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French Euro Mortgage Calculator

Figure out your monthly euro mortgage payments and estimate closing costs here:

Update any of the main fields and the other values will calculate. To re-calculate, press enter or click outside of the field you have just edited.

To see how much you can borrow based on a certain monthly payment, enter the monthly payment you want (for a given duration and interest rate) and the loan amount will re-calculate.

Attention: It seems that javascript is not enabled in your browser. To use our french mortgage calculator you must enable javascript.

Important Notes: This calculator is for guidance only. It does not constitute an offer and does not take into account your personal eligibility for a loan. This calculator assumes monthly payments occuring at the start of each month, no deferred payment periods, a constant interest rate for the duration of the loan and a fully amortised or interest only loan type.

Your ability to qualify for a repayment or interest only French mortgage and the maximum loan amount depend on your personal financial situation. Request your personal decision in principle and detailed quote:

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