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Air cooled cars $ Video

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Air cooled cars $ Video, REMMONT.COM

Air cooled cars

Air cooled cars

VW Bug and early Bus (Type 1 & 2)

Rebuilt VW Engines – 1600, 1641 cc
New VW Engines – 1600, 1641 cc
Rebuilt Performance VW Engines – 1776, 1835, 1914, 1904 cc
Rebuilt Performance VW Engines – 2110, 2180, 2275 cc

VW Squareback and Fastback (Type 3)

Rebuilt VW Engines – 1600, 1641 cc
Rebuilt Performance VW Engines – 1776, 1835, 1914, 1904 cc
Rebuilt Performance VW Engines – 2110, 2180, 2275 cc

For the discriminating person that would rather turn wheels than wrenches, GEX International Turn Key Performance Volkswagen Engines provide a simple, cost effective, alternative to countless greasy hours of work. From the stock 1600 cc to the killer 2275 performance street screamer, we have the expertise to make it go faster, farther, quicker and longer. Whether it’s your daily driver, sand rail, baja or street buggy, GEX offers a Turn Key VW engine for every need and every budget. Our High Performance Team has assembled 22 Turn Keys which will meet most needs. Clutch kit and exhaust system are the only additional items needed. These Turn Key engines use only the finest premium quality components available and are hot run, tested under load and completely dialed in before being protective wrapped and crated for delivery to your door. For those special or custom needs, GEX International will build to your performance specifications, just choose from the Accessory Options and the Long Block Options. GEX Turn Key Volkswagen Engines. the logical choice for the do it yourselfer or the professional.

Be aware that Rebuilt Volkswagen Engines are not a commodity and not all are created equal. For example, our popular high performance 1835 cc engine includes many upgrades that would be extra when bought from a supplier that is selling only a stock engine with larger pistons and calling it an 1835. One of these upgrades is our 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty, yes even on performance engines. We don’t know anybody else with that warranty on an engine larger than stock. Another trick others use is to utilize an early 40 hp engine block bored out for a performance engine. Our 1776 and higher engines always use a late model dual pressure relief valve engine case. We’re not the cheapest around, but we are the BEST. If you want PREMIUM QUALITY Rebuilt Volkswagen Engines, then you’ve come to the right place.

Customer’s Cars
1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle
1600 cc Dual Port Motor
Dennis McGee
Taylors, South Carolina

My GEX International VW engine was superb, it started right away. The picture is after a great test drive of 20 miles on which it performed maybe a little better than expected, the old engine had 200,000 on it. Every conceivable part on the engine was replaced new, generator, fan, coil, 009 distributor, clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, degree wheel, etc, even a new carb. Looking forward to many great maintained miles.

Please see our Customer’s Cars pages for other enthusiast’s experience with GEX International Engines.

These engines are for use in the following vehicles:

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Air cooled cars $ Video NEF6.COM

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