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With so many banks in the market offering many different mortgage options it is essential to get
the right advice from an independent source to ensure you get the best possible mortgage facility.

Mortgages for Refinance

We understand that many clients have existing mortgages and are perhaps paying a higher rate of interest now than initially agreed or compared to current rates. In this situation we can research the entire market in one place.

Mortgages for Equity Release

Releasing equity from your property can be a very good way of helping fund home improvements, further property purchase and repay more expensive lending while allowing you to draw capital tied up in property.

About Us

Services Solutions

Established in 2006 Mortgage International is the leading mortgage solutions provider in the UAE. With a management team with over 30 years experience in the industry you are assured of the highest level of service throughout the entire process.

MI has partnered with all of the leading mortgage providers in the UAE and overseas to offer a fully independent and impartial service. MI has a team of highly knowledgeable consultants who are experts at finding exactly the right mortgage to suit your requirements.

Getting into a contract with a lender that is not perfect for your needs will cost you thousands and possibly millions over the course of the loan. Mortgage International are here to ensure that you get the best!

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