Sep 23 2017

Compare 15 Year Mortgage Rates, 15 Year Home Loans – American Financial Resources #15 #year #fixed #mortgage #rates

#15 year fixed mortgage rates


Find Great 15 Year Interest Rates with American Financial Resources

AFR Mortgage offers a variety of 15 year home loans including conventional conforming 15 year mortgages, FHA financing, VA loans, and 15 year jumbo mortgages. Fifteen year mortgages offer the security of a fixed rate loan and significant interest savings when compared to 30 year and 20 year home mortgages. At American Financial Resources, we are committed to delivering low 15 year mortgage rates for a variety of residential financing needs. Whether you are looking to purchase a rental property in Florida, refinance a mobile home in Texas. or consolidate some debt with a cash-out refinance on a home in New Jersey. we are only a phone call away. Call AFR today and learn more about the benefits of 15 year mortgages and to see how much you could save today with the accelerated payments of a 15 year home loan.

Research Pricing and Financing Options (3 Choices):

  • Dial 800-316-9508 to research 15 year interest rates.
  • Request 15 year mortgage rates using the Mortgage Rate Quote Form on this page.
  • Start the prequalification process easily online .

Why Consider 15 Year Home Loans?

  • Interest savings when compared to 30 year and 20 year mortgages.
  • Payments will be lower than with a 10 year mortgage due to longer term.
  • Consistent monthly payments help to streamline to budgeting process.
  • Ability to own your property 15 years earlier than you would with a fully amortizing 30 year loan.

With all of the potential benefits of 15 year financing, it s no wonder that 15 year home loans are the second most popular product that we offer. Call us today for a free rate quote and consultation – 800-316-9508 .

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