Aug 27 2018

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Custom flyers with detailed loan options

Mortgage Marketing System:

Loan Officers: Real Estate Flyer Builder TM (RFB) software can give you the edge over the competition. Generate Open House, Rent vs. Buying, FSBO and Mortgage flyers with detailed loan options. RFB is an effective tool for reaching buyers and real estate agents.

Each loan officer has the option to either make flyers for real estate agents or allow agents to make their own flyers. The rates, loans and settings are controlled by the loan officer providing the service.

  • Loan officers determine the real estate agents that have access to their RFB program. New agents can be given access to the program for a limited time. Agents that consistently provide referrals can be given indefinite use. When a real estate agent enters the user name and password provided by the sponsoring loan officer, RFB automatically inputs the agent’s and loan officer’s contact information on all printed flyers
  • RFB allows for absolute control over 3 sets of 10 loans. The loan officer determines the name of each set, the loans that are displayed within each set, the order of the loans and the name of each loan. Each loan can be customized to fit underwriting guidelines. Sample loans are provided
  • Loan officers can easily publish updated realtor information, loans and rates to the RFB web server. The published information is instantly available to the realtors being sponsored
  • RFB has a feature that allows loan officers with individual accounts to share rates and loans. Example: The manager of a mortgage company maintains the RFB loans and rates for loan officers at his company. The individual loan officers only input the agents they are sponsoring into their RFB
  • Office Account: Each RFB account can accommodate up to 30 loan officers and 300 real estate agents. One loan officer can be added to the account for every 10 real estate agents being sponsored. Example: A mortgage office with 8 loan officers could open one account sponsoring 80 agents. All 8 loan officers could use the system. One person in the office would manage the rates, loans, settings and real estate agents
  • Loan officers can customize the RFB program they distribute to realtors. Company logo and loan officer’s picture can be remotely added to each page of the program. Logos can be inserted on all flyers

Real Estate Agents: Free unlimited use through a loan officer. Generate open house, mortgage and pre-qualification flyers. Provide buyers with detailed accurate loan options.

Real Estate Flyer Builder TM Software:

Software Features:

  • Print, save or email flyers
  • Flyers sized to fit any paper or photo size
  • Photo quality output in PDF and JPEG formats
  • House pictures are cropped and sized to fit perfectly
  • Open house flyers display up to 12 house pictures
  • Change flyer font, colors and background image
  • Customizable banner can be added to the left or top of any listing flyer– Bank Owned, Price Reduced, etc.
  • Import/export unlimited number of flyer templates
  • Dynamic Flyers- real estate flyers mortgage flyers are programmed to automatically adjust based flyer output size, number of loans, length of loan officer’s disclosure, ARM disclosures, flyer settings, etc…
  • Custom templates– convert any printable document into a template that will automatically insert loan officer’s and agent’s contact information, logo and picture
  • Real Estate Agents can be assigned a username and password- Agents build flyers using the loan officer’s rates, loans and settings
  • Loans and rates can automatically update from a corporate account or another Real Estate Flyer Builder account
  • Rates can be set to automatically adjust with the loan size or with a market- 10 YR Treasury yield, MTA yield, national averages, etc…
  • Up to 3 sets of 10 customizable loans can be used– Conforming, FHA, FHA 203K, Home Path, HomePath Renovation, Combo, ARMS, etc.
  • Flyers will adjust to fit the number of loans chosen
  • Pre-qualify buyers in seconds
  • Rent vs. Buying comparisons
  • Multiple loan officers can share an office account

Advantages of both desktop software web based software:

  • Software can be installed on an unlimited number of computers. The loan officer’s rates, loans, settings, agents, logo, disclosure, etc. are automatically updated on each computer. Data is saved on remote server
  • Install and run software without computer administrative rights
  • Internet connection is not required to use software
  • Advanced features that are only supported by desktop software
  • Software performance is not affected by internet/server speed

Software Screenshots:

House mortgage House mortgage House mortgage House mortgage


  • Loan officer’s company disclosure is displayed on the bottom of each flyer. Flyers automatically resize to fit any length of disclosure. Disclosure font size can also be increased or decreased
  • Real estate agent’s disclosure can be added to disclosure statement
  • An ARM disclosure is automatically calculated and added to the disclosure statement for each ARM loan displayed on the flyer
  • The APR is calculated and displayed for each loan
  • Loan officer’s and agent’s license number are included in contact information
  • Corporate accounts– company’s logo and disclosure can be remotely managed for all loan officers using the corporate account
  • RESPA Compliance- Loan officer cost per real estate agent is about $2.80 per month. When the agent prints the flyers, the total cost is shared

Corporate Accounts:

  • Banks and mortgage companies can select the logo and disclosure that will appear on all flyers printed by their loan officers. The logo and disclosure can be locked to prevent the loan officer from making changes. If the company’s logo or disclosure change, the change will be instantly made for corporate account users
  • We can bill either the corporate account or individual loan officers
  • Remotely provide rates and loans to loan officers that are using their corporate account
  • For more information contact us at [email protected]

Mortgage Marketing Diagram:

Using Real Estate Flyer Builder TM , loan officers increase referrals, real estate agents attract additional clients and buyers receive customized detailed loan information.

House mortgage

Tutorial Videos:

Video- Make a Listing Flyer:

House mortgage

Video- Loan Officer Setup:

House mortgage

Flyer Samples:

Below are samples of the unlimited flyers that can be generated:

Open House Flyers:

House mortgage

House mortgage

House mortgage

House mortgage

House mortgage

House mortgage

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