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Unfortunately, accidents happen when least expected and can cause anything between a few cuts and bruises and could even cause life-threatening injury. Under the stress of the accident and injury combined with rising medical costs, victims are often left to fend for themselves, both emotionally and financially. If you have been injured in an accident, and if it is your first time and have no idea what to do, then you may be in better off in the hands of a legal expert. There are a few reasons why accident victims prefer to hire a Toronto personal injury lawyer to give them legal aid:

The Lawyer Knows The Rights You May Not Be Aware Of

You probably do not know about compensation rights and that tactics that insurance companies use to bring down the claim amount. In addition to this, if the accident was someone else’ fault, you are entitled to get compensated for your suffering. There are various elements such as rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and medical expenses which must get compensated for.

Personal Injury Lawyers Can Prove Negligence

If you were involved in an accident which took place on the premises of a grocery or departmental store, the said business is generally insured for such situation and liable to pay compensation. But in order to receive benefits, it has to be proved that the accident was in fact due to their negligence. A personal injury lawyer can gather information and necessary medical documents to help in proving that the fault lies with the other party.

Insurance Policy Terms Can Be Puzzling

Many accident victims turn to their insurer in the event of a medical emergency, but the insurers are not your friends. They face similar claims every other day and have a strong legal team to bring down the claim amount as much as possible. The policy terms use a tough, contractual language which only a legal practitioner can interpret.

Therefore, the personal injury lawyer will put all his energy in making sure that the insurance company pays what they must.

It’s wise not to invest your precious time in trying to deal with the injury laws and instead use it to find a good personal injury lawyer. For details please contact a personal injury lawyer today.

Migration is a long procedure about which you have to understand completely. When you make an application for the Visa of any type of particular country, undoubtedly, you need to work with the services of an expert Immigration lawyer. Your success at the Visa Immigration workplace will depend mainly on the encounter of the Migration advisors. For that reason, the role of an Visa attorney needs to be gone over by all intents.

The Migration legal representative will certainly help you to comprehend the process of Visa application. You should have full understanding concerning the Visa process as this helps in increasing your leads, and furthermore, it reduces the moment of your Visa application.

Accumulates the background details about your household and afterwards refines it for the purpose of Migration. It is significant to note that the background info about your family is needed throughout the filing of Visa documents. See to it that you furnish just authentic details about your household and also its antecedents.

The Migration attorney will identify which type of Migration will be suitable for you. Therefore, the Immigration legal representative will certainly talk about with you and obtain a clear suggestion on your intentions behind the Migration. The majority of the moments, applicants do not have any type of excellent reason to support their intention to immigrate to the foreign nation. This can put them into large turmoil at the Visa Migration workplace. Visa lawyer can help the candidates by offering them sound reasoning.

The Immigration legal representative will certainly prepare you for the interview at the Visa consulate workplace. The legal representative will provide you the answers to the inquiries that are most likely to be asked by the Visa workplace. These inquiries are really essential for the Visa policeman to evaluate your reliability and also issue for the Immigration.

The lawyer will certainly prepare all the paperwork and arrange it in an order. This will certainly be of immense help for your Immigration, as once your documentation is effectively organized; your Immigration documents will certainly be processed quickly by the Visa authorities. You do not have to await months to read about your Immigration.

The Migration attorney will keep you updated on your Visa application. S/he could quickly apprise you regarding the Migration either over the phone or using email. At the end, when you work with the services of Migration expert, ensure that s/he is a professional and astute in dealing with all kinds of Migration concerns. A professional legal representative will certainly assist you inside out, to obtain the Visa of nation where you intend to arrive. Check here for more information.


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Locations: Global
Markets: Micro; SMB/SME; Enterprises
Focus: We seek to discern,
share promote innovative ideas,
focus on unleashing creativity through a continuous discussion, and
provide a platform promoting innovative behaviors
in an organizational environment
(while letting everyone else focus on technology 🙂 )

Locations: Canada | United States | Europe
Market: SMB/SME
Focus: Coaches buyers of HR Technology Services
on key ways to best leverage tech tools;
assists HR IT professionals become more successful
while delivering business results for their employers; and
maximizes relationships with HR Tech vendors while
assisting employers with best practices to avoid costly mistakes

Locations: Global
Market: SMB/SME; Enterprises
Focus: With our belief in the power of science
the potential of people, we are committed to
best practice scientific approaches to maximise effect
while minimising potential harm to protect
your employees your business,
all while providing a quality support system
to guide and assist you in your efforts.


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HR Applications

with HR Software Solutions

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    HR Software Solutions Is here to help you.

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    At the core of our services is our ability to act as a liaison between your company and your Human Resource system vendors.


    We’ll help you select an HR software system that best fits the unique needs of your organization.


    Allow us to manage your many Human Resource system projects while you devote your attention solely to advancing your organization’s goals.


    We can assist you in implementing a Human Resource system that will help better serve your organization. After, we’ll train your employees to use it.

    Human Resources software solutions tailored to your company

    Selecting the right human resources information system can be an arduous task. Overworked and understaffed HR departments may not have the time, energy or resources available to effectively manage a full HR systems selection process. Working with a top HRIS consultant can help with a major HR transition and allow in-house HR staffers to focus on other initiatives.

    With HR Software Solutions as your partner throughout the involved HR system implementation process, all of your needs will be met. The achievement of a more efficient workflow for your HR department is just one email or phone call away. HR Software Solutions can help you transition your company’s HR department into an efficient, reliable, functioning unit, backed by:

    • Our thirty plus years of combined HR experience
    • Our relationships with proven HR software companies such as Workday, Decusoft, Infor Lawson, SAP and many more
    • Our willingness to adapt to the HR system needs of your organization
    • Our track record of working with a number of different industries and verticals
    • Our ability to handle post-implementation training
    • Our enthusiasm and experience working with both small and large companies


    [HR Software Solutions] is one of the best HR technology project managers I have had the pleasure to work with. The attention to detail and the ability to manage resource and time constraints is outst…

    Erik Alvarado President Artemis Consulting Services

    I worked with [HR Software Solutions] on a TMS evaluation for a major hospitality group. [They are] detail oriented and exhibited good follow-through in addressing all the myriad elements of a complex…

    Ron Hanscome VP, HCM Systems Strategy Consulting HRchitect

    Lauren is the consummate professional and will add immeasurably to your projects in the following ways: – Her knowledge of compensation, talent management, technology and most all areas of HR allow …

    Don Berman Consultant HR Intertech

    [HR Software Solutions] is the model of what you would look for in a services/implementation consultant role. [They have] a highly respectable pedigree in human resources and staffing, and well develo…

    Peter Hauschild Director Implementation Services at SilkRoad Technology

    I have been using [HR Software Solutions]’s services on multiple projects over the past three years. [They] operate under a high degree of professionalism and I receive great feedback from our clien…

    John Hinojos VP Consulting Services HRchitect

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    Call Option

    BREAKING DOWN ‘Call Option’

    Call options are typically used by investors for three primary purposes. These are tax management, income generation and speculation .

    How Options Work

    An options contract gives the holder the right to buy 100 shares of the underlying security at a specific price, known as the strike price. up until a specified date, known as the expiration date. For example, a single call option contract may give a holder the right to buy 100 shares of Apple stock at a price of $100 until Dec. 31, 2017. As the value of Apple stock goes up, the price of the options contract goes up, and vice versa. Options contract holders can hold the contract until the expiration date, at which point they can take delivery of the 100 shares of stock or sell the options contract at any point before the expiration date at the market price of the contract at the time.

    Options Used for Tax Management

    Investors sometimes use options as a means of changing the allocation of their portfolios without actually buying or selling the underlying security. For example, an investor may own 100 shares of Apple stock and be sitting on a large unrealized capital gain. Not wanting to trigger a taxable event. shareholders may use options to reduce the exposure to the underlying security without actually selling it. The only cost to the shareholder for engaging in this strategy is the cost of the options contract itself.

    Options Used for Income Generation

    Some investors use call options to generate income through a covered call strategy. This strategy involves owning an underlying stock while at the same time selling a call option, or giving someone else the right to buy your stock. The investor collects the option premium and hopes the option expires worthless. This strategy generates additional income for the investor but can also limit profit potential if the underlying stock price rises sharply.

    Options Used for Speculation

    Options contracts give buyers the opportunity to obtain significant exposure to a stock for a relatively small price. Used in isolation, they can provide significant gains if a stock rises, but can also lead to 100% losses if the call option purchased expires worthless because the underlying stock price went down. Options contracts should be considered very risky if used for speculative purposes because of the high degree of leverage involved.

    Call Center Equipment and Call Center Hardware from Database Systems Corp #call #center #equipment, #call #center, #call #center #solutions, #call #center #systems, #telemarketing #call #center, #callcenter #software, #callcenter #solution, #callcenter #system, #callcenter #phone #system, #callcenter #dialer


    Call Center Equipment
    Call Center Products
    Call Center Company
    Call Center Hardware
    CRM Software Solutions
    Predictive Dialer Software
    Telemarketing Autodialer
    Computer Telephony Integration
    Voice Broadcasting
    IVR Outsourcing
    Hosted IVR
    IVR Hosting
    ACD Systems
    Call Recording
    Direct Response Marketing
    Voice/Text Messages Text To Speech Auto Dialers
    CTI Software
    Direct Marketing Software
    Window On the Web
    Telecommuting Software
    Interactive Voice Response
    Automatic Call Distribution
    Contact Center Software
    Softphone API
    Linux Call Center
    Telemarketing From Home
    Automated Attendant
    Call Routing
    Customer Relationship Management
    Contact Management Software
    Call Center Software
    800 Answering Service
    Toll Free Phone
    Predictive Dialers
    Work From Home Call Center
    Call Routing
    CRM Solution
    Autodialer Software
    Telemarketing Software
    Telephony Software
    Call Distribution
    Call Center Autodialers

    Call Center Equipment

    Since the Company’s inception in 1978, DSC has specialized in the development of communications software and call center software and systems. Beginning with our CRM and call center applications, DSC has developed computer telephony integration software and PC based call center phone systems. Supporting both inbound and outbound call center activities, our technology includes interactive voice response and voice broadcasting systems. These products have been developed to run on a wide variety of computer systems.

    Contact DSC for a FREE analysis and quote and to learn more about our call center solutions.

    Call Center Hardware and Software Phone System

    The PACER is a call center phone system that handles inbound and outbound calls for a wide range of contact centers. Calls are either initiated by the phone system or accepted from the outside and distributed in an intelligent fashion to your service agents. The PACER includes ACD and IVR components, plus call recording capability. Using industry standard components, the PACER phone system has features and functions that can only be found in large scale PBX�s, but at a fraction of the cost. And the PACER has predictive dialing capability that cannot be found in most of these larger phone systems. The PACER phone system can connect calls to your employees working at home or in a local or remote office. The PACER communicates with applications written on Unix, Linux, or PC servers over a LAN. For a complete product presentation, download our PACER demo.

    IVR Phone Systems

    Our IVR phone system is an automatic toll free phone answering software and system. It collects useful information from a caller before the call is transferred to an agent. The IVR system could fulfill the caller�s request without a transfer. Our IVR software system gives your organization a 24 by 7 capability, providing around-the-clock information to your callers.

    By responding to prompts provided by our IVR system, callers can now receive any information you choose to make available. Call centers in particular can become instantly more productive by letting the phone system gather caller information, verify caller identity and, if necessary, determine the best service representative to handle this request using our interactive voice response technology.

    Our PACER phone system supports multiple digital T1’s with capacity from 24 to 1000 phone lines. And now DSC offers its sophisticated IVR software on our affordable analog interactive voice response system – the WIZARD series with capacity of 1 to 24 lines.

    Database Systems Corp. offers an affordable and expandable call center equipment with voice broadcasting (VB). Using analog lines, this phone system is ideally suited for an entry level call center. Our 4 line auto dialing includes voice message broadcast software or comes optionally with our comprehensive software development toolkit. You can develop your own application or we can provide you with a custom program. This application can be easily ported to our digital T1 phone system (PACER) when your call center volume requires a larger system.

    This entry level system can be easily expanded by adding agent lines and software to support a small call center operation including complete CRM applications and predictive dialing solutions. DSC provides voice broadcast software including our VB wizard development tool for creating voice broadcasting applications. This wizard guides you through each step when defining your VB applications. Informational phone applications can be developed quickly. Simply record your phone prompts and fill in the blanks.

    Remote Agent Call Centers

    An important benefit of today’s telecommunication advancement is the ability for your employees to work from home. Database Systems Corp. has developed a family of telecom products that facilitate and promote this capability. Our PACER call center phone system, combined with our CRM application software and computer telephony products, fully supports remote agents. Now your workforce can be significantly expanded with the addition of work at home employees. The economic savings and environmental advantages are significant.

    To obtain additional information about our remote agent capability, please view our Telecommuting Software webpage.

    Contact Database Systems Corp. Today

    Contact DSC to learn more about our call center software and telemarketing call center solutions.

    Copyright � 1998 – 2017 Database Systems Corp. All rights reserved.

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    Liberty University Online, for a Christian Education

    Liberty University Online is the world’s largest online Christian college offering 45 degree programs with nearly 100 specializations. Degrees are offered at the associate, bachelor’s, masters, and doctoral levels. The school is very affordable, which might be one reason why it has the highest retention and graduation rates of any online university. It is also very friendly to the military, so even if you are in active duty and get moved frequently, you will be able to continue your education.

    Your Christian Distance Learning Degree

    Programs at Liberty University are taught from a Christian perspective and are particularly relevant to today’s society. In contrast to other schools with liberal or progressive minded professors, you will never need to compromise or keep silent about your faith in order to achieve high grades. You will be free to analyze and explore your own beliefs as you learn how to impact society through a career of your choice. read more »

    Associate or Bachelor Degrees
    Undergraduate degrees include in Psychology with an emphasis in Christian counseling as well as the Associate of Arts or Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion. You can also earn degrees in Accounting, Business, Criminal Justice or Education.

    Master’s Degree Programs
    The Master’s Degree Programs at LU Online are by far the most extensive part of their program. If your career goal is Christian ministry, you will find a degree program in nearly any area that interests you. Complete our request form for information on MA degrees in Christian Leadership, Evangelism, Human Service, Chaplaincy, Pastoral Counseling. Worship Studies, and more.

    If you prefer to work in a secular career, you will find MA degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, Sports Management, Teaching and Education, Nursing, Professional Counseling, and Marriage Family Counseling.

    Doctoral Degree Programs
    On the doctoral level at LU Online, you can earn a Doctor of Education degree, a Ph.D. in Counseling, a Doctor of Ministry known as a D.Min.—a Ph.D in Theology and Apologetics, or you can become an Educational Specialist.

    Support When You Need It
    LU Online has about 50,000 students around the world, but they also have a network of support personnel which includes the professors, academic advisors, a student interface (referred to as the Blackboard), and an online pastor to provide you with Christian counseling and prayer support when you need it. Thus you never feel like you are just a number. Professors provide assignments and grade them weekly and are online daily for answering questions or discussing study topics. Of course, you will also have an extensive online library with books and journals that you can easily download to your computer or kindle.

    Paying for Your Degree
    Liberty University Online offers some of the lowest tuition rates and an easy payment plan. Since most of the students do receive some sort of financial aid, the university has advisors ready to help you through the online forms so you can apply in a timely fashion and receive whatever aid you may be eligible for. The college itself also offers scholarship and work-study programs.

    Find Online Schools by Course

    Best Mortgage Rates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania #mortgage #calculate

    #mortgage rates pittsburgh


    About the Best Mortgage Loan Rates in Pittsburgh

    If you’re looking for a new home, you’re probably hoping to secure the best mortgage loan rates in Pittsburgh. There’s no doubt you’re on the right track by doing so. With so many lenders offering rates in and around the city, you want to make sure you’re giving yourself the opportunity to save the most money possible on your home purchase.

    But how can you make sure you’re making the right decision when it comes to finding the best rates in the area? GOBankingRates offers tools to help you make the most informed financial decisions possible before applying for your first loan.

    Why Mortgage Loan Rates in Pittsburgh Are Important

    Mortgage loan rates in Pittsburgh, as well as the rest of the country, are incredibly important to the purchase of a home. Only a handful of individuals have enough money saved to purchase their home in cash, which means most people must receive a loan to secure their purchase.

    When securing a mortgage loan, you always want to comparison shop with lenders to ensure you find best interest rates (APRs). The lower your APR, the less money you’ll need to repay your loan, which in turn will lower the overall cost of your home.

    It’s not always easy to know whether you’re making the best decisions when looking for rates. With so many loan types to choose from (fixed rate, adjustable rate, VA), research is a must.

    Fortunately, we make it easy for you to not only find the best mortgage loan rates in Pittsburgh, but also make informed decision before and during the lending process. Find great mortgage rates tips and articles to learn more about the financing process and how you can save the most when buying your home.

    Need Home Repairs? Apply for a Personal Loan near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Apart from configuring a budget, choosing a location, and determining one s home preferences, the mortgage loan and interest rate on.

    Read More

    These responses are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser’s responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.


    GOBankingRates is not a bank or a lender. GOBankingRates works with partners offering personal loans to consumers based on their credit and other factors to determine if they qualify for a loan. Each partner has their own guidelines and requirements. After choosing a partner, consumers can visit the partner website to learn more about qualifying for a loan and the loan terms and rates.

    Loans through the Avant website are made by WebBank, a Utah Industrial Bank, and by affiliates of Avant, Inc. Loans offered by Avant in California will be made under Finance Lenders License, #603K124.

    Information and interactive calculators are made available as self-help tools for your independent use and are intended for educational purposes only. Any results are estimates and we do not guarantee the applicability or accuracy to your specific circumstance. Your APR and payment length will be determined upon creditworthiness at time of application.

    All loans subject to Springleaf’s normal credit policies, and may be subject to maximum APR restrictions, which vary by state. Springleaf makes loans with APR higher and lower than the illustrative Airshow in this advertisement. The APR on your loan will be determined by considering several factors including your credit history, with the lowest APR only available to a small number of highly qualified applicants offering collateral. Commercial vehicles, salvage titled vehicles, and certain others are not acceptable collateral for secured loans.

    ” data-html=”true” data-placement=”bottom”>Advertiser Disclosure

    Find More Pittsburgh Rates

    20-Year vs #mortgage #rates #bankrate

    #20 year mortgage


    20-Year vs. 30-Year Mortgages

    It’s time for the first mortgage match-up of 2012.

    And because paying down the mortgage early seems to be so en vogue these days, let’s take a look at “20-year mortgages vs. 30-year mortgages.”

    The most common type of mortgage is the 30-year fixed. It amortizes over 30-years, and the mortgage rate never changes during that time.

    Each mortgage payment is the same every month, so there isn’t any fear of interest rates resetting higher and pushing a homeowner towards foreclosure .

    This relative simplicity and safety explains their popularity, but they aren’t the end all, be all solution for every homeowner out there.

    30-Year Mortgages Have Drawbacks

    When it comes down it, 30-year mortgages have some drawbacks, with the most obvious one being the long amortization period. They also come with the highest interest rates relative to other loan programs.

    And since the mortgage takes so very long to be paid off, more interest is paid. Think of it this way. If you borrowed money from a friend and asked to pay it back over 30 years, they would probably say no.

    If by chance they agreed, they’d want to charge you a higher rate of interest. And because you’d be paying it back so slowly, you’d pay a lot more interest over that time.

    Assuming your loan amount is large, it could be the difference of many thousands of dollars.

    Look to a Shorter-Term Mortgage

    So what are homeowners to do? Well, the most common solution to this ”problem” is to look at a shorter-term mortgage.

    And while the 15-year fixed is the most common alternative, it comes with its own drawback, namely a much higher monthly mortgage payment .

    In other words, not every homeowner can just say, I want to pay my mortgage off faster and switch to a 15-year fixed.

    Fortunately, there are options in between, with the most common being the 20-year fixed mortgage.

    A 20-year mortgage sheds 10 years off the typical loan term. and results in much less interest paid throughout its duration.

    Let’s look at an example to illustrate the savings:

    Loan amount: $200,000

    As you can see, the interest rates aren’t much different, though the 20-year mortgage does price a little bit lower than the 30-year fixed.

    Still, the homeowner with the 30-year mortgage pays more than $200 less each month.

    But the 20-year mortgage results in interest savings of nearly $60,000! This borrower would also own their home free and clear an entire decade earlier.

    This can be pretty beneficial, especially if you plan to retire soon and anticipate being on a fixed income.

    The 20-year fixed is also a good alternative because you won’t break the bank making your mortgage payment each month.

    But again, the payment will be higher than the 30-year payment, which could stretch you thin or limit what you can afford if you’re buying a home.

    Go With a 20-Year Fixed Mortgage to Stay on Course

    If you’re currently in a 30-year fixed, and don’t want to reset the mortgage clock, you can refinance to a 20-year fixed to stay on course without even paying more each month.

    Because mortgage rates are so low at the moment, you may be able to refinance from a 30-year to a 20-year fixed mortgage and even lower your monthly payment.

    Also keep in mind that there are other alternatives outside the 15, 20, and 30-year options.

    And some banks even allow you to choose your own mortgage term. whether it’s a 17-year fixed or a 24-year fixed.

    So be sure to look at all available options to see which makes the most sense financially for your unique situation.

    Also ask yourself why you want to pay the mortgage off early. There may be a better place for your money.

    Mortgages – Home Equity and Mortgage Loans – RBC Royal Bank #estimate #monthly #mortgage #payment

    #www.mortgage calculator



    Renewing your RBC Mortgage?

    Whether you are renewing now or in the future, give us a call at 1-800-769-2511. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can help you tailor a mortgage solution based on your financial needs, and offer advice on the options available to you at renewal time, such as:

    Calculate your Mortgage Payments

    Are you on the right mortgage term and payment schedule to meet your goals? Compare different mortgage payment solutions and scenarios.

    Move your Mortgage to RBC Royal Bank

    We offer more than just great rates. We offer the advice you need to choose a mortgage that fits with your financial goals.

    Applicable to residential mortgages only and subject to Royal Bank of Canada lending criteria for residential properties. Some conditions apply.

    Renewal Rate Guarantee

    Sign and return your renewal forms and if the interest rate changes before your actual mortgage renewal date, you’ll automatically receive the lower rate for the term you chose.

    Renew your mortgage today

    You are on: Make my mortgage payments affordable?

    By choosing a longer amortization for your mortgage, it will help you lower your monthly payment.

    However, longer amortizations increase the total amount of interest you pay over the life of your mortgage. Total interest costs are significantly increased beyond 25 years.

    You are on: Take my mortgage with me when I move?

    Our mortgage portability option lets you transfer the terms and conditions of your current RBC Royal Bank mortgage to your new home, subject to a credit review and property appraisal when you make the new home purchase.

    You may also qualify to Add-On to the mortgage if you require a larger mortgage amount.

    You are on: Find the right financing option for my home improvement project?

    If you own a home, using the equity you have built up may be one of the most cost-effective ways to finance a home improvement project. And in many cases, home equity products can offer you a lower interest rate as compared to other types of loans.

    Find out more about home equity loans and secured lines of credit in our guide to Renovating Your Home .

    You are on: Manage my mortgage in Online Banking?

    With RBC Online Banking, you can:

    • Watch your mortgage decrease every time you make a payment (Payments are processed overnight)
    • Arrange a Skip-A-Payment or Double-Up mortgage payments
    • Pay property taxes and utility bills
    • Schedule regular payments to occur automatically
    • View your HomeProtector life, critical illness and disability insurance coverage

    Learn More

    Mortgage rates pittsburgh #mortgage #modification #program

    #mortgage rates pittsburgh


    Pennsylvania Mortgage Rates

    Low Pennsylvania Mortgage Rates

    Pennsylvania is a state with a rich history, home to Philadelphia, which served as the capital of the United States during the Revolutionary War, and Pittsburgh, which produced much of the steel that helped make our country great.

    Total Mortgage is now a licensed lender in Pennsylvania and is ready to meet all your mortgage needs. Whether you are looking for a jumbo loan to raise a barn in the Dutch Country, an FHA 203(k) mortgage to renovate a row house in North Philly, or an adjustable-rate mortgage for a townhouse in Coatesville, Total Mortgage is ready to help you secure financing today. From Allegheny County to Westmoreland County, from Scranton to Allentown Total Mortgage is ready to help you today.

    Several other mortgage products and low mortgage rate options are available to meet your specific needs.

    You may also visit our current mortgage rates page for the current mortgage rates for 15- and 30-year fixed-rate jumbo mortgage products, as well as our 5/1 adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) jumbo mortgage product. For the most up-to-date rates for our FHA 30-year fixed-rate mortgage product, visit our FHA mortgage rates page. For the most up-to-date rates on all of our other products and programs, call 877-868-2503 and speak to a mortgage professional now.

    Record low rates won’t last forever. Speak to one of our loan officers about cutting your home payments today.

    Help Support

    Copyright 2016 Total Mortgage Services, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

    Total Mortgage Services, LLC – NMLS #2764 185 Plains Road 3rd Floor, Milford, CT 06461

    Mortgage Calculator #mortgage #interest #calculator

    #www.mortgage calculator


    Mortgage Calculator

    This is a typical mortgage calculator for fixed-rate mortgage loans. This calculator has graphing capabilities and can also display either monthly or annual amortization schedules based on the loan starting date. You can also add property taxes, PMI costs, HOA fee, insurance, and other related costs to estimate your total monthly out-of-pocket cost.

    A mortgage is a loan secured by a property usually a real estate property. A real estate mortgage includes the following key components:

    • Loan Amount the amount you borrow from your lender or bank. The loan amount you can borrow normally correlates to your household income or affordability. To estimate the amount you can afford, please use our House Affordability Calculator .
    • Down Payment a percentage of the total amount of the loan, to be paid upfront. In the United States, if the down payment is less than 20% of the total property price, a PMI normally must be purchased until the principal arrives at less than 80% of the total property price. The PMI rate normally ranges from 0.3%-1.5% (typically 1%) of the total loan amount, depending on various factors. Additionally, banks normally will not give you a good interest rate if your down payment is less than 20%.
    • Loan Terms the length of time you have to repay the loan. Typical loan terms in the United States vary from 30 years, 20 years, 15 years, 10 years, 5 years, and so forth. Normally, the shorter the loan term, the lower the interest rate.
    • Interest Rate the interest rate of a mortgage can be “fixed” (otherwise known as a fixed-rate mortgage, or FRM), or “adjustable” (otherwise known as an adjustable rate mortgage, or ARM). For ARMs, the interest rate is generally fixed for a period of time, after which it will periodically “adjust,” based on market indices. An ARM transfers part of the risk to the borrower; therefore, the initial interest rate is normally 0.5% to 2% lower than a 30-year fixed rate. Mortgage interest rates are normally expressed in Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which was sometimes called nominal APR or effective APR. It is the rate expressed as the periodic interest rate times the number of compounding periods in a year. For example, if your mortgage rate is 6% APR, it means you will pay 6%/12 = 0.5% interest every month. Normally, the transaction cost and fees are taking into account when calculating APR.
    • Repayment the most common way to repay a mortgage loan is to make monthly, fixed payments to the lender. The payment contains both the principal and the interest. For a 30-year loan, the majority of the payments you make in the first few years will cover the interest.

    The total cost of owning a home is more than just the monthly payment, or the mortgage. When planning to purchase a home, you should also consider other necessities and extras. The following is a list of the possible costs:

    • Property Taxes A property tax is a tax that property owner pays to governing authority. In the United States, property tax is usually managed by municipal government or county government. The annual real estate tax in the United States varies per location, normally ranging from 0% to 4% of the property value. In some extreme cases, the tax rate can be 10% or higher.
    • Home Insurance Also called homeowner’s insurance, is an insurance policy that protect the owner from accidents that may happen to the private residence or other real estate properties. Home insurance policies in the United States also contain personal liability coverage, which protects against lawsuits involving injuries that occur on and off the property. Home insurance is required by most lenders. The cost of home insurance varies per locations, condition of the property, coverage amount, etc. Typically, the annual cost ranges from 0.1% to 5% of the property values.
    • PMI Insurance Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is an insurance policy that protects the mortgage lender if the borrower is unable to repay. In the United States, if the down payment is less than 20% of the property value, the lender normally will require the borrower to purchase PMI until the loan-to-value ratio (LTV) reach 80%. PMI price varies per down payment amount, size of the loan, credit of the borrower, etc. The annual cost typically ranges from 0.3% to 1.5% of the loan amount.
    • HOA Fee Homeowners Association (HOA) Fee is the fee that imposed on the property owner by HOA, which is an organization that helps maintaining and improving property and environment in the same group. Condominium and townhouse normally have HOA. It may also exist in some single family community. HOA fee typically ranges from a few hundreds to a few thousand dollars per year in the United States.
    • Other Costs This includes utilities, home maintenance costs, etc. Home utilities and maintenance costs can be expensive. For example, it is common to spend more than $500 per month in heating during the winter months in New York for a 2,000 square foot house. Maintenance costs can be expensive too. It is not uncommon to spend 1% of your total property value for home repairs each year.
    • Closing Cost It is fees paid at the closing of a real estate transaction. It is not a recurring fee yet it can be expensive. In the United States it includes attorney fee, title service cost, recording fees, survey fee, property transfer tax, brokerage commission, mortgage application fees, points, appraisal fees, Inspection fees, home warranties, pre-paid home insurance, pro-rata property taxes, pro-rata homeowner association dues, pro-rata Interest, etc. Not all of these are applicable depending on your specific situations. The seller will share some of the cost. However, it is normal to pay $10,000 closing cost on a $300,000 transaction for a buyer.

    Property taxes, home insurance, HOA fee, and other costs increase with time, which can be estimated in the results of this calculator.

    In many situations, mortgage borrowers may want to pay off their mortgages earlier in whole or in part. Typical reasons are home selling, refinance, interests saving, etc. Most mortgage lenders allow borrowers to pay off up to 20% of the loan balance each year. Some lenders may have prepayment penalty for one time payoff, mainly to prevent borrowers from refinancing too soon, which will affect the lenders’ profit. One time payoff due to home selling is normally exempted from prepayment penalty. The penalty amount normally decreases with time and phases out within 5 years. Few lenders will charge prepayment penalty regardless of home selling or refinance. So, be sure to study the loan terms carefully. Other borrowers may want to pay off their mortgage loan earlier to cut down the interest. Typically, there are 3 ways to do so:

    1. Make extra payment whenever you can For a 30-year loan, the majority of the payments you make in the first few years will cover the interest. Any extra payment will directly cut down the loan balance, which may save you thousands in interest. Some people form the habit to pay extra every month. Others pay extra whenever they can.
    2. Make bi-weekly pay of half month’s payment Since there are 52 weeks each year, this is equivalent to making 13 months of mortgage repayment in a year instead of 12. Therefore, the loan will be paid off earlier.
    3. Refinance to a loan with shorter term Normally, the interest rate of shorter term mortgage loan is lower. Therefore, the borrower not only repays the loan balance faster, but also cuts down the interest rate. However, this imposes a higher pressure on the borrower and may have fee or prepayment penalty involved.

    The methods above can be used combined or separately based on the specific situations. Our mortgage calculator above can help evaluating the options. Please be aware that the rate of mortgage is very low compared with other loans. Also the mortgage interest is tax deductible. Furthermore, the home equity accumulated may be counted against the borrowers when applying for need-based college aid. So, be sure to study other investment options before pay off the mortgage loan earlier.