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French Euro Mortgage Calculator

Figure out your monthly euro mortgage payments and estimate closing costs here:

Update any of the main fields and the other values will calculate. To re-calculate, press enter or click outside of the field you have just edited.

To see how much you can borrow based on a certain monthly payment, enter the monthly payment you want (for a given duration and interest rate) and the loan amount will re-calculate.

Important Notes: This calculator is for guidance only. It does not constitute an offer and does not take into account your personal eligibility for a loan. This calculator assumes monthly payments occuring at the start of each month, no deferred payment periods, a constant interest rate for the duration of the loan and a fully amortised or interest only loan type.

Your ability to qualify for a repayment or interest only French mortgage and the maximum loan amount depend on your personal financial situation. Request your personal decision in principle and detailed quote:

Figure mortgage payment

Figure mortgage payment

David Hulston, Sydney, Australia, Purchase of a Paris apartment

After previously dealing directly with French banks, it was a welcome relief to use the services of France Home Finance .

Figure mortgage payment

Best French Mortgage Rates

Find the best interest rates available on the market for your French mortgage here:

French Interest Rate Indices

Check the latest Euribor and other key French mortgage rate indices here:

French Property Outlook 2015

Now more than ever is the time to invest in Parisian real estate! We are in the midst of the perfect storm of a weak euro, low French interest rates and stable yet undervalued property prices (for the moment.)

French Property Outlook 2014

Prices soften, but not always on the homes or apartments you want to buy!

Figure mortgage payment

Buying a Piece of France – Tax and Legal Need to Know, November 2015

Leigh-Alexandra Basha, international solicitor specilized in France, explains the latest tax, legal and accounting evolutions in French real estate :

Tax Legal Aspects of Buying a Pied à Terre in France

Leigh-Alexandra Basha, international solicitor and expert on French property acquisition, explains what you need to know:

Figure mortgage payment

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