Jun 22 2018

Exclusive mortgage leads, exclusive mortgage leads.#Exclusive #mortgage #leads

exclusive mortgage leads

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Exclusive mortgage leads

Exclusive mortgage leads

Home123 helps you build strong relationships with your partners. Connecting with Real Estate Professionals is one of the smartest moves a lender or service provider can ever make. A relationship with a real estate professional is a consistent source of business that pays for itself over and over again. But how do you get those relationships? If you re like most service providers who are focused on real estate purchase business you ve tried renting a desk, buying a lunch, providing informational training, emailing, direct mailing, attended trade shows, etc., etc. with minimal lasting results. Maybe you have had success with an agent or two but .when you have individual relationships, how do you turn them into relationships with the entire brokerage instead of just an agent?? We have the answers

Home123 s unique sponsored platform bridges the gap between the lending and real estate communities, and provides real estate professionals with the tools and technology they need to grow their business and yours as well. The key to partnering with real estate professionals is to give them what they want and what their business needs. Our sponsored marketing platform does both. It brings with it a host of benefits while positioning your company as the ultimate service partner.

Benefits of Advertising on the Home123 Marketing Platform include:

1. Advertising everywhere your real estate partner does by embedding your company and current product offers into their property websites, flyers, brochures, brokerage website and individual agent websites.

2. Integration into the real estate brokerage s official mobile application, which positions your company as the pre-qualification provider and mortgage expert for that particular brokerage.

3. A consumer facing presence on their agent and brokerage websites, providing opportunities to connect directly with consumers interested in purchasing a home.

4. Access the agents via text and email to continually update them on current offers and market trends.

5. The reciprocity that comes from real estate professionals who are provided a wealth of services and technology

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