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Rockets Over Rhema—July 2, 2017

Reaching People of the Tulsa/Broken Arrow Community with the Love of God

Even though school is out for the summer, the Rhema campus is still bustling with activities! RBTC students have the unique opportunity to volunteer with one of our largest on-campus events—Rockets Over Rhema .

This grand event reaches thousands of people of the surrounding community, who come together to celebrate our country’s Independence Day. Students can help with inflatable games, face painting, temporary tattoos, and more!

“It’s so cool to be able to serve people outside of our church, whether I’m painting their face or waiting for a glitter tattoo to dry. You can show kindness to people just by listening to them or creating a fun design.” —O.C. RBTC 2011 Graduate

Advancing the Kingdom, Proclaiming the Word

Every school year, RBTC’s School of World Mission’s students have the unique opportunity to travel to another country for 4-6 weeks on an internship. The intern’s main focus is to serve within the vision of the host missionary.

This year, Matt Hattabaugh, a ’92 RBTC graduate, hosted students Ilya Galenko and Samuel Saleb in Beirut, Lebanon. For Ilya, this trip brought new friendships and a greater respect for the culture. “The Christian people are so pure and on fire for God! Others were very receptive to the Gospel.”

Christianity is actually a big part of the culture in Lebanon. The political system is set up so no one religion can take power. However, there is a lot of religious tradition that takes place. This can change with discipleship. Ilya shares, “We wanted to help connect people at the different churches. Helping them to grow and encouraging them in their own work was a big part of the trip.” Ilya and Samuel were able to teach people of all ages at various churches.

There’s also a strategic opportunity with all the Syrian refugees being there. “You can’t preach the gospel in Syria, but you can in Lebanon! You can preach to the refugees here, and they can take it back to their people.” Ilya shares that Muslims were open to hearing about the Gospel; many had never even heard about Jesus! The harvest field is definitely ripe in this country.

Ilya recalls, “I really didn’t think I was going to do Rhema’s School of World Missions; I didn’t feel called to be a missionary. But this experience has been amazing. You don’t have to be called to be a missionary or pastor to go on a mission’s trip. Even if you’re a business person or layperson, going into another country is a huge experience. It shows you the rest of the world, besides America. It doesn’t just look different, the people are different. The culture is different. The food is different. Even sleeping is different!”

If world missions is on your heart, what better place to prepare at then RBTC? We take the Great Commission to heart and help you pursue the call of God on your life. Just like Ilya and Samuel, you can make a difference in the world!

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Lesson 1: How We Got the Bible

Intermediate Bible Study

We are so glad you want to learn about God! As you study this fifteen lesson course of the Bible, we hope you will be thrilled with learning about God. As these lessons are designed for those who already believe that the Bible is the Word of God, we will not attempt to prove this in this course; but we believe you will learn much as you study the Word of God in the next few weeks.

The Original Languages

Some people do not know exactly how we got the Bible. The answer to this question is that God through the Holy Spirit instructed men exactly what to say (2 Peter 1:21). The Old Testament part of the Bible was written in the Hebrew and Aramaic languages. Today very few people can read these languages. The New Testament was written in the Greek language that Jesus spoke. Today we are very fortunate that wise men have translated (brought from one language to another) the Bible into the languages men speak.

First Written on Scrolls

The earliest parts of the Bible were written on scrolls. To have a complete Old Testament it was necessary to have many scrolls. For example, the book of Isaiah was on one scroll, the book of Daniel was on another, and thus having a Bible meant having many such scrolls.

By the time of the writing of the New Testament a form of paper called papyrus was in use. Later, men took the writings on paper and put them in book form. But even then, the Bible was in a language few people could read.

The Bible Into English

In the 17th century King James of England wanted a Bible in the English language for all to read. He ordered that the wise men in his kingdom translate the Bible for the common man. In 1611 this translation was completed. Most English Bibles today are copies of this translation.

Some people find the King James Bible hard to read. Often this is because the English words used in 1611 are not all used today. The chart below shows some of these words and their present meaning.


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Graduation, Matriculation, Inauguration
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Training Men and Women In The Word of God

Visitor #

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Andersonville Theological Seminary

  • Welcome to Andersonville Theological Seminary

    To fill out our free evaluation and application Click Here

    ATS was founded in 1981 and has been serving Christian workers in the field for more than a quarter of a century. Our mission statement is “To provide a quality Bible-based education to preachers, teachers, and counselors of God’s word so that they might be able to faithfully proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to disciple Christians in God’s word.” And we have been fulfilling this mission nationwide and across the globe for over 30 years.

    A Message From our President

    Welcome to Andersonville Theological Seminary, a seminary with a distinguished history and curriculum. I am so glad that you have chosen to become a part of the ATS family, joining a student body of over 3,000 active students and thousands of alumni worldwide.

    For over a quarter of a century, I have watched as ATS has grown, beginning from a small unknown Bible school into a seminary with worldwide student body. Over those years, many things have changed at ATS so that our students might have the best opportunities to receive a seminary education while actively serving in the field. Yet, one thing has not changed and will not change, and that is ATS’ commitment to teaching God’s Word in a verse-by-verse style as frequently as is possible in every ATS program. No filler courses will be found in our curriculum; instead our programs are overflowing with actual Bible exposition and exegesis.


    Spread His Word

    Your Calling

    At ATS we are committed to helping people like you who want to be leaders in spreading the Word in their communities.

    Helping His Flock


    The Word


    A program designed for you

    ATS has developed a program of study that allows pastors, teachers, and counselors to earn their seminary degrees from their own homes while continuing to actively serve in the field.

    Students and Alumni Information

    Students and Alumni can find transcript, graduation and order forms under the Forms tab on this site.

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    CTSFW Events

    Martin Luther asserted that “Job

    Event Details

    Martin Luther asserted that “Job is magnificent and sublime as no book of Scripture.” Others have called Job the Shakespeare of the Bible. Yet the early Christian scholar Jerome perhaps put it best when he called the book of Job an eel, since the more one tries to contain it, the slipperier it becomes! The purpose of this seminar is to learn how to apply Job to our lives, so that the book becomes less like an eel and more like a loving companion through life’s dark valleys. Bible study and sermonic insights will abound. (1.5 CEU)

    Event Details

    Lutheran preachers know that God’s

    Event Details

    Lutheran preachers know that God’s Law and Gospel are to be proclaimed yet rightly distinguished so that the hearers take comfort in Christ alone. Far from being a slogan or a cliché, the distinction of the Law from the Gospel preserves the place of both and is necessary if Christian doctrine is to remain whole.

    This seminar will concentrate on how we preach God’s Law in a world that imagines that it is antinomian. Merely asserting the commandments as a divinely-imposed set moral legislation will likely be met with the charge of hegemony. Nor will it help simply to ignore the Law as though one could preach the Gospel without reference to the Law. The question is not whether or not we are to preach the Law, but how are we to preach it so that it does its deadly work of exposing sin for what it is and shutting every mouth so that the whole world is held accountable to the Creator (Rom. 3:19). We will look at Luther’s way of doing it as well as the work of four contemporary Lutheran theologians: Hans Joachim Iwand, Oswald Bayer, James Nestingen and Steven Paulson.

    Looking at an upcoming preaching text, we will work together to identify how it is preachers might move concretely to preach the Law from this specific text. (1.5 CEU)

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    DLTK’s Sunday School Lessons
    The Lord’s Prayer

    by Leanne Guenther

    Sunday School Teacher’s Guide – this is just one possible lesson plan. Visit the Lord’s Prayer Bible Lesson Plan for further ideas to supplement this.


    This lesson is about the Lord’s prayer. Communication is important in all our relationships, so it should be no surprise that prayer is one of the most important parts of our relationship with God. You’d think talking to God would be harder or more complicated than it is but God gave us five verses to show us how to do it right. This lesson will help children understand what the Lord’s prayer means and help them understand that anyone can pray. Even the disciples wanted to know how to pray (Luke11:1).

    The message:

    Preschool thru Grade 1: Jesus taught us how to pray.

    Grades 2 and 3: Use the Lord’s prayer as an example and guide to pray.

    I’ve split this message into two separate ones depending on the age level. For the younger children, the message is simple: Jesus taught us how to pray. For the older children, we expand on this message and say use the Lord’s prayer as an example and guide to pray. Going beyond reciting the Lord’s prayer and applying it to their everyday life.

    Make sure you repeat the message many times during the lesson. Send the Lord’s Prayer Take Home Sheet home with the children to encourage parents to reiterate the message during the week. It includes a poster at the bottom that the children can color and hang on their wall or refrigerator.

    Preview of the lesson:

    Some people like to do craft time first and story time second and some like to switch it around. I like the first option, myself.

    Always consider offering Lord’s Prayer Coloring Pages or you could look at the Lord’s Prayer Mini Book or Itsy Bitsy Book for children who aren’t interested in participating in the group activity (or if you get done the group activities very quickly and need something to fill in the spare time). Everyone has a need for alone time once in awhile. Also, sending home the coloring pages with the Take Home sheet provides parents with much needed help in reinforcing the lessons. You can make a nice little booklet each week with the Take Home Sheet on top — I promise that most parents will appreciate the effort!


    Time Allotted

    Bible Study on James ~ Introduction and 8 Lessons #god, #lord, #jesus, #christ, #holy #spirit,


    James – Faith for Living
    �Proverbs of the New Testament�

    A Sure Sign of Life
    The book of James, controversial because of its emphasis on �good works,� is perhaps best understood through the analogy of motion. In both the physical realm as well as the spiritual realm, where there is life there will be motion.
    When a person becomes a Christian, new life begins, and inevitably that life must express itself through �spiritual motion,� or good deeds. In James’ words, �What good is it. if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds?� (2:14)
    Movement does not cause life, but it does inevitably follow life. It is a sure sign that life is present. Similarly, genuine faith in Christ should always result in actions that demonstrate faith.

    Does James Contradict Paul?
    James is not writing about how to become a Christian, but rather how to act like one. Having all the correct beliefs about God will hardly suffice: even demons believe in God. Real, life-giving faith should produce motion, and James minces no words in describing the specific spiritual actions expected of Christians.
    Christian thinkers, notably Martin Luther, have struggled to reconcile the message of James with that of Paul, who so firmly warned against slavish legalism. But Paul never belittled holy living. When he wrote to carousers, such as his letter to the Corinthians, he railed against immorality as strongly as James.
    Evidently, James’ readers were not even flirting with legalism. They lived at the other extreme, ignoring the laws that God had clearly revealed. James had a simple remedy: “Do not merely listen to the word. Do what it says.” (1:22)

    Straight to the Point
    Unlike the apostle Paul, James was no urbane man of letters. He was a simple, homespun preacher, perturbed at people who were not living right. His letter covers a wide range of topics, applying the Christian faith to specific problems, and commanding readers to live out their beliefs.
    Be humble! James orders. Submit to God! Stop sinning! James is as forthright as an Old Testament prophet; it is hard to miss his point.
    Modern readers of James face the same dilemma as the first recipients of this unsettling letter. His words are easy enough to understand, but are we doing as he says? What kind of motion characterizes our spiritual lives? As Luther himself said, “You are saved by faith alone, but if faith is alone, it is not faith.”
    As leader of the headquarters church in Jerusalem, James knew how to speak with authority. You don’t have to look for hidden meanings in this book. James tells you clearly how you should act in 54 direct commands. Note that many of these have parallels to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. As you study these verses, keep in mind the diverse audience he was addressing which included the rich and the poor. Note, too, his “asides” to specific groups.

    Leading a Bible Study of James
    If you plan to lead a group in studying James, I recommend you look over the handout and scripture verses, and allow yourself some time to delve into the leader s guide.
    I ve found with my groups that each lesson or discussion takes about 45 minutes to go through. I ve also found that people can get passionately involved in these lessons and they can easily run much longer if the leader doesn t keep things moving along. For most of the lessons, there is a supplemental sheet of questions for discussion in small groups. (My main group is fairly large, about 25 men, and we break up after the main lesson into small groups of 3 to 5 men each.)
    You ll find that many of the questions are designed to be a springboard to further discussion and there is often no truly right or wrong answer. If you have questions or comments, please use the Send Mail button on the menu below. I guarantee that I will read your comments, however, as this web site gets more than 3,000 visitors per day, I can t possibly answer every one.
    In response to your requests, these studies are in Adobe PDF format, so they can easily be printed out. The first file is the handout for the group which also includes supplementary questions for small group discussion. The Leader s Guides (3-4 pages) have answers to the questions and related scripture verses, generally NIV. If you cannot read PDF files, click to download Adobe Reader. Please note that the studies below are minor revisions to those the original studies on James that I posted in 2003.
    David Ahl, October 2010

    • James 1:1-18 – Handout (Questions) o Leader’s Guide (Answers)
    • James 1:19-27 – Handout (Questions) o Leader’s Guide (Answers)
    • James 2:1-13 – Handout (Questions) o Leader’s Guide (Answers)
    • James 2:14-26 – Handout (Questions) o Leader’s Guide (Answers)
    • James 3:1-12 – Handout (Questions) o Leader’s Guide (Answers)
    • James 3:13-18 – Handout (Questions) o Leader’s Guide (Answers)
    • James 4:1-12 – Handout (Questions) o Leader’s Guide (Answers)
    • James 4:13-5:6 – Handout (Questions) o Leader’s Guide (Answers)
    • James 5:7-20 – Handout (Questions) o Leader’s Guide (Answers)
    • Quiz Review – Handout (Questions) o Quiz Answers

    Bible studies courtesy of