Sep 9 2019

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Get a personal cash loan today!

There always comes a time where a mishap could occur, and you may end up in urgent need of a fast financial solution

My Cash Finance can assist you with a loan solution to meet your urgent needs.

We’ve helped thousands of Australians get their finance back on track.

Why choose My Cash Finance?

Many people just like you are choosing us when they are in need of a quick cash loan.

Here is why we are different:

  • Pre-Approval: For your peace of mind, simply take a moment to complete our pre-approval form, and we will give you a response within minutes, not hours.
  • Fast: Money is paid out into your account within the same day of approval and signed contract is received.
  • Bad Credit considered: Even if you have bad credit, your application may be considered, as we believe in giving you a second chance. Visit our bad credit loans page to find out more.
  • Suit your budget: Flexible terms and realistic repayments are made to suit your tight budget.

Employee in need of a personal loan

Janice had been working fulltime and received a stable income. However, as her car registration renewal was due, she was struggling to save enough money to pay for it. Janice found My Cash Finance through her best friend, and after completing a short personal application, Janice got her loan. At My Cash Finance we can help people in need of urgent money.

David had been in search of a fast business loan. However, he was knocked back by all the lenders he approached as a result of his bad credit rating. Fortunately, David found My Cash Finance and we were able to find a suitable lender for him and arrange a loan the next day. This helped David resolve his business cash flow issues. At My Cash Finance we offer both personal and business lending solutions.

Being self employed with no partners, Kim faced an urgent situation where she needed money fast to cover her operational costs, otherwise her business would not be able to function properly. Luckily for Kim, My Cash Finance was able to arrange her the loan which she needed urgently. Kim’s business is now running smoothly again.

Investor needed a helping hand

Operating a successful trading business, Ian had built himself a substantial investment portfolio. With multiple investment properties, managing cash flow, paying for mortgage and debt punctually is not always easy. In fact, it’s a daunting task. Consequently, he had been looking for ways to obtain a personal loan to cover the shortfalls. Luckily, Ian found My Cash Finance and we were able to assist him with a personal loan to resolve his issue.

Content shown are scenarios of how our service can help and may not reflect actual cases.

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