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We are a local business who specialize in mobile car air conditioning. diagnosis, repairs and servicing of cars, commercial and plant vehicles. We have been in the motor trade for many years providing our clients with top quality professional services.

We pride ourselves on giving the best service with the most affordable price and best of all we DO NOT charge VAT, saving you even more money. We also GUARANTEE to beat main dealer prices every time!

Keep your cool mobile car air conditioning is a division of which was introduced into the business because we could see a market was developing for providing a mobile service rather than people travelling to a garage and having to wait an hour, plus have to pay high repair bills as and when needed.

A little background.

We used to work for main dealers until one day (year 2000) we decided it was time to break away and start our own business. Although working for main dealers was good, we saw that most of the time everything seemed to be rushed and in some cases the client was not given the full 100% attention they deserved, so we took it upon ourselves to change that and provide a personal touch of our own. It doesn’t matter if you have the best tools, the best premises, the best advertisements, if you don’t look after your clients, you have nothing because they will look elsewhere and you will end up not having a business!

About The Parts We Use

There will be times when you will need to have parts replaced as they may be damaged or worn out. Unfortunately there are companies

out there that use poor quality parts and give you a cheap price to do the work neccessary to repair your air conditioning and ultimately

you will find that the part will fail relativley quick leading you to have to sort out this issue. We use quality parts and have never had a

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