Jan 5 2018

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Balloon Payment Calculator
With Payment Schedule

For that feature, please use the Time Value of Money Calculator. This calculator will support balloon loans and you ll be able to set origination date, payment dates and balloon date to any date desired.

If you click on above link, scroll down the page and please see tutorial nos. 7 and 8:

Balloon Payment Calculation
Calculate the balloon amount

Balloon Loan Calculation
Calculate the periodic payment required to result in a specified balloon

If you try this calculator, I would be very interested to know how you make out.

#2 there is already a calculator on this site that will allow you to have a balloon payment and set the 1st payment date (or any payment date for that matter). Please see:

This calculator is our most flexible calculator. However, it may take some getting use to. To that end, there are 25 tutorials listed at the bottom of the page. Please see #7 and #8. (Note, the tutorials still have not been updated to reflect the new look, but the basic functionality between the old calculator and new one is the same. Ask question on that page if something isn t clear.)

#1. This is where I get a chance to sell you something. The C-Value! program will create a schedule and export to Excel. If you are using Windows you may want to consider using it. It costs $19.95. (Works in a very similar way to the above calculator.)

Thanks for the comment.

Not with this particular calculator. However, the Time Value of Money calculator will let you set dates (even setting the date individually for all payments should that ever be needed).

Depending on whether the regular payment is unknown or the balloon payment about is unknown, scroll down the page and see the tutorial #7 or #8 for examples.

If you have any question about its use, you can ask them on that page.

(Some calculators on this site do not offer date options so that they are smaller and work better on smaller devices. Additionally, for some requirements, setting dates is an unnecessary hindrance.)

I need to run several payment schedules with fixed payment amounts but I also need to choose the loan date (05/01/16). It seems all your calculators assume a loan date of the first of next month (04/01/16). Can you recommend another calculator?

Thanks for asking. I see you found it, but for the benefit of others, the amortization schedule allows the user to select a loan date and first payment date.

I ll also point out that since you were looking at the balloon payment calculator, the the amortization schedule won t support balloon loans. However this calculator, Time Value of Money will allow you to set the loan date and have a final balloon payment. (Note, the tutorial listed at the bottom of the page, still need to be updated. Hopefully they will be completed within the next two weeks.)

Gary Spray says:

How can I change the first payment date. The autocalc started in 6/1/2016 with first pymt due 7/1/2016. I need it to start with 1st pymt 6/1/2016.

Thank you for any info and assist.

This calculator is designed for rapid entry and therefore it is not possible to specify dates.

But, I do have a calculator that will handle balloons and give you full control over the dates. Please use the Time Value of Money calculator.

And see these tutorials:

Please let me know how you make out. If the TVM calculator doesn t meet your needs, tell me why, because I have one more idea as well.

Can you please add smart phone support? Tried on both a window phone and android but was able to edit any numerical fields. Only the drop down fields.

I ve got to try to get a hold of an Android device to try this. As far as I know, the site should work well with any modern device handheld, tablet or desktop. I ve personally tested with iPhone, iPad and all popular desktop browsers.

With Android, does it have next/previous buttons? Or tab/shift tab? If so, please try this. Rather than touch the screen and try to edit, use the keys to go to the next input and then try to type. My hunch, that will work.

In general, for edit to work, the number has to be selected OR type the backspace key to clear first.

Please let me know of any of these things help.

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