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Legal Practice Management Software Programs for Small Law Firms

Bill4Time is a time and billing software for any company that bills based on hourly rates, although Bill4Time has an industry-specific legal edition for attorneys. Bill4Time’s legal billing software features include America Bar Association (ABA) Task Codes, conflict of interest checking, trust accounting, and trust reporting. More

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Clio is a practice management, time and billing and client management software for small law firms and practicing attorneys. Clio features legal calendaring, task management, time tracking, trust accounting and document management. Clio is a cloud-based law firm software so your data is stored on the company’s servers. More

HoudiniESQ is a legal practice management software targeted to law firms that seek a single integrated software solution to run both MAC and Windows operating systems. HoudiniESQ features include client management, email management, invoicing, trust accounting, and customizable workflow automation. You can choose between running the desktop version of HoudiniESQ or a cloud-based solution. More

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Legal Files is a case and matter management software that is used by law firms, insurance companies, governments, ​and universities. Legal Files features matter management, litigation management, file notes, response tracking, document text searching, automated task scheduling and phone messaging. More

MyCase is a web-based legal practice management software. MyCase offers a secure client portal, communications tools so you can send messages to clients or staff, activity streams and online payment processing. MyCase also has certified consultants who can assist clients with using the legal practice management software. More

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Needles is a legal case management software for attorneys and small law firms. Needles features include billing, contact management, case status and reporting. Needles also maintains a list of local hardware vendors and other legal service vendors on its website if you need help installing, implementing or using this software. More

PCLaw is a client, matter, billing and legal program from LexisNexis Practice Management solutions. PCLaw features contact and client management, case and matter management, billing, trust accounting, and law firms accounting modules, such as cash, accounts receivables, and accounts payable modules. You can add payroll processing and credit card processing for additional fees. More

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ProLaw is a legal practice management software from Thompson Reuters. ProLaw s program includes court docketing, legal calendaring, document assembly, time and expense tracking, budgeting, billing and contingency analysis and disposition. You can add on other legal modules such as electronic billing, Westlaw legal calendaring rules, Westlaw Litigator Integration and Westlaw QuickView to enhance the functionality. More

Rocket Matter is a law practice management software for small law offices. Rocket Matter features include the ability to work from iPads, Macs, PCs, and smartphones. Rocket Matter also works with Dropbox for file synchronization, Gmail for email, Skype for video conferencing, and QuickBooks for accounting. More

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Tabs3 Billing is a legal billing software for attorneys. Tabs3 Billing features include time tracking, customizable billing statements, client status reports and advanced compensation formulas to calculate what each law partner has earned. More

Timeslips is a legal time and billing software by Sage. Timeslips features include legal invoicing, billing and time-tracking. You can also add on electronic billing delivery, accounting integration, and enhanced timekeeping functionality for additional fees. More

Time Solve Legal is a web-based time, billing and project management software for law firms. Time Solve Legal features include multiple timers, conflicts management, trust accounts, Uniform Task-Based Management System (UTBMS) and performance monitoring reports. You can also outsource your legal billing processes with TimeSolve Legal. More

Total Attorneys is a practice management software for attorneys and law firms. Total Attorneys features bank-grade security, document storage and sharing, conflict interest checking time management, billing and payment processing. Total Attorneys also offers marketing and leads and an appointment engine for law firms to help you build your legal practice. More

TurbowLaw Time and Billing is a legal time and billing software. TurbowLaw Time and Billing features include a stopwatch, automatic time entry to client’s records, built-in PDF Creator and customizable bills and statements. TurbowLaw Time and Billing is specifically designed for small law firms. More

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Texas Fairness Checker
Find Out If You Are Being Over-taxed

Property Tax Tip of the day

Importance of timely paying property taxes

The penalties for late payment of property taxes are massive. Being one day late causes a 7% penalty. Being one month and a day late causes a 9% penalty. If taxes are not paid by June 30th, the penalties total 15% plus another 20% for collection costs. In other words, being 5 months late causes a penalty of 35%, or 84% on an annual basis.

Property Tax Reduction

Texas’ Largest Property Tax Consultant

We have a better record than most firms when it comes to results. We consistently strive to decrease the assessed value of your property regardless of market value fluctuations.

We represent property owners in more than 70 Texas appraisal districts including the Harris County Appraisal District, Fort Bend Appraisal District, Brazoria Appraisal District, Galveston Appraisal District, Montgomery Appraisal District, Dallas Appraisal District, Tarrant Appraisal District, Collin Appraisal District, Denton Appraisal District, Travis Appraisal District, Williamson Appraisal District and Bexar Appraisal District. We also offer property tax protest services in other counties states.

Choose O’Connor & Associates today to lower your property taxes!

Commercial Owners

O’Connor is an established statewide leader in uniform and equal property tax relief. We have the expertise and manpower to help you lower your taxes by helping analyze your property’s appropriate value using one or more of the accepted approaches to establishing value. We use a proven system to maneuver smoothly through all steps in the Texas tax appeal process, achieving tax cuts through administrative appeals- informal hearings or appraisal review board (ARB) hearings.

Home Owners

We provide a property tax reduction service to residential homeowners in exchange for a contingency fee of 50% of all property taxes saved by O’Connor & Associates through administrative hearings or through a judicial appeal, for that tax year. We will..

  • analyze existing assessments
  • research, prepare and present appeals on your behalf at informal hearings
  • coordinate a mutually agreed lawsuit if appropriate

You are not billed for court costs, appraisals, expert witness fees or legal fees.

What We Do?

We have the expertise and the manpower to help you lower your property taxes. In 2015, O’Connor & Associates filed more than 175,000 protests, cutting our clients’ taxes by over $43 million. We will aggressively pursue every legal avenue to protest and lower your taxes:
  • Informal hearings
  • Appraisal Review Board (ARB) hearings
  • Judicial appeals
Even if your property is taxed for less than its market value, you could still be eligible for a property tax cut based on inequitable assessment compared to neighboring or competing properties. Our staff generated property tax savings for 74% of Harris County residential properties that we represented and 69% of Harris County commercial properties that we represented in 2009!

How to Protest?

You have a right to lower property taxes! State law prescribes a procedure for protesting the assessed value of your property, upon which you are taxed by multiple taxing jurisdictions. The process is sometimes laborious and can be painstaking. But it is possible to achieve results if you can present evidence to support your case. You may represent yourself, or you may engage an agent to represent you by signing an Appointment of Agent form. Any agent who presents an appeal on your behalf must be a Licensed Tax Consultant in the State of Texas or possess another related real estate license.


Commercial real estate appraisals are used for heap purposes including land loaning, due tirelessness, domain charge arranging, judgment, prosecution, salary charges (cost isolation) and an assortment of different purposes. O’Connor and Associates is the biggest autonomous land evaluation firm in the Southwest. Our group of valuation and business sector study experts have a gigantic expansiveness and profundity of business land experience which incorporates a wide range of business land.

Research & Consulting

Market research and consulting services are the major milestone and initial basis of O’Connor & Associates services. Since, then clients and the media have been relying upon O’Connor & Associates as a credible source of market insights, market data and consulting.

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redding attorneys

Redding attorneys

Redding attorneys

Redding attorneys

Redding attorneys

Redding attorneys


Founded by Robert Ross, Joel Feller and Matt Casey, Ross Feller Casey has built an impeccable, nationally recognized reputation for obtaining record-setting results for its clients – the catastrophically injured.

Our Firm

The firm has three nationally recognized physicians right on staff, two of whom are also lawyers, to assist our clients and help legally diagnose and care for cases from their inception. Each of these Ivy League educated physicians has decades of clinical experience and highly specialized medical and legal training that gives Ross Feller Casey unmatched resources in any case involving medical issues.

On behalf of their clients, the trial lawyers at Ross Feller Casey, 16 in all, have taken on major corporations, leading hospitals and top insurers – and won.

From The New York Times to CNN, major news outlets have reported on numerous cases litigated by Ross Feller Casey, including the infamous Penn State University child sex scandal in which the firm successfully represented seven victims of former football coach Jerry Sandusky.

The attorneys at Ross Feller Casey are known for their expertise in the courtroom. As trial lawyers, they have a track record of winning verdicts with some of the largest financial outcomes for their clients. While the goal of many personal injury lawyers is to just settle lawsuits, the attorneys at Ross Feller Casey are prepared to take cases to trial, ensuring that their clients receive all the compensation they deserve.

Over the last two years alone, Ross Feller Casey has recovered more than $400 million for its individual clients, much of that coming as a result of jury verdicts. All told, the work by attorneys of Ross Feller Casey has resulted in recoveries of more than $1 billion in individual personal injury cases.

But for the attorneys of Ross Feller Casey, it s about more than just dollars and cents. They are devoted to improving the quality of life of their clients and their families by assisting with future medical and life-care issues and benefits. What s more, cases handled by the firm have forced important safety related improvements in the workplace, in the delivery of medical care and in consumer products.



  • Redding attorneys
  • Redding attorneys
  • Redding attorneys
  • Redding attorneys
  • Redding attorneys
  • Redding attorneys

This web site is designed for general information only. The information presented at this site should not be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of a lawyer/client relationship.

Because every case is different, the description of awards and cases previously handled do not guarantee a similar outcome in current or future cases.

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I just got arrested for a State of South Dakota DUI charge. What happens next?

ISSUE ONE:The South Dakota Implied Consent / Administrative License Revocation Proceeding: Under South Dakota law, any person who operates any vehicle in the State of South Dakota is considered to have given consent to the withdrawal of his or her blood or other bodily substance and chemical analysis of the person s blood, breath, or other bodily substance to determine the amount of alcohol in the person s blood and to determine the presence of marijuana or any controlled drug or substance or any substance ingested, inhaled, or otherwise taken into the body or any other substance that may render a person incapable of safely driving.

This is known as South Dakota s implied consent law.

Pursuant to South Dakota s implied consent law, your South Dakota drivers license (or your right to drive in South Dakota if you re not a South Dakota licensed driver) was likely revoked for one year if you refused a chemical (breath / blood / urine) test. This revocation typically starts on the 120th day following your SD DUI arrest.

Read your paperwork carefully. If you act within 120 days, you can request a hearing from the secretary of public safety to challenge this proposed administrative revocation. If the secretary of public safety finds that the police officer complied with the law and the refusal was made, the secretary will revoke your license to drive and (or your right to drive in South Dakota if you did not have a valid South Dakota license at the time of your arrest).

Speak to your South Dakota attorney for more information about contesting your administrative (implied consent) license revocation.

ISSUE TWO:The South Dakota DUI Criminal Case: Separate from the administrative license proceeding is the criminal charge for driving under the influence (DUI). In South Dakota, it is unlawful to drive or be in actual physical control of any vehicle while:

(1) There is 0.08 percent or more by weight of alcohol in your blood as shown by chemical analysis of your breath, blood, or other bodily substance (sometimes known as a per se DUI);

(2) You are under the influence of an alcoholic beverage, marijuana, or any controlled drug or substance not obtained pursuant to a valid prescription, or any combination of an alcoholic beverage, marijuana, or such controlled drug or substance;

(3) You are under the influence of any controlled drug or substance obtained pursuant to a valid prescription, or any other substance, to a degree which renders you incapable of safely driving; or

(4) You are under the combined influence of an alcoholic beverage and or any controlled drug or substance obtained pursuant to a valid prescription, or any other substance, to a degree which renders the person incapable of safely driving.

If you are under twenty-one years of age. it is unlawful to drive, operate, or be in actual physical control of any vehicle:

(1) If there is physical evidence of 0.02 percent or more by weight of alcohol in the person s blood as shown by chemical analysis of the person s breath, blood, or other bodily substance; or

(2) After having consumed marijuana or any controlled drug or substance for as long as physical evidence of the consumption remains present in the person s body.

Important: The implied consent / administrative license revocation proceeding and the criminal DUI case are completely separate from one another.

Will my South Dakota driver license be suspended or revoked?

RELATED TO ISSUE ONE ABOVE: Your South Dakota driver license (or your right to drive in South Dakota if you do not have a valid South Dakota license) may be revoked in the implied consent proceeding for refusing a chemical test for alcohol and / or drugs. This revocation is for one year.

Again, you may challenge this proposed revocation in an administrative hearing this revocation if you make a timely hearing request.

RELATED TO ISSUE TWO ABOVE: If you are convicted of the DUI charge, your South Dakota license (or your right to drive in South Dakota if you don t have a valid license) for between 30 days and three years depending on your DUI / DWI history.

What happens if I get caught driving while my license is revoked?

Driving while your license is revoked for a test refusal or a DUI conviction should be avoided, as it is a separate criminal offense. If you have more than one DUI conviction in the past 10 years, and you are convicted of driving after a revocation, you face mandatory jail time.

I really need to drive. Will I be able to get a restricted license / work permit / occupational / conditional / probationary permit?

If you re convicted of the DUI charge, the court has the discretion to authorize limited driving privileges for the period of your revocation. If granted, these privileges generally allow you to operate a vehicle for purposes of employment, sobriety testing, school attendance, and for counseling programs.

If you re revoked for refusing a breath test, the secretary of public safety may authorize you to drive for employment purposes.

What is the difference between a DUI, DWI, OWI, OUI etc.

These terms are all acronyms that refer to the crime commonly known as drunk driving. Different states have different names for the crime. For example, in Iowa the acronym OWI (operating while impaired / intoxicated) is used; New York, Texas and other states use the term DWI (driving while intoxicated); Oregon uses the term DUII (driving under the influence of an intoxicant). South Dakota law refers to: driving under the influence (DUI) and actual physical control (APC).

Is a DWI offense in South Dakota a misdemeanor or felony charge?

In South Dakota, a first or second DUI conviction within a 10 year period is a misdemeanor charge. If you are convicted of a third or subsequent DUI within a 10 year period, it is a felony offense.

What type of penalties might I face if I am convicted of an South Dakota DUI / Aggravated DWI charge?

Upon conviction of an South Dakota drunk driving offense, a defendant can receive a variety of penalties. A range of penalties is set forth below:


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One of the country s leading experts on RICO. – Chambers

The name Bondurant, Mixson Elmore
remains synonymous with excellence
within the Georgia litigation domain. – Chambers USA 2013

Excellent from top to bottom – you never come across a bad lawyer at this firm. – Chambers USA 2012

A superb touch with juries. – Chambers

They win the cases that you don t expect to survive summary judgment, and they win`em big . – Benchmark 2013

Defense win:
Overturned $457 million judgment

Exceptionally high-caliber trial lawyers with impressive abilities. – Chambers

Tremendous strength in
contentious antitrust work. – Chambers USA 2012

Considered statewide to be an exemplar of a litigation powerhouse . – Benchmark 2012

A veritable powerhouse for contentious work. – Chambers

Handles some of Atlanta s biggest civil litigation cases. – Atlanta Business Chronicle

Watching these guys in action is a bucket list experience. – Benchmark 2013

I hope I never see this firm on the other side of a case. – Former Chief Litigation Officer at Fortune 200 Company

The level of sophistication of their work certainly warrants their position at the top of the Georgia legal community. – Chambers USA 2013

One of the best choices for complex litigation, wherever the case is based. – Chambers

Very effective, very smart lawyers – absolutely no question . – Chambers 2011

The premier litigation boutique, with an excellent reputation. – Chambers 2016

They provide quality representation
and can do major litigation
efficiently and smartly . – Chambers USA 2013

The No. 1 firm in Georgia for appellate work. – Best Lawyers in America

Some of the results they get are eye-popping . – Chambers 2011

Verdicts and settlements for plaintiffs:
Over $2 billion in the last 10 years

Outstanding bench, brilliant lawyers, always prepared. and very professional . – Chambers 2016

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New Jersey Divorce Attorney

The Details of Divorce

Divorce is a trying legal matter affecting many families today. There are many intricacies to divorce law in New Jersey that you should be aware of when you are serious about pursuing divorce. For example, in New Jersey, you must meet a one year residency requirement before filing for divorce. There are also different ways of filing for divorce as you have options regarding what kind of divorce you can file for. An experienced divorce attorney in New Jersey can help you navigate the legal aspect of what is understandably an emotional and difficult family matter.

No Fault New Jersey Divorce

A “no fault” divorce is a type of divorce in which the spouse who files for divorce does not have to prove that the other party was at fault; rather, he or she simply has to give any reason the state honors for divorce, the most common being “irreconcilable differences,” or that the two spouses no longer get along.

Filing for a no fault divorce in New Jersey means that the court will not assign fault to either party for the divorce. So long as a couple has irreconcilable differences and have been separated for a minimum of 18 months, no fault divorces may be settled. A no fault divorce is typically a smoother process to finalize a divorce.

Fault Divorce in New Jersey

Fault divorces are no longer recognized in several states, and are not as common as no fault divorces. While no fault divorces are an option in New Jersey, the option of pursuing a fault divorce is still available to those who wish to assign fault to the other party. When pursuing a fault divorce, the divorcing spouse requests that the divorce be granted based on a fault of the other spouse. The most common grounds for a fault divorce include adultery, abandonment, cruelty, addiction, incarceration, and mental illness. In addition, a spouse may fault another spouse for inability to engage in sexual intercourse.

In New Jersey, divorcing spouses seeking a fault divorce are not required to live apart for a specific period of time. Proving fault also provides the spouse without fault with a larger portion of the marital property or support.

To resolve a divorce as smoothly as possible, it is important to work with an experienced New Jersey divorce and family law attorney who can protect your interests each step of the way. Sandelands Eyet LLP focuses on New Jersey family law, and can help you resolve your legal matters. Call (908) 470-1200 to get started.

Other Practice Areas

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Manhattan Personal Injury Attorneys

The law firm of Rich Rich, P.C. provides top-notch legal representation to the seriously injured. In the unfortunate event that you suffer a personal injury, contact Rich Rich, P.C. one of the premier personal injury lawyers in New York city. Located in lower Manhattan, we have successfully recovered millions of dollars in damages for victims and their families across New York. At Rich Rich, P.C. our clients receive the personalized attention they deserve. You will always have access to a partner who will aggressively pursue your case.

We recover money damages for injuries resulting from:

Plain and simple, if you or a loved one suffer an injury, you need the advice of an attorney. Injured victims and their families can face exorbitant medical expenses, coupled with the financially crippling lost income of the injured party. As a personal injury law firm our New York auto accident attorneys handle all injury cases involving motor vehicle collisions. The law firm of Rich Rich, P.C. will aggressively fight for you and your family to maximize the compensation you receive for injuries resulting from the negligence of a third party. In addition, when possible, our lawyers will seek punitive damages for pain and suffering. The firm is known for pursuing all possible paths to monetary recovery. We will listen to you with compassion, and advocate for you with passion.

We are authorities in medical malpractice and personal injury litigation in Manhattan, with a particular expertise in New York City nursing home negligence cases. We are well known for handling cases involving birth injuries in all NYC boroughs including Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx. Your Manhattan malpractice case belongs in the seasoned hands of Rich Rich, P.C. If you or a loved one suffer any type of nursing home injury, or if your child has a birth injury in New York City, call our firm immediately to begin the process of protecting your rights.

We will evaluate your case today. at no charge. If we win or settle your case, we receive our legal fees from the money we recover for you. There are no out-of-pocket legal fees due from you in advance. In most situations, we advance the litigation costs of our client’s cases. Typical costs include acquiring hospital and medical records, police accident reports, investigative expenses to obtain and preserve evidence such as photographs and witness statements, court filing fees, expert witness expenses and other administrative expenses. Remember, Rich Rich, P.C. is only compensated if we win or settle your case.

Rich Rich, P.C. takes pride in giving personal attention to all our clients. You are not a number or a file. Let us prosecute your serious injury case with the passion and determination it deserves. Rich Rich, P.C. is small enough to provide the individual attention your case deserves, and large enough to pursue any size personal injury case.

Don’t wait. Contact Rich Rich, P.C. today

We are conveniently located in Manhattan at
30 Vesey Street, New York, NY 10007
Call 347.696.7707

Truck Accident – Passenger in SUV struck by tractor-trailer that lost control and crossed over concrete barrier on highway suffering a severe traumatic brain injury, coma and multiple fractures. Mediated Settlement – $4,815,000.00.

Dental Malpractice – Severed Lingual Nerve during lower wisdom tooth extraction. Permanent neuropathic pain, numbness and loss of taste-Jury Verdict $2,300,035.00.

Medical Malpractice – Birth Injury: newborn baby girl suffered hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy during labor and delivery resulting in speech delays. Settlement before trial – $1,500,000.00.

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Court of Criminal Appeals

Texas’ two highest courts, the Supreme Court of Texas and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, spearheaded the Beyond the Bench: Law, Justice, and Communities Summit on December 14, 2016 in Dallas, Texas. The Summit brought together Texas judges, law-enforcement officers, and national, state, and community leaders with the objective of strengthening trust and confidence in our justice system.

Misc Docket 17-004

February 17, 2017

Approval of Technology Standards, Version 4.0, Set By The Judicial Committee On Information Technology

MISC DOCKET 17-004 Approval of Technology Standards, Version 4.0, Set By The Judicial Committee On Information Technology
(Effective February 15, 2017).

Misc Docket 17-003

February 16, 2017

Order Adopting Amendments to Texas Rule of Appellate Procedure 33.1

MISC DOCKET 17-003 Order Adopting Amendments to Texas Rule of Appellate Procedure 33.1
(Effective July 1, 2017).

February 02, 2017

Attorneys practicing before The Court of Criminal Appeals now have access to a record portal that will allow attorneys of record in a case to download the clerk and reporter’s record from their offices (only PDF files will be available at this time).


January 26, 2017

Final Order Adopting Amendments to Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure 9.4, 72.2, and 73.7

MISC DOCKET 17-001 Final Order Adopting Amendments to Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure 9.4, 72.2, and 73.7
(Effective February 1, 2017).

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Welcome to the website of Maloney-Frost, LLC.

Mobile Personal Injury Lawyers | Attorney Alabama

Maloney-Frost, LLC is a Law Firm devoted to protecting accident victims’ rights. The firm focuses on helping injury victims with all types of personal injuries due to motor vehicle, 18-wheeler, train, motorcycle, plane or boat accidents; DUI victims; defective products; drug recalls; medical malpractice; machine accidents; negligence; premises liability; slips and falls; nursing home abuse; wrongful death and other torts. Our Mobile personal injury attorneys will not represent insurance companies, but we will represent individuals and businesses in matters relating to insurance claims, contract disputes, collections and consumer fraud.

If you have been injured by the negligence of another person or company, please contact the Mobile personal injury lawyers at Maloney-Frost, LLC to discuss your case. The faster you call the sooner we can advise you of your rights. In some cases, the time left for filing a lawsuit could be critically short because of a Statute of Limitations. Thus, even if you have a claim pending with an insurance company, we urge you to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Since Maloney-Frost, LLC accepts a variety of civil cases in State and Federal courts throughout Alabama, feel free to call if your legal need is not addressed on this site. Maloney-Frost, LLC maintains excellent relationships with many other Gulf Coast area Law Firms, so if your legal concern is not listed or arises outside the State of Alabama, our office may still be able to introduce you to a lawyer that practices in that area.

AV rated by Martindale Hubbell Highest Peer Rating

DISCLAIMER:No material or statements contained in this site are intended to create, nor create, any attorney-client relationship. By you accessing this site, no representative of this office has agreed to represent you in any legal matter. If you are already represented by a lawyer or law firm, no lawyer or employee of this office may communicate with you in any manner about your matter, without the express written consent of your lawyer. Please do not contact this office if you have already hired another lawyer for your matter unless he or she provides written consent. This site does not intend to offer, nor offers legal or medical advise. This site and it’s content is provided for general information and education purposes only. This site should not be used as a substitute for specific advise of a healthcare professional or attorney, and you should not rely upon any of this site’s content as a substitute for that specific advise. Please review the information in this site unmodified and in it’s entirety, with your legal or healthcare professional before taking any course of action relating to your matter or healthcare. Although reasonable attempts have been made to verify the accuracy of information contained in this site, this office can not make any express or implied warranties or representations about the accuracy or completeness of that information. No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal representation performed by other lawyers.

TheMobile personal injury attorneysat Maloney-Frost, LLC represent victims of all types of accidents, including automobile accidents, wrongful death accidents, drunk driving accidents, trucking accidents, premises liability accidents (slips/trips and falls) and product liability cases, in Mobile, Alabama, and throughout Mobile County and Baldwin County. Call (251) 433-4440 or toll-free at (800) 809-3669 for a free consultation regarding your case, or fill out our free case review form online.

The above is not legal advice. That can only come from a qualified attorney who is familiar with all the facts and circumstances of a particular, specific case and the relevant law. See Terms of Use .

Alabama: No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers. Alabama Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 7.2(e) (2002).

Mississippi: FREE BACKGROUND INFORMATION AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. See Mississippi Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 7.4 (a)(2) (2007).

Contact Us

Useful Info




601 Government Street, Mobile Alabama 36602 | Toll Free: 800.809.3669 | Phone: 251.433.4440 | Fax: 251.433.5636
2548 Beach Blvd. Suite 200 Biloxi, Mississippi 39531 | Phone: 228.388.2224 | Fax: 228.388.6005
Copyright 2017 Maloney-Frost Lyons, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Powered by LawyerEdge

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Meet Our Attorneys

Civil Trial Attorneys With a Statewide Practice

The seven lawyers of Edwards, Frickle Culver represent personal injury, environmental and commercial litigation clients in all Montana state and federal courts. Contact us in Billings to get to know our AV-rated* law firm.

Founding attorney A. Clifford Edwards is a former Montana Trial Lawyer of the Year who has won national recognition for his accomplishments in personal injury and environmental litigation. To learn more about his professional background and that of our other attorneys, see the profiles below.

*CV, BV, and AV are registered certification marks of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc. used in accordance with the Martindale-Hubbell certification procedures, standards, and policies. Martindale-Hubbell is the facilitator of a peer review rating process. Ratings reflect the confidential opinions of members of the Bar and the judiciary. Martindale-Hubbell ratings fall into two categories – legal ability and general ethical standards.

Call us today at

free initial consultation

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Verdicts and Settlements

  • Tragic accidents change the lives of those injured as well as the families that need to support them
  • Mounting medical expenses create real fear and anxiety to families
  • Insurance companies are not on your side, their business is to make money
  • We collect and organize your medical bills and records to relieve you of the stress – allowing you and your family to focus on recovery.

$2.5 million

Edward’s Client vs. Western Community T.V. Inc. – $2.5 million verdict in a wrongful death claim for the estate of a Montana Power Company foreman who was crushed between two vehicles.

  • $3.117 million

    Edward’s Client vs. D-2 Trucking Inc. – $3.117 million verdict for a mother and her son who were injured in a vehicle accident at the intersection of South Billings Boulevard and the I-90 freeway on-ramp caused by a semi-truck driver.

  • $7.2 million

    Edward’s Client vs. United States Fidelity Guaranty Company and the Phillips County Insurance. – $7.2 million verdict against insurance carrier for failing to pay for the loss and damages when the Malta High School was totally destroyed by a fire in 1995.

  • $250 million

    Edward’s Client vs. Burlington Northern Railroad Company. – $250 million verdict that was later overturned on appeal by the United States Supreme Court.

  • $1.5 million

    Edward’s Client vs. Payless Shoes and Payless Store #2655 in Billings, Montana. – $1.5 million verdict for failing to provide a safe place to work for an employee who was assaulted. The verdict was affirmed by the Montana Supreme Court holding that police officers are not “experts” requiring formal disclosure of opinions under Rule 26.