Apr 14 2019

Private Jet Charter

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Private Jet Charter, NEF6.COM

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The company’s aim is to provide an extraordinary and first class experience solution to bespoke air travel for leisure or business travel. delivered with expert and overly personalised customer service. We are a mid range jet operator and our comprehensive range of private aviation services are at a new, unrivaled level of quality control previously unknown in the sector.

Sovereign Business Jets is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Castle Air Limited. Castle Air is a premier aviation service provider with forty years of operating experience. It is a renowned and financially sound AOC (Air Operator Certificate) holder and aircraft owner, with in-depth experience in aviation charter, sales, engineering management.


You charter a jet because your time is valuable. Waiting in a queue is not an option, nor is looking for a parking space or dealing with security delays. Busy, overcrowded terminals, inconvenient routing and invasion of your privacy are out of the question. You need a convenient, trouble-free, cost-effective and discreet way of travelling; your schedule, your terms. Light private jet charters. corporate charters, helicopter charters and air-taxi we cover it all, domestically and worldwide; made easy with our corporate headquarters in the UK.


Owning an aircraft is a complicated process; this is not something you want to get wrong. Sovereign Business Jets offer high level consultancy on private jet ownership and operation. All our aircraft are expertly maintained and are subject to our rigorous Safety Management System and Compliance Management Program. If required we can add the aircraft to our Air Operating Certificate and then off-set the costs of ownership with charter revenue generated through our own charter sales department. Our aircraft owners receive all the benefits of ownership, but are not sucked into the time consuming management responsibilities of aircraft operation.

Sovereign Business Jets offers a discreet, professional aircraft management solution of the highest quality. The Management Team has previously operated the following aircraft types: Challenger 300, Hawker 800XP, 800B, 750, 700B, Learjet 45, 40XR, Citation VI and Citation 550.


The Sovereign team can help guide you through the complex world of buying or selling an aircraft. We will help you to identify the most suitable aircraft type, provide market intelligence, propose customised equipment specifications and cabin configurations, source the perfect aircraft to meet your specific requirements, coordinate the legal aspects and importation of the aircraft in question, manage the acquisition and delivery process, negotiate all support contracts, provide flight crew and then enter the aircraft into service under our management program. A comprehensive dedicated service to guiding our clients through every step from considering ownership to actually flying on their own private jet.

For further information about our services, from private jet charter to aircraft management, please contact us and our expert team will be happy to assist you.

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