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Comparison of Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Interest Rates in Ireland Compared

We regularly do a comparison of mortgage rates on offer to new customers from the major Irish lenders. Listed below are the lowest home loan rates on offer for you to make comparisons. We compare variable rates as well as a selection of short term fixed rate mortgages.

A lot of people are affected by mortgage rates at the end of 2016, there were 736,894 private residential mortgage accounts for principal dwellings held in the Republic of Ireland, to a value of €99.6 billion .

Interest Rates Updated November 2017

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Fixed Rate or Variable Which is Best ?

The most important thing to remember is with a fixed rate, you have the safety of knowing exactly what your mortgage repayments will be for a certain period of time. You will not be affected by sudden increases )or decreases. With interest rates at their lowest for many years it is likely that variable rates will increase during the next 5 to 10 years.

Over the past several years it was usually the case that variable mortgage rates were often lower than fixed rates but right now some of the fixed rate deals are at their cheapest ever and some are lower than variable rates.

Lowest mortgage rates

BOI offer 2% cashback to all new customers and 3% to those with current accounts with them. (no maximum cashback)

PTSB also offer 2% cashback for new customers

EBS also give 2% cashback to all new mortgage customers.

Ulster Bank offer €1500 towards legal fees for all new customers.

KBC will give €3000 to mortgage switchers only.

AIB give €2000 towards legal fees for mortgage switchers.

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