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Forensics by Kalia and Carolyn

Carolyn’s sister Lizzy is celebrating her birthday, but we’re investigating a crime. We returned home to find Lizzy’s party set-up trashed. The cake was half-eaten, presents were thrown all over, and there was even some bright red stuff dripping off the table. This is clearly a birthday whodunit. Our question: How can we use forensic science to finger the culprit?

What did we do?
There were a lot of possibilities for the bandit: our dad, neighbor, Lizzy, and even a balloon-delivery clown were suspects. We found fiber, saliva, and fingerprint samples at the crime scene, so we gathered hair, saliva and fingerprint samples from each suspect. Then we compared the crime scene evidence to our samples and tried to find a match. We also interviewed all the suspects.

What did we find out?
We found fingerprints at the scene for everybody except the clown, so that didn’t narrow things down much. We had a hard time telling the fibers apart under the microscope, but we used a laser pen to estimate the thickness of each fiber. The crime scene fiber didn’t match any of our suspects! Lastly, Kalia’s cousin helped us with DNA testing for the saliva samples, but the crime scene sample proved to be non-human! After asking questions and recreating the scene, Lizzy confessed to breaking into her presents, but the fiber and DNA evidence pointed to a new and FURRY suspect. It was Sammy the family dog who ate the cake!

What can you do?

  • Practice lifting fingerprints like the CSIs do! Using an artist’s paint brush and some dust from a charcoal briquette, apply a light coating of charcoal dust to a surface with fingerprints. Use clear packaging tape to “lift” any prints you see off the glass, then stick the tape onto white paper. You’ve just captured a fingerprint!
  • Ride your bike through some soft sand, and examine the tire tread pattern that is left behind. How does the pattern change if the tires are under-inflated?
  • One kind of forensic analysis involves splashes and splatters. Fill up some water balloons, and throw them at a dry and level paved surface. What distinguishes the splatter of a balloon that falls straight down, compared to one that hits at an angle?
  • Use this forensics investigation as a science fair project idea for your elementary or middle school science fair! Then tell us about it!

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    Criminal Justice USA

    How to Become a Forensic Psychology

    Forensic Psychologists apply psychology to criminal justice. Although similar in some aspects, forensic psychology is different than forensic science. One major difference is that forensic psychologists look deep into the immense psychological perspectives associated with the crime and apply them to the case so that justice might be served. They frequently deal with legal issues such as news law, and public policies, and are asked to determine the mental state and competency of the defendant at the time of the crime, and throughout the legal proceedings. Each of these issues blends law topics and psychology together, and is essential to the field of Forensic Psychology. Forensic Psychologists also use their knowledge of psychology to analyze a criminal s mind and intent, treat mentally ill offenders, practice within the civil arena, and consult with attorneys.

    M.S. in Forensic Psychology
    Psychology Legal Systems

    Very few academic institutions offer degrees specifically focused on Forensic Psychology. Therefore, individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in Forensic Psychology should take an academic course load centered on criminal justice and psychology classes. Other classes that help prepare students for the field of Forensic Psychology include: cognitive, clinical, criminal investigative, social, and developmental psychology.

    Some forensic psychologists choose to focus their careers exclusively on research, which ranges anywhere from learning how to improve interrogation methods to the detailed assessment of eyewitness testimony. Public policy is another area of interest for forensic psychologists. In this line work forensic psychologists act as researchers helping to design prisons and other correctional facilities. Most often Forensic Psychology includes areas between the conventional options of criminal justice (i.e, law enforcement, academic training, and corrections).

    Most positions within this specialized area require more than a bachelor s degree to be successful. In fact, a doctoral degree is required in order to become a licensed psychologist. For those interested in perusing a career in Forensic Psychology, there are some important undergraduate classes that should be taken. These include: statistics, criminology, abnormal psychology, social psychology, and criminal law. One of the most valuable classes an undergraduate student could take would be motivational psychology. It s helpful for students to understand the motivation behind why people chose to act and think in certain ways early on in their education. Another helpful piece of advice for students interested in the field of Forensic Psychology is to enroll in a bachelor s of science program rather than earn a degree as a bachelor of the arts.

    Persons who have earned M.A. degrees in clinical psychology typically work in institutions, with a Ph.D. holder supervising them. Because forensic psychologists with a master s degree can be paid less than those who have obtained a doctorate, many are often employed at correctional facilities. Master s degree graduates, who attended a college concentrating on cognitive, social, and developmental psychology, generally have more opportunities than those graduating with a clinical degree because they will not be evaluating patients. They can do research for non-profit organizations, or for the government, and may also involve themselves in policy making.

    Over the last 20 years, the field of forensic psychology has maintained a steady growth rate. It is expected that over the next ten years, consultation, research work, and clinical practice in psychology and the law will continue to grow. Positions working with lawmakers, attorneys, and the courts are predicted to have the highest demand. It is also expected that jobs working in colleges and universities, teaching and doing research, will continue to increase. Changing laws and the development of new and innovative ways to deal with juvenile offenders has become popular subjects of exploration amongst forensic psychologists. Their expert advice can be vital to the decisions made regarding such delinquents. Those with doctorate degrees will have an edge over those with master s degrees and will have many more opportunities for employment. Those with only a bachelor s degree will find specializing in this field to be almost impossible.

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    How to Become a

    Criminal Justice USA

    Copyright 2017. Criminal Justice USA. All Rights Reserved.

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    Sri Lankan Shishna Massage

    GP writes about his male massage experiences in Sri Lanka

    I was on a 14 day trip to Sri Lanka in 2010 7 days on the beach and 7 days touring the cultural triangle. We arrived at a hotel in Habanara about 5pm to visit the sites the next day; it was a nice modern hotel but as it was out of season, and earily very quiet. The journey from our beach base had been quite hard – 4.5 hours in a minibus so I checked into my room and prepared to have a nap before dinner. In the room was a leaflet detailing the massages and ayervedic health treatments available. As i had two hours to kill, I thought a nice relaxing massage would help ease some of the muscle tension from all that coach travel. I wandered down to the bar area and asked the barman – the only member of staff around – if it was possible to book a massage . He asked when and I said now if possible, seeing as there were so few guests in the hotel. He flashed me a smile, picked up the phone and I presumed was calling for one of the girls from the beauty spa to come and collect me. Instead, another guy turned up in uniform and took over his bar duties. He said follow me and led me to the hut where massages were conducted. The guy was dark skinned, had a smile to die for, and was bigger built than most Sri Lankans but not an ounce of fat on him. He casually said “strip”, threw a towel at me, told me to sit down and then disappeared. I nervously did and it seemed like ages before he returned.

    He came back in the room and said get on the massage table face down quite forcibly, which surprised me and then put on the radio which was tuned to a local station. So much for relaxing whale music then, I thought. No sooner had my face hit the surface of the massage table he tugged at the towel which he’d told me to wrap myself in. I was left exposed and felt a mixture of vulnerability given this was my first massage experience, excitement, and eager anticipation. He started chatting to me which I hated – either you do a relaxing massage or we can have a chat in the bar. But then he said so are you married? I said no and he replied are you looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend? This completely threw me off track as Sri Lankan culture is quite reserved and all I managed to mutter was maybe. I then berated myself for saying something so meaningless! But the next thing I knew he was applying massage oil along the backs of my legs, buttocks letting it drip between my crack. His strong hands then started to massage in the oil and almost immediately as his hands rubbed up my legs he let a thumb linger near my crack. I knew then this was not going to be your average massage. I was so worked up within minutes that I almost came on the spot as he firmly yet softly explored my calves, buttocks and and then he slowly and delicately touched my sack on the down stroke.

    to tell us about your male massage experience, click here

    I was already in heaven and thought to myself, I’m not going to see the guy again so go with the flow and just enjoy it. He moved up to my back and shoulders and it was there that I glimpsed the outline of a massive cock through his loose white linen trousers. I was tempted to grab it but resisted. The massage of the shoulders and back wasn’t that great to be honest – almost a token gesture – and luckily he moved back around the table and focused on the my legs and buttocks again. By this time I was so hard I thought I’d explode. Suddenly his long strokes turned much shorter as he zeroed in on my crack. Before I knew what was going on he was probing my willing hole with his fingers with one hand and had somehow pulled my stiff cock down and was massaging it with my balls . It was when he pushed and touched my prostate that I let out a huge groan and he instructed me to turn over. I did and all British reserve had gone now. I didnt care I was butt naked with the biggest hard on I had ever had and was oozing pre-cum. He pushed my legs apart and made me bend my knees as he focused again on my prostate whilst gently massing the tip of my cock. By now I was in oblivion and he expertly continued to massage the cock with one hand and gently stimulate my prostrate with the other.

    After probably 10 minutes of the exquisite sensations, I suddenly started to tense as I could feel I was going to come. Despite willing myself to hold on, I knew it was futile and so for the next 30 seconds I just enjoyed the growing sense of joy. He continued to work on me yet at the same time moved around the side of the table and his cock was exposed, rigid, close to my chest. Inevitably I came, more than I had ever done before, and the spunk hit my chin and cheeks. Amazingly, as I did, so did he all over my chest without anyone even touching it. He disappeared after for about 10 minutes as I composed myself and then re-emerged. Matter of factly he asked was the massage any good. I smiled and he beamed back at me. I didn’t make dinner that night. After wanking myself off twice reliving the whole exoctic experience I slept for 10 hours. We left the next morning, and the staff lined up to bid us farewell. I hardly acknowledged the barman/masseur but am sure I saw a swelling in his trousers, and vowed to return another year. I have had a few male massages since, but none have come anywhere near to this experience. By GP

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    Feel Safe Again.

    Our Value Statement

    A-TECH Security s Goal is to secure, protect serve our clients with high quality, reliable security products. We are a company dedicated to service. We strive to always learn study new products so as to serve each client s individual needs. We treat each client as if they are part of our own family. Our customers come first if they ever need to cancel service for any reason, we allow them to do so with proper notification.


    A-TECH Security, Inc. can personally design your home security system and install all of the products necessary to satisfy your home security needs. Throughout our website is just a sample of some basic products that we can install as well as resources for additional support. We provide and fully support many home security and fire prevention products from a wide range of manufacturers.


    A-TECH Security, Inc. can personally design your business security system and install all of the products necessary to satisfy your security needs. Throughout our website is just a sample of some basic products that we can install as well as resources for additional support. We provide and fully support many business security products from a wide range of manufacturers.

    Rich knows his stuff, was extremely helpful with making recommendations while keeping costs down and I was very impressed with his professionalism and sympathetic response to my needs. A-Tech seems to go well out of their way to make me a happy customer. I hope to be a long term customer while receiving great technical support.

    Joseph & Barbara, Albuquerque August 13, 2015

    The technicians who came to my home to install the system were professional and knowledgeable. They explained the process to me and showed me on the key pad how to set the system. Very good.

    Loretta S, Albuquerque August 13, 2015

    We’ve used A-Tech since 1998. Alway great products and services. This was no exception. On time, professional, and excellent work.

    Ed and Susana, Albuquerque August 13, 2015

    We feel our replaced ADT system is much safer, thanks to good work by Bill and the expert installation crew! We couldn’t be more pleased with the professionalism and courtesy of the A-Tech team.

    Gregg, Santa Fe August 13, 2015

    About A-Tech Security

    A-TECH Security, Inc. Is a locally-owned, employee owned Alarm Company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our professional team has over 50 years’ experience in the security industry. Our staff is always available 365 days 24/7 and responds immediately when needed. We are bonded, licensed and insured and highly regarded in New Mexico. We are listed as one of the top local alarm companies in New Mexico with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We offer real people service—never an automated voice system. We have remote connect programming of your system so updates, code changes and troubleshooting can happen within seconds. A-TECH Security, Inc. can monitor most alarm systems manufactured. Don’t go with a big national company who does not have your best interest but theirs? We are committed to your security first.

    State License Number: 57648

    Residential Commercial Services

    Phone Line Monitoring

    Internet Monitoring w/App

    AES Rapid Wave Radio

    Cellular Monitoring w/App

    Contact Us


    Fax: 505.821.9357

    24/7 Monitoring 505.858.2444

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    N.J. Gov. Chris Christie Pushes Back After Being Spotted on Beach Closed by Government Shutdown

    Chris Christie Visits Beach as Public Turned Away Amid Government Shutdown 0:39

    “That’s where my family is sleeping, so that’s where I’ll sleep,” Christie said during the news conference Sunday. “When I have a choice between sleeping with my family or sleeping alone, I generally like to sleep where my family is.”

    During the news conference, a tanner-looking Christie was asked whether he had gotten any sun, to which he responded that he hadn’t.

    Later Sunday, when the photos surfaced, the governor’s spokesman, Brian Murray, reiterated that sentiment, saying Christie had not, in fact, gotten any sun — because he was wearing a hat while on the beach.

    The photos show that Christie was, indeed, wearing a hat.

    Murray later said on MSNBC that he was being a “smart aleck” when he made the hat comment and that Christie was on the beach for only 45 minutes before heading back to Trenton.

    “They didn’t ask, ‘Are you on the beach?’ They asked, ‘Did you get some sun?'” Murray told MSNBC’s Katy Tur. “So no, he didn’t.”

    He added that the part of the beach Christie was photographed on is part of the governor’s residence and is closed to the public year-round.

    In the shots of the governor enjoying the beach, taken by NJ Advanced Media photojournalist Andrew Mills, Christie is seen with his toes in the sand, lounging back in a beach chair with his wife, Mary Pat.

    “We have a residence in Princeton, as well. And that place is a place where people can go and tour, but they can’t if the government is closed. Am I supposed to move out and stay in a hotel?” Christie asked Monday during a phone interview with WTXF-TV of Philadelphia.

    Mills said the newspaper originally planned to book a plane to photograph reveling beachgoers baking in the sun and enjoying a weekend off along the Jersey Shore in juxtaposition with empty stretches of beach.

    Once at the airport, Mills spotted the governor’s helicopter and knew that Christie was in the area, he said in a Star-Ledger article.

    He decided to try the state residence where Christie could be staying, and in a moment of unparalleled luck, he spotted the governor and his family and took the shot.

    “I really wonder about journalists who spend money flying planes to look for people where they actually said they’d be,” Christie told WNYW-TV of New York.

    Christie defended his use of the beach house, saying: “That’s the way it goes. Run for governor, and you can have the residence.”

    The governor reiterated the sentiment to WTXF, telling those critical of his use of the closed beach: “Well, I’m sorry. They’re not the governor.”

    On Monday morning, Christie tweeted out a photo of a New Jersey beach and noted that a large percentage of the state’s beaches were still open and could be enjoyed by the public.

    “NJ beaches are open in 119 of our our [sic] 130 miles of coastline. Come and enjoy them — but use sunscreen and hydrate!” Christie tweeted.

    NJ beaches are open in 119 of our our 130 miles of coastline. Come and enjoy them–but use sunscreen and hydrate!

    Another beautiful day at the Jersey shore. Our beaches are open & full of people. Come & see for yourself! And you can hit the boardwalk!

    Christie later tweeted again, saying, “Another beautiful day at the Jersey shore. Our beaches are open full of people. Come see for yourself! And you can hit the boardwalk!”

    Ironically, the images accompanying Christie’s tweets were taken by Mills on the same flight during which he snapped the picture of the governor on the closed beach. Christie did not attribute the images to Mills, but they appear as images 18 and 22 in a gallery on

    The shutdown hinged on the state’s budget and legislation to overhaul the state’s biggest health insurer, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield. Christie blamed the shutdown on Democratic Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto, who was blocking a vote on a bill to restructure Horizon because he believes it is a bad policy, according to

    The bill has bipartisan support and was approved by the Senate.

    Spiral model in Software Engineering #spiral #software #development, #spiral #model


    In the 1980s; Boehm introduced a process model known as the spiral model. The spiral model comprises activities organized in a spiral, and has many cycles. This model combines the features of the prototyping model and waterfall model and is advantageous for large, complex, and expensive projects. It determines requirements problems in developing the prototypes. In addition, it guides and measures the need of risk management in each cycle of the spiral model. IEEE defines the spiral model as ‘a model of the software development process in which the constituent activities, typical requirements analysis, preliminary and detailed· design, coding, integration, and testing, are performed iteratively until the software is complete.

    The objective of the spiral model is to emphasize management to evaluate and resolve risks in the software project. Different areas of risks in the software project are project overruns, changed requirements, loss of key project personnel, delay of necessary hardware, competition with other software developers and technological breakthroughs, which make the project obsolete.

    TableAdvantages and Disadvantages of Prototyping Model

    • Provides a working model to the user early in the process, enabling early assessment and increasing user’s confidence.
    • The developer gains experience and insight by developing a prototype there by resulting in better implementation of requirements.
    • The prototyping model serves to clarify requirements, which are not clear, hence reducing ambiguity and improving communication between the developers and users.
    • There is a great involvement of users in software development. Hence, the requirements of the users are met to the greatest extent.
    • Helps in reducing risks associated with the software.
    • If the user is not satisfied by the developed prototype, then a new prototype is developed. This process goes on until a perfect prototype is developed. Thus, this model is time consuming and expensive.
    • The developer loses focus of the real purpose of prototype and hence, may compromise with the quality of the software. For example, developers may use some inefficient algorithms or inappropriate programming languages while developing the prototype.
    • Prototyping can lead to false expectations. For example, a situation may be created where the user believes that the development of the system is finished when it is not.
    • The primary goal of prototyping is speedy development, thus, the system design can suffer as it is developed in series without considering integration of all other components.

    The steps involved in the spiral model are listed below.

    1. Each cycle of the first quadrant commences with identifying the goals for that cycle. In addition, it determines other alternatives, which are possible in accomplishing those goals.

    2. The next step in the cycle evaluates alternatives based on objectives and constraints. This process identifies the areas of uncertainty and focuses on significant sources of the project risks. Risk signifies that there is a possibility that the objectives of the project cannot be accomplished. If so, the formulation of a cost-effective strategy for resolving risks is followed.

    3. The development of the software depends on remaining risks. The third quadrant develops the final software while considering the risks that can occur. Risk management considers the time and effort to be devoted to each project activity such as planning, configuration management, quality assurance, verification, and testing.

    4. The last quadrant plans the next step and includes planning for the next prototype and thus, comprises the requirements plan, development plan, integration plan, and test plan.

    One of the key features of the spiral model is that each cycle is completed by a review conducted by the individuals or users. This includes the review of all the intermediate products, which are developed during the cycles. In addition, it includes the plan for the next cycle and the resources required for that cycle.

    The spiral model is similar to the waterfall model as software requirements are understood at the early stages in both the models. However, the major risks involved with developing the final software are resolved in the spiral model. When these issues are resolved, a detailed design of the software is developed.Notethat processes in the waterfall model are followedby different cycles in the spiral model as shown in Figure.

    The spiral model is also similar to the prototyping model as one of the key features of prototyping is to develop a prototype until the user requirements are accomplished. The second step of the spiral model functions similarly. The prototype is developed to clearly understand and achieve the user requirements. If the user is not satisfied with the prototype, a new prototype known as operational prototype is developed.

    Various advantages and disadvantages associated with the spiral model are listed in Table.

    TableAdvantages and Disadvantages of Spiral Model

    • Avoids the problems resulting in risk-driven approach in the software
    • Specifies a mechanism for software quality assurance activities
    • Is utilized by complex and dynamic projects
    • Re-evaluation after each step allows changes in user perspectives, technology advances, or financial perspectives.
    • Estimation of budget and schedule gets realistic as the work progresses.
    • Assessment of project risks and itsresolution is not an easy task.
    • Difficult to estimate budget and schedule in the beginning as some of the analysis is not done until the design of the software is developed.

    HOME – Free Bass Guitar Lessons #learn #bass, #free #bass #guitar #lessons, #learn #how #to #play #the #bass #guitar!, #beginners #bass #lessons, #beginners #bass #evolved, #simple #riffs #to #learn, #learn #cool #songs #from #cool #bands, #learn #my #own #funk #lines, #created #by #me, #tapping #lessons #and #exercises, #finger #funk #lessons #and #exercises, #tuning #lessons, #timing #lessons, #simple #theory #lessons, #slap #and #pop #lessons, #plus #slap #and #pop #evolved, #slap #precision, #chord #work, #finger #picking, #hammer-ons, #downstrokes, #upstrokes, #composition, #alternate #tunings, #and #more, #kris #rodgers, #korg #pandora, #spector #bass, #musicman #bass, #music #endorsement, #warwick, #sims #custom, #fatstringtv, #rotosound #review, #daddario #review, #how #to #play #bass, #how #to #be #in #a #covers #band, #learn #simple #songs, #tapping #lessons, #bass #tapping #lesson, #bass #harmonics #lesson, #how #to #tune #your #bass #guitar, #play #bass #now, #scotts #bass #lessons, #the #best #online #bass #lessons



    Welcome to my Bass tutorial website. If you are new here, then please check out the ‘Lesson tree’. This is an order of practice, starting at beginners level, and slowly raising.

    Also take time to check out all the other free Bass lessons and content that is on this site! – Kris


    I’ve sampled many online bass lessons over the past year or so. Paid a lot of money but didn’t learn much. But your lessons are a breath of fresh air. Most sites and teachers are dull, over complicated and in some cases-self-important. You have managed to simplify the jargon, to a point where literally anyone can understand and have fun when learning this instrument. But also, behind that laid back, almost jokey exterior is one hell of creative and innovative bass player. In a way it’s a shame that you don’t flaunt and show yourself off like many famous musicians, because if you did, you’d be one of the best. You’re an inspiration. Thankyou for everything, and god bless you – Tom, USA.

    Welcome to Dmans’ Bass blog, and video log! Learning Bass guitar made fun, simple, and easy! Slapping, popping, tapping, beginners Bass songs, beginners riffs, Bass guitar tips, Bass chords, Bass finger picking, plus many other Bass lessons are covered on this site!

    Hundreds of Thousands have learnt from me online, and many have gone onto becoming succesfull bass players in their bands, since I started doing these lessons in 2007. My online students often remark on how I keep things simple, and connect with them as people. That was always my main aim. To connect, which is what so many other online teachers fail to do. I hope you take something positive out of these lessons, and go onto to becoming a great Bass player!

    The first port of call on your Bass journey should be the “Lesson tree”. There, you will find a list of lessons that start off easy, and slowly progress.

    As hundreds will tell you: If you do those lessons one by one, you will be well on your to becoming a great Bass player, like many of them have done. Take it seriously, and go one by one!


    My Top ten Bass lines!

    Who is this Kris Rodgers guy, anyway?



    DR Neon Green strings review

    PlanetWaves Micro Tuner

    ZOOM B3 Effects

    SpectorCore Piezo

    Roland Cube 30 Amp

    Cort Artisan B4

    Korg Pandora PX5D Effects

    Westfield Acoustic Bass

    Popular Bands Lessons:

    I USE:

    This site is copyright of Kris Rodgers 2016

    Counseling and Therapy Services in Colorado Springs #colorado #springs #counselor, #colorado #springs #therapist, #family #therapy, #couples #therapy, #parenting #help, #postpartum #depression #help, #anxiety #help, #consejero, #consejera, #terapista, #consejeria, #terapia, #80920, #80908, #80923, #80922, #80921, #80903, #80903


    You Don’t Have to Continue to Suffer

    Life can be painful. There will always be changes that occur outside of us that we won’t be able to control and old ways of surviving may not help anymore. Human beings need support and connection. It’s ok to ask for help. You’ve made it here and you’ve taken the first step.

    Counseling can be one of the most powerful, supportive experiences and Mindful Springs Counseling is committed to compassionate, person-centered relationships allowing you to receive this support in a non-judgmental, safe space. Are relationships bad or unhealthy? No! (Well, we hope you said no). That’s what therapy at Mindful Springs Counseling is, a safe, secure relationship helping you tune in to your experience and needs to shift your life to a better place. Therapy is an excellent way to spend an hour a week tuning into yourself, your experience, and your needs.

    We can help you find the joy, clarity and balance that you’re looking for whether it’s for yourself, your child or your relationships. Call us today to get started (719) 357-8957.

    Why Choose Mindful Springs Counseling?

    At Mindful Springs Counseling, we can help you address the issues that are most important to you and make lasting life changes. We are caring, compassionate psychotherapists and wellness professionals who use a gentle approach with our clients. We can help you learn ways to feel better and make important, lasting changes in your life. At Mindful Springs:

    • Our therapists take self-care seriously, working hard everyday to practice what we preach. And of course, we are intentionally mindful in our practice.
    • We have expanded our expertise beyond the traditional clinical psychotherapy knowledge incorporating wellness practices such as yoga, mindfulness meditation, energy psychology practices, art, EMDR, neuroscience and attachment, and more into our work to help our clients find lasting change.
    • Because of our certifications and licensure, you may be able to reimbursed from insurance and FSA/ HSA for therapeutic services that you have received from MSC, even if we are not in network with your plan.
    • We have studied and practiced at top-rated schools and training institutions for counseling, social work and marital and family therapy, including Northwestern University, CSU, and UNC Greeley. The focus of our education is on mental health, and healthy relationships.
    • We continue to attend training and certification programs to be the best human beings and therapists we can be to help support you.
    • We have a special interest and expertise in women’s issues, parenting, and relationships.
    • Our clients tell us that they feel that we are safe, supportive and gentle, making it easy for them to develop trust in their primary counselor and discuss things that are difficult to open up about.

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    Criminal Justice

    Launch a Rewarding Career Serving Others as a Skilled Respected Criminal Justice Professional

    In the Associate of Science in Criminal Justice program, students will learn both the theory and skill applications in the Criminal Justice field. Successful graduates are prepared for entry-level positions in a variety of rewarding careers, including:

    Students will learn how to interpret crime statistics, write criminal justice reports, interpret criminal evidence, and work in the criminal justice system. Graduates of this program may enter the professional Criminal Justice setting in as little as 18 months.

    Notice to students and prospective students: The Criminal Justice program at the Florida Technical College campus located in Deland, FL has been placed on student achievement show-cause by their accreditor, the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (“ACICS”), due to material noncompliance with its placement rate standard of 60%.

    High Demand for Confident Criminal Justice Professionals

    The demand for qualified graduates to fill entry level positions in security, law enforcement and corrections will continue to grow. According to the U.S. Department of Labor s Occupation Outlook Handbook, applicants with specific training will continue to have the best opportunities. A more security-conscious society and concern about crime and safety will contribute to the demand for criminal justice services. Now is an exciting time for justice and security conscious individuals to break into this rewarding field.

    A Career in Security and Justice

    FTC s Criminal Justice program will introduce students in a variety of fascinating criminal justice and security topics, including:

    • Gun control
    • Identity Theft
    • Victims Rights
    • Definitions of Criminal Law
    • Corporate Crime
    • Criminal Procedures
    • Report Writing

    Students will study procedures for Crime Scene Investigation, Aviation Security, Forensic Science and Criminology, including terrorism and cyber-terrorism.

    Students will learn valuable skills in criminal court systems, such as court procedures in prosecuting, defending and preparing a criminal case from arrest through pleadings, motion practice and discovery to sentencing, appeal and expungement.

    Career Opportunities

    Florida Technical College s Criminal Justice program is relevant to today s careers in law enforcement and security.

    Graduates of the Criminal Justice program will be able to seek entry-level employment in law enforcement and security occupations, such as:

    • Law Enforcement
    • Police Office Training
    • Patrol Officer
    • Corrections
    • Juvenile Justice Counseling
    • Caseworker
    • Aviation Security
    • Probation

    Career Services

    FTC has a dedicated Career Placement Assistance team that will help with post-graduate job placement. Career Services is dedicated to helping you make a smooth transition from student to working Criminal Justice professional.

    Find Out More

    Explore if becoming a skilled Criminal Justice Professional is right for you. Fill out the form on the left side of the page to receive career and program info or call the campus nearest you to speak with a knowledgeable Florida Technical College Admissions Representative.

    Not all programs are available at all locations.

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    Car Accidents #virginia #injury #lawyers


    Car Accidents

    Accidents during a vehicle test drive aren t common, but they can get complicated, especially when it comes to figuring out whose insurance will cover injuries and vehicle damage resulting f. Read more

    If you ride a bicycle, you need to follow your state and local traffic laws regarding rules of the road and helmet use. Violation of these laws can hurt your case if you re injured in a traf. Read more

    After a car accident, med pay (short for medical payments ) coverage can offer an additional source of protection for injuries to the driver/policyholder and his or her passengers. Read more

    If you re making a car accident injury claim, you may be required to submit to an Independent Medical Examination (IME) by a doctor of the insurance company s choosing. But the IME is anythi. Read more

    When you re injured in a car accident, some of your expenses and losses may be covered under your own Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance benefits, regardless of who was at fault. Read more

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    When a car accident results in the filing of a personal injury claim, settlement discussions may be ongoing, but the parties also have to focus on building their respective cases by gatherin. Read more

    If you re the parent or legal guardian of a licensed driver who is under 18, you could very well find yourself on the legal hook for injuries and other losses arising from a any car accident. Read more

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    When the driver who hit you was operating a rental car, it doesn t present as much legal gray area as you might think, but it does raise some unique issues. Read more

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