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Professional Education

A licensed naturopathic physician (ND) attends a four-year, graduate-level naturopathic medical school and is educated in all of the same basic sciences as an MD, but also studies holistic and nontoxic approaches to therapy with a strong emphasis on disease prevention and optimizing wellness. In addition to a standard medical curriculum, the naturopathic physician also studies clinical nutrition, homeopathic medicine, botanical medicine, psychology, and counseling. A naturopathic physician takes rigorous professional board exams so that he or she may be licensed by a state or jurisdiction as a primary care general practice physician. Please see the AANMC s Professional Competency Profile for more information.

The Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC) was established in February 2001 to propel and foster the naturopathic medical profession by actively supporting the academic efforts of accredited and recognized schools of naturopathic medicine. AANMC offers seven accredited naturopathic medical programs and eight campus locations in North America.

14500 Juanita Dr. NE, Kenmore, Washington 98028-4966

Phone: (425) 823-1300, Fax: (425) 823-6222

4106 Sorrento Valley Boulevard

San Diego, California 92121-1407

Phone: (858) 246-9700, Fax: (858) 246-9710

049 SW Porter St., Portland, OR 97201

Phone: (503) 552-1555

200 East Roosevelt Road

Lombard, IL 60148

Phone: (630) 629-2000, Fax: (630) 889-6499

2140 E. Broadway Rd., Tempe, Arizona 85282

Phone: (480) 858-9100, Fax (480) 858.9116

Health Science Center, 60 Lafayette Street, Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604

Phone: (800) EXCEL UB (392-3582) ext. 4108

1255 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario, M2K 1E2

Phone: (416) 498-1255, Toll Free: 1-866-241-2266

Boucher Centre, 300-435 Columbia Street, New Westminster, British Columbia, V3L 5N8

Phone: 604-777-9981, Fax: 604-777-9982

Great Barrington, MA 01230

President: Marcia Prenguber, ND

Executive Director: Daniel Seitz, JD, MAT

#321 9220 SW Barbur Boulevard, Suite 119

Portland, OR 97219-5434

Phone: (503) 250-9141

Phone: (416) 498-4255 227

President: Paul Sanders, PhD, ND

Executive Director: Christa Louise, MS, PhD

President: James Spring, DC, ND

Executive Director: Christa Louise, MS, PhD

#321 9220 SW Barbur Boulevard, Suite 119

Portland, OR 97219-5434

Phone: (503) 778-7990

  • Colleges for physicians assistant
  • Colleges for physicians assistant
  • Colleges for physicians assistant
  • Colleges for physicians assistant
  • Colleges for physicians assistant
  • Colleges for physicians assistant
  • Colleges for physicians assistant
  • Colleges for physicians assistant
  • Colleges for physicians assistant
  • Colleges for physicians assistant
  • Colleges for physicians assistant

Colleges for physicians assistant

Colleges for physicians assistant

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Create professional autorun programs for your CD, DVD or USB flash drive

Version 10.1 is minor update to the CD Autorun Creator.

CD Autorun Creator offers fast and efficient way of building autorun programs. You can build your own autoruns within few minutes. All you have to do is import your favorite media files such as MP3s and photos in CD Autorun Creator, set command buttons, splash and exit screens, set effects etc.

Whether you are creating an autorun menu for CD ROM, DVD ROM or USB flash drive, CD Autorun Creator will generate all the necessary files for you. Burn them to CD ROM, DVD ROM or copy to flash drive, and they will start automatically when inserted.

You can test autorun without burning CD. Click on Preview button any moment and see your autorun. The program is very easy to use and will allow you to create powerful standalone autorun program for your CD ROM or DVD ROM in an extremely short time.

Software removal is possible through Control panel and standard uninstall procedure, or from start menu where standard uninstall tool is available. Simply click Uninstall shortcut in CD Autorun Creator program group.

Click here to download CD Autorun Creator

30 Templates available

How to register CD Autorun Creator:
You can register your copy of CD Autorun Creator at a cost of $38 (personal license) or $98 (commercial license). With the personal license, you can use the program for non-commercial purposes in a non-business, non-commercial environment. To use the program in a corporate, government or business environment, you should purchase a commercial license.

On payment approval (usually within a few hours after you register online), we’ll send you the registration key which will remove limitations of the unregistered version of the program. All registrations will be valid for all future versions of the program.

Your credit card information is sent directly to the credit card processor in a secure manner, so that nobody else can see it. This protects you by ensuring that nobody but you and the credit card processor will see your card.

Online registrations of this software are handled by ShareIt (http://www.ShareIt.com ), world’s leading e-commerce provider for software and shareware sales via the Internet.

If you have question about program registration you can contact the support.

Click here to read CD Autorun Creator EULA (End user license agreement)

Softpedia guarantees that CD Autorun Creator is 100% CLEAN. which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. This software product was tested thoroughly and was found absolutely clean, therefore it can be installed with no concern by any computer user. Click for full report

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Earn Your Teaching Degree!

The field of education can be broad, ranging from teachers and administrators to librarians and counselors. As a basic requirement, educators are required to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree. Before you can become an inspiring teacher, you must be certain that you have a strong educational background. Educators who are innovative and inspiring are often those who have a deep conceptual understanding of their own subject area. Inspire our future. Get educated and earn a degree. Whether you want a face to face learning environment or prefer the convenience of an online teaching degree, we have gathered the research needed to make a sound decision to begin the next step of your career growth.

There are also many other degree programs students enroll into and begin their careers in education. See the list of education degrees below to get extensive program details and search schools.

Early Childhood Education & Development

Teaching and Instruction

Special Education and Counseling

Education Administration and Leadership

Elementary and Secondary Education

Library Science

Start Teaching in Your State!

In order to have more inspired students, we need more inspiring teachers. We need teachers who are dedicated to encouraging conceptual understanding, rather than rote memorization. We need great teachers who can go above and beyond basic expectations. Most importantly, we need teachers who are willing to rise to the challenge and be innovative within education.

If you are passionate about education and the well-being of children, you should teach. If you are one who believes they can lead and inspire children, you should teach. If you are brave and willing to move beyond traditional teaching methods by being at the forefront of modernizing education, you should teach.

Every state has different requirements for how to become a teacher. However, in most states, it is required that candidates hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree, complete a Teacher Preparation Program, and pass the required state examinations.

Click on your state to find out more about what will be required of you on your journey toward becoming a teacher!

Teacher assistant degree

What Does It Take to Get Your Career Started?

Teaching is a special calling that not many are prepared to do. If indeed you do possess this special calling, it is something you should act on. Teachers who follow their calling often become passionate and inspiring educators with the power to change lives.

What subject or area of education is your calling?

Physical Therapy Schools in Texas with Degree Program Overviews #online #physical #therapy #assistant #degree, #physical


Physical Therapy Schools in Texas with Degree Program Overviews

  • Art Therapist
  • Dance Therapist
  • Kinesiotherapist
  • Music Therapist
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics
  • Rehabilitation Technologies
  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Essential Information

Individuals interested in studying physical therapy in Texas may choose between two primary educational paths: earn an associate’s degree toward becoming a physical therapy assistant (PTA) or, after earning a bachelor’s degree in a health-related field, pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy to become a physical therapist (PT). While an associate’s degree may usually be earned in about two years, doctoral programs may take three to four years to complete, beyond an undergraduate education. All physical therapy programs include clinical or practicum experiences and many are limited admission.

The following colleges and universities are the 10 largest schools to offer CAPTE-accredited programs that help students become eligible for licensure exams. The majority of them offer PTA programs, but 2 universities offer PT programs.

Austin Community College District

Located in Austin, this college offers a 71-credit PTA associate’s degree program. The 2-year program requires students to take prerequisites like anatomy and medical terminology. Major courses include topics in human physiology, healthcare communication and rehabilitation techniques. Students must also complete several clinical experiences near the end of the program.

Blinn College

Brenham’s Blinn College offers a PTA associate’s degree program. The college accepts roughly 20 qualifying students. This program integrates lectures, labs, and several practical experiences to provide students with a well-balanced education. Students take approximately 70 credits of coursework like pathophysiology and therapeutic exercise. Field experiences are also required. For the years 2012-2014, 100% of the graduates passed their licensure exams.

El Paso Community College

Located in El Paso, this school offers a 5-semester PTA program that integrates practical experiences, general education courses, and physical therapy coursework. Courses cover topics in therapeutic exercise and physical agents. Students must also complete 3 field experiences that will provide them with hands-on training.

Houston Community College

This college in Houston has a 2-year PTA associate’s degree program that is offered through the Coleman College for Health Sciences. About 40 applicants are accepted annually. The curriculum includes several practical experiences. Students also take courses in patient care, therapeutic exercise and healthcare communications.

Lone Star College System

The Montgomery campus of this college in Conroe has a 2-year PTA program that consists of 67 credits. This program provides lectures, labs, and clinical experiences. Prerequisites in anatomy and physiology are required. Other classes cover topics in rehabilitation techniques and functional anatomy. Students are also required to participate in several clinical experiences. The school has a selective admissions process.

San Jacinto Community College

This college’s South Campus in Houston has a 72-credit PTA program. The college admits only 24 qualifying students. This program provides general education courses, major courses and practical experiences. Specific courses teach students about therapeutic exercise and neurological disorders.

South Texas College

McAllen’s South Texas College offers a PTA associate’s degree program. Students complete 70 credits of courses, and topics cover physical agents and neurological disorders. A capstone course and clinical experiences are also mandatory. For the years 2013-2015, 100% of the graduates passed the licensure exams.

Tarrant County College

Fort Worth’s Tarrant County College has a 5-semester PTA program. Students take classes in healthcare communications, patient care and therapeutic exercise. In order to successfully complete this program, students must also participate in 4 clinical experiences. Admission to the program is competitive.

Texas State University – San Marcos

This university in San Marcos offers a 3-year Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. The entire program takes 3 years to complete, and only 40 applicants are accepted annually. Applicants need to have bachelor’s degrees. DPT students complete clinical training, research and major courses. Courses cover topics in neuroscience, anatomy and therapeutic interventions.

University of Texas at El Paso

Located in El Paso, this university has a 99-credit DPT program. Students complete courses in motor control, neuroscience and neuromuscular rehabilitation. They also participate in clinical experiences. Application requirements include a bachelor’s degree, and only 32 students are accepted each year.

Career Requirements

Both PT and PTA career choices have extensive educational and licensure requirements. Aspiring PTAs need to complete an associate’s degree program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE). Those who plan on becoming PTs need to earn a master’s degree or doctoral degree in the field from a CAPTE-accredited school.

After completing their programs, PTs and PTAs must pass examinations for licensure. Continuing education and other approved activities are necessary for license maintenance.

School Comparison: At a Glance

The Help Company #staffing #agency, #placement #agency, #nanny #agency, #corporate #staffing, #personal #assistant, #executive #assistant,


the help company

find help

find a job

The Help Company listened and absorbed everything I said in the beginning and remembered it.

K.S. Client, childcare San Francisco, CA

Claudia and her staff are well-informed, caring, and discreet. We trust them absolutely and recommend them enthusiastically

Margaret Forman Client, chef; estate management; nanny; eldercare; corporate placement Los Angeles, CA

I felt like they worked every day to help me get my job with a smile on their face.

Laura S. Executive Assistant Los Angeles, CA

Hi Ladies, I just wanted to say thank you for being who you are and operating your business the way you do. You conduct thorough interviews and it feels like you really get a sense of the types of candidates you have, both personally and professionally. You don’t just dust over things and you don’t waste time focusing on irrelevant topics. You let your candidates speak, and you listen. Apart from the above, you are all kind, professional, positive and encouraging to your candidates. From my personal experience, you are an exceptionally rare in your industry! Keep it up!

the help company gives back
As of 2013, a portion of our profit will go to help fund the Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI). KDI is a nonprofit organization committed to developing Productive Public Spaces in impoverished areas around the world that improve physical, social and economic quality of life.
read more

Spring Break is approaching, and although we are all looking forward to vacation and a little R R, we are certainly dreading the flight to our destination. One of Etihad Airways on-board nannies (they actually have those?!) gives her top 10 tips. Our personal favorite: Befriend your flight attendant as soon as you board. One of [ ]

A study, published in the journal of personality and social psychology, helps to confirm that most people have a hard time properly (only about 50% of the time) interpreting the tone of an e-mail. There are a lot of ways that an email can be misinterpreted or misunderstood. To make up for the tone of [ ]

Since you are off celebrating in Southeast Asia, we are sending our love from San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York! Here are a few words from us to you! NAOMI: There are so many ways to describe you, but on your birthday, the most fitting is a true professor of life. Happy birthday to [ ]

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The resume of a medical office manager professional should reflect the skills and experience required for the position.
The following is a free sample that can be a good template for the following related job titles Medical Staff Office Manager, Medical Office Administrator and Medical Clinic Office Manager.

General Description:
Medical office manager oversees the services of a typical clinical center. The person in this position manages all basic functions of accounting: such as preparing payroll, placing orders, supervising registration and scheduling, and handling customer service.

Medical Office Manager Resume Example

Full Name
[Street, City, State, Zip] | [Phone] [Email Address]


■ Career Profile

Administrative manager of medical offices for more than eight years managing the daily operations of fast paced medical office and supervising staff to ensure efficient, functional running of healthcare facility and operative clinical activities,

Communication Skills | Multi-Tasking | Prioritizing I Time Management | Organization
Customer Management | Conflict Resolution

■ Work History

FAS Clinical Institution San-Francisco, LA 2004 – Present
Medical Office Manager

  • Provided excellent customer service in a medical institution and ensured all patients were well attended.
  • Managed office operations, work flow, office staff including recruitment, performance management and training/development of specialty practice.
  • Provided support and performed regular QA reviews for client intake, registration and scheduling functions.
  • Managed client reception and client services coordination.
  • Maintained and operated the electronic health records and billing system.
  • Managed facility procedures related to insurance and billing and solved patients’ queries regarding their insurance renewal and expiry.
  • Provided the required leadership, support and direction for office initiatives and special projects.
  • Helped the accounting departments in generating staff payroll on a weekly basis .
  • Monitored the equipment used in the office and facilitated repair or replacement as per requirement.
  • Facilitated the management in completing general formalities related to the patients such as insurance and medical reports.

■ Education

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration
  • Associate degree Medical Office Administration
  • Certificate or diploma in Medical Office Administration

Altierus Previously Everest – Earn Your Diploma or Degree #what #is #certified #medical #assistant


Your Career Begins With The Right Community

Welcome to Altierus

Altierus is a non-profit, higher educational school system with 21 campuses in 11 states, operating as Altierus Career College or Altierus Career Education. And being a student here is different. Because we don’t see you as just a student. We see you as an individual within our community with your own reasons for being here. At Altierus, we’re like family one that helps you find the career path that’s right for you and guides you to become a professional in as little as 10 months.

Enroll as a Student, Leave as a Professional

At Altierus, getting you to the next level is what we do. It’s why we make sure your experience isn’t limited to just books and labs. Some schools expect you to learn everything on your own, with no individual attention or support. Not here. Everybody at Altierus from admissions to career placement and everyone in between takes a personal interest in getting you prepared to start a professional career.

Who You Learn From Is as Important as What You Learn

Part of what makes Altierus different from other career education options is the instructors and campus leaders that know what it takes to get you prepared for career success and consistently go the extra mile to make sure you get what you need to realize it.

I started because I was out in the field and saw how many people came in and didn’t know the right stuff. I wanted to teach them to be better. We want to get you certified before you even leave. You can market yourselves better. It makes you as career-ready as possible.

– Cory Flores, Instructor

We provide mentorship. At Altierus, we bring students into programs we’ve done ourselves and give them the realistic aspect of getting to the field.

– Robert Hires, Program Chair

I’m going to teach you A, B, C: Attitude, Behavior, Conduct. It’s very important because we are in healthcare taking care of sick patients. I make you accountable for what I need you to do to succeed as a professional.

– Dr. Dhakal, Instructor

Connect with Us

We can’t wait to share all the possibilities Altierus has to offer. Just fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch to talk to you about how our unique approach gives you the push and support you need to get to the next level.


We’re excited to meet you.

Congratulations for taking the first step to a better life. We have received your information. One of our representatives may call you shortly to tell you more about what Altierus has to offer and answer any questions you may have about our school, programs, financial aid options, etc. (Financial aid is available for those who qualify.)

To make the best use of your time, please be prepared to tell us the following:

  • Your best contact phone number
  • The highest level of education you have completed
  • Your program of interest
  • The campus you wish to attend

Uh Oh!

Sorry, we seem to have encountered an error.

Please give us a call at (888) 223-8556 to take the first step to a better life, or click here to return to the form and try again.

Thanks! We’re excited to meet you.

A representative from our local campus will contact you shortly by phone, text or email. At Altierus, we know having someone you can count on for help can make all the difference, and that’s what we’re here to do. You’re always welcome to visit our campus without an appointment as well. We look forward to getting to know you.

Join us on Facebook or Twitter in the meantime!

Altierus.org is the official website of Altierus Career College and Altierus Career Education, one of America’s largest non-profit career college systems. Our campuses provide students with short-term career training in a variety of in-demand fields. Our schools offer diplomas and/or degrees in business, computer information technology, dental assistant, HVAC, massage therapy, medical assistant, medical billing and coding, pharmacy technician, practical nursing, surgical technologist, and much more. Programs, program lengths and program schedules vary by campus.

2017 Zenith Education Group, Inc.
For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed a program, and other important information, please visit our website at www.Altierus.org/disclosures.

Orthopedic Impairments #orthopedic #assistant #programs


Orthopedic Impairments

The USC Rossier School of Education offers an online Master of Arts in Teaching with a specialization in special education. Candidates have the opportunity to earn their Education Specialist Credential in Mild/Moderate Disabilities or gifted education with a Certificate in Gifted Education. Request Information.

Capella University offers online special education programs at both the master’s and PhD level. These programs are designed to augment your ability to teach and advocate for the growing number of students who need special education services. Request information to learn more about Capella’s special education degree options.

Purdue University’s online MSEd in Special Education includes the option to add a focus in intense intervention for students with severe autism and intellectual/physical disabilities. Request information to learn more.

The online MSEd in Special Education from Saint Joseph’s University prepares teachers to identify learning disabilities in K-12 students and implement effective strategies for teaching. Request information to learn more.


An orthopedic impairment is defined by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) as a severe orthopedic impairment that adversely affects a child s educational performance. IDEA specifies that this term includes impairments caused by a congenital anomaly [birth defects], impairments caused by disease (e.g. poliomyelitis, bone tuberculosis), and impairments from other causes (e.g. cerebral palsy, amputations, and fractures or burns that cause contractures). Put directly, orthopedic impairments involve physical disabilities which could affect the academic process.

Common Traits

As IDEA s definition demonstrates, orthopedic impairments can stem from various causes. While most of the causes listed are fairly self-explanatory, burns that cause contractures warrants further explanation. The National Institutes of Health s Medline Plus Medical dictionary defines contracture as a permanent shortening (as of muscle, tendon, or scar tissue) producing deformity or distortion.

An evaluation is required for a disability to be classified as an orthopedic impairment. While the exact requirements for such an evaluation vary by location, this process generally includes a medical assessment performed by a doctor, detecting how the impairment may impact a child s academic performance and observing the child in his or her educational atmosphere.

Educational Challenges

Considering the diversity in conditions that are embodied by the orthopedic impairments category, educational challenges will differ case by case, and the strategies used in each case should focus on a student’s unique needs. Possible academic barriers include:

  • Non-accessible transportation
  • Trouble maneuvering around the classroom
  • Difficulty navigating school hallways
  • Earning mandated physical education credit
  • Communicating effectively

Tips for Teachers and Parents

Parents, know your child s rights! For instance, IDEA requires schools to provide accessible transportation to and from school, as well as within and in between school buildings. Teachers, you will want to keep in mind mobility devices (such as wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and canes) when arranging classroom furniture and assigning seats. For example, placing a student who uses a walker close to your room s entrance is usually more practical than placing him or her in the middle of the classroom.

Navigating school hallways is an especially prevalent issue for junior high and high school students because they move from class to class throughout the day. However, an individualized education program (IEP) can indicate that a student s schedule should be arranged to eliminate excessive walking back and forth. In addition, students can be granted access to the school s elevator to allow them to travel safely between floors.

Solutions to the physical education requirement should correspond to the student s particular physical abilities. A student with a more mild orthopedic impairment may be able to participate in gym class, while a doctor s note can excuse a student with a severe limitation from participating.

Finally, the same strategies that are used to address communication difficulties in students with a range of disabilities can be helpful for students with orthopedic impairments. These include communication-based assistive technology and speech therapy.

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Patient Care Technician Certificate, patient care assistant school.#Patient #care #assistant #school


Patient Care Technician Certificate

Patient care assistant school


  • Non-credit Fast Track program
  • Full program offered at LSC-Kingwood, LSC-Montgomery, LSC-North Harris, and LSC-Tomball
  • Partial program offered at LSC-CyFair


Lone Star College Patient Care Technician, also known as a PCT, Level 3, is a nationally recognized certification for Certified Nurse Aides with Phlebotomy and EKG training. The healthcare career ladder is typically structured so that there is a salary increase for each skill added to the basic Certified Nurse Aide training.

Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals rely on Patient Care Technicians/Assistants to assist with the critical day-to-day care of patients. More and more patients require special care, sometimes around-the-clock. Patients’ needs vary making it vital that the Patient Care Technician/Assistant must have a diverse range of knowledge and skills to provide patient basic care.

The routine tasks of a PCT include: responding to patient calls and requests for assistance, bathing, dressing, assisting with personal hygiene, serving meals,feeding of patient if necessary and monitoring/recording vital signs. PCTs are required to observe, record, and report the following: temperature, blood pressure, pulse, respiration rates, a patient’s physical, mental, and emotional condition.

The PCT must perform Electrocardiograms (EKGs), collect blood samples (Phlebotomy) and other clinical duties. Additional responsibilities may include changing dressings and wound care and patients’ transfer. The PCT continues to serve the as an intricate part of the health care team, assisting doctors and nurses during examinations and treatments.

Health Occupations Registration Checklist

Health Occupations Programs have a registration checklist to help students with the program registration process.

Medical Assistant Schools in Sacramento, CA #sacramento #medical #assistant #schools,medical #assistant #schools #in #sacramento,medical #assisting


Sacramento Medical Assistant Schools

Training for medical assistants can be obtained by studying at a medical assistant school in Sacramento. Those who want greater job security and earning potential will find that attending an accredited certificate or degree program at a Sacramento medical assistant school is the best option. Graduating from an accredited degree or certificate program allows medical assistants to take a certification examination which confirms that they meet certain standards set forth by the board of examiners for the profession.

About Medical Assistant Careers in Sacramento

The health care field holds promise for those looking for steady employment and a living wage. Medical assisting is one of those areas where individuals can matriculate through a short-term training program of one to two years and obtain a job shortly after graduation. Medical assistants are usually the first people patients see when they visit a doctor s office. Medical assistants greet patients, obtain histories and update insurance information. Some medical assistants are assigned duties that are more clinical such as taking blood pressure, checking blood sugar levels, obtaining laboratory specimens, and measuring height and weight. Others focus mainly on administrative tasks such as appointment setting, answering patient calls, maintaining medical records, medical billing and communicating with insurance companies.

Employment for Sacramento medical assistants is very stable with salaries in the $21,000 to $45,000 range depending on experience, location and whether the medical assistant is certified. Medical assistants are employed in physicians offices, health departments, hospitals and specialty clinics. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor s Occupational Employment Wages database. )

Explore the list of Sacramento medical assistant schools below to see what programs are available near you.

Sacramento Area Medical Assistant Schools Enrolling Now

Unfortunately there are no schools currently enrolling in this area.