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You may often hear your friends and family saying that owning a home is great for your taxes. What do they mean? When you own a home the property taxes and mortgage interest are often tax deductible. Many consumers will experience a large tax refund every year as a result of having these two large expenses as tax write-offs. Rent is usually never tax deductible. Of course this is a subject you should always discuss with your accountant.

But there is a better way to get a refund that is often overlooked by most consumers. When the government issues you a refund check they have in effect held your money for over a year and paid you no interest. (A financial planner in Dartmouth recently told me that 90% of Americans over pay their taxes each year.) You can instead (with your accountants help) amend your w-4 form and get this money coming back to you in each and every paycheck. You can then use this money to help pay your mortgage payments.
As an example, let’s say that owning a home provides you with a tax refund of $2,400. You can instead change your w-4 form to get back $200 more each month in your paychecks which you can use to help make your mortgage payments. You will not get it back as a refund. With your accountants help you should adjust your w-4 form so that you do not owe any money at the end of the year nor do you get any back. Instead you are using this money every month to help with your expenses.

Works great for First time home buyers!

I recently helped first time home buyers in New Bedford use this method and they now own a single family home in Acushnet. Each borrower increased the amount of their take-home pay and they are able to comfortably afford their mortgage payment. At first they were concerned about affordability and in which neighborhoods they would be able to search for a home. After my consultation and their efforts with their accountant, they are happy to stay in the south coast communities which they love! They also qualified for maximum financing enabling them to put very little money into the transaction. Oh, by the way they can’t wait till next summer to take full advantage of their new swimming pool.

Many times folks don’t realize the opportunities they can have. Some concerns may be more challenging than others, but with the help of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, you to can have the government help you pay your mortgage payments in New Bedford and the surrounding communities of Acushnet, Fairhaven, Dartmouth, Westport or anywhere else that you may like to live

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