Sep 8 2017

Disinformation – Everything You Know Is Wrong #what #i #know


While People Were Still Freaking Out About Pizzagate, the Catholic Church Got Busted for Pedophilia Again, and Another Church Got Caught Importing Slaves

Hey, did you know that Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington didn t actually commit suicide but were both in fact murdered because they were going to finally blow the whistle on the elite

At Rainbow s End


Another Day, Another Article About Psychedelics in an Incredibly Mainstream Publication

A Cabinet of Wonders: Harlan Ellison’s Can Can’tankerous

Destroy Your Printer! A Web Comic

With Whose Voice Do We Speak?

Controversial Opinion: There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be Alive Than Right Now!

How to Abduct an Alien

A Brief History of Otherwordly Erotic Encounters

To say we live in strange times would be an epic understatement. If you would have told me I d be reading articles about ghost fucking in semi-mainstream media outlets a few years

Destiny and the DNA of Time

(Originally posted at Gods Radicals) PEOPLE THE WORLD over are trying to make sense of our time on Earth. The most knowledgeable among them seek to solve the mystery of time itself .

Everyday Decay: Memento Mori Me

Memento mori is Latin for “Remember Death”. We come to the term specifically from a tradition of medieval Latin Christian practices but similar concepts are found among many religions and philosophies, that

Beauties and Priests, Among Other Beasts: William Mortensen’s Images of Witches, Demons and Sadistic Inquisitors

by Tom Patterson this essay originally appeared in the catalog A Pictorial Compendium of Witchcraft please refer to PDF for page number citations. republished with permission from the author. If he

An Interview With Chris Knowles

For this next installment of my interview series, I am pleased to introduce author Christopher Loring Knowles, proprietor of The Secret Sun Blog. For those who are not already familiar with


Well well well. I had a lot to do this week. I did a few NEW cartoons for the great people on DISINFO, but they are not quite finished yet. So to

How s Your Morning Going?

It’s 4:40 in the am, and your driver is leaving the loo at his regular Potrero Hill Starbucks purged, refreshed, caffeinated, stocked with napkins and with the day’s Tweet behind him. (So

Jeff Bezos Keeps Funding Breitbart Because Lefty Billionaires are Completely Fucking Useless

God, I love how people for some reason want to explain to me how awful liberals are and it s like: no shit. Why do you think I don t know this? I live

The Illusion Quotient

The Illusion Quotient What intelligence quotient? Is there really a finely honed merit based tool for identifying the best and the brightest society has to offer? Like, off the top of your

Trump Administration Bombs Nearly As Many Civilians in 6 Months as the Obama Administration Did in 8 Years

Okay, the thing you have to keep in mind about this story is that both parties are just as bad and because of that it doesn t really matter who you vote for .

A Labyrinth of Dreams

Above artwork by Tommie Kelly I am very pleased to present an excerpt from my upcoming fantasy novel “A Labyrinth of Dreams” which is available on line from various book sellers. The

Will The Rock be the World s Champion?

Private Dick Mick Malone here with a juicy investigation into the new presidential contender The Rock and the inner workings of the Illuminati, and Word has come through that certain factions right

Billy Brujo Is Spookier Than You

“Today we’re drinking wine, because Christian-whatever.” Billy says as the camera focuses in on a glass of wine being poured, during a video detailing how to create a dyed black hard-boiled egg

Oregon Set to Make Psychedelics a Misdemeanor

Hey, how about a positive story about politics for once? The bad news is that this hasn t officially happened yet, but the prospects look good at this point. Every story I read

Out-of-Body Evidence and Ecstasy

Graham Nicholls returned to The Eternities podcast to talk about his recent contribution to Consciousness Beyond the Body (edited by Alexander De Foe), a free e-book aiming to be the definitive work

In God s America, Even Our Dogs Get Too Many Narcotics

To say I wasn t planning on spending my 40th birthday last week spaced out on narcotics would be an understatement. In fact, the possibility hadn t even occurred to me. I hadn t touched

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