Aug 28 2018

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For the real estate agent and mortgage lender, OSI Express Software provides perfect answers for your compliance and I.T. departments.

Mortgage Software and Real Estate Software Corporate Solutions

We provide you the tools to gain control over your real estate and mortgage marketing, ensure compliance and save time. Our new web based real estate marketing software allows corporate administrators to simply login to manage all team members, disclaimers by flyer type, closing cost and APR calculations.

Mortgage Marketing Software – Loan Officer Marketing Software Version

OSI Express loan officer marketing software is the industry’s best choice for accurate, easy and automatically calculated mortgage open house flyers with finance options, flexible mortgage marketing flyers, rate sheet marketing flyers and much more. Unlike other systems that use time consuming Microsoft Word templates, our software does all the work for you. Calculations are automatic and are constantly updated with current industry guidelines and mortgage software calculations. click here

Real Estate Marketing – Real Estate Software Version for REALTORS®

OSI Express real estate marketing software is the industry’s best choice for providing compelling, accurate and easily understood information to buyers and sellers. Real estate professionals can create stunning marketing with just a few clicks. Our real estate software is automatically updated with industry calculations and guidelines. Real estate professionals can market their listings and open houses, as well as provide point-of-sale information to prospective buyers without any worry of accuracy.

Mortgage Flyers Software – Mortgage Flyers for Loan Officers

Our mortgage flyers are your best choice for online, mortgage marketing flyer software and loan officer flyers. Thousands of mortgage flyer variations for marketing to real estate agents, builders and consumers are included. Pick a stunning loan marketing flyer from the hundreds we have in our library. Then, with just a click swap flyer graphics and color variations to keep your loan marketing fresh.

House Flyer, Advertising Flyer and Property Flyer Software

OSI Express House Flyer Software is easy, accurate and compliant. Our house flyer and property flyer software is 100% web based which means no software needs to be downloaded. The benefits to you are huge! You can access your saved house flyers and property flyers from any computer even if they were originally created and saved on another computer. If you have a marketing assistant who helps you with open house flyer advertising or creating your property flyers, your assistant can simply log in to your membership. This gives you the ability to access house flyers your assistant created even if your assistant works from another location.

Loan Officer Marketing Software and Real Estate Marketing Summary

You get stunning mortgage flyers, open house flyers, buyer cost summaries, auto-calculated mortgage options that populate your house flyer and more. Included are easy mortgage marketing tools such as buyer qualification software, rent vs. own comparisons, rate sheet marketing flyers. You can choose from hundreds of loan marketing flyers and real estate flyers, or create and save your own custom mortgage flyer or custom loan marketing flyer. Our loan originator software gives you the ability to provide real estate agents personalized marketing software as a value added service.

Is Your Mortgage Marketing Software Working For You?

Here are great ideas to get the most out of your loan marketing software.

#1 Easy Mortgage Software is Vital For Efficient Loan Officer Marketing:

Is your mortgage software easy? Arguably the most important aspect of any mortgage software is how easy it is. Your mortgage software should work for you, not the other way around. For example, when calculating an FHA loan, your mortgage software should calculate the loan amount and down payment correctly based on current FHA guidelines and the maximum loan limit for your area instead of asking you for the down payment. However, it should still allow you to include sales prices that exceed the maximum loan limit, calculating the required down payment for you. This would allow you to take full advantage of 3.5% to low down payment requirements.

#2 Easy Mortgage Open House Flyer Software:

With little effort required from you, an easy mortgage software program will accurately calculate all criteria for any mortgage loan type including your closing costs and APR. Your mortgage software should then simultaneously display a broad range of loan types that cater to a broad range of borrowers. Your mortgage marketing material and mortgage marketing flyers will “hit home” with more potential customers.

#3 Time Saving Mortgage Loan Origination Software:

Does your mortgage software save you time? If not, why use it in your loan officer and mortgage broker marketing? Finding a good mortgage software program can make a huge difference in the time you spend with mortgage marketing. For example, a good mortgage software program should allow you to create your own loan comparisons with up to 5 mortgage loan options per comparison. Then, save your comparisons as templates allowing you to quickly re-load them with different sales prices and tax amounts. You should only need to change the sales price and taxes once. Your mortgage software should then re-calculate all loan options within your saved comparison, including closing costs and APR using current industry guidelines and automatically import your re-calculated financing into your new loan comparison worksheet or mortgage flyer. That’s it – ready for the next mortgage marketing piece.

#4 Accuracy with Free Mortgage Marketing Updates:

Does your mortgage software provide you free industry updates and free mortgage marketing enhancements? A good mortgage software program will automatically deliver all new software versions to your computer at no charge to you. For example, upon simply opening your mortgage software, a message displays letting you know an enhancement is available. Just by clicking you should receive the new update without ever having to pay more money. This is important to ensure your real estate marketing is always accurate. Let’s say FHA changes MIP or down payment calculations. The publisher of your mortgage software is on the ball and delivers updates that not only effect future mortgage marketing, but that also automatically update all of your previously saved loan officer marketing.

#5 Loan Officer Marketing Software Access and Administration:

Do you find yourself working in different locations? Of course you do. Depending on the day and time, you’ll find yourself working at your office, your home or on your laptop. The effectiveness of your mortgage marketing can be greatly determined simply by the convenience and accessibility of your mortgage software.

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