiz to see how much you know about being a loan originator already. After taking the quiz, you will have a much better idea of how well your loan origination training up to this point has been.

Become A Loan Originator

To help people become mortgage loan originators we have written a book titled So You Want To Be A Mortgage Broker. You can get more info about the book at Like I said earlier a mortgage loan originator is a mortgage broker in most parts of the country. The terms mortgage loan originator, mortgage broker, and loan officer are synonymous. We could have called it So You Want To Become A Loan Originator and it would mean the same thing.

Step one to becoming a mortgage loan originator is to find out if you need a license. Most states do require them. There is a complete listing in the book mentioned above.

Step two is to get your license and find a job. That shouldn’t be too hard because you will be working on commission and if you do not produce you do not eat. So finding a company to work for will not be very difficult.

Step three is to get proper loan origination training.

Loan Origination Training

As a loan officer there are numerous things you will need to know. A short list is:

– How to fill out a 1003 loan application

– How to lock the interest rate for a loan

– How to read a rate sheet

– How to price a loan so you make money

– What disclosures need to be given to the borrowers

– How to read and analysis a credit report

– How to submit a file to the lender

All these topics should be part of your loan origination training . The sad thing is that most mortgage companies do not offer very good training to their originators. So you might be forced to get your own training. In that case, we have an excellent loan originator training manual that will teach you everything you need to know and then some.

Getting your training is not a hard process. But it will take a little time. The better trained you are, the more confidence you will have, and thus the more loans you will close.

Once you become a loan originator, you will experience the freedom I live everyday: No boss, you choose the hours, you choose the days, you can work from home, and have unlimited income.

But it starts with So You Want To Be A Mortgage Broker. Find out about the business and make sure this is something you want to do. Get info about your license as well. Then get your loan originator training, either from your own company or from ours.

After you are done training, it is time to start marketing. There are many great mortgage marketing programs available that can help you get clients. has several you should check out.

Mortgage broker training

Mortgage broker training

Mortgage Broker Training Courses – Diploma – Cert IV – Mortgage Aggregators Explained, mortgage broker

Broker Training Couses

What are Mortgage Aggregators / Dealer Groups?

Mortgage Aggregators, Dealer Groups and even Franchise Groups act as a wholesaler between lenders and Mortgage Brokers. Here all of these bodies are will referred to as Aggregators.

For a mortgage broker to be able to introduce loans to a lender and get paid by that lender, they would normally need to work with an aggregator. The reason for this is that most lenders have volume and compliance requirements that the average broker would be unable to sustain unless they were a large business. Even then, they might only be able to maintain the volume required to a few lenders and need to employ staff to manage their compliance and relationship with the lenders. This could greatly reduce the offering they had to their customers and increase their overheads and work load.

Aggregators have evolved from the early days of the Mortgage Broking industry. Initially they began as a mortgage brokers were approached by new brokers wanting access to lenders through their accreditations. Over time, through the process of bulking loan volumes (or aggregating these volumes ), they were able to negotiate better lender commission and service levels from lenders and set up systems and processes.

Today most aggregator not only offer brokers access to the lenders but would also offer support services for their members. The support offered varies between aggregators and could include services like software (loan comparison, loan lodgement, CRM management), training (lending, sales and compliance), Management support, lead generation, branding and back office support. The aggregator or franchisor may even offer there members the ability to be an authorised representative under their Australian Credit Licence (ACL) so that the broker is not required to obtain a licence themselves.

The aggregator will generally charge some sort of fee for offering these services. These fees may be in the form of a percentage of the fees received from the lenders or they may charge a fee per transaction or a flat monthly or annual fee. Some groups also charge a joining administration fee or franchise fees.

Most aggregators will also offer their members more than just lending products to offer clients that the broker would not otherwise have access to or be able to sell to their clients.

Working with an aggregator offers brokers the ability to operate there own business their way, offering a wide variety of lenders and loan products, but with the support of the aggregator.

With this assistance a Mortgage Broker is able to provide a sustainable benefit to consumers. Customers benefit from being able to compare different mortgage products available from a panel of lenders through one source (the Mortgage Broker) and subsequently receive products that match their needs and individual circumstances. Increased competition due to Mortgage Brokers operating within the industry has been noted as a key factor in the reduction of fees and interest rates for all Australians.

Mortgage broker training#Mortgage #broker #training

Interested in becoming a Mortgage Broker ?

Walker Miller Courses get you Qualified!

Broker Courses + Continuous Development + Experienced Trainers + Relevant Material

Certificate IV

Are you ready to become a mortgage broker? With this course you will meet the finance industry’s educational entry requirements so you can work as a mortgage or finance broker.

Upgrade Diploma

Would you like to offer more products to your clients? This program takes you beyond the fundamentals, teaching you how to provide your clients with commercial financing options.

Recognition of Experience

The Recognition process entitles you to industry qualifications by recognising your skills and experience. The process is simple and provides you with the recognition you deserve.

Mortgage Broker Training with Walker and Miller

Mortgage and Finance broking can be one of the most rewarding careers available in Australia. The ability to work flexible hours and earn a substantial income are some of the benefits of the industry, especially when the entry requirements to become a broker are simpler than other industries that offer similar rewards.

How Do I Become A Mortgage Broker?

As a minimum requirement, most lenders now require you to have a Certificate 4 and become a member of an industry association, generally the MFAA (Mortgage Finance Association of Australia) or the FBAA (Finance Brokers Association of Australia). These associations will require you to have a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking – FNS40815 as will the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP) which requires a Certificate 4 to obtain a credit licence or become a credit representative. Since June 2012, The MFAA also requires members to be enrolled or obtain a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management – FNS50315).

Walker Miller Training Services provide one of the few independent Mortgage broker Certificate IV and Diploma courses in Australia designed to get you started as a Mortgage Broker and accredited with the MFAA, FBAA, major Australian lending institutions and comply with ASIC’s education requirements. Courses are held monthly in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and other capital cities or can be completed via distance learning.

Further information on How to become a mortgage or finance broker is available on our ” How to become a Mortgage Broker ” Starters page. Alternatively for further information about getting started as a mortgage broker Click here to fill in the enquiry form or call 1300 136 947 or (0299225198) .

Whether you are new to the industry or need to become compliant under the ASIC and MFAA guidelines , this course is designed to have you operating in the minimum possible time frame while gaining solid foundations in the mortgage industry.

Learn Before You Start

Some of the Broker and Franchise Groups have training courses for new brokers starting in the mortgage industry, but you need to commit to them prior to undertaking the training. They might even require you to pay huge franchise fees prior to you having a complete understanding of your options in the industry. With this course you gain the ability to transact in the market place and choose the group, if any, that is right for you after you have gained enough knowledge to make a proper decision. Part of the course covers the groups in the industry and what they offer you. On course completion, a variety of career opportunities are open to you including working as a mortgage or finance broker, in credit, loan processing, mobile lender for mortgage companies, banks and other industry companies.

Industry Requirements

The requirements now to become a broker, be able to become accredited with lending institutions to sell their products and to join the FBAA / MFAA include completion of the FNS40815 Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking. Even experienced brokers are required to have a Certificate IV if they are to join the association. (See the How to become a broker Starters page for further details). As of January 2013, All brokers wishing to join the MFAA also are required to obtain a Diploma in Financial and Mortgage Broking Management in the first year of membership.

MFAA or FBAA Accreditation

If you are wanting to become a mortgage broker and become accredited with the major Australian lenders you need to achieve Associate Credit Advisor (ACA) (Previously Accredited Mortgage Consultant (AMC) ) status with the Mortgage and Finance association – MFAA, or join the Finance Brokers Association of Australia – FBAA . This course is the starting point for both memberships.

How do you start your career in Mortgage Broking?

The Certificate IV course is the basis to becoming a mortgage or finance broker. On successful course completion you can to apply to the MFAA as an Associate Credit Advisor or for FBAA membership or to become accredited with banks and other financial institutions. We can even introduce you to Mortgage groups and financial institutions looking for new employees and members. Click Here to Enquire Now

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Welcome to the brand new Abacus website!

Abacus Mortgage Training has been helping the mortgage industry since 1999 and actually started as a Mortgage Company in the late 1980’s.

At Abacus today, we are still committed to the same standard of excellence the company was built on. As such, we seek out only the best NMLS approved providers, that offer top quality content, at a specially negotiated prices. This is our commitment to you. That we will always find you the best courses, from the best providers, at the best price. That is why we are so proud to announce that we have partnered with Mortgage Education (Provider ID: 1400051) to provide you with top quality training.

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Abacus Mortgage Training and Education specializes in helping you find the mortgage education that fits your learning style.
We work directly with NMLS education providers and can help you to find the best courses from the best providers in the mortgage industry and make sure you get your training at the lowest price possible .
The economy has gone through many changes in the last 20 years; in the last 5 years, the mortgage industry even more so. New rules and regulations that are in place have fundamentally transformed how loan officers get and maintain licensure, how mortgage applications are taken, how loans are closed and so much more.

Abacus Mortgage Training and Education actually started out as MoneyNet Mortgage Planning Services in the 80s and continued to originate mortgage loans into the late 2000s. Founder Paul Donohue’s main focus and philosophy was building “customers for life” through honesty, integrity, and professionalism; helping make the dream of homeownership possible for tens of thousands of families. During this time, Paul and his team at Abacus were also committed to delivering ground breaking mortgage training and education across the country to tens of thousands of individuals and companies large and small, as an NMLS approved education provider. Francis Donohue has been the National Sales Director at Abacus for over 7 years and has continued to help mortgage companies and loan originators nationwide reach their goal of mortgage excellence.

When you call or email, one of highly knowledgeable Abacus’s team members will help you get started fast.. or Francis might just answer the phone, he may not always be available to speak immediately; however, he loves to provide personalized solutions for each person he talks to and would be happy to spend that time speaking with you.
Abacus Mortgage Training and Education specializes in helping to find the mortgage education that is right for you. While we are not an NMLS approved course provider and we don’t have courses approved by NMLS we can help you to find course providers and courses that are.
We have also recently aligned with NMLS approved education provider Mortgage (nmls id 1400051) to help bring you the very best training possible and at an extremely affordable price.
Mortgage Education was also founded on the same principles of honor and excellence and hence why we are a natural fit to assist you together in your education experience.
All NMLS approved PreLicensing Courses are fully licensed and approved by Mortgage Education (nmls id 1400051)

A little mortgage food for thought, especially if you are a first time visitor to Abacus Mortgage Training and you intend to get your mortgage license.

NMLS Test First-Time-Pass Success Requires Both Mortgage Broker Education and Loan Officer Training

It is critical that the NMLS Test and the licensing process does not stand in the way of your staffing, if you are a company, or limit your employment opportunities if you are an individual. Passing the NMLS Test on the first try requires both mortgage training and education.

Why do we insist you need both “education’ and “training?”

Because you must pass the NMLS Test to get licensed; and, you must be able to apply your knowledge to originate mortgage loans successfully.

“Loan Officer Training” is the mortgage industry catch phrase used to mean acquiring the fundamentals of origination mortgage loans. This includes understanding proper disclosure, protecting borrower’s rights, mastery of the 1003 form, mortgage math and understanding issues of credit. Your mastery of this specific body of mortgage fundamentals are the basis for today’s Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO). Loan officer training deals with a significant percentage of the content addressed on the NMLS Test required by state and federal law as a prerequisite for obtaining your MLO license. In summary, this body of content is far more fundamental and ground-level than the material covered by “Mortgage Broker Education”.

“Mortgage Broker Education” is the term used to mean acquiring the mandatory education necessary to meet all state and federal requirements for Pre-licensure Education (PE) and Continuing Education (CE) in order to obtain and maintain your MLO license. While ongoing Loan Officer Training is vital for the new and experienced MLO, passing the NMLS Test requires a comprehensive mastery of mortgage law, the primary and secondary mortgage markets, mortgage processing, loan file underwriting and full understanding of mortgage ethics. The SAFE Act requires individual licensure of Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage Lenders and their loan officers. While Continuing Education is required for licensure renewal, as long as the MLO properly maintains their Loan Officer’s License the MLO will not have to repeat the NMLS Test.

We consider both Loan Officer Training and Mortgage Education imperative. You need to meet your basic requirements for licensure which includes sitting for your Pre-license Education, master the test-prep tools and pass the NMLS Test. You also need the fundamental mortgage training to succeed as a mortgage originator, and this requires you become a student of the mortgage business. The national SAFE Act Test will require you to focus on your “mortgage Education”. Success as a Mortgage Loan Officer will require an ongoing commitment to “Loan Officer Training”.

The SAFE Act Test is designed to find any gaps in your knowledge of the mortgage industry and ensure that you are competent to sit across from a borrower with reasonable skill and care.

You can probably see our punch line coming but with so much at stake we don’t consider repetition obnoxious: in no uncertain terms you must obtain mastery over both Mortgage Broker Education and Loan Officer Training for success on the NMLS Test.

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